tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked at a Public Pool: The Recreation Center

Naked at a Public Pool: The Recreation Center


After Christen's trial run at the motel pool where she'd stripped naked in front of several people, she declared her readiness to move on to bigger things. The experience had left her excited and sopping wet and the sex at home had been incredible afterwards.

Now it was time to live out our fantasy at the recreation center.

Appearing naked at the recreation center was going to be trickier than it sounded.

In order to afford Christen the maximum amount of time and opportunity to expose herself, while trying to minimize the possible negative consequences we thought it would be best to make it look like an accident...something beyond her control.

Now neither of us is interested in exposing my wife to kids. We understand that there is a difference between fantasy and reality; however, with caution, as we found out at the motel swimming pool, fantasies can be realized.

The recreation center swimming pool has an adults-only policy after 9 o'clock in the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's an indoor/outdoor pool with a swim-through wall that separates them.

For her performance, we chose a nearly sheer, white, strapless wicked weasel that barely covered Christen's huge breasts and was barely more than a small triangle between her legs. It was nearly indecent, but left just enough covered to get away with it.

The circles of her aureole peeked from around the edges of the top but her nipples were hidden. In back, a single string ran between her cheeks, and circled around her hips.

Christen had carefully shaved her pubic region to avoid and confrontations before we got the chance to pull off our plan.

"How do I look?" Christen smiled, standing in front of me her bikini. Taking in the sight of her heavy, nearly-nude breasts, wide hips and bare legs...I felt my cock twitch in my shorts.

I hoped all went well because if it did...this was going to be good.

"You look like fuck on a stick," I laughed.

"I can't believe I'm actually going to do this," she said, sounding nervous.

"You know you don't have to. If you can't go through with it, it's okay babe," I offered to reassure her. After all, the fantasy belonged to both of us. She needed to be comfortable with the idea.

"No, no," she said, "I want to...it's just that I have to not think about it too much because it makes me wet, and I don't want to walk in there with my pussy soaked and showing through."

Crossing the short distance between us, I took my wife in my arms and kissed her gently, feeling her nipples stiffen against my chest.

"Ready?" I said.

Christen nodded.

Our supplies for the rec center were meager. Christen wore her wicked weasel and a pair of flip-flops. I dressed in swim shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes to drive in. We brought two small towels. They were really too small to cover much...that was intentional.

We arrived at the recreation center at 9:30 just to be safe.

After exiting the car, we walked hand in hand through the parking lot towards the doors. It was a warm night and the lot was still pretty full.

Glancing at my wife, I saw her breasts swaying under the flimsy material of her suit. I also noticed that her nipples had stiffened.

Once inside, I paid the fee while the two young men at the desk gobbled Christen's next-to-naked body with their eyes, barely able to rip their gaze from her breasts.

With that done, we headed straight back to the indoor pool.

The place was pretty packed, but true to their policy, I saw only adults, swimming, sitting and mulling around the large, Olympic style pool. There were two low-dives and a high dive on one end.

I also immediately noticed the way the men's heads turned as Christen passed...many of them gawking openly at her luscious form.

Christen's nipples were hard nubs under her suit. It was evident that she was becoming aroused. Turning her face upwards, her look confirmed it.

"God, I'm so hot," she whispered, squeezing my hand.

I smiled back, and pecked her on the lips.

"How 'bout over here?" I said, pointing at two lounges side by side near the pool's edge.

Taking our seats we settled in, observing the people in the pool.

After a moment, Christen spoke.

"God babe," she said, "I can't believe I'm actually going to do this...it's kind of crazy."

"Babe, remember, you can back out at any time," I said, with a gentle squeeze on her bare thigh. "If you aren't comfortable, it's okay."

With a hot look in her eye, my wife turned to face me and spread her legs.

She was sopping wet.

"Too late now," she giggled low.

Standing, Christen strode the few paces to the water. Several feet away in the pool, a middle-aged woman glanced up at her...then did a double take at the wet spot between her legs as Christen slid quickly into the water.

A few moments later, she reemerged.

From my vantage point on the lounge, I saw...to my delight and growing erection, that her suit had become nearly transparent; her large aureole and thick nipples were plainly visible...as was the tiny triangle of pubic hair between her legs.

