tagLoving WivesMy Wife's New Friend Mike

My Wife's New Friend Mike

bySub Man 101©

We are together with my wife. She tells you I am not able to please her sexually. My wife then asked you to show me how a real man should fuck her. Your say you will be delighted to show me how to fuck my wife. You remove your clothes and tell us to undress.

Your come to me and bounced my hard cock up and down with your fingers. You tell my wife the problem is my small dick isn't big enough for her. You then say, tonight she will feel the meat of a real man inside of her.

You pinch my nipples and squeezed my balls telling me I'm a worthless wimp who cannot please his wife. You tell me to watch and learn how a real man fucks my wife.

I see my naked wife standing before you. She places her hands on your chest, her fingers pinching your nipples. My wife kisses you as I wished she would kiss me. You stick your tongue into her mouth. I see my wife sucking it deeper into her mouth.

My wife wraps her arms around you, drawing your body to her. I see your hard cock is bigger than mine as it rests against my wife's stomach.

Your hands move down between my wife's legs and your stick your fingers into her cunt. My wife spreads her legs wider for you, giving you easy access to her sex. She kisses you and says she wants to taste a real man's cock.

My wife's hands moved down your body to your big dick and wrap around your hard cock pulling you to her. My wife rolls your balls with the fingers of one hand while pumping your hard dick with her other hand.

She kisses your chest, licking and biting your nipples while she pumps your cock. Then, my wife knells before you. I am shocked when she wraps her lips around the head of your cock! My wife refuses to touch my cock with her mouth!

My wife sucks on the head of your cock. She pulls your dick out of her mouth licking a drop of pre cum from its pea hole. She kisses and licks her way down your hard cock and sucks on your balls.

She sucks each of your balls into her mouth! My wife then licks her way up your cock. She wraps her lips around the hard head of your dick and sucks it deep into her mouth and throat.

My wife wraps both of her hands around your balls, pulling your big cock deeper into he mouth. While licking and sucking on your dick, she is rolling your balls between her fingers. Mike, I can't believe seeing my wife do this for you! She won't do it for me.

You grab her head with your hands forcing your dick into deeper her mouth. My wife sucks harder as you ram your big dick deeper into her. You are fucking my wife' face and she loves it!

You groan as you shoot your cum into my wife's mouth. She cries with delight when she tastes your cum. My wife sucks harder on your dick, sucking all of your cum into her mouth.

When you finish cumming in my wife's mouth, she walks over and kisses me. She forces my mouth open with her tongue. Then, she spits your cum into my mouth. She tells me to swallow it and taste the cum of a real man.

You tell my wife you need a little time to recover. You say for entertainment, you'd like to see me jerk myself off and then eat my own cum! My wife agrees that it will be fun and tells me to jerk off for you.

I stand before the two of you. With one hand I grab my balls as the other hand starts pumping my dick. You laugh at me telling how funny it is to see me pumping my little dick.

I watch my wife playing with your cock as I entertain the two of you. As I pump my dick, I try to match the rhythm of my wife's hands on your cock. Before long I shoot my cum into my hand and my wife then tells me to eat it. I hear you laughing at me as I swallow my own cum.

My wife then tells me to suck you until you are hard again. She tells me she wants a real man to fuck her.

I knell between your legs and take your cock into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around your dick, licking and sucking on it. I felt your cock growing hard in my mouth as I prepared you to fuck my wife.

My wife lays down on our bed. She opens her legs inviting you to taste her sex. You place your month on her cunt and begin licking and sucking her while I am sucking you. My wife moans asking you to suck her harder telling you to stick your tongue deep inside of her. You eagerly lick and suck my wife's cunt and vaginal lips.

You mount my wife, ramming your hard cock into her cunt. She wraps her legs around you as you continued stabbing your dick deep into her. My wife begs you to fuck her harder saying she wants to feel all of your cock deep inside of her.

You comply with my wife's request. You fuck her harder, slamming your cock into her. My wife moves to meet your cock as you shove it deeper into her. She cries "fuck me harder, fuck me harder" as you slam your cock into her.

I've never been able to make my wife cum while fucking her. So I am fascinated to see her cum while you pound your cock into her. Both of you cum at the same time. I scream with excitement while watching you shooting your cum into my wife.

When you are finished, my wife tells me to lay down on the floor. She knells over my face and tells me to open my mouth. My wife then opens her cunt and I see your cum inside of her. It falls out of my wife's cunt into my mouth. She tells me to swallow it and taste the cum of a real man.

After the two of you are finished making love, my wife tells me she is board with me as a sex partner. She said she intends to continue fucking you and other men. My wife tells me I can stay and watch or, leave.

I'm not leaving.

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