tagSci-Fi & FantasyNatasha Ch. 2

Natasha Ch. 2


Natasha Ch. 2: Formerly Known as The Prince

It was a fairy tale sunset, the sun dipping behind the purple hills casting fluorescent rays of orange and red across the clouds, pink and yellow and orange and purple and red in the waning light. The castle at the end of the valley fit in nicely, its tall white towers pink in the sunset light.

Boris and Natasha crossed the draw bridge, the huge ropes gaily festooned with ribbons and banners in pastel pinks, purple, blue and green, their black garments out of place in this world where everything was softly, delicately colored. She was a tall woman with very dark hair, angular features and a beauty that no artist had been able to capture. Her companion looked short fat and grotesque by comparison, a small, serious mustache highlighting an otherwise comical face.

The door opened, before she could reach the huge golden clapper on the gate. The beauty of the young man amplified by his amazing costume took her breath away. His beautiful, blond hair curled to his shoulders under a military helmet embellished with images of what looked like naked children. His chest was bare, his nipples showing through a delicate chain mail singlet with links forming intricate geometrical patterns across his bare chest in gold with tiny flowers of pink and yellow. A wide belt girded his hips, a small but very sharp sword looking very natural at his side and soft gray boots over his knees. In between he was naked, his huge cock hanging nearly to the top of the boots. Natasha stared in spite of herself then laughed as she realized that Boris was eye to eye with the huge organ.

“Yes,” the beautiful boy said in a voice soft and musical, unabashed at the little man eye to eye with his manhood.

“We are here to see Prince and Snow White. We have special delivery, heheh” Boris said in his gruff, heavily accented voice.

The beautiful boy smiled, “Come along then,” he turned and led them into the castle, the door closing behind them. “As he turned Natasha saw the dimples in his perfect ass and marveled at his perfect form. “You must be careful, though, as our master is now known as ‘f- The Royal Figure, Formerly The Prince’.

“Of course, how stupid of me,” said Boris.

Natasha couldn’t speak. Lining the entry hall, there must be over 100 of them, beautiful boys, all dressed in the same elegant uniform as the guard leading them, his long strides moving his cheeks seductively. She glanced left and right as she moved along. Not an eye flickered, not a muscle moved, not one of the perfectly formed dicks so much as twitched as she strode by. She could not resist looking down the line, hip high seeing the line of penis’s, none less than 7 inches long, she imagined. Their helmets shined in the glimmering light. She looked more closely at the helmet of the guard before her, tearing her eyes from the ass, the cocks around her.

The silver helmet was silver, chased in gold, bronze and copper, figures of tiny children frolicking on the shining metal. As she looked at it the pictures became clear as she saw tiny lips carved over tiny penis’s and tiny cunts, little bodies wrapped around each other in adult embraces. Already wet, Natasha’s cunt twitched against her will at the erotic, demented yet beautiful artwork carved on the helmet.

They passed through the second set of doors into a huge great room, obviously the heart of the castle. A high, domed ceiling stretched high above them, pastel blue with soft pink clouds surrounding the room. The room had been set for a banquet huge tables arranged in a U shape stretching down either side of the long hall. The people behind the tables smiled and raised their cups as Boris and Natasha passed. Natasha smiled and nodded, aware that they were the only people in the room in black. All the others were in lighter shades.

Ahead of them at the head table, servants moved around the tall man that must be the lord of the castle, Formerly the Prince. As they moved closer she saw that he was a handsome man with flowing brown hair. His costume was similar to those of the guards, but much finer. The intricate weave of his mail finer, like a golden web around his torso and the organ below it was the largest that Natasha had seen, hanging to his knee.

His eyes sparkled as he looked at the two of them. “Welcome to my castle.” He nodded courteously and Boris and Natasha responded.

“You see that you have arrived just in time to join our party. We will speak about your business later. Please join us.” It was a command rather than a request, his eyes hard on Natasha as he said it. “Prepare our new guests a place at my table.” He returned to a spirited conversation with a beautiful couple, both tall and blonde. Natasha realized that the gauzy fabric of their robes did little to hide the fact that they were naked beneath.

As Boris and Natasha settled behind the table and received a cup filled with a delicate wine she realized that all of the guests were similarly attired. In stark contrast to the brazen open show of the guards and the Former Prince, all were seductive in their subtlety. Gauzy fabric that disappeared in the right light, deep cleavage that allowed just a hint of a rouged nipple, short tunics that rose to show full, round cods beneath. They talked and laughed, moving in small groups. One couple had a beautiful matched pair of huge Wolfhounds sitting at their feet. As they moved from group to group the dogs would move with them settling when their masters stopped. The woman had a sequined cap that covered hair, Natasha assumed it was blonde because of her fair complexion and steely blue yes. She caught Natasha’s look and met it straight on, holding her attention as she stroked the head of the larger of the two dogs. She nodded her head in greeting and smiled slightly before turning her attention back to the conversation in front of her.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated for the presentation of the feast.’ The guard that had shown them waited until everyone had moved to their places before clapping his hands dramatically. From high above, in a balcony at the end of the hall, trumpets sounded a regal fanfare. From the far end of the hall curtains were pulled back to reveal young boys and girls in their late teens, smiling like angels, scrubbed so clean that they positively shone and naked as the day they were born holding trays of food high above their heads, moving regally towards the tables.

