tagRomanceNatalie-Alone Ch. 06

Natalie-Alone Ch. 06


The end is near so you better be ready, for all doubts will be clarified soon...

Be aware that THE BIG TALK part is a bit confusing since Raphael's mind (italic) talks too much!! lol






It's 10 in the morning, Natalie and Sandra left for an appointment. Mike and I headed home to do some house chores and other things while they return. Natalie promised some time alone so, now I must decide how to address to her, how to explain that...my mother is well aware of everything and she wants to meet her.

Not that I'm scared of mom but Nat's behavior has been elusive and everything must be made on her terms, I don't want her to be scared of me and I've been holding myself not to impose over her but mamma ....she won't take it.

I love my mother but she is too complicate, as complicate as saying that: Whatever information my mother doesn't get, it's because it doesn't exist. She is so much into the mother hen watching over her fledglings with 2 daughters, 2 sons and 4 grandkids yet she is like that with all of us which sometimes is asphyxiating and even scary.

Although my family lives in Italy, MAMA (as we call her) knows whatever arises around me, it's like she's got a spy near me 24/7. That must be it, otherwise she can teletransport while being invisible?

My truth, my family is special in more ways than saying that we have the money and the power to sometimes acquire more than we need, and being this special is...well, confusing...the story goes like this:

Us, humans are born with certain gifts or blessings but you are to use and learn about them only, when your soul reaches the necessary level for it. Notwithstanding, my family and some others I've met, have a special link with the spiritual world which takes us to reach that level within a younger age thus we've been taught how to use and work our blessings against evil since our 18th birthday.

Sure, we've tried to cross the fine line by experimenting but we were taught what happens if we let ourselves do so. So, I've learned my way and right now I'm a warrior against it.

My brother was the one that taught us what we were to learn about crossing the fine line between human world and the other one. It was him the one that received the BIG TEACHING, for crossing without being called which took him straight to hell...it still gives me the chills just to think on it.

The Vega's

My family's blessing is different for who has reach the necessary spiritual level one of my uncles has the blessing of telekinesis, my dad has the ability of telepathy which is something we all got to learn and use sometimes, my minor sister and I were blessed with various level of languages and other things I cannot tell and we are working as exorcists although in different levels, I don't know my elder sister and brother's since, they are "higher ranked" so, all I know is that my parents, siblings and I can use telepathy during normal life, amongst ourselves, although we try not to.

There are other blessings we've received like: clone ourselves so that our clone can stay while we are on meetings with our elders; call upon our Elders (our instructors/superiors) and things that I don't even know about until it occurs; but we can't use those gifts until allowed and to be allowed we must receive The Call.

What is the call? Well this is the story...

My siblings and I were taught about our blessings by the time we each reached our 18th birthday. Every time one of us celebrated its birthday, someone came looking for us (now I know it was an Elder). That day we were called or summoned into another place, our quarters (a piece of heaven if you want to imagine it) with the appearance of a very big office; a mahogany desk with a sofa and a loveseat both in reddish color and a wall to wall library. To reach the quarters the Elder took us there and we were taught under a very secretive ceremony our blessings and how to use them for the first time. I don't know if everybody's' ceremony was the same since we are not allow to talk about it but mine incurred in lots of prayers in different languages, an exorcism kind of test teaching as to my gifts (telepathy, teletransport and all related to exorcism) The time spent at the quarters was 3 weeks and I was really tired by the time I was taken home (3 hours in the human world).

Once we learned our first lessons and were sent back to our family, the story was different. We learned our duties as heavenly assistants which is something that nobody knows, nor did Amelia nor should Sandra or Mike but how will Natalie handle it...we'll see.


It's about 4:00 p.m. Mike texted "the ladies are soon to come" so I'm heading home with the groceries, part of my TO DO things for today.

I'm still planning how to approach Natalie about all; it's difficult since I don't know her; if I were able to understand her, her past, her strange reaction on Sunday!

