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Nassau Beach



Landing in Nassau, the first thing that strikes you as you walk off the plane on to the tarmac is the warm humid air scented with a multitude of flowers. It is dark now although it is only 7 pm; you are excited as you head towards Customs and the exit doors. I am waiting on the other side, a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in my hand.

You definitely strike as pose as you walk through the airport, your hair to the shoulders, a pale pink sun dress stops mid-thigh on your beautiful tanned legs, it matches your sandals and of course the pink Le Jobie bra and panties that I have sent you from Toronto. The silk lace of the bra is visible through the cleavage of your dress. It has been a week since we have spoken to each other and this 4-day weekend is a much deserved holiday for both of us.

At last you come through the doors; you look stunning, a beautiful woman with a beautiful smile. I sweep you up in my arms and squeeze you; it seems like forever since last time I spoke to you. We kiss and it is all we can do to get to a cab before the passion takes over.

The ride is short to the Nassau Beach Hotel; I have been here for a day already, so we head to the elevators that will take us to our room in the original part of the hotel built in the 1940's.

The décor is all bamboo wicker, the room is spacious, and the view is incredible, we overlook the ocean and the sound of the surf crashing on the beach is mesmerizing. I can't take my eyes off of you, you are beautiful and very sexy, I have a feeling our passion will surpass and exceed both of our expectations.

A cold bottle of Cristal champagne sits in the ice bucket, the drops of condensation roll down its side.

We kiss again, my hands run softly up your bare thighs, you feel my lips touching yours; your skin is soft like jersey silk. You feel me getting hard, touching you drives me insane with lust, and I lead you over to the bed and gently push you down. Your dress rises higher on your thighs, revealing your pale pink silk panties; you know I will softly lick you on both sides of the panties before you feel the width of my tongue between your beautiful soft lips. You gasp as you feel my tongue slide inside you as my lips slowly and gently start to suck on you, you don't last long before passion overtakes you and your you feel the first of many orgasms to overtake you this weekend. You lie still as your body settles down; you still have all your clothes on including your shoes. I crawl up the bed and kiss you full on the lips.

The bottle of Cristal is chilled, I open it and pour 2 glasses, and toast you "the most beautiful woman in the world". We sip champagne, as we get ready to go out for an early dinner. The night is still very young.

I stand by the door, waiting for you. I am wearing a pair of black linen pants, a black silk T and black Versace sandals. You look beautiful as we head out the door, you have a smile on your face, your hair is a little tossed and your panties are still damp from our little interlude. You are still warm with passion, and wrap your arms around me as we head out the door. We hold hands as we head down the hall to the elevators.

We jump in a cab and head downtown, I can't resist and lean over and kiss you. Your kiss is passionate and urgent; you push your hand down to my thighs and feel me getting hard once again. We are oblivious to the driver as we kiss and make out; our passion is only that matters.

The restaurant is small and intimate, the crisp white linen tablecloths drape over the tables.

The candles on our table highlight the smiles on our faces as the waiter brings another bottle of Cristal. I lean over and kiss you once again, slow and passionate, and reach under the table to touch your silky thighs. We both laugh at the same time, knowing that later we will make love like teenagers. My cock is hard from the light touch of your hand under the table, and you tease me by licking your lips.

I want to feel your beautiful soft pink lips wrapped around my cock. As we sit in the restaurant I am thinking about you kneeling in front of me as I sit on the bed and you unbutton my pants to free my cock. You take my cock and rub the pre-cum over your lips; I lean over and kiss you, then taking your hair in my hands. I then slowly ease the head of my cock into your mouth.

The waiter interrupts my thoughts; I guess he has a job to do. I look into your eyes and smile; you are the most beautiful woman I have ever known.

We split a green salad and a grilled red snapper, and a chocolate mousse dessert. You are a blockbuster, and I am a very lucky man, Great legs, a beautiful smile, great personality, and the passion that makes me crazy. We finish dinner and head back to the hotel, the air is warm and the surf crashes on the beach. We kiss in the cab on the way back to the hotel, your dress rides up on your thighs and I get a glimpse of your pink panties. Thank goodness the night is still young.

