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Mystic Valley Sex

byDanger Mouse 003©

OK, OK, I know it sounds really bad to say that about someone, especially when that someone is you, but what else can I say. It's so very true and I have never been one to lie about things or about myself. What? What am I talking about? Who am I? Well let me clear things up a little bit for you.

My name is Cathy. I'm 21 years old, 5'6" and weighing in at a wonderful 125 lbs. Not too bad right? Not too waif and not too heavy, not that those are bad things at all. Anyway, I have long black hair that is very curly and I have light brown eyes. People, mostly men, say I have a nice smile, but I think they're just looking at my body when they say that. While certainly not porn quality material, I'm definitely attractive, with my nice tight ass and my (too small) B-cup tits. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am a total slut.

Yeah, that's what I was talking about earlier. I'm a total slut and I love it. Sex is just something that plays an enormous part in my life. Now don't get me wrong, I don't go around naked and fuck anything that moves, but I have been known to indulge myself in a number of men and women from time to time...to time. These sexual feelings all started in high school after I lost my virginity at the tender age of 16 to a senior at a party. You've heard it all before so I'll spare you the details. Let's just say that that one great fuck unveiled a whole new world of sexual pleasure to me. Anyway, on to my story.

I had just moved to beautiful Mystic Valley in the month of August. I was accepted to attend the Mystic Valley University as a transfer student from UCLA, and moved there about a month before the semester started. After I settled into my small, perfect-for-college-income apartment, I looked around for a job. Well, lucky for me I was hired at a clothing store in the Mystic Valley Mall, making a slave's wages for the week, but enough to get me by the school year.

Yeah, yeah I know...GET TO THE SEX! Man, you people are demanding! Well after a few days of making friends, I was invited to a little before-the-semester party by one of the girl's in my apartment building. So, always up for a party and always looking for a little action, I dressed in my sexiest black dress, held on my body by two thin straps and rising just above my knees. Since my titties are small and firm, I hardly ever wear a bra.

So, looking myself over once in the mirror and confirming that in my own eyes I looked fucking hot, I made my way 3 floors below to the sounds of the raging party. Well, this little get-together was something more along the lines of a 5 kegger (5 kegs of beer, duh) and the apartment was already overflowing with returning students. 'Good thing this is a students only building,' I thought to myself as I made my way through the crowd, grabbing a beer and saying my 'helloes' to the people I did know.

After about 2 hours of being cramped and shoved together with 50 or so drunk college guys, and having my ass grabbed an uncountable number of times (not at all too unpleasant), I decided to call it quits for the night. As I finally pushed my way out the door and into the nearly empty hallway, a voice called out behind me barely heard above the racket. "What?" I asked, turning around to see possibly the hottest guy I have seen in a very long time walking up to me.

"I said," he repeated, leaning in close to my ear to be heard, "where are you going? The hottest girl at the party leaves before I have a chance to hit on her?"

Well, this was very nice...very nice indeed. "Yeah, it was getting way too crazy in there for me. I'm not much of a drinker, well beer drinker anyway, and I prefer the comfortable get-togethers of say 10 people, not 100," I replied into his own ear, laughing.

"Same here," he replied. "Hey listen, my name is John."

"Cathy," I said, extending my hand in introduction. "Nice to meet you, Cathy," John smiled. "So, do you want to get out of here Cathy? Go for a walk or something? Getting kind of stuffy in this building."

"Sure, lead the way," I smiled and followed John out the building and into the warm night. Since it was the last lingering days of August, the Indian Summer still held sway over the weather and it was warm night, but not humid which made everything seem comfortable. As John and I walked across the grass of the park next to the apartments, I couldn't help but stare at him. John was a little taller than me, 5'9" and nicely toned, not overly muscular, with short brown hair and from what I could remember in the hallway hazel or light brown eyes. And while my mouth absently talked to John about moving here from LA and how he was a junior Biology major, my eyes were looking at his crotch and the hardening bulge showing and my mind was telling me that it was been 2 months since I last had sex. Far too long.

"Sex," John had finished some unheard sentence, but I heard that.

"Uhmm, what was that?" I asked, my eyes returning to his.

Laughing a little, John repeated himself. "I was saying how those parties are just an excuse for guys and girls to get together and have sex. I don't understand, if a guy wants to hook up with a girl, why not just tell her that?"