My feelings towards Nat are going to make things much more complicate "I can't teach someone whom I'm having feelings for" I told my Elders but they insisted "because you care the most, you will do the most for her to understand, learn and reach a higher position in this job. We want her to be even higher than you are now and you will only get into a higher position by teaching her thus, learning yourself".


We'll have some healthy meal, Mike has the grill on, cooking, I am working a Greek salad, mashed potatoes and veggies while the ladies will make dessert; I asked to assist and get to know them a little more....and because of how things are moving around, I'm going to have and try to get into their mind, a little...

"The SO (security officer) just advice they are parking" I told Mike.

"Are you going to meet them down there or just at the elevator?" he said.

"Why can't you go? Someone got your legs? I replied.

"Cause I've been getting the grill ready for this beef and If you are to take care of that the house will be burning within 5 minutes!" he counter replied.

...so I'm at the elevator, heading to the lobby while my mind is a wreck, the elevator door opens:

"Oh, here he is, thank you!" said Sandra to the SO

"Hi ladies, everything ok?" while addressing to the SO.

"mjm" said Nat.

"Yep" said Sandra.

"May I help with the bags?" and took one of each lady. "Let's go".

We got to the elevator and I asked Nat "Am I allowed knowing where you were all morning?"

"What your left hand does, your right don't need to know" was her answer.

I looked for Sandra's answer, she smiled. "Maybe in the future you might be allowed."

Reaching into their minds I saw Nat and Sandra with kids and nuns? And why can't I get into Nat's mind? Does this have anything to do with the Elder's request? Seems like my training just begun...

"Well then, what did you do during the afternoon?" I said.

"We were signing a contract and verifying a local for our business" Said Sandra.

"Interesting, a business? What about the bank? Are you leaving now?" I said to Nat while leaving the elevator and getting into the apartment.

Nat said: "No, I was hired to work there until mid-August thus when my time is over I'll be taking over the business".

"How about you Sandra?" said Michael who was at the living room.

"I'm leaving the bank on July, just got everyone informed so now I have to wait for my retirement and other stuff" she answered while hugging Michael.

Natalie's eyes rolled while Sandra was showing off for Michael. I had to bite a laugh while looking at them.

This is a great group and something will occur with the four of us, if only Michael and Sandra decide their future once and for all. I know they will be together, I saw it a long time ago during a "mission". My family is nothing special compared to what we are going to do, that is something I'm worried for.


We made a peach cheesecake and an upside down pineapple cake. I really enjoyed meeting this Natalie, she was much more at ease, kind of a different person, she was sweet while Sandra was sour, they fought over the ingredients, the quantities to be used and at the end they all were laughing at me since I ended up covered on flour.

"Keep trying to help and not only will you have flour on yourself" was Michael's advice.

We laughed and shared a great time thereafter. By the time the beef was ready, not only we had already eaten half our food and chastised Michael for taking so much time cooking because "beef should be cooked into the higher grill so that it cooks evenly"; we made Mike lower the food and take a step back while "we burned the food" or so he said.

We finally ate, enjoyed some music while chatting as to our favorite singers and songs. Sandra told us about Nat's "kill me" favorites and we concurred on several singers which made Sandra mad 'because I played some of those songs...




Sandra and Michael went to the movies, they know we need some time alone and Sandra loves going out...those two are like bunnies during mating season!

So we are at the balcony, the most romantic/private memory comes into my mind as to that day when we kissed right here... No time for that Raphe, I'm self-scowling before it's too late...well, we can have some intimacy while on the outside and I definitely need some distraction to relax...breath in, breath out...think on Yoga, wow I would like to see her back bends or her inversion....NO! Think on work!

Nat pulls me out of my dirty mind by holding my hand asking me to sit next to her: "so this is it? We're adults yet we are acting like adolescents on their first date?" A smile that shows more her scariness and paleness while looking into the woods a few miles away.

Chuckling I said "you are right but I do feel like one right know; it's been a while since last time I talked about my feelings and back then I was still an adolescent".

