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Naked Drunk Twister


We are sitting in the living room, me on the couch you in the recliner. We are having a few drinks. After several drinks we decide to get out twister. We put the mat on the floor and start to play. We are quite drunk by this time and you make the suggestion we should play naked. We take our cloths off and play a few more turns, our body rubbing together. You get up and step out of the room and come back with a bottle of baby oil. I happen to be sitting on the mat facing you when you dump the oil on me and there is a lot of it. We play a few more turns laughing and rubbing on each other. After a few more moves we both slip and fall to the mat you behind me almost spooning me.

Your cock is on the inside of my thigh, not think I move my other leg over and have your cock between my thighs. You wrap your arm around me and start to pump me between my thighs. As your cock gets harder the angle you are at has your cock rubbing up behind my balls as you move your hips in and out. As you pump me cock gets harder and harder you reach around and give it a few strokes. I can feel the head of your cock pushing against my balls over and over, ah it feels so good. As drunk as I am I don't notice that you have moved your hand to my hip as you are banging my thighs. You are pulling out a little farther each time until you mover your hand off my hip to direct your cock between my thighs as you pull it all the way out. The last time you pull your cock out you don't pump it back in right away. You make a little adjustment and slide it between my cheeks. Right to the point the head of your cock is pressed against my hole.

I am so drunk and horny I let out a little moan and with no effort your slide right in to my ass up to your balls. You grab my hip again and start to slide in and out of me over and over. Then you move your hand down my ass to the inside of my thigh. You lift my leg and I am able to rest the back of my knee on your arm. With all the oil you take your arm away and with me laying on my side you mounting me from behind my leg slide down behind you. Once my leg is here you are able to reach over my hip and grab my cock and stroke it. Slowly and stopping to make sure I don't come. Then you take your hand away and place on my hip so you can focus on pumping my ass, sliding in and out over and over again.

As my moaning gets louder, then I begin to moan that I am going to cum, you stop, you don't want me to cum just yet. Knowing that when I cum, my ass will tighten down on you and make you want to cum as well. You just aren't done pumping my ass just yet. You slow way down giving me time to recover so I don't cum to soon. You just keep pumping me over and over and I get closer and closer to coming but you back off just enough so I don't. When you are finally ready to cum you reach around and give me a few quick strokes. It doesn't take much I have been on edge for a while. I shoot my load and my ass tightens. You feel it squeezing you and you are surprised how tight it is but you have enough left, but you don't come even after several pumps. While my ass is trying to push you over the edge and milk the cum from you, the pushing of your cock against my ass wall is making me moan more and more. My ass has had enough, but you and I are drunk enough that we haven't.

You pound me and pound me you pound me so long that I cum again without you touching my cock at all. My ass tightens again and this time it is enough for you, you spray your load in my ass filling me with it. When you are done my as is squeezing you so tight it seem like now it doesn't want to let you out. So you just stay in my ass and we fall asleep.

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