tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNancy Porter's Journal: 07

Nancy Porter's Journal: 07


Nancy's seventh journal entry finds her once again at the Professor's house on the Friday before Christmas despite Nancy having thought otherwise. While her parents were on their way to Stowe to get their place set up for their vacation, Nancy was going where she had been going every Friday night for the last couple of months.


1. A gift for Nancy.

My parents were the biggest idiots known to man. They had to be, in order to let the Professor pull this shit off. How the hell important was it for someone to watch their dogs for them? Important enough to for them to arrange to get me up to Stowe to meet them the next day? Who was I after all, the freakin' dog whisperer?

My old lady was so pleased that her little girl was making friends that she probably didn't give a damn about logic. Cold and calculating Dad only thought of the business angle.

"Can't do you any harm to score points with the faculty at school! Making friends is like putting money in the bank" the old man sagely advised me. "After all, making the right kind of friendships, ones with important people, is what got me where I am today."

I bit my tongue in order not to ask him whether any of those friends got involved with having people fuck him in the ass while they sat in the back of the room and did who knows what to themselves? Doing this despite sitting next to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Monica, that is. When I arrived at the Professor's house that Friday evening, Monica greeted me looking even more stunning than usual. I realized, as she led me into the bar area, that she was wearing the same black evening dress that she wore the first night I had come over here.

My unabashed staring at Monica that night, and my helping her unhook the back of that dress was how this had all gotten started, I realized as I thought back to that fateful evening. My fascination, which soon became infatuation over this goddess began that night. What a fool I had been, and what a bigger fool I was to admit to myself that if I had it all to do over again, I'm not certain I would have done anything differently.

After making us both vodka and tonics, Monica joined me on the other side of the bar. She seemed very flirty toward me, touching my arm a lot when she talked, giving me little squeezes of affection and just turning me on in general.

I didn't hide my staring down the front of her dress at that magnificant cleavage. My boldness might have been the result of all the flirting or the effect of a very strong drink which quickly became two after Monica went back behind the bar.

"I see you got your hair cut Nancy" Monica commented. "It's very nice. Makes you look a little bit older I think. I don't know what Professor Martin will think about it though."

"Well as long as you like it, I don't really give a shit what that pervert thinks" was my modest opinion.

The Professor didn't much like it, and said so when he joined us soon after. Said he liked me to keep looking the way I did before, and before ducking out of the room he said something about working around it. Well, get over it, my dear Professor.

After yet another drink, I was feeling no pain. Monica stepped out of the room after I asked her what sort of freak show I was going to be the main attraction of tonight. The Professor came back soon after that and looked at me with the warmth of a jeweler appraising a ring.

"Come with me Nancy. I want to show you a little present I have for you" he said softly while escorting me into the little chamber of perversions that awaited me on the other side of the door. I recoiled from his touch but walked alongside of him as we reached the door. He opened it wide and stepped back to let me in first.

"Merry Christmas, my dear" the Professor said softly, as he closed the door behind me, with him remaining on the other side.

This was certainly different than the usual set up, and just as a thought raced through my mind about where Monica was, I looked up at the bed at the other end of the room. There she was, Monica. Sitting on the edge of the bed under the soft lights, and then rising when she saw me.

I walked toward her, past the couch where she usually sat with the Professor. This couch was now empty, and I kept walking toward Monica like a zombie. After reaching her, I looked around in confusion.

"Where... who is?" I managed to get out.

"Just me" Monica said just before she wrapped her arms around me. "Is that okay?"

When Monica's full red lips found my thin trembling ones, and I felt the weight of her massive breasts against mine, I finally realized what was going on. And yes, It was okay. It was way more than okay.

"I think you know how to do this" Monica said wryly, turning around to allow me to undo the little hook at the top of the dress. This time, when I unzipped the dress and it fell off her, she was naked underneath.

Monica turned around and I almost fainted. She was even more beautiful than I had remembered. My reaction was to stand there and shake like a leaf. All my big talk and thoughts about what I would do to Monica if I ever got the chance, and there I stood with my eyes watering and my knees knocking.

"I've been waiting for this a long time" Monica said as she unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off my shoulders.

YOU have, I thought? Me? I was still speechless. Monica's hands worked all around me while I stood there making like a statue. Then, all of a sudden I was naked, and all my feelings of inadequacy came rushing back to me. Standing next to this woman I felt pathetic.

"You're so beautiful" Monica whispered before she bowed her head and took my left breast into her mouth, her tongue running roughshod around the rubbery nipple. I ran my hand through her luxuriant blonde hair and gradually felt my fears begin to melt away. Feelings that were replaced my other feelings. Feelings of a more primal nature.

