Namesake's Legacy


"Yeah I know what you mean. It's like it's forbidden or something you know?"

"Yes baby it can be such a naughty word!" She giggled and squirmed, "Do you think I'm naughty? Is your mommy naughty?"

"Hmm, let me see. You made love to you own son. You let him fuck you. You sucked his cock. Now you're lying naked in bed with him." I was able to reach her bottom. Slap! "I'd say that is pretty naughty of you."

"Russ, I am pretty naughty aren't I? What are you going to do?"

Slap! "Get up mom and stick your ass up." I positioned her at the foot of the bed. She held onto the brass frame with both her hands.

She was on her elbows and knees. Her ass jutted upward beautifully. I kissed her cheeks and massaged her buns and thighs. Without a warning, I slapped her shapely bottom. Slowly and rhythmically I increased the pace and intensity.

Her mirror was across the room facing the bed. I could see her face and chest. Her tits bounced and jiggled with each blow. I could see myself kneeling behind her. We locked eyes. The look on her face could only be described as unmitigated lust.

"Mother you have been bad, or naughty as you say."

"Russ spank my ass, I need it I deserve this."

"Tell me why I should do this." I demanded.


"I've been naked with my son. And…"


"I've made love to him. And…'


"Ouch, I sucked his beautiful cock and tasted his cum"


"I've fucked my son. He's my lover now. And…"


"Ouch, and…its… INCEST!"


"YES! It's incest, and I love it"

Slap, Slap SLAP!

"I love it, every second of it I love it. Spank me hard Russ. Spank mommy's ass."

Her ass was turning red. With my free hand I stroked her wet pussy. I brought her to another orgasm as I spanked her ass and finger fucked her. In the mirror her face contorted in climax. Her tits swayed with beat of her heaving chest. She collapsed on the bed and sighed as I gently rubbed her red cheeks.

"Oh Russ, I loved that. It just gets me so hot".

"Mom I love spanking your sweet ass". I kissed her ass cheeks, gently soothing her flesh with my tongue.

"I'm glad you do. In a bit I'll take care you in a special way. Just let me recover."

I licked my way down her crack. I felt her shiver at the sensation. She shuddered when my tongue moved by the area surrounding her anus. She moaned when I kissed her hole.

"OH Russ, Now you're being quite naughty," She cooed, "Have you ever had anal sex?"

"No mom, never". I admitted expectantly.

"Would you like to baby?"

"Hell yeah!" I said sounding rather adolescent.

"Good baby," She exclaimed, "I love it in my ass. It's one of my favorite things. I would be thrilled to be your first. Now you have to get me ready with your fingers and some lube."

She instructed me eagerly. Eventually, I worked my cock into her rear. She goaded me on until I was able to thrust in her rhythmically. My balls slapped her beautiful bottom. I was in heaven, again.

"Mom your ass is so fucking tight. This feels so amazing."

"Yes baby. Fuck my ass you beautiful motherfucker. Fuck mommy's ass hard!"

We both came together, moaning and panting.

"You know it was my daddy who used to spank me. After we lost my mom, we became lovers. I was about your age and it all started when I came home late one night

"We were lovers for two fantastic years, until his untimely death. We really loved each other. He was the man that moved me the most. I still miss him and all the naughty things we used to do. It's really no surprise that you look and act so much like him. It's too bad you never got to know him. You would have loved your grandpa. Your grandpa Russell O'Hern was an elegant man. And you Russell O'Hern, so aptly named, are walking in is footsteps. You see I really am quite naughty, don't you forget it."

Lying in bed together we hugged and kissed. Softly we murmured words of love and gratitude we genuinely felt for each other. Sleep overtook us.

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