Smiling to myself I agreed with him. I shifted my stance a little, jutting my ass out enough to make him notice it beneath the rising fabric of my dress. "So John," I began, knowing that my sex drought would now be over, "do you want to hook up with me?"

In answer, John closed the distance between our bodies and placed his hands on my hips, pulling me against his crotch so that I could feel his hard cock. "What do you think, Cathy?"

"Well," I grinned, sliding my hand down his chest and over his bulging member, fondling it through the jeans he wore, "I think that this cock needs some fresh air."

With that, I gave John a hard squeeze and he leaned down to kiss me, pressing his lips hard against mine, his tongue plunging into my mouth, seeking and playing with mine. John's hands moved from my hips to my ass, kneading it hard, while my own hands wrapped themselves tightly around his neck as our kissing intensified. I got so caught up in the moment that I began viscously rubbing my wet pussy against John's hard cock, dry humping him. "Whoo, whoo, slow down honey," John laughed breaking apart from my horny embrace. "If you keep doing that, then I'll cum in my pants."

"Sorry, just been a while since I got some," I smiled and slowly sank to my knees on the grass before John. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down around his ankles, staring at his hard cock poking out from beneath his plaid boxers. Quickly removing them, I grasped John's 8" hard cock in my hands and started jerking it slowly, bringing a small moan of pleasure from John. Not wanting to waste anymore time, and besides the fact that I was totally horny right now, I shoved John's cock into my warm mouth and began sucking him off. My head bobbed forward and backwards as I moved John's thick shaft back towards my throat, teasing him with the idea of deep-throating him, then pulling all but the fat head out and sucking that like a vacuum. John's fingers, which had at first been gently running through my hair, now tightened their grip as his hips began to move faster, fucking my mouth.

I couldn't help myself, the feeling of his hard shaft forcing itself past and into my throat again and again made me so hot that I began to moan around John's fucking cock. "You like that Cathy?" John asked through his own grunts and groans. "You like me fucking your mouth this way?" I was in total ecstasy and could only moan in reply. Suddenly, John's thrusting stopped and he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Lowering himself to his knees, he kissed me on the neck, his hands pushing me onto my back. John's tongue was licking its way along my neck as his hands pulled down the front of my dress, revealing my small tits to the night air. John quickly sucked one nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking across it as he sucked, his hands squeezing my tits in passion. He switched to the other nipple, biting this one gently, as my hands ran through his hair, my groans of passion spurring him on.

As John began his descent towards my sopping pussy, I stopped him. "No," I moaned in pleasure, "I'm too horny, just put that beautiful cock inside of me right now!" John smiled and his hands raised the hem of my dress up to my waist, then pulling off my drenched panties, John feasted his eyes on my neatly trimmed, wet pussy. John grabbed his cock and slowly ran its head along my pussy lips, my juices mixing with the pre-cum flowing from it. In hot passion and need, I grabbed John's cock away from him and directed it into my awaiting pussy, my lips sucking it inside them. "No fooling around tonight, just fuck me hard and fast baby," I grinned, wrapping my legs up and around his waist.

John smiled down at me and slammed his cock fully into my pussy, causing me to cry out in pleasure. "You like that Cathy?" John asked, his body slamming his thick meat into my soaked pussy. "You like to be fucked hard and fast?" Another moan was all I could make in reply, as my body reacted to John's skillful fucking. He picked up his pace, thrusting his cock harder and harder against me, causing my ass to rise up off the ground with each wild thrust. "Ahhh, ahhh, yes faster, ahhh," my coos became louder now as I felt my body's rapid rise to climax approaching. John's groans became louder now as well as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, fucking me harder than I have ever been fucked before, whispering his desires into my ear as he did so.

"You're so fucking hot Cathy, mmmm, you pussy's so tight baby, making me come inside of you, ohhh, you fucking bitch, you are so good," John moaned, whispered, shouted, all the while his thrusting cock putting me over the edge. My climax hit me suddenly and hard, as my pussy walls clenched around John's cock, my legs tightened around his waist, as my head was thrown back and my body arched in orgasm. "Mmmm, yessss, fuck me yessss," I screamed into the night air. John was not far behind me, grunting in orgasm, biting into my shoulder as his cock erupted inside my pussy, his jism flowing out deep inside me.

