tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 10

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 10


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, approached the ornate chest in trepidation. It was not particularly large but that did not bother her. Even if it was only a quarter full of gold it would still make her richer than she could possibly have imagined.

It was wooden but with a gold overlay that traced its outsides and spoke of generous wealth. The warlock who had built these ruins must have been very rich indeed. Narlissa gingerly reached out to touch it, hoping that there wasn't one final enchantment placed upon the chest itself, and was relieved to find the demon's words had been true. The place was freed of all magic now that he was gone.

She clicked open the lock and tipped the top and her eyes opened wide. Gold lay within in great piles, the odd jewel and gem thrown in for good measure. It looked like the hoards that myths said dragons collected but Narlissa did not care. With a delighted giggle she raced over to her clothes, lying in a pile where the demon had discarded them, and fished out her leather pouches. Stuffing as many as she could full of gold, she stood back with a grin. The chest was still fairly full, for Narlissa simply did not have the storage required to take all of those coins back with her. She simply could not carry any more.

But she did not mind. She had never been greedy and the thought of leaving behind small piles of gold did not bother her when she had already taken everything she could ever need. She stepped away from the chest and quickly redressed, before once more casting her eye over it. It was then that she saw the pendant tucked away beneath a layer of gold coins. She picked it up and turned it over in her hands, casting her eyes over it.

It was gold yet light, and a golden chain suggested it should be worn around the neck. The decorative part was simply a large golden disc, with an image of an open eye carved in it. She placed the pendant over her head.

Nothing happened.

Shrugging, she pocketed her leather pouches then shut the chest and pushed it back behind the door. There was enough gold in there to make the next fortune hunter's trip worthwhile, too, and she did not want to deny someone their own chance at treasure.

With a slight clinking sound from all the coins stuffed into her pack and cloak, she left the room behind her. The large black doors opened easily this time when she pushed them and she grinned as she saw what lay beyond.

Eavu and Taicoss were struggling to stand up, but they were free. She moved towards them and clapped them on the back. Both yelped with shock.

"Narlissa!" Taicoss exclaimed as he saw her. "We feared the worse when the tendrils took you, but then we were freed and... well, we hoped that you were safe."

She grinned. "I am indeed safe. What's more, I have what I came here for. Let us leave."

The two men nodded furiously, grabbing their belongings and hurriedly following her out of the ruins. As they emerged, it was apparent that had clearly been in the ruins longer than she realised. It was already afternoon.

She stepped out of the base of the statue and smiled. Behind her the two men emerged into the air and breathed in happily. They came to stand beside her.

Eavu spoke then. "Thank you again, Narlissa. I am sorry for our betrayal. Truly, I am."

Narlissa smiled. The warrior seemed genuinely apologetic about his actions. "I accept your apology. Shall we make a move?"

The two men nodded, but then Taicoss' eyebrows furrowed in thought. He stepped towards her and reached out, gently taking hold of the pendant around her neck.

"Did you just find this?" he asked.

Nalissa nodded, slightly wary. She did not expect the druid to try and take it from her but these men had already betrayed her once and despite their apologies she was not ready to trust them completely yet.

"Do you know what it does?" the druid continued.

This time Narlissa shook her head. "I do not. I don't think it does anything."

"I think you'll be pleased to know that you're wrong there, Narlissa. It certainly does something. I have seen magical items of this type before."

She was intrigued now although she was also a little worried that she had put on a magical artifact without knowing what it did. She really thought it was harmless. "What does it do?"

"I believe it will make you invisible."

She gasped. "Invisible?"

"Indeed. Try and make it do so. Feel its presence around your neck, and tell it to hide you in plain sight. I have been told that such pendants are very easy to use."

She bit her lower lip, lifting the pendant in her hand and staring at the eye. With all her willpower she told the golden disc to make her invisible. She hoped that Taicoss wasn't mocking her.

Suddenly, the eye engraved on the disc closed. At the same moment she heard Eavu and Taicoss gasp. She looked over at them and realised that they seemed to be looking through, rather than at, her. She looked down at her body. She could see herself just fine. And she certainly didn't feel any different.