The ride up the elevator was fun, we act like a couple of kids on spring break, kissing and touching each other. As we step into the room you unbutton and drop your dress on the floor standing there in your heels and bra and panties. You take my hand and push me down on the bed and straddle my chest. You slowly and sensually touch your breasts while you rub your panties on my chest. I can see the outline of your lips through your panties and they are only a foot from my face, I lick my lips in anticipation of what is going to happen.

You take your hand and slid it down the front of your panties, you are very wet. You take your fingers and slid them between your swollen lips and then put them into my mouth to let me taste you. I can't wait anymore and I push my arms up under your thighs and bring you up on my face, I slowly lick you through your panties. You reach down and pull your panties to one side and gently spread your lips so that you can feel the width of my thick tongue slide inside you. My fingertips softly stroke your ass and thighs as I lick and suck you softly; you love the feeling of my tongue licking as my lips suck on you all in one motion. You want to cum in the worst way, you can feel the sensation building as your heart beats harder, and you push your hips down to feel all of my tongue inside of you. Your grip on the headboard tightens as my tongue dances and circles across your ass, your breathing is ragged as you are getting so close to exploding, I start to suck and hit your little man in the boat hard with my tongue. There is a sense of urgency that I can feel and I work you over steady and very hard, my hands free your breasts from your bra and I gently twist your nipples back and forth. You feel the heat of your orgasm start at your neck and it rushes down your body, you have a grip of steel on the headboard as I keep up the pressure of my tongue and lips, you try to squirm away as the intensity builds.

You surrender to the rush of the orgasm as it washes over your body, your face is hot and flushed as you experience one after another, and they feel like they are going on forever. I let you down gently off of my big shoulders, your face, neck and chest is flushed pink with heat and passion. You are very quiet and lay still on the bed; your breathing is still ragged and drawn. I lean over and kiss you and cover you with the sheet. I go and get the white silk slip with the hand-embroidered lace that I picked up in a little shop in Yorkville; it is time to put my princess to bed. I get you to sit up, the combination of champagne and the night's events have put you in a very calm, relaxed and sensual mood, it has been a long day, but it is time to put you to sleep. I take off your bra and panties and help you put on the slip and lay you down in the bed. The air is cool and somewhat damp so I pull the duvet over you, and I kiss you good night. You look very serene as your eyes close and drift off to sleep.

I am going to sit on the balcony and listen to the waves crashing on the beach and finish my glass of champagne and wonder what love and passion tomorrow brings. I am sure that you will awake me before the sun rises and have your way with me, damm what a lucky man I am.

It is after midnight before I crawl into bed beside you, I am quiet, as I don't want to wake you. I fall asleep quickly. I awaken around 4:30 it is very dark and the smell of salt air has been replaced by the cool fresh smell of rain as it falls steadily as it does every night. Mother Nature has turned on her watering can to keep all the island flowers blooming and smelling so nice. The patter of the rain and the constant crash of the surf on the beach are the only two noises to be heard, the island is sleeping now, at least for the time being.

I pull the duvet over your shoulders and as I watch you sleeping peacefully, my thoughts turn to the evening before. I reach under the duvet and touch your thighs softly; they are very warm and silky smooth. I crawl under the covers and kiss your breasts, taking one then the other nipple in my mouth kissing gently, like a butterfly on a flower, I move down the bed slowly as not to wake you and run my tongue across your thighs and you let out a quiet moan, your thighs part as I move my tongue us closer to your lips. I am being very still as I slowly push my tongue between your lips. I gently and softly start to lick and suck you my lips and tongue, you moan a little but you are in a state of deep sleep, and I feel your hand reach down and lock your fingers in my hair pulling me closer into you. I wonder if you think you are having a sex dream. I make love to you slowly and softly with a constant rhythm, I reach up and just brush your nipples through the silk slip, they harden as I touch them brushing them softly with the tips of my fingers. I slowly slide my fingers inside you and the combination of my tongue and fingers prove to be too much. Your hips are arched as you start to have an orgasm; you are still asleep but very much aroused as you have yet another orgasm.