2. Afterward.

I've made up my mind not to talk about my moments with Monica. Everything else in my life during then has become public knowledge, and that time seems to be about the only private thing I have to show for those months, so it's staying in the vault. Suffice to say that I had incredible expectations and grandiose dreams of how it would be with Monica, and they all were surpassed. It was the most wonderful experience of my life.

Afterward, as we lay in each other's arms, thoroughly satisfied and exhausted, I heard some noises coming from the back of the room and looked over to Monica, who had a rather sad expression on her face. She reached over and handed me a water bottle from the side of the bed.

"Have a drink, Nancy" Monica said, and when I declined she brought it up to my lips for a sip anyway and held it upright, almost forcing the rotten water down my throat.

"I think the Professor will be looking for a gift in return" Monica said. "I'll stay with you and help you along."

"Help me what?" I asked, before turning around and looking into the glare of the lights toward the back of the room. I could see the Professor coming down the aisle, and when I first began to be able to make him out, I almost started laughing out loud.

The professor was naked, except for a hood he was wearing over his head. He looked like one of those hokey looking wrestlers, with this black mask covering him from the neck up, except for two eye holes and a cutout for the mouth. That was the funny part.

The part that was definitely not funny was the area below his waist. Just below his little grey furred pot belly was his cock. To say I had never seen anything like it before would be an understatement.

At the base of his thing was some sort of harness which squeezed the base of his cock tightly. Something was attached below it that had his balls in some sort of grip that forced them down low in his huge sack.

As for the Professor's cock itself, it was enormous. The brace or whatever it was at the base of the shaft covered the first few inches. The rest of it was uncovered, and bobbed wildly in front of him as he waddled up to us. It was beet red, hard and looked almost angry. Thick veins ran up the shaft before disappearing under the obscenely bulbous head, which looked to be bigger than a lemon.

"It's okay to act like you're scared, Nancy" Monica informed me as she pulled me up to sit on the edge of the bed.

I didn't have to act scared, I WAS scared. Even in my dazed state, this was really crazy. Why the hell did the Professor have that thing clamped onto his genitals like that? It was so tight it had to be painful! His thing looked like it was ready to explode, almost appearing to throb as he stood in front of me.

Strangely enough, I remember trying to imagine how in the world the Professor managed to fit that monstrosity into that little pussy of Monica's, even while she was easing me down to my knees. The professor was stroking that weapon in his meaty hand while looking down at me through that mask which was no longer stupid looking to me.

"Open wide, Molly my dear" The professor said as he took a step toward me.

I remember asking him why he was calling me Molly, just before he rubbed the fat head of that thing across my lips. Monica was holding the back of my neck, alternately masssaging and pushing me toward him.

"Just suck it like you did Eric and the other men" Monica whispered. "Lick it and then start to take it into your mouth."

Eric, and the other guys were not built like the Professor, and I didn't see how it was possible. Not only was his cock at least a foot long, it was so damn fat there was no way I could open my mouth that wide!

"It's too big" I whimpered pathetically. "I can't!"

"You will suck my cock, Molly," the Professor said somewhat sternly, "or perhaps you would prefer my sticking this into your little asshole? Would that please you more?""

At that point I became a little more motivated, dabbing my tongue around the opening, tasting the salty and sour taste of the goo that was oozing out of him. I put as much of the head of his cock in my mouth as I could manage, sliding my lips from the tip right up to the puffy ridge of the head before backing down.

"That's it Molly, look up at me while you suck my cock" the Professor said. "It's time you graduated from the boys anyway. Time to experience what it's like to perform your skills on a real man for a change."

Monica had gotten on the floor behind him, and while I have no idea what she was doing, the Professor parted his thighs slightly and let out a groan that sounded like a foghorn.

"Uhhhhhhh... that's it" he mooed. "Molly, work the shaft with you hands. Milk it! Squeeze my balls too, my dear."

I put my hands around the shaft of the thing, just above where that leathery band ended. There was room for both of my hands on the thing, that's how big it was, but it was so fat I couldn't get my hands completely around it. I pumped my hands up and down it as best I could, all the time thinking, this thing he expected me to be able to suck?

I kept sucking as best I could, and was able to get the entire head of the thing in my mouth after a while. This pleased the Professor, and he began thrusting in time with my mouth, his pendulous balls slapping me in the throat. This combination of this caused me to gag for a moment, which allowed me to get that thing out of my mouth. My jaw was aching as I looked at that glistening crimson weapon before going down on it once more.

How long this went on, I can't really say. It felt like forever. My knees were as sore as my jaw.