"You've vanished, Narlissa!" Eavu said, shocked.

Narlissa moved behind Eavu, and grinned as the two men started talking excitedly. Reaching out she tugged Eavu's ear then ducked away as the blonde warrior whirled around. She giggled.

Stepping in front of them she told the disc to make her visible again and suddenly the men were looking at her. She grinned.

"It seems to work," she said happily.

"Yes it does!" Eavu laughed, rubbing his ear. "It works very well. I'm sure you'll find it very useful."

A moment's silence passed between them before Narlissa turned to Faeht. Soon the group were on the main road and heading away from Hallowblossom. As neither Eavu nor Taicoss had mounts they did not travel quickly but Narlissa did not mind. She had her treasure and the slow ride was perfectly pleasant. Besides, being in the company of two attractive men hardly annoyed her. Indeed, the memories of the times she had already spent with them caused carnal thoughts to take root in her mind.

They did not talk much as afternoon stretched into evening. Soon dusk had started to blanket the land and Narlissa decided they should stop for the night. A tavern stood in the distance and she pointed towards it.

"We shall stop there, if you are so willing," she said. She would stop there no matter what but her magic cunt desperately hoped these two men would, too.

"Of course," Eavu nodded.

Soon they had reached the inn and Narlissa allowed the stablegirl to take Faeht. She gave her a small amount of money as she did and then entered the tavern itself. Approaching the innkeeper, she placed a few gold pieces on the table.

"Your best room, please," she smiled.

The woman looked at her, then to the two men, then back to her. "Just the one?"

"Just the one."

She saw a smirk creep across the innkeeper's face as she handed Narlissa the key. "Top floor."

Narlissa thanked the woman, taking the key and heading upstairs. Taicoss and Eavu were right behind her. Reaching the wooden door that marked the entrance to their room she opened the lock and stepped through.

It was well-furnished enough as far as taverns went but what drew her eye the most was the large plush bed that was sitting in the middle of the room. It was a bed she intended to use to the fullest, and not for sleeping.

The two men stepped in behind her and Narlissa turned to click shut the lock once more. Delicately laying her pack and cloak over a chair that stood in the corner, she turned back to Eavu and Taicoss.

"Since I saved your lives, I feel you owe me, no?" she said, lust burning through her at the thought of what was to come next.

Taicoss grinned wickedly. "We do. How can we repay you, Narlissa?"

She stepped towards the druid and ran a finger down his chest. "I have some ideas..."

Then she kissed him, pulling the druid against her and feeling his hard body. Already her magic cunt was dripping wet with the promise of a threesome with these two gorgeous men. Taicoss returned the kiss ardently and she felt his arms encircling her waist. Then she felt a second set of hands on her shoulders and she moaned into Taicoss' mouth as Eavu started to kiss her neck.

Breaking the kiss, she pushed herself back against Eavu, enjoying the feel of him holding her. Taicoss took advantage of that to reach for the knots of her bodice and soon she found it loosened. He peeled it from her body and her big tits spilled free, his hands instantly on them.

Eavu meanwhile had kissed slowly upwards to her ears and she moaned as he lightly nibbled on the tip. Leaning back she met his lips with her own and they kissed as Taicoss sucked one her nipples into his mouth. She remained that way a moment and simply enjoyed the feel of the two men's lips upon her.

Then she decided she wanted to see more and she broke the kiss with Eavu to reach for his shirt. Still Taicoss caressed and kneaded her breasts and she allowed him to do so as his statuesque blonde companion peeled off his leather armour. Eavu's sword had already been discarded by the door and now his rock-hard chest was revealed. She had already pressed her fingers into that chest as she rode his cock but that did not mean she didn't delight in the thought of doing it again.

Turning back to Taicoss she found the druid reaching for her pants and slowly tugging them down her long slender legs. She allowed him to and then when he was done she reached for his own clothes. Moments later he was as naked as she was leaving only Eavu with his pants on. She reached for them, kissing the blonde warrior as she pushed down his clothes until he was naked, too, and then she grabbed their hands and pulled them towards the bed.