We lay like that for a number of minutes, John tenderly kissing my ear, my neck, my tits, my mouth as his cock softened and slipped from my pussy. "God, that was so good Cathy," John smiled, pulling his jeans back up. I stood and fixed my dress, gathering my panties from where John had tossed them during our fucking. "John," I began, "that was more than good. That was incredible." Moving close to him, I ran my hands over his body. "Can I see you again?" John asked, at which point we exchanged numbers and such and went our separate ways.

Honestly, I didn't think I would see John again, but imagine my surprise when after a few days, who comes walking into the clothing store looking as hot as he did that first night? You guessed it, John.

John, dressed in a casual yet stylish shirt and pants, sauntered up to me while I was hanging some shirts on a sales rack. "Hi Cathy, what's up?" John greeted.

"Nothing much John, how are you doing?"

John gave a quick look around the store and when seeing it virtually empty, wrapped his arms around my waist pulling his hard member against me. "I'm doing very good now Cathy," he smiled. "Just had to see you again and since the semester started, this has been the first chance I got."

I lowered my own hands to lightly rub John's bulge, his body covering up my actions from prying eyes. "Well, I'm glad to see you too baby, but how did you know I worked here?"

John laughed and told me that I mentioned it while we were walking that wonderful night a few days ago. Laughing myself, I replied that I didn't remember too much but the fucking that night. John's hands lowered to my ass, giving it a loving squeeze then moving to the front, sliding up underneath the hem of my white skirt. "So," John whispered into my ear, kissing it, "how's about a little something now?" John's hands grazed across my panty-clad pussy, causing a chill to come across my body. Looking around the store and not seeing my boss readily available, I nodded and grabbing his hands led John into one of the dressing rooms.

Once inside, we attacked each other in passion, kissing lips and necks and ears, our hands seeking out the other's pleasurable spots. John's hands sliding up underneath my black tank-top and roughly fondling my tits. My own hands had already worked John's pants open and had his cock out, jerking it off as fast as I could. John pushed me down onto the small bench in the dressing room, kneeling between my legs. "I know we don't have much time to do this, but I want...no need to taste your pussy Cathy," John said, his hands sliding my panties down to my ankles and my skirt up around my waist.

If the feeling of John's hot breath against my dripping snatch was Heaven, then when his tongue snaked out and licked me from my asshole to my clit the feeling was pure Utopia. John wasted no more time after that, his mouth kissing my pussy, his lips sucking on my lips, his teeth nibbling on my exposed clit. John slid 2 fingers inside my loosening hole and began finger-fucking me fast, while his mouth dedicated itself to my clit. My hands entwined in John's hair, pulling his face hard against my pussy, my thighs tightly gripping his head between them. "Mmmm, yes, shit yes, ohhh," I couldn't stop moaning and eventually had to bite down on my hand to stifle my cries of pleasure.

John pulled his face away from my pussy and quickly stood before me, his throbbing cock sliding inside my sugar walls. We both let out a moan of ecstasy, then John started sliding his shaft in and out of my pussy, taking long, deliberate strokes. John pinned my hands over my head and against the wall, slowly torturing me with his long and slow thrusts. "Please John," I begged, "please baby, fuck me, mmmm, fuck me." John smiled and grabbed my legs from around his waist, raising them over his shoulders. He suddenly picked up the pace, his thrusts becoming short, quick, and hard. My now freed hands went to work rubbing my clit, as John looked down at me urging me on. "Yeah Cathy, yeah bitch, mmmmm, cum for me Cathy, cum baby, ohh."

It didn't even take that much, as my body exploded into orgasm. "YESSS, FUCK MEEEEE," I screamed forgetting where I was, as my entire body shook with pleasure. John's face clenched in pleasure and he let out a low moan as his cock filled my pussy up with its hot cum.

Even though I wanted to stay this way with John, his softening cock still in my pussy overflowing with both our juices, I needed to get back to work before I got into trouble. We quickly got dressed and somewhat presentable and left the dressing room. After looking around, it seemed no one had heard our lovemaking. "You had better call me," I said kissing John passionately on the lips. John smiled and simply stated, "Of course I will, I still haven't had your ass yet baby." At that we both laughed and I watched John leave the store.

Of course John called me and after making him beg for it, I gave up my ass to him. John and I dated for about 2 years before we graduated and went our separate ways. But, all that is for another story.

*This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction, so please send comments of any sort! Thanks.*

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