tagLoving WivesMy Wife Loves It Ch. 02

My Wife Loves It Ch. 02



Time was once such a fleeting thing and suddenly now it is all so irrelevant. Okay, sure I still understand it as part of the whole cause and effect continuum but once forever becomes a reality a person can finally just relax. I guess being able to relax helped me understand what happened in the last few minutes of my life, as well as the hours that followed.

I remembered trying to whisper goodbye to my wife, but she was too involved loving the sensations her body was experiencing with the two men I saw with her. When she later explained to the police that they were raping her I was initially confused, but then when she described them as two black men, instead of the white men they actually were, I realized I needed to look more closely at what happened.

I had seen the two men at our house before, they were working with my wife in planning some remodeling. It seemed strange that even though they had been coming by for a number of months, no real renovation work had started. When I asked my wife about it she brushed it off talking about working on the design, selecting colors and awaiting delivery. I probably should have shown a bit more interest in it all, but she seemed so enthusiastic about it all I figured she was happy to take care of all the details.

In retrospect I guess I should have been suspicious the two times I found the two shirtless men taking measurements of the walls in our bedroom while my wife showered. I even went as far as ask the men why they were still measuring the second time I walked in on them. Their explanation that to be safe they, "...measured twice and cut once..." I had heard that before on home improvement shows so I thought it sounded logical.

I should have paid more attention to her and perhaps she might not have had to do all of this. I knew she wasn't all that attracted to me and the sex was, quite frankly, inept. It wouldn't have surprised me greatly that she was having an affair, but it was the two men that threw me.

Anyway, that final day I returned home early from a business trip and walked in on the two men (apparently my wife had run an errand or something, I thought I heard the guys mention scoring some rock or something). They were already naked in the room waiting for her when I walked in. One of them panicked and suddenly there was a knife.

While all I can remember after that was waking up on the bed while my wife and the two men did some amazing sexual things, I was able to figure out from what I saw after I died was that she was already on something when she got home. The guys quickly caught up with her and then the drug induced sexual calisthenics took place while I slowly died.

As it turns out my wife was a little upset when she finally realized what my body and the blood was all about, but once the guys reminded her of the inheritance she quickly put her mind to a brilliant plan. Once she confirmed that her two friends had not been in trouble with the law before and more importantly didn't have any DNA or fingerprints in the system she simply had them disappear for six months or so while she became the a heartbroken rape victim. The police began an investigation looking for two black men and well, after several colossal bumbles with all the DNA that covered my wife, the bed and the walls they found themselves at their dimwit's end in the case after about five months.

I probably should harbor some resentment toward my wife for screwing around on me, perhaps be angry at the men she enjoyed loving so well, but somehow, where I am at now, I simply can be too angry about anything. Mind you, I don't know if you can call this heaven, hell or whatever... actually for some it might be heaven and for other's it might be hell, for me... well I just don't ask any questions.

As I mentioned before, time is no longer a factor in things for me and I've discovered that here, after death, we can choose to pursue an infinite collection of interests, including sex. It is amazing for me as suddenly I find myself surrounded by loving wives. Women, who were so loving that they sought sex from more than just their husbands, women who subsequently were caught by those husbands and in one way or another met untimely deaths.

Well, for me they were timely deaths because now, all those beautiful, experienced women have all this time to share their gifts with me. Again, I can't say whether this is heaven, hell or something else for everyone, but I certainly enjoy it all. I can spend hours savoring the difference in taste between Melissa here and Angie, right over there. And the way they respond, Melissa will begin to tremble as I move my tongue from deep in her pussy up to her clit. As she runs her fingers through my hair, she will moan, slowly raise her hips and then quickly drop back onto the bed as she comes, covering my face in her tangy wet taste.

Angie on the other hand is a bit more forceful, pushing me onto my back and straddling my face. Oh I've spent many an afternoon drinking from her fountain as she brought me back to life time and time again to sip my cum. Orgasms become sunsets as we slip into darkness only to have me arch my back and spurt my cum to sparkle in the sunrise before it splashes onto another loving wife. Yes I have to admit I am happy now surrounded by all these former loving wives.


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