Christen walked around the edge of pool to the high dive and back again, turning each and every male head as she did so.

By the time she reached me, she was trembling with excitement.

"Oh god babe, did you see? They all looked at me..." she said, barely able to breathe.

I shifted in my seat and covered my midsection with one of the small towels.

My wife grinned at my predicament.

"You like?" she said wickedly.

Several yards away, by the high dive, I noticed a few men still gawking at her.

"Well...ready?" my wife said, excited.

It was time to put our plan into action.

"Let's do this," I grinned.

Standing, I moved quickly to the water and slipped in, swimming to my pre-determined place by the high dive.

Once there, I watched my wife saunter past the groups of people once more. The men and women gawked, with a few of the women giving her what seemed like hostile looks.

Finally, Christen reached the high dive and ascended.

We knew that there was no way her suit would withstand the force of the dive. I was there to help the plan unfold.

Smiling down at me from the edge of the board, Christen gave me the thumbs-up. I returned it.

Steeling herself, to she bounced a couple of times in place and leapt into a perfect, head-first dive at the water, some twelve feet below.

She hit the water in the perfect spot, several feet from me as her suit gave way.

Her top came off instantly, while the bottoms rode down her legs to her knees. Ducking beneath the surface, I saw her kick her legs until it was gone.

Instantly, I grabbed both pieces of her suit, balling them into my fist, and swam to the edge, as Christen surfaced, swimming towards the shallow end...pretending that she was unaware of the fact that she was completely naked.

Once at the edge, I got out with her suit in my fist and returned to my seat...hiding it under one of the towels.

My wife swam on with an overhead stroke, passing several people in the water as her naked ass cheeks surfaced and disappeared again.

As of yet, nobody seemed to notice that she was totally nude.

At last, she ducked under, swimming under the water the few remaining feet to the edge, where she resurfaced, shaking the water from her shoulder-length blond hair.

Crouching in the shallow end a few feet from another couple, my wife's huge, bare breasts floated in front of her, exposing just the tops of her aureole above the surface of it.

Glancing around quickly, she smiled at me.

My cock stood at full erection in my shorts. I couldn't believe that my incredibly sexy was wife was actually completely naked in the pool, surrounded by other people.

Still, it seemed that nobody had yet noticed.

Resting her arms on the edge, Christen relaxed, as her boobs floated in front of her, exposing her nipples to the pool.

I was scared and excited at the same time. My cock pounded in my shorts and I could hardly breathe. By the look on Christen's face, I could tell that she wasn't fairing much better...hanging from the edge of the pool, exposing her bare breasts...they heaved with her breathing.

Suddenly, a woman popped up out of the water right in front of my wife, not two feet away.

Shaking the water from her head, she smiled at Christen...then...her face froze as she realized what she was seeing.

"Oh my god," she said audible from my position by the pool. "You're naked!"

At the word "naked," several people turned to look.

Glancing down at herself, Christen feigned surprise.

"Oh my god!" she shrieked. "Where's my suit?"

With that, my wife stood up in the shallow end, pretending a pitiful attempt at covering herself. Her large breasts spilled over the top of her arms and her hand barely hid her naked pussy.

"I lost my suit!" she said loudly, pretending to search for it.

Slowly, a crowd gathered in the shallow end around her, gawking and pointing at the completely naked woman in the pool.

"What the fuck?" a woman sitting a few feet to my right said, craning.

"Woa..." the man sitting with her, whom I assumed to be her husband said, whistling low through his teeth.

"Oh god! I'm naked!" Christen shrieked again. Dropping her arms to her sides, she revealed her fully nude body to everyone.

Even from where I was sitting, I saw her nipples standing hard and pointy; jutting out from her aureole Her entire upper body was flushed with excitement.

Moving towards the edge, my wife took the steps slowly, exiting the pool.

Then, instead of returning to our spot, she walked around the opposite edge, pretending to search for her suit, exposing her naked body to everyone there.

People did double takes. Men stopped in their tracks. I saw one nearly walk full-long into the ladder of the high dive.

"Oh my god! That woman's naked! Look!" a group of women by the corner of the pool turned to Christen, pointing.

