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My Wife, My Mistress


This is a story of how I became a sex slave. I met my beautiful wife/mistress of three years in our sophomore year in college. We had two of the same classes together. She was majoring in accounting and I was a business major at a large southeastern university. I was a transfer student and this was my first semester at the university. I was scoping out the girls on the first day of class when I saw her for the first time.

She was about 5'1" tall and weighed about 100 lbs., very petite with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore sandals and had the prettiest feet I had ever seen. Her feet were a size 5 with perfect toes and red polish. With me having a foot fetish, it was love at first sight, at least for me.

She was sitting with some of her friends and I took an empty seat behind her. I could think of nothing else the whole class. Much to my surprise I found her in another class I was taking in the afternoon. I was able to sit beside her in this class. I tried to make conversation with her but she seemed snobby. This went on for a couple of weeks with me talking to her at every opportunity and getting to know her better.

I found out her name was Jana and she lived with her boyfriend in an off campus two bedroom townhouse her parents bought for her. She was also on the school tennis team. We were from the same southern state but not the same city. She come from a rich family and seemed kind of spoiled by all the wealth. Her boyfriend was a senior and was graduating at the end of the semester. He was going to go into his family's business up north after graduation. I hoped this would be my chance with Jana with him being gone most of the time. Jana and I became friends and did a lot of studying together. She started talking less and less about the boyfriend as the semester wore on. The next semester Jana and I managed to get two more classes together. Jana and her boyfriend broke up over the semester break; this was going to be my big chance.

I had been dating a couple of girls from my dorm but my heart was with Jana always. I waited a week before asking Jana out on our first real date. She accepted and we went out to dinner and a movie. I had never stayed over at her townhouse before, but I was hoping this would be the first of many such nights. Much to my dismay she kissed me goodnight and sent me on my way after our date.

I had been patient this long so I figured what's a few more days, at least I hoped it would only be a few more days, wouldn't hurt. On our third date she cooked dinner for me at her place. She finally invited me to spend the night. The sex was well worth the wait. We slowly undressed each other and explored each other's body. Her breast were small and firm, more than a mouthful is a waste I always say. Her nipples stood out like she was naked in a blizzard. I slowly kissed from her head to her toes. I stopped on my way back up her legs when she pushed my head between her thighs and said, "Lick my cunt".

I have always been a sucker for the taste of a good pussy and hers tasted great. After about five minutes, she started trembling with her first orgasm. She started shaking and thrusting her hips off the bed as her orgasm rolled over her. She came so violently, I thought she was going to break my nose. She then rolled me on my back and took me into her mouth. She was the best cocksucker I ever experienced. I came in her mouth in no time and she swallowed every drop. She then sucked me hard again and mounted my cock and rode me to another orgasm. Jana and I were now spending all our spare time together. I moved into her townhouse and life was good. Sex was great and very frequent, about 10 times a week. She seemed to be horny all the time.

After the first month of living together, we became more and more sexually adventurous. I had always fantasized about being a slave to a dominant woman. We experimented with light bondage, sometimes me tying her up and sometimes she tying me up. We both seemed to enjoy it more when she was in control so eventually she was always the one doing the tying.

Although Jana become more and more assertive in our everyday life, she never suggested taking the dominant sex play beyond the bedroom, so I was resigned to take what I could get. Then one day in the winter during basketball season of our junior year, there was a game between the college I attended my freshman year and the college Jana and I were currently attending.

Jana was a big basketball fan and wanted to make a bet with me over who would win the game. Jana decided that the loser would be a slave for a day of the winner. The day was to be picked by the winner and the loser must obey all commands of the winner no matter what. If for whatever reason the loser were unable or unwilling to do everything the winner commanded, additional days of slavery would be required. This was one bet I was hoping to lose.

Even though my current college had a better team than my previous college, I didn't ask for any points in the game. It turned out to be a close game, but in the end I lost the bet. Jana said she already had the Saturday after next picked out for my servitude. I was feeling nervous the whole two weeks. She didn't give a hint as to what I would be required to do.

