tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNadal Nets His Girl

Nadal Nets His Girl


It was Wimbledon time again, the big names of Tennis squaring up to one another in the famous centre court.

World No.1 Rafael Nadal was playing Andy Roddick in the Semi Finals of the Men's Single's. The game had been a long one, lasting over a whole day, with both men tied in the last set. It was a sudden death situation.

Rafa won over a few Aces at first, but then Roddick got the better of him, capitalizing on the obvious strain the day had taken on the star. 3 - 3 sudden death... this is for the final against Rodger Federer, whom Rafa would relish playing yet again.

Lining himself up for the serve, he composed his focus on one of the ball girls behind Andy. Thwack, a perfect service. He decided to try this method again, and once again it worked. Rafa turned and blew the girl a kiss, much to her delight.

Break was called for the opponents to change sides, at which point Rafa whispered to the ball girl, who he was now closer to "thanks for that, you seem to be my lucky charm".

The girl blushed, and got back into position. She couldn't help but not feel a little tingle run down her spine when he spoke to her, or watching his muscles when he served, his ass, and knowing that the balls she threw to him were going oh so near his crotch.

The game struggled on and on, both men outmatching other, playing at the top of their levels. Roddick was becoming more and more frustrated at the added distraction at seeing Rafa and the ball girl chatting and giggling away between points.

Then, this was it the deciding moment... Rafa needed the point to win the match and he turned to his ball girl and gave her a wink. He served an awesomely fast ball, which totally disorientated Roddick. The match was Nadal's!

After all the usual crowd banter and press conference, Rafa went and sat in his dressing room, pleased that he actually got through the match. He stripped of his clothes and got into the shower, which he much needed. However, unknown to him, he was being watched....

Soaping himself up he washed his sweaty body, feeling very relaxed and refreshed, when he saw something move out of the corner of his eye. He was sure he locked the room. Turning off the shower and wrapping a towel round himself, he went to investigate.

There, hiding in the corner, was the ball girl from his game.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to say well done and congratulate you", she said, nervously.

"This is meant to be a private room, how did you get in", he asked.

"Erm, I kinda stole a key from the porter's office" She looked down at her feet and felt very embarrassed, but then glanced up at Rafa, still there, naked but for a towel.

"Well, that was very naughty of you, I should tell someone" he was teasing her, but with enough affirmation to look totally serious.

"I'm sorry, I'm Sorry!!! Please don't tell anyone!!!" she pleaded with him, even getting down on her knees. "Ill do anything for you not to tell".

"What's your name?" he asked.


"Well, Rachel, being as you helped me win today, how can I possibly turn you in?"

"Oh thank you, you are the best, you know that? I must be your biggest fan; I have pictures of you on my wall and all of your merchandise. The racquet you play with, your clothing line..."

"Pictures of me? Ha-ha that's very sweet of you Rachel"

"You look so hot too, such a sexy man... you turn me on just being close to you" with that comment, Rachel started to put out a hand to try and remove Rafa's towel.

"Hey hey! I'm a taken man don't you know? Have you not got a boyfriend?"

"I only want you; all I ever want is to be with you. That's why I became a ball girl, just hoping one day I would be on centre court standing near you"

Rachel got up and took off her top, her sports bar was heaving, containing a pair of magnificent breasts. She turned round bending over so Rafa could see her lift up her skirt to reveal her tight panties. She Pulled down her skirt slowly, and turned round again, took off her shoes and socks. She was stood there in her underwear.

"I see that you like what you see, Rafael?" Rachel asked, instantly noticing the bulge in the towel wrapped around him.

He couldn't hold off anymore. Maybe it was the heat and intensity of the game he just had, maybe it was tiredness, but he grabbed Rachel into him, and kissed her, passionately.

She latched onto him, running her hands all over his muscular body, pulling herself closer to him so she could feel the ever increasing bulge.

"I want you so much baby", she whispered to him, "I want you to take me, right here, right now".

Rafa didn't have anything else in his mind, not his girlfriend, not his tennis, nothing but wanting the girl stood in front of him right now.

She was quite tall, just over 6' and had the most luscious body he had seen for a while. As she pulled her sports bar over her head, her boobs spilled onto her chest, wobbling slightly, then standing firm. They were perfect, a 36C and sculpted for her body. Rachel started to slip out of her knickers, exposing her shaved, smooth pussy.

"Do you want me Rafa? You want to fuck me?"

"Si, SI!!!" Rafa was so caught up; his natural Spanish tongue was speaking.

Rachel went to the shower and turned it back on, finding a suitable temperature. Rafa removed his towel joining her inside.

He pushed her against the wall, once again kissing her with passion, intensity, wanting. This made Rachel let out a short whimper, as her legs began to shake.

"Let me do this for you, my little ball girl" Rafa was moving down her body, kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples, kissing her stomach, her thighs...

"Oooooh yeeessss" She moaned out as Rafa found Rachel's swollen clit, his tongue was circling it, water gushing down them both from the shower.

The more he circled, the louder Rachel got with her moaning, and yelping out for more. Rafa started to use his finger to circle her clit, while his tongue found her honey pot. Darting it in and out of her, and then rubbing it up and down the slit, this felt so good to Rachel, who was pulling on Rafa's hair.

"Oooh god, don't stop, don't stop baby" Rachel pushing into Rafa's tongue like it was a cock.

Deeper and with more aggression, Rafa was pounding this girl with his tongue, until she let out a cry, her legs stiffening and shaking once again... "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH RAFFFAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Her cum filled his mouth, and he lapped up everything, she tasted so good. Rachel trying to hold herself up with the constant stream of water bashing down on her.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you", Rafa said, looking Rachel straight in the eyes.

"Oh please, I want your cock so much" She took it into her hand, feeling the length and girth of it. Rafa pulled Rachel close to him, and as if it was almost effortless, hitched her up against the wall of the shower. His cock started to rub up and down her lips, and then slowly he started to enter her.

"Oh yes baby, fill me up with you big dick" Rachel pushed down onto his cock all she could, before he started to push into her too, in and out, increasing pace with every push.

"Pound me, give me everything baby, and don't hold back" She wanted him, all of his manhood to be inside her.

Rafa started to thrust into her with much more speed and vigor, moaning himself now with Rachel's moans. All this with the sound of the running water, and the feeling of it battering their bodies.

"Yesss yesss yeeeahh I'm cumming again" Rachel let out a scream as she came in floods... "OOOHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH"

Rafa placed Rachel back down, and turned her round. Admiring her as she pulled her to back into him. She grabbed the rail for support as his cock once again entered her.

"OOOhhh Si, Rachel, eres guapa!" Rafa was pounding her like there was no tomorrow. "Take it, take it, take my big dick inside you"

Rachel looked over her shoulder to capture the sight of her idol, her obsession, ramming him into her cunt from behind.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna cum, OHHH Casi no!!!!"

Rachel was also cumming when she could feel Rafa tighten up, his balls pounding against her clit when finally he shot his cum, deep, deep inside her. She let out a cry of ecstasy, just as Rafa was moaning with pleasure. Spurt after spurt of cum entering her pussy.

......................... .......................

They held each other in the shower, helping them to clean one another off. Rafa soaping up Rachel, Rachel washing Rafa's cock. All the while both not saying a word, just smiling and looking into each other's eyes.

When they dried off, they wrapped towels round them selves and sat down on a sofa in the room. Rafael held Rachel close to him and began stroking her hair, to which she was purring.

They stayed cuddled for a few minutes, until the door began to open... someone was going to come in and catch them....

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