I heard a whistle from the opposite side.

Leaving her hands at her sides, Christen walked around the pool in front of the high dive and right past the group of men that had gawked at her earlier. Their heads spun on their necks as if they would break off at any moment.

They leered lewdly at her, watching her heavy bare breasts sway in front of her, gorging on her naked body from top to bottom.

She walked on, ignoring their remarks.

Finally, my wife reached me.

Stopping at the end of the lounge, she stood, naked and dripping wet.

"Jeezus fuck I'm so hot," she nearly moaned, snaking a hand down her slick, bare belly.

Just then, I spotted the two young men from the front desk approaching.

"Ma'am," one of the called out as they reached us.

"Ma'am, you have to put something on...this isn't a clothing optional pool."

Facing them, Christen allowed their eyes to feast on her bare breast and pussy.

Her nipples were swollen and she struggled to breathe.

"I...I lost my suit..." she said, barely able to speak.

"You have to cover yourself ma'am," one of the young men said as his eyes bored between her legs. From my vantage point in the lounge I could see that both of them had erections.

"All we have are these towels," I said, coming to her rescue at last.

Handing them to my wife, she draped one of them over her breasts, holding it in place with one hand.

It barely covered anything.

She wrapped the other one around her waist, holding it there as well. It fell to just under her pussy and left her bare rear completely exposed.

"C'mon babe, let's go," I said as she slipped into her flip-flops.

Walking side by side again, I held Christen's suit in my fist as she trudged along, pretending to struggle with the towels.

Passing by the front desk, several people gawked in disbelief at the naked woman trying to cover herself with the small towels.

Once outside, Christen could barely contain herself.

"Oh god...that was so incredible," she said, "I'm so fucking horny!"

"Ready?" I said, watching the excitement in her eyes.

With that, I took the towels from her, leaving her standing completely naked in the parking lot.

"Oh god...oh...god..." she said, nearly moaning. Her nipples were like rock and I plainly saw the fresh wetness slicken her inner thighs. Her body trembled and her hands shook.

My erection pressed hard into the front of my shorts, forming a tent.

Hand in hand we walked to the car through parking lot. I don't know exactly how many people saw her...but it was quite a few.

On rubbery legs, Christen finally reached the car. I Opened the door for her, and she slid into the passenger's seat, spread her legs wide and went to work on herself. Sliding two fingers into her sopping cunt, she fucked herself hard and fast, rubbing her swollen clit with the thumb of her other hand.

"Oh god...babe...jeezus, I can't believe it..." she said, moaning loudly in the passenger's seat.

With the door still open, Christen masturbated openly, quickly and loudly, as a young couple passed on the other side of the car.

Glancing our way, they saw my naked wife masturbating through the driver's side window and nearly tripped over themselves.

"Oh my god," the woman said in disgust, pulling the man along by the hand.

"Wait, Susan..." he protested, still craning over his shoulder as the woman dragged him on.

Just then, Christen came...hard.

Raising her legs, she placed her feet wide on the dash and spread them. With one hand she covered her clitoris with her palm and thrust her hips upwards, fucking her sloppy pussy into it. With the other hand, she hefted a heavy breast to her mouth and bit hard into her own nipple.

"Babe...babe...oh babe god I'm cumming..." my wife nearly shrieked slapping hard at her pussy, filling the air around us with the wet sounds of it.

Suddenly, Christen's body locked, going completely stiff. She raised her ass off of the seat and held herself above it with her outstretched legs as she beat at her throbbing clit.

Moaning, she said loudly, "I'm cumming...OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!" over and over again as she sent herself to paradise right there in the car.

Her huge bare titties shook and bounced as she thrust herself into her palm.

My cock nearly exploded in my shorts at the sight of my hot, totally naked wife cumming right out in public.

Finally, Christen was done, and she collapsed, breathing hard into the seat.

Slamming her door, I ran around to my side and got in, starting the engine.

I tossed the towels and her suit into the back seat.

Lolling her head to the side, she grinned weakly at me.

Her naked body was flushed and the car smelled like sex.

Our outing had been a success, and I couldn't wait to try it again as I drove for home while Christen sat nude next to me the whole way.

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