tagBDSMMy Wife's Black Master - Chapter 2

My Wife's Black Master - Chapter 2


It was 6:30 in the morning when I got back to the house. I walked in quietly, as I usually do, because waking Jane up has a price. Well, it used to have a price. This time she was waiting for me. Sitting in a chair in the living room with her sundress on, her face still a little flushed.

“Hi honey,” I said trying to act surprised and innocent, like I hadn’t seen anything just a few hours earlier.

“Ah Jay,” she said. I could tell she was struggling. I know she had been instructed not to tell me why she was going to want to give me a blowjob.

“Ah Jay, there’s something I want to do,” she said as she stood up and came over to me. She gave me a kiss, a nice wet one, enthusiastic, not like her usual dry efforts. She smiled at me and started to undo my belt.

“Let the games begin,” I thought as I eased her away.

“Jane honey, I appreciate the thought but I’m really tired right now.”

It was all I could do not to laugh at the expression on her face. I was turning down her offer of sex although we hadn’t been together that way in months. And, I was not allowing her to do as her black boyfriend had directed. At first I could see the anger in her eyes, then she had her head on my chest and her hand on the outside of my jeans, over my cock, rubbing me.

“O.K. Jay,” she was going to play this out, and I knew she had to be careful. She wasn’t allowed to tell me why she wanted to blow me, and I think she took that to mean that she couldn’t give me any reason.

She turned and walked into the bedroom, slipping out of her sundress as she walked. She was naked by the time she got to the door. Damn she looked good, especially the red mark on her ass cheek where her boyfriend has spanked her.

“Maybe I’ll just lie down with you for a while,” she was smiling.

I couldn’t help it. I wanted to string her out, make her beg me, but when I took off my jeans I was at full erection and she saw it. She scooted across the bed in a flash and had my cock in her mouth before I could stop her. Which, of course by that time, I didn’t want to.

As she worked on me I thought about the night before and a strange thought entered my head. She didn’t have to do this. Her boyfriend had ordered her to give me a blowjob, but she still didn’t have to do it. She could have lied or gotten out of it some way. She was doing it because he had ordered her to and she was excited about being ordered.

Before I came I pulled out of her mouth and tried to get on top of her telling her that I wanted to fuck. She was having none of that, her orders where a blowjob damn it, and that was what I was going to get.

I did play with her tits while she worked, and of course I finally came deep in her mouth. She swallowed, just like she had been ordered. She had never done that before, and could have easily lied about it also, but she swallowed anyway.

She was gone as soon as she finished. I heard her in the bathroom rinsing her mouth but she wouldn’t talk to me about what she had done. She left the bedroom, shutting the door behind her. It took me a long time to fall asleep.

When I got up at 4:00 I walked into the bathroom not knowing where Jane was, but I soon found out. She was sitting on the toilet, a razor in her hand and the remnants of shaving cream on her pussy. She had just finished shaving her pussy. I had never seen it bald before and I was amazed at how swollen her lips were.

“What are you doing?” I asked in surprised, although I knew what she was doing.

“Oh, I thought this might be fun for the summer. Nice and cool,” what a line of bullshit!

“Let me see,” I said. She couldn’t really refused, she spread her legs a little for me to get a better look, but when I tried to get on my knees to lick her, she pushed me away.

“Maybe later. Right now I’m going to take a shower,” she said.

It was difficult to pee, what with my cock at full attention again. I couldn’t wait for 1:00 to see what would happen tonight.

Again Vern didn’t mind covering for me and I was in the backyard hiding by 12:50. This time there wasn’t just one set of footsteps, there were many coming around to the back of the house. When they stopped under the back porch light I was amazed, there were 8 guys, all black. All between 18 and 22 years old. They called the one I had seen the night before by the name of Larry. It was the first time I’d heard his name.

Jane was shocked when she opened the door completely naked. “Boys, this is my new bitch. Say hello to everybody bitch,” he said as he caressed her naked breast.

“That’s nice whore, you shaved your snatch just like I ordered. Doesn’t that look nice boys?” his hand was on her thigh spreading her so that they could see.

Jane’s face was very red as all eight of them walked by her, slowly, making sure to touch her breasts or pussy as they passed. Her eyes were closed by the time the last one rubbed between her legs, I heard her moan softly.

“Man, she’s juicy!”

I watched as she walked over to the radio and turned it on to my station.

“Why you playing that country music bitch? I can’t stand that shit.” Larry said. In truth, he wasn’t really part of our demographic.