"Hold it, I read you were married before, weren't you?" she said with an inquiring look.

"You were looking for information about me"?

"Ha, you wish! Sandra has the magazine were you were called: The most beautiful, under 40s..." while seriously looking at me.

"Ok I get it, yes I was married".

"And you never talked with her about love or your feelings?".

Sighing "yes but our last six years weren't"....should I tell her? Yes the truth will be the answer...."although she did got pregnant...".

I was not expecting to talk about this now but...it's a first step that she is interested in my past, to know each other we must start on a blank paper.

"Ok, you should know about me so this is my story:

Amelia and I got married right after graduating from the university; she became my girlfriend on our third year at high school. We split once we graduated until a few months in our third year at the university. Our marriage was pretty good at first, then it turned pretty busy and at some point it started to worry us that we were more like house mates than a couple so about five years ago we started visiting a marriage counselor and it was starting to work for a while but we were still working and traveling a lot because of our works. So, the baby was a surprise and we loved him too much; she was extremely protective over him the first year, so much that she started painting at the house, thus leaving no one to take care of him but herself".

Holding myself not to cry for the worst part, the one I've told few...she looks into my eyes, I can read sadness, does she knows? And she said: "if you can't ...I understand".

"It's not that, I've told few about this..." I take a deep breath "...she stayed at the house while taking care of Mikey, things were difficult because she wanted me to take care of him while she went out into travels to show her paintings, not even my family could come together...either my parents or a sister but not everyone together so our problems were worst until her parents and I inscribed Mikey for a summer at a daycare which was good and she started living like a normal person until he caught a bacteria due to the food and once again she locked herself in a world where Mikey could not leave the house...".

"...when he turned 4 and started pre-school. Things were different again, but there was a day when she wanted to be at alone for a whole day and I had several meetings scheduled, Mikey was out early and we had a fight because she wanted me to stay with him; our families were out of town and she never agreed for a nanny, she barely knew the neighbors and I just knew a few. So she left mad at me and...she had an accident..." A loud sigh came out of my mouth "...they died immediately".

"I'm sorry for your loss...seems that you're still mad not only with her but with the whole incident, per se".

"Why do you say I'm angry with her"?

"'cause you are yet blaming her for wanting to be alone and putting pressure on you to take care of Mikey, 'cause you think that SHOULD YOU HAD taken him with you, SHOULD YOU HAD cancelled your meetings....'cause if she hadn't fought with you, MAY BE they would still be alive? You can't control destiny or God's paths for us. I don't know your religious believes but you are blaming God for the accident and that is making you suffer every day; making you a darker person, you have to let go the pain; Shit happens, it's what I always say to myself".

I'm not blaming him, nor am I a dark person.

No? You kept seeing the counselor?


Any doctor, psychologist, anyone? No? How you dealt with their loss?

Just my family knows this....I saw no doctor, alcohol was my best friend for a few months until Michael and I moved here and I locked myself at work to forget; to keep my mind busy; after a while my family and friends made me go out and start a life...again.

She sighed, not a single word came out from any of us for a while.

I asked her: "how about your life"?

my life? there is not much to say; my mother hates me, my father loves me but he's never home. My sis...

Your sister?

No, I have no siblings...I moved here two years ago looking for a new opportunity; to begin a business and live my own life...away from all.

I don't get it.

Sometimes I don't get it either... she said while looking at the moon as if loosing herself there.

I'm not gonna push her, there is something else but if she is not in total confidence with me, I will let her flow, in her own time, I will know.

Ok, we know a bit more about each other so, how do you feel? I asked.



I'm ok, if you are in my route it is because I have to learn something, don't you think?

...Or for you to teach me something.

Yep, or for the two of us to learn something?

Smiling to each other we held our hands. I'm happy with you I said.

I'm happy too, it's a new feeling...something drives me to you and... you have taught me so much already.