When Saturday arrived Jana woke up early and told me to go make her breakfast. When I had breakfast ready I called her to come into the kitchen. I had set out two plates and enough food for both of us. She admonished me because she didn't tell me to make breakfast for myself, just her. She then proceeded to throw out my portion of the breakfast and sat down and ate her breakfast telling me to stand by and be ready to wait on her in case she needed anything. After she finished eating, I washed the dishes and went to attend to my new owner. I found her lying in bed.

She had me strip naked and draw her a bath. I then had to bath her and wash her hair. Next came a pedicure, which I found very sensual tending to her beautiful feet. This was followed by a one-hour full body massage. Even though nothing sexual had happened, I was in a constant state of arousal. Which Jana couldn't help but notice since I was naked the whole time. I then helped Jana get dressed. She got out a piece of paper with a list of rules.

The rules stated that I was to: 1. Always be naked in Her house, unless told otherwise by Her 2. Call Her Mistress or Mistress Jana 3. Obey all commands without hesitation 4. Greet her by dropping down and crawling to her and press my lips to her toes or the toes of her shoe and stay in this position until given permission to do otherwise. (Jana enjoyed having me tend to her feet and she knew about my foot fetish) 5. No talking without permission. 6. No sitting on the furniture without permission.

Jana had obviously given much thought to my slavery. She said she didn't want me touching myself without her permission and to make sure I didn't she produced a cock and ball harness with a small padlock and proceeded to place it on my penis. The harness had three steel rings held together by thick leather straps. Another strap encircled my balls and the entire device was then locked in place.

The rings hurt like hell when she then starting stroking my cock to an erect state. It was very uncomfortable to say the least. She said she bought the harness and a few other item off the Internet. She also placed a collar around my neck that had four rings attached and another tiny padlock. She then announced she was going shopping and gave me a list of cleaning chores to do before her return. She told me if I did the chores to her satisfaction, I would be rewarded, if not I would be punished. She would decide the reward or punishment based on the infraction.

I was just finishing up the chores when I heard the key in the front door. I then proceeded to drop to my knees in front of the door. When Mistress Jana entered I did as instructed and crawled to her and kissed her toes. Even though it was cold outside, she had worn opened-toed sandals so my lips would touch her bare feet. She left me in this position for a few minutes and then told me to take her purchases to the bedroom and return for inspection. She walked around the house inspecting everything I had on my chore list.

She found some dirt in the bathroom and demanded that I get busy rectifying the situation. She then stated I would have to be punished for my lack of attention to detail. After cleaning the bathroom to her satisfaction, she told me to crawl to her and kiss her feet once more. My punishment was to be ten licks of her new leather covered paddle. She then took off her dress and to my surprise she was wearing a garter I had never seen before. Mistress then removed her bra, shoes and panties. She proceeded to stuff the panties into my mouth and tied a scarf around my head to keep them in place.

She was obviously very excited because her panties were soaking wet from her pussy juices. The scent was intoxicating. My cock was rock hard and I was dying to cum. She then put leather cuffs on each wrist and attached the wrist cuffs to the rings on each side of my collar. I was told to kneel on the carpet and she pushed my face into the carpet with her bare right foot. I thought she would give me a few love pats on the ass, but she got out a black leather covered paddle and proceeded to blister my ass a very dark shade of red. Tears were running down my face after the first five swats.

At this point I sat up and she suddenly got angry and slapped my face. I tried to explain that the pain was just too intense, but the gag made it impossible. She said that would cost me five more and this time she attached ankle cuffs to me and had me get on the bed with my ass stuck up in the air. Jana tied me to the bed post in this position with leather straps attached to my legs and wrist. She went on to say my lack of obedience would cost me an extra day of servitude.