"Look up toward me and close your eyes!" the Professor suddenly bellowed, and took his cock out of my hands and began pumping it furiously.

I did as he said, and after kneeling there before him, listening to the frenzied slapping sounds his fist was making, he yelled out for me not to move. He let out a moan that sounded almost painful, and seconds later I felt the warm spray of his cum squirting all over my face.

I resisted the urge to back away, or to even put my hands up to wipe the stuff off. I just knelt there while he spurted all over me, feeling the sticky goo landing all over my face, neck and hair.

"Stay still!" the Professor ordered, and so I just knelt and waited with my eyes screwed shut, feeling the cum begin to trickle down in an agonizingly slow way.

I sensed the Professor backing away, followed by a gentle wiping of my eyelids. I opened my eyes and saw Monica dabbing at me with a damp cloth.

"Beautiful Nancy, you did wonderfully!" Monica gushed, as I saw the Professor waddling out the door.

"Is it all over?" I asked Monica, trying to flex my jaw back into some reasonable condition.

"All over, Nancy" Monica said, as she got up and turned out the light, before helping me back on to the bed.

Monica climbed under the covers with me and softly caressed my back. I buried my face between those huge breasts of hers and inhaled her sweet perfume, and began to return her affection.

While she was right about it being all over, I was far from done, as she soon found out. Funny how the human body can recuperate so quickly, given the proper motivation.

3. Off to Stowe.

The next morning I awoke in Monica's arms, which was worth the aching jaw and everything else that had gone on the previous night. Monica got up when I did, and rebuffed my efforts to go down on her for breakfast.

"Now, you have to go home and get cleaned up" Monica told me. "There will be someone coming by your house to pick you up around eight, so don't dilly-dally too much, my love!"

After a rather extended goodbye, I drove home on the quiet and deserted streets. A dusting of snow had fallen, and so I drove with extra care, wondering exactly how they were going to get me up to Stowe. The house was deserted when I got there. I hustled into the shower, and while I regretted eliminating the sweet smell of Monica from my skin, hosing off the Professor's cum was something I longed for.

Mom had left me a note, telling me that they had taken my skis and suitcase with them and hoped that everything went well at the Professor's.

Sure Mom, I thought as I looked out the window at headlights coming up the road. Let's see, I had never even got a look at Ziggy and Roy, who were the reason I was supposed to be over there in the first place.

I got to make love to my best friend and the most gorgeous woman in the world most of the night, and... oh yeah that's right. I got to suck on the world's biggest dick. It went really great, Mom. Wish you could have seen it.

A car swung into our driveway, and when I went out the door I did a double take. There was a freaking limousine waiting out there for me. A handsome guy in a uniform hopped out of the car and hustled around to the back, opening the door for me.

"Good morning, Ms. Porter. I'm Anthony, and I'll be your driver this morning" he said in a very dignified tone. "Will we be needing to make any stops along the way, or shall we be going directly to Stowe?"

"Uh... er.. no stops" I stammered as I climbed into the back seat, which seemed as big as my bedroom. "I have the address of... "

Anthony was quite aware of where my parents' timeshare condo was, as he recited the address off the top of his head. I took my coat off in the back seat, as it was toasty warm and sooooo comfortable in there.

Anthony got into the car and before he pulled out of my driveway, he got on the intercom.

"There are some pastries and snacks in the right compartment, and juices in the refrigerator. You'll also find a bottle of Champagne in there if you would care to make a Mimosa."

"Oh wow!" I said, any thought of being able to act like this was an everyday experience going by the wayside.

"There is a DVD player under the television, and a few movies there to choose from, if you would care to watch something. Should you need to make a comfort stop, please push the intercom button and let me know at your pleasure. The other button closes the curtain."

"Gee, no bathroom in here? Okay, thank you" I said. "Um... would you like a bear claw or something, Anthony?"

"No, thank you Ms. Porter" he said while we drove down my street.

I wanted to drive past my friends to show off, before I remembered that I really didn't have any friends. Failing that, I struggled to pop the cork of the bubbly, finally getting it to fly up off the roof, and sucked down my first Mimosa. After Anthony was kind enough to tell what what was in it besides Champagne, that is.

I popped Miss Congeniality into the DVD player, gnawed on a danish and generally acted like a Princess as my limo hit the interstate. The car sailed through the snow like a jet, so quickly that I wanted to slow down. I wanted to make this last forever. After all, it isn't everyday you get to be treated like a movie star.


Nancy hits the slopes of Stowe in the next installment, hopefully following right behind this. Comments and the like are always welcomed, and I thank the patient folk still with us!

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