I had to kiss her...my chest was puffed out, like a pigeon showing off. She is ...oh, she is what I need. She can call me "junk food" and I will feel like a steak; she really turns me upside down.

But it wasn't only a kiss; it never is. We got to my room within minutes, I carried her there. I wanted to feel her near me again, and she enjoyed the trip. She held herself to my chest while kissing and once in front of my room she asked me to let her down because she "is not a bride". I love that attitude, that constant contradiction on her.

She asked me for a few minutes so I got her a towel and soap, now she's got things here waiting for her, just like me. I took a bath on the hall bathroom; when I reached my bedroom...

There she was, in my bed, wearing one of my long sleeves (bended upwards), front button white shirt (2 of them opened enough for me to know where her cleavage was calling for my mouth to taste); sitting in a praying position, looking at my sketches, enjoying them.

I sat beside her with the towel tucked on my hips and explained some of them. We laughed for the adventures told; while I was drawing a few kids at a park while playing, their mothers got into a fight because they got each other's clothing dirty.

Her right leg was starting to cramp since she sat on her legs thus I started massaging it...used some body cream on her and a few minutes later she was lying on her chest, half shirt unbuttoned while I was massaging her upper back; she was moaning while I undid her tied muscles. Some aromatic oils (Michael's) helped out and she was starting to fall asleep, by that time I had her naked, on my bed. I was really enjoying the view of her figure. I wanted to sketch her but my body was calling for something...deeper.

She had asked me to let her do my back so before I could get deeper into my thoughts I let her do so...mmm great hands, each muscle was calling for her touch, she was hard against my muscles but it felt so good, my body was calling for the healing heat coming out of her hands while massaging my whole back, then my legs, thighs and arms. I had to move to see her when I felt her breast against my back, it was a sweet temptation and I needed to know if she was doing so purposely.

I turned to find her lips, yes she was teasing me, we kissed, we ate each other, once more submerging into the deepness of our mouths while our bodies kept massaging each other's, and no skin was left alone. Where my hands couldn't reach: my mouth, tongue or lips did. We played, searched for sensitive areas on each other's body and I did found a wide variety of places...but fun took us into other levels of passion and desire.

When desire gets into the games...

We made love more than once, it was love, we offered each other, it was not only desire; the little smiles, the way we entered each other's soul through our eyes, just to stop a long kiss or a ride to look at the other or...when she was over me, my hand on her hips, my lips kissing her breasts while on a sitting position; she just held my head, steadied, looked into my eyes, smiled and kissed me. Her lips said so much!

And when I searched for her chin, to kiss it, to bite it, she said: "I love you, I need you most than anything in this world, more than anyone; you are the one. The only one to erase what J did, I love you Raphael".

Who's' J and what did he made her? That...he's the reason she came here? He's the reason she's silent as to her past life?


It was early in the morning, we made love most of the night. I heard a knock in my door and then my cellphone beeped announcing a text message.

"I'm in front of your door, come out, there's problem ahead", Michael texted.

I got up and slowly left the bed; the hot body beside me was drawing me back into bed, with her. I left my bedroom to bump Michael right there..

"I tried to advice you but you've been really knocked out."

"What is it?".

"Your parents are here! They've been here for the past 5 minutes and mama said she won't leave until you come out... As always she knows the ladies stayed the night!"

"Oh, fuck! How is she, mad, relaxed?".

"You know that when she is relaxed, it means problem's ahead" so...let me say this... "She's problems ahead, while papa is all smiles and cheers? That's a combination I've never seen!"

"Me neither let me...I better get ready".

"You 4 should get dressed 'cause breakfast is almost ready" Said papa coming out of the kitchen with a big smile...

Michael and I looked at each other and then at him; he winked an eye to us... "You better hurry" he replied.

Mike headed to his room and I got into mine...

"Baby, sweetie...you better wake up, we got visit" I said slowly, with a vivid reminder of the last time I woke her up.

"What time is it?" she replied.

"Too late, love; just too late".

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