“It’s the station my husband’s on. As long as I hear him on the radio I know he’s at work and not on his way home, Sir,” she explained.

“Now, isn’t she respectful?” he asked his friends.

Turning back to Jane he ordered her “get on your knees bitch, and tell my boys what you are.”

I watched as Jane dropped immediately to her knees, her boobs wobbling. “I am a slut, Sir. A whore and a bitch.”

“And who’s whore, slut and bitch are you?” Larry was smiling, enjoying this.

“I’m yours Sir. Your whore, your bitch, your slut,” she looked up at him as she went further. “And you can do anything you what to your whore, Sir. I belong to you.”

My heart stopped. If it hadn’t been for the erection in my pants I would have stopped breathing. I didn’t know what to think. My wife had just given herself to another man. Not just in body, but in soul.

Larry was smiling, but still he grabbed her face as he had the night before. “I already know I can do anything I want with you slut.” It was for show I could tell, he wanted his buddies to see what a big shot he was, he wasn’t even squeezing her cheeks.

“And, just to remind you how you got in this position, I have something to show you,” Larry said. He walked toward my hiding place, than out of my vision. I could hear a tape going into the VCR and the television come on.

“This is a copy of the security video showing you stealing whore,” he explained. Everybody watched intently for a while, then Jane gasped and put her hands over her mouth as the men all laughed.

“Your not very good at that are you? Now, get each of my boys a beer. And crawl while you do it,” he said as he fell into my favorite chair. I watched in amazement as Jane crawled to the refrigerator, returning one at a time with a beer in her hand, giving the first one to Larry of course. Her breasts swayed as she crawled, her ass was beautiful, her pussy was leaking. I’m sure I could see moisture glistening on her labia as she crawled away from my vantage point.

I was having a hard time figuring out what I was feeling. On one hand, our marriage had been anything but happy for some time, on the other hand, I do really love her. On the other hand, again, she was obviously getting something she wanted, and in a funny way, so was I.

Every time she crawled to one of the guys and gave them a beer, they would play with her tits, her pussy, her ass. They were talking about her as though she wasn’t there. “That’s some fine slut you got there Larry.”

“Hey whore. Crawl over here so I can play with your worthless cunt.” And Jane crawled over and presented her pussy.

“Beg me to play with your pussy.” She did.

“Please Sir. Please play with this slut’s pussy.”

My cock was leaking into my jeans. I was throbbing hard. How far could this go?

As soon as his hand touched her cunt Jane started to moan and move her hips. Everybody heard Larry say “don’t you cum, bitch! You cum when I tell you to cum, not before. I may not let you cum all night, I haven’t decided yet.”

Jane was moaning much louder after that. “Yes, Sir. I won’t cum. Oh god, it feels sooo good!”

The men where getting undressed now. Laughing and talking about what they were going to do with the “bitch.”

“I’m gonna make that bitch cum Larry. Just to show you I can,” one of them said, smiling as he said it.

“Do your best. But I’ll bet my whore won’t let me down,” Larry was bragging now.


“You’re on!”

The young man was up and walking toward my wife immediately, his black cock bobbing with every step he took. I expected him to just plunge right into her, start fuck her to win his $100, but he fooled me.

Lowering himself to the carpet between my wife’s thighs he put his hands on her ankles and pulled them off the floor, until just her back was touching. Bending his head, he attacked her cunt with his mouth and tongue. Licking and sucking feverishly, I didn’t see how Jane could stand it.

A long “OOOHHHH’ escaped her lips, her head thrown back. Her hips pushing her cunt against his face as he worked on her. Her eyes closed, her mouth wide open.

I watched as Larry also got on his hands and knees, next to her face. I could hear him as he talked to you.

“That feel good don’t it slut?”

“Oh Sir. Oh yes,” my wife moaned.

“But your not gonna cum now are you? You not gonna cost me $100 are you slut? I might have to punish you if you do,” he warned.

“Oh no Sir. Ohhhhh sooo close,” she was whispering.

Larry started to squeeze and pinch her nipples, “maybe this’ll take your mind off your pussy.”

“Oh yes Sir. Oh please, harder,” Jane was actually pushing her breast into his finger. Trying to get him to pinch even harder than he was. “That’s soo good Sir.”

The young man sat up, dropping her legs on the floor with a thump. His face wet with her pussy juices he looked at Jane squirming before him.

“Maybe I fuck the bitch she’ll cum.”