I feel your body settle down as I move to get off the bed and continue to let you sleep. This should make for interesting breakfast conversation; I smile and can't wait for the day to unfold.

I feel you clamour out of bed and head to the washroom, it is early and I smile as I see your hair tussled and the white slip clinging to the back of your tanned thighs, it is a vision of beauty. I pull on my shorts and a wrinkled t-shirt and head down to the lobby to pick up breakfast for us and a coffee for you. The Bahamian women in the little café in the hotel lobby are very typical, big women always with a smile. They make the best breakfast on the island, an oversized bagel with fresh baked Virginia ham, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese and the coffee is strong and black, perfect.

I enter the room just as you are getting out of the shower, your hair is combed backed and you have my big black terry cloth bathrobe on. You smell the breakfast and smile saying how ravenously hungry you are. You are walking a little gingerly but you look wonderful and very relaxed. We sit on the balcony and split the bagel and you proceed to tell me of this really nice dream you had and how sexy it was. The sun is just starting to come up over the horizon breaking apart the clouds. It looks like another perfect day as you start to drink your coffee. It is wonderful to be with a woman who loves the mornings as much as I do. I lean over and kiss you full on the lips and whisper in your ear it is going to be a beautiful day!!!!!!

With breakfast out of the way, we put on our bathing suits and head down to the beach and although it is only 9:30 it is already 80 degrees. We find a quiet spot down at the end of the beach and pull up one of the many cotton cabanas that dot the beach. We leave our beach towels in the cabana and head into the water hand in hand. The water seems a little cool against the warm air, but we quickly become accustomed to it and I make you laugh by singing my goofy song "Oh I like to go swimming with bow-legged women and pop up between their legs".

The water feels great and you have your legs wrapped around my waist as we bob up in down with the waves. I am kissing you on the lips and I can feel your hard nipples against my chest, it is a beautiful day.

We walk out of the water on to the beach to our private little cabana; the sun is hot as we lie down on our lounge chairs. The suntan lotion is very warm after sitting in the sun for half an hour and I pour some on to your back. You feel my strong hands slowly rub the lotion all over your back; I take time massaging your beautiful shoulders and push the oil down to the top of your bikini bottom. I untie your top and you let it fall away on to the sand. I continue to massage your back with the warm lotion as I straddle your hips. I have a surprise for you; I have mixed up a batch of ice-cold morning glories for our little jaunt to the beach. You lift your head up I pour this sweet nectar into your mouth. You smile as you feel the champagne and orange juice tingle down your throat.

I move down your body and straddle your ankles as I prepare to pour lotion on the back of your thighs and calves. The champagne has gone right to your head and you have a nice buzz happening as you feel my strong hands and fingers massage the back of your thighs, you move your legs apart as you feel my fingers slide up into the edge of your bathing suit. As I massage your thighs I push them forward somewhat until your hips are off the lounge, my fingers are swirling the warm lotion on the inside of your thighs close to your lips, you feel very warm now. My fingers circle slowly getting closer to your lips on every pass, your eyes are closed as you revel in the feeling of lust as it becomes stronger and you begin to feel the heat build between your thighs.

The sun beats down on you and the sun's warmth is caressing every part of your body, your body is on fire now. I tug your bikini bottoms off as I push your knees forward some more, your tanned ass is up and I have moved your thighs further apart, your lips look like a beautiful spring flower, they are swollen with passion as you feel my tongue lick you up one side of your cheek and down the other. I brush my tongue across your ass and then slowly push the broad width of my tongue between your lips, you gasp as your body trembles. I lick you slowly for a few minutes and you have an orgasm just like the one you had in the middle of the night.

I roll you over on the lounge, I need to be inside you, and you are wet with lust and gasp when you see my hard cock. I put your legs over my shoulders as you grab my hard cock and guide the head up to your swollen lips, you know that this will be an intense ride and you want to feel me inside you. The head of my cock is big and pushes all the way inside you on the first stroke, you feel me stretching you apart as I drive my cock inside you, my lust is out of control, I need to be released inside you, and I thrust with hard strokes. You suck on my nipple and twist the other one as I drive my cock inside you, you feel that I am close to coming and suck me harder, You want to feel me fill you up, with you're your free hand you reach down and softly caress my balls. That drives me over the top and you feel me unleash a torrent of hot cum inside you. I fall on top of you and whisper "amazing" in your ear. You feel my cock soften inside you, it is my time to whisper to you and in a very soft voice I tell you "I am going to get down between your thighs and lick the cum of both of us off your lips". You close your eyes and sigh, the hot sun, morning glory, crashing of the surf and post orgasmic bliss envelop you senses and you wonder "Does it get any better than this?"