They came with her willingly as she thumped back onto the mattress, eagerly drinking in the sight of her gorgeous naked body. Both men were erect and proud and her magic cunt yearned to be stuffed full of their magnificent cocks. She grinned at the thought.

Leaning back she saw Eavu and Taicoss look at each other and a silent thought seemed to flit between them. Their understanding was almost telepathic, so long had they adventured together, and Narlissa wondered if she were the first woman they had shared. That thought set her lust off even more.

Then Eavu climbed onto the bed, leaning forwards to kiss her and grasp one of her big tits. She enjoyed the feeling and kissed him back, then she gasped as she felt Taicoss' hands on her thighs. He pushed them apart and she felt him kneeling down in front of her and seconds later his tongue was running along her folds.

She moaned into Eavu's mouth but he only kissed her harder, squeezing and gently playing with her chest. It felt amazing, even more so as Taicoss' tongue started to sweep in great circles around her clit and soon Narlissa was pushing her hips down against his face. The sensation of his mouth on her cunt and Eavu delicately fondling her tits whilst kissing her was enough to push her quickly towards the edge.

She broke the kiss to cry out as she came, bucking her hips against Taicoss' face. She felt her juices smearing across his cheeks but he did not care and continued to lap at her eager cunt even as she climaxed.

The orgasm seemed to continue for a while at his expert ministration but it eventually passed and the red-haired druid stood with a grin. He wiped a forearm across his face to remove the sheen of her cunt juices from his chin and she smiled wickedly as he climbed onto the bed.

Narlissa pushed herself further up the mattress, letting Taicoss climb on top of her and start to kiss her. His hands moved to her hips and suddenly he spun her round so that he was on his back, and Narlissa straddling his waist. She smiled wickedly at him. Then she reached down between them and grabbed the red-haired druid's cock, positioning it at her entrance. With a moan she guided her hips down onto his length.

Immediately she was bouncing her hips though not rapidly. She enjoyed the feeling of Taicoss' member buried inside her magic cunt and she wanted to savour every moment. The druid's blue eyes stared hungrily at her and would periodically roll back in pleasure at the sensation of being inside her pussy. She knew the incubus magic in her core was making his carnal enjoyment even greater than usual and that thought drove her passion on.

By her side Eavu had moved up next to her and she felt the blonde warrior wrap his arms round her waist she she bounced on his friend's cock. One of his hands immediately went to her tits, squeezing the globes gently and sending more pleasurable sensations through her. Then he leaned in to kiss her and she moaned into his mouth as Taicoss' cock continued to work its magic.

With a smirk she broke the kiss and dropped her left hand to find his rock hard length. Immediately she grasped it and enjoyed the way he groaned at the feeling as she started to run her fist along his shaft.

By this point Taicoss was hammering his hips up into hers and Narlissa was no longer bouncing hers. She was quite happy for the druid to do all the work although she could not help but roll her hips in time even if only slightly. It just felt so damn good.

She could feel her cunt slowly beginning to narrow around his invasive cock and knew that her orgasm was almost upon her. Taicoss' increasingly loud grunts spoke of the same and the way his eyes were unfocusing told her that he wouldn't last much longer. She turned back to the redhead and stared into his blue eyes as the moment arrived.

With a cry he thrust upwards one final time and she could have sworn she felt his cream spilling into her eager cunt and splashing against her sensitive walls. As it was, her pussy clamped down on his cock, milking his cum from his probing length as her orgasm exploded inside her.

As always, she struggled to focus. She always came so hard now that the incubus magic was in her soul, but she did not care. Taicoss did not seem to mind either and the red-haired druid thrashed on the bed with the exceptional strength of his orgasm.

At last it faded and Taicoss slumped back onto the bed with a contented sigh. He looked utterly spent and Narlissa grinned at the sight of him so exhausted from fucking her. The expression of his face spoke of utter carnal contentment.