I was effectively immobile with my very exposed and tender ass stuck up in the air. I have never been able to take much pain and this was so intense I thought I would pass out. I somehow managed to make it through the rest of my punishment and she finally released my ankles but not my arms. She took pity on me, removed my cock harness and rubbed some cool cream on my tender ass. She snaked a finger up my ass while rubbing the cream on and then started stroking my hard cock with her other hand. This went on for several minutes with her stopping each time and squeezing my balls just before I was about to cum.

I needed release so bad my cock and balls ached just from my intense desire. Mistress then told me lie on the bed on my back. She secured my legs to the foot of the bed and released my arms from the collar and attached them to the corners of the headboard using straps that attached onto the cuffs. The gag was removed from my mouth and Mistress said it was her turn to be serviced. I didn't realize I had my turn, but who was I to argue. She lowered an erect nipple to my mouth and told me to suck. I was really starting to like this part and after I had sucked both her nipples to their full glory, she slide up and sat on my face telling me to do a good job of licking her cunt or the punishment would me more stringent the next time.

I have always liked eating Jana's pussy, but I had more incentive how and licked and sucked for all I was worth. I was determined to please Mistress, not just because of the fear of the paddle, though that crossed my mind, but because I was really getting into the Mistress/slave game at this point and wanted nothing more than to make her happy. She was going wild bucking and grinding her cunt into my mouth and nose. Finally after about ten minutes she arched her back and literally screamed out in orgasm. She later told me this was my best performance ever eating pussy.

Mistress then took out three condoms and unrolled them onto my hard cock. She said she needed a good hard ride, but didn't want me to get to excited. Mistress then sat down on a cock and rode me to two orgasms and I could barely feel anything at all because of the thick rubber surrounding my cock. She dressed, removed the condoms from my cock and left the room for about ten minutes. When she returned my cock had softened up and she replaced the cock harness and released me.

She said it was dinnertime and she had brought a steak for me to grill out. The townhouse complex had a community picnic area complete with grills for all the residence to use. Mistress had me dress in a pair of thin shorts with no underwear and I had to leave the collar on while cooking the stake. Fortunately nobody else was in the common area where the grill is located.

Mistress had sat the table and fixed a salad by the time I returned. However, she only fixed one place sitting and told me to sit at her feet while she ate, but not before putting the wrist cuffs back on me and reattaching them to my collar. I was starving by now and could smell the delicious steak on the table above my head. Every so often Mistress would reach under the table and feed me a strap of food and let me lick her greasy fingers clean. She said she liked the job I had done on her fingers and ordered me to lick and suck her toes.

As I was sucking on her beautiful red nailed toes, I swore I could smell the scent of her arousal. She must have been getting very turned-on because without saying a word, she placed the soles of her feet on my ears and guided my head between her legs. She then grabbed my hair in one hand and forced my mouth to her cunt. She pulled her panties to one side to allow my tongue access to the folds of her pussy. She held me there by my hair until she came and clamped her thighs around my head. Mistress then gave me the leftovers in a bowl on the floor. Next she released my hands and had me wash and put away the dishes. When my task were complete I found her relaxing on the couch reading a book.

She had me sat on the floor and massage her legs and feet. Two hours later she announced it was bedtime and that I had better get some rest because I had earned an extra day of slavery and tomorrow would be a big day. I had to fix a pallet and sleep on the floor. I had a very restless night. I had been kept in a state of arousal all-day and denied release. I couldn't even beg her to let me cum for fear of breaking rule number 5, talking without permission.

The next morning Mistress woke me and after breakfast and bath both of which I prepared for her, she told me to get on the speed-o swim trunks she bought for me the day before. We then headed down to the pool and I spent the next two hours rubbing lotion on her and giving her massages while she read a book. After I prepared lunch Mistress said she was going to visit some friends for a while and for me to clean the house and wash the dishes and clothes. She returned late that afternoon and said she had a surprise for me in the evening. There was no other mention of what the surprise entailed. After what I had been through the past day and a half I was very apprehensive of any surprises from my new Mistress.