My hand was probably a blur on my cock, I didn’t bother to look away from the scene in front of me, as he slammed himself inside her, his cock sinking all the way into her sloppy pussy. Both of them moaned as he started to fuck her. Slamming his cock into my wife’s cunt I thought for sure that she would cum. But she didn’t. He did. Emptying himself deep inside, he collapsed on top of her. His breathing was rapid, sweat rolled from his face, all he could say was: “shit, I owe you $100 man!”

They all took her after that, one after the other. Sometimes two at the same time, one in her mouth one in cunt. Jane didn’t cum, I don’t know how she didn’t, but she didn’t.

When they were done, she was still on the floor, moaning and writhing around. Still pumping her hips like there was a cock inside her.

“How you doing slut?” asked Larry.

“Oh Sir. I need to cum. Please Sir,” her eyes were wide, begging him.

“How your pussy feel,” he asked.

“It aches Sir. Pleeeaaaassee.”

“No bitch. You just learning to be my slut. But we’re going to give you something to remember tonight with,” Larry was smiling at that, enjoying his own private joke.

I watched as he got up and moved to his pants. He turned, holding up a black magic marker.

“We’re all gonna write something on your whore body. Something that you can see to remember tonight, and I’m going to start,” he pronounced.

Bending over my wife, he started writing on her breasts. Her beautiful full breasts. Jane moaned and pushed toward the pen as he wrote. When he was finished, he sat back.

“Sit up cunt. Show the boys what I wrote, read it for them,” he ordered

Jane sat up, looking down at herself she read, “I am Larry’s Slut Whore.”

It was written big too, in permanent marker. This was going to be interesting.

Passing the pen, he instructed all of them to write something on her body. I watched, probably looking like an idiot with my mouth hanging open as they wrote things like: “Nicest Piece of Ass I’m Had” on her back. And “This Is My Slut Hole” with an arrow pointing down on her belly.

When they finished, her body was covered in lewd comments. Larry made her read them all as she fingered herself. Every one seemed to send her closer to orgasm.

“OK bitch. We’re going now,” he said looking directly into her eyes so that he knew she would hear him. “But you’re going out with me this Saturday night. You understand?”

Saturday night. I didn’t work Saturday night. I’d be home. What the hell?

“But but but, my husband?” Jane stammered.

“Figure something out bitch,” Larry said as he handed her a piece of paper. “This is where I want you at 10 Saturday night. Wear only that stolen dress and shoes. You got that? Nothing else.”

“Yes Sir,” I could see that Jane was struggling with this.

“OK slut. Two more things. One, you are to play with your slut pussy twice a day until Saturday. But you are not to cum. You got that? No cumming! I want you close each time, and I want you aching on Saturday.”

“Yes Sir,” Jane even smiled a little at that one. Worse was to come, for her anyway, not for me.

“Now tell me, my little slut bitch. Have you ever been fucked in the ass? That’s the third thing,” Larry asked her.

“No Sir,” Jane looked concerned at that. I’d tried to play with her ass before but she had very roughly rejected me.

“OK. Well, I don’t want to be the first. I might hurt you with my cock,” he laughed at this along with the other men.

“Have your husband fuck you there first. Stretch you out for me a little. You understand me?” he wasn’t likely to take no for an answer.

“Yes Sir. I’ll have my husband fuck my slut ass for you Sir. And, I’ll be there at 10 on Saturday, and I’ll play with myself without cumming,” she tried to kiss him but he pushed her away.

“I’m not kissing you now, you’ve cum on your face. Dumb bitch. I’ll see you on Saturday. One last thing,” he said taking something out of his pocket. “Since I own you, you should be wearing a collar. Just like a good pet,” and he slipped a chain-metal dog collar over her head. It was made of large links, obviously intended for a very large dog, it hung heavily around her neck.

“Don’t take that off bitch. Ever. It’ll help you remember what you are,” Jane was touching the collar, her eyes very wide, as he spoke. Her hand was still touching her collar as one at a time they left by the front door.

I watched for a while more as Jane touched herself. Running her hands over her body, she stroked her breasts, her pussy. Her body was trembling as she reread each of the things written on her, obviously close to orgasm the entire time. I could hear her whispering aloud as she read: “I Am Larry’s Slut Whore.”

Finally she got up and walked into the bedroom, I followed from the outside of the house by going to the adjacent sliding glass doors. I watched as she hid the note with Saturday’s address on it in her sweater drawer, and went into the shower. She was there for a long time, and when she came out I could still read the writing on her body. It was a little lighter, but she was going to have to work hard to hide it from me.

Especially when I was fucking her in the ass!

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