The midday sun is hot as we lie on the beach, the top of the cabana is behind us blocking the view from the hotel, and we are looking out on to the blue sea in front of us. Your bikini bottom is on, it has sun lotion and my cum intermixed on the fabric. I have fed you another champagne glory and you love the feel of sun and sex on your body and the buzz of champagne. When I look at you my passion is strong; I reach down and pull your bikini bottom to one side. I see the thickness of your lips and I bend down and push my tongue inside you. I taste your cum and mine as well. I am going to make you come once again, with the soft suckling of my lips and tongue. I am going to make you be a good girl once again before I take you upstairs to our room, to have a nap. The afternoon is for lunch shopping, and some fun.

We tag along the beach and I take you to a little seaside shack, about a mile and a half down the beach. It is known for its spicy halibut pieces and green salad. I ask you to wait while I dash across the road and come back with an ice cold bottle of Mondovi Chardonnay from the liquor store, complete with the finest 20 cent plastic cups I can find. You laugh as we start yet another little adventure.

The lunch shack is right on the beach and offers a vista seen normally only from travel magazines. The woman cooking looks at us and asks if we are on our honeymoon, I guess they can sense the lust and passion between us. The halibut is fresh; the salad although simple with a lime vinaigrette compliments the fish and the Chardonnay is wonderful. We feed each other fish and salad with our fingers, enjoying the double pleasure of food and sensual touch of our lips and tongues on each others fingers. I kiss your neck and feed you a gulp of ice-cold wine; you look wonderful the combination of being somewhat sun burnt and tanned. You have a white silk wrap around your waist and your breasts look beautiful filling out your bikini top. We finish lunch and head back down the beach to the hotel for a much-deserved nap.

Ah the " NAP", this is one of my favourite pastimes since I was in kindergarten, we enter the room it is cool, I must have left the air conditioning on, I turn that off as I head into the bathroom and turn on the shower.

The water is hot as I take your hand and proceed to strip off your bikini. With soap in my hand, I reach around and start to soap you from the neck down. You can feel my cock hardening against your ass as I lather your breasts and neck and you feel your nipples harden. I am kissing your neck now as my hands all soapy, slide down your stomach and caress your thighs, you move your legs apart to allow me access to your still slightly swollen lips. You take my hand in yours and guide it between your thighs, showing me how you like to be touched; I whisper how much I love you as both of our hands and the soap slide between your thighs. My cock is very hard and I push it in between your thighs and feel your hand grabbing it and moving it back and forth between your lips. I spin you around and kiss you're hard on your mouth as I twist and pinch your soapy nipples. You push me down on my knees as you put one foot up on the edge of the tub, lean against the shower wall, grab my hair and push my face up between your thighs.

You moan as you feel my big wide thick tongue slide up inside your lips and feel my lips start to suck on your man in the boat all the while feeling the hot water cascade all over your body. It doesn't take long for you to reach an intense orgasm, as you are so sensitive. I am working you over extremely hard, you explode all over my tongue and face as your legs shake and you are trying not to fall in the shower. I take your hand help you out of the shower, wrap a big towel around you, and take you to bed I think it is nap time.

You poor girl, you fall asleep in just a few minutes, you have very calm almost angelic look on your face and if I didn't know better a very mischievous smile, I am not too far behind you in falling asleep. We wake an hour later and kiss, it is time to throw some clothes and jump on the 10B bus and head into downtown Nassau for a little shopping and sight seeing. You are wearing a white V-neck T that highlights your beautiful breasts and a pair of tight black shorts "sans" underwear and a beautiful pair of sandals that highlight your beautiful legs and feet. Man you look hot!

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