Normally she would have been satisfied after such a bout of sex, at least temporarily, but this occasion was different. There was another man by her side who was already kissing her neck and fondling her tits. She knew what she wanted.

Lifting her hips she felt Taicoss' cock spill free and a slight moan left her lips. The druid watched on in post-sex happiness as she turned to kiss Eavu. She pressed her body against the blonde warrior, enjoying the feel of his huge muscles beneath her grasp. He was so much bigger than her and that thought turned her on.

He traced a hand down the front of her body, and she moaned as it found her pussy, circling her clit. Immediately she was rubbing her hips against his palm and moaning. Suddenly his hands moved to her ass and she yelped as he picked her up and moved her further up the bed. These men liked to manhandle her a little when getting her into position but Narlissa found that quite hot so did not mind.

Then Eavu climbed on top of her, his brown eyes staring into hers. Reaching down between them he grasped his cock and moved it to her pussy. She moaned as he pushed inwards, her cunt enjoying being stretched full by another wonderful member only moments after the last.

To her right Taicoss had started to get hard again at the sight of them and he reached down to grasp his member. As he watched them he played with himself and she luxuriated in the thought of two gorgeous men pleasuring themselves. That one of them was using her as the way to achieve that pleasure was even better, especially when it felt so good.

Eavu was above her, his heavy chest pressed against her tits, and she could not help but wrap her limbs around his body. Then she pulled him down for a kiss even as his hips increased their pace as his cock plunged eagerly into her depths. She could feel herself already building towards another release.

Eavu was not too far away either, his orgasm brought on by Narlissa playing with his member before they had started to fuck. He broke the kiss and pulled away, heavy breaths drawn from his lungs.

"Oh fuck, Narlissa," he grunted as his cock thrust powerfully into her. Her whole body shook with each impact, and she delighted in it.

A groan to her right caught her attention and she realised that Taicoss was climaxing again. His eyes rolled back at the pleasure although he did not jizz seeing as he had just done so. This orgasm was not as strong as the one he had experienced with her, she knew, but he did not seem to mind.

She did not watch long, however, because then the moment for her arrived. Her hands shot up to hold Eavu's head as her hips started to buck.

"I'm coming!" she shrieked as her cunt clutched at Eavu's cock. Pleasure filled her at the orgasm and she lost track of time as the feeling seeped to every part of her body.

Seconds later Eavu grunted out his own release and she saw his jaw grit as he joined in her climax. His cock twitched inside her and she knew her magic cunt was receiving its second load of seed of the evening. That thought drove her even higher to ecstasy and she did not know how long passed as she writhed in orgasm.

Eventually, however, it did pass, and she moaned as Eavu leaned down to gently kiss her. Then he pulled his spent member from her pussy and she sighed happily.

Moments later, all three were asleep.

The next morning Narlissa found herself saying goodbye to Eavu and Taicoss with a faint sense of regret. She had always known that they would have to part ways. They may have betrayed her, but they had made up for that since, so the parting was a little sad.

She reached inside her pack then, pulling a leather pouch full of gold from within. Then she passed it to Eavu. "This should cover your debts," she said quietly. She had too much gold to carry anyway. It's not that she was already being too generous with what she had. No, it wasn't that at all.

The blonde warrior took the pouch with a confused expression and then opened it. His eyes went wide. "Narlissa! I cannot take this. It is a year's worth of pay!"

"It is rude to return a gift, Eavu. I offer it to you. Please, settle your debts."

"Then... thank you. You do not understand the depths of our gratitude. Are you sure you do not wish to travel with us?"

She nodded. "I am sure. I have business elsewhere, and our time together is complete. Pay off your debts and live honourably, gentlemen."

"We shall. Good luck in your journeys, Narlissa. We shall not forget you." Taicoss bowed then.

Turning Faeht towards the forest she entered the trees. She did not know where she would go next but one thing was sure as she slipped the pendant over her head and made herself disappear:

The treasure was hers.


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