Mistress brought out a wide leather belt that had steel rings on each side of it and buckled it onto my waist. Cuffs were attached to each wrist and the wrist cuffs were secured to the waist belt. She then attached ankle cuffs and locked them together with a three-foot spreader bar. About seven o'clock the doorbell rang. Because of rule 1, I was naked except for my collar and cock and ball harness. I hobbled to the bedroom and Mistress went and answered the door.

I could hear voices coming from the living room as Mistress greeted her guests. After a few minutes the talking stopped and Jana came into the bedroom where I was hiding. She said she had invited some friends over for an evening of socializing and partying. She blindfolded me and proceeded to snap a leash onto my collar and told me to follow her. I refused to move, saying this was taking it a little too far. She told me that I had broken two more rules, talking without permission and disobeying, and would have to be punished. I still refused to follow her and she got her paddle and said my punishment was getting worse all the time. I finally relented and following her into the living room with her swatting my ass with her paddle to hurry me up.

I could hear the gasps from her guest when I entered the living room immediately followed by girlish giggles. Mistress didn't keep me in suspense long and told me that Lisa and Debbie had come over to see my transformation into a sex slave for themselves. I was mortified. Lisa and Debbie were on the university tennis team with Jana. They were all best friends, Jana and I had double and triple dated with them on many occasions.

Lisa is 5'8" with shoulder black hair, small breast and a very beautiful face and body. Debbie is about 5'4" with long blonde hair, blue eyes, long tanned legs and an ass to die for. Jana is a very beautiful girl, but I must admit I had often fantasized about what these two would be like in bed. Despite my humiliation, my excitement was obvious. The thought of these two lovely girls seeing me in this predicament was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Mistress Jana then removed my blindfold, released my wrist and had me fix all the girls a drink. She didn't take off the spreader bar and delivering the drinks proved to be time consuming. After everyone was furnished with the beverage of their choice I was told to come stand before the group of girls in the living room and Jana re-attached my wrist to the waist belt. She then informed me that Lisa and Debbie wanted to take part in my punishment.

I was ordered to bend over the back of a recliner and each girl was to give me ten licks with the paddle. Jana went first to show them how hard to hit my ass. She showed no mercy. Lisa went next and then Debbie. My ass was on fire and tears were streaming down my cheeks by the time Debbie started and I was sobbing by the time she finished. Mistress had me thank each girl by kissing her bare feet. It had been a very hot day and both Lisa and Debbie were wearing athletic shoes and socks.

I had to remove each girl's shoes using only my mouth. Debbie had been at an afternoon tennis match before coming over and her feet stuck to her socks they were so sweaty. Next I had to lick and suck their toes while they sat and talked about other guys. Lisa occasionally run her bare foot up and down my harnessed cock and it would throb in pain within its' confinement.

Debbie said she wanted to see me cum, but Mistress said maybe some other time, for I had been disobedient and didn't deserve any release just yet. I wondered at the time what Mistress had in mind because today marked the end of my slave duty and I didn't think there would be another time. Eventually the girls said their good-byes, thanked Mistress for an evening they would never forget and went home.

I had not cum after being sexually aroused almost constantly for the past two days. When I asked for permission to speak and brought this to Mistress' attention, she said long period of denial made a slave more attentive. That night Mistress tied me to the bed and then sat on my face until I brought her to two orgasms. She then sat down cross-legged and naked beside me on the bed. Mistress explained that she had just realized one of her biggest fantasies. She left me tied to the bed while she continued to explain how she always wanted to play the dominant partner in a sexual relationship. She further explained how that she had a taste of the real thing she could never go back to an equal relationship and be happy.

I had to admit that I got a big thrill out of obeying her commands. She went on to say if we were to have a future together, I would have to agree to be her slave on a more permanent basis. She said she knew I loved her and she loved me, but if I didn't agree to her terms she didn't see much of a future together.

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