They moved into the ‘U’ of the tables and paraded in front of the guests, stopping to nod in respect to their lord, Formerly Known as the Prince. As the trays passed the guests would utter praises and gasps of admiration. Heads would lean together, hands held in front of twinkling eyes as an especially delectable dish would pass. From time to time a small group would offer applause to something that they found especially enticing.

As the huge trays entered the room on the shoulders of several youths it was unlike anything Natasha had ever seen. A huge boar, roasted, with an apple in his mouth passed. But the pig was on his back with his legs in the air. Above the boar was an entire goat, steaming and sizzling riding the huge cock of the boar. Other trays had dozens of rabbits all locked in sexual positions. Huge trays of fruit passed, the fruit displayed upon the bodies of beautiful girls, many pushing ripe yellow bananas into their cunts as they passed, smiling at the pleasure. Each tray had a sexual theme, some subtle some blatant. Natasha felt her heart race as she realized what was ahead.

The servers moved among the guests, seeming never tiring at the weight of their dishes, allowing the guests to pick among the trays for just the right part. There were several mock fights and wagers for the choicest parts, the boars dick, the goats vaginal organs, the rabbits locked in the most erotic positions, the bananas from the fruit tray. Natasha smiled and sipped from her cup feeling the warm glow starting at the base of her spine and moving to her sexual organs and up her spine across the top of her head to lid her eyes slightly. She was aware she was being drugged but did not fight it, trusting, rightly, in the understanding that they must be meant to heighten the experience.

The guests ate sparingly and Natasha followed suit, picking at the trays as they passed. Boris ate and drank heavily, unaware of the scene developing around him. Natasha saw the same heavily lidded eyes as she looked around the room, more frequently catching the eyes of the guests. None had yet spoken to her and she had not felt the need to approach them, relishing the ability to observe them. She felt herself becoming more aroused and had to consciously resist reaching down to touch herself, knowing how wet she found herself. Others had not felt the need for restraint that she did. As the dinner progressed she saw the guests succumbing to the pleasure that she was resisting. An attractive brunette with short bobbed hair discretely reached down and stroked her breast, her partner, a tall man with a silver beard watch, musing over his wine as her hand dropped into her lap and pressed against her crotch. A petite blonde was less restrained and had pulled her white gauze skirt over her hips and was furiously masturbating, a grimace on her lips. Those on either side of her were offering encouragement as she jerked to a quick orgasm.

In the same unhurried way that they entered the servers moved away, assured that they guests were satisfied. The guests became suddenly more attentive, the anticipation palpable. Several moved closer to each other, light kisses were passed, the sexuality increasing as the room waited…. For what? As the last of them left the hall the trumpets sounded again and the curtains pulled back to reveal a huge bed on the carried by 6 huge men on poles between them, three on either side of the bed. The bed was a mass of white lace with pillows of the same material mounded over it. In the middle of it was the most beautiful child/woman that she had ever seen, snowy white skin, raven black hair, cheeks laying in the middle of the bed. Dressed in a nightgown made of the finest lace there was no movement from her body. She was dead.

The room was silent as the men carried the bed to the center of the U shaped tables and set it down and left the room. All eyes gazed silently at the tiny figure before them. The person Formerly Known as the Prince moved quietly around the tables and moved to the center of the U. He gazed lovingly down and bent over her, letting his hands run down her body, hesitating as they moved reverently over her breasts. As his hands moved down her legs they hem of her skirt and pulled it above her hips. Her legs were beautiful and the small patch of pubic hair was a stark contrast to the whit of her legs.

She did not move as he slowly raised her heels and spread her legs, his member becoming erect as he slowly prepared her for what Natasha knew was coming. “God, necrophilia,” despite her revulsion, she could not turn her eyes away, her breath coming in short gasps. He moved between her legs and raised her hips with his hands, placing his now rigid cock against the dark opening of her cunt. “Hail, Snow White,” he rasped, his voice thick with passion as he drove his cock deep into her cunt.

She looked around the room, still no one was touching each other but, now openly fondling themselves. Several of the men had slid their cocks free of the garments and were openly stroking them. Natasha was amazed, she hadn’t seen a cock in the room less than 8” long. She trembled as her hand fell to her breast, pinching the nipple through her thin black dress. f- The Royal Figure, Formerly Known as The Prince was driving hard into the lifeless body, pulling the tiny body over his hard cock, his head thrown back in ecstasy. The crowd was starting to moan and gasp with passion at his exertions. Faces became flushed and wicked grins broke out on several faces as they watched the him drive into her again and again. The petite blonde screamed lustily as she came again, her hand furiously working her cunt, her leg draped across the arm of the chair. Suddenly an animal moan stated deep in the throat of the figure Formerly Known as The Prince and built becoming louder as he drove harder and harder into the tiny white figure, suddenly he screamed as he lurched deep into her, cuming furiously within her as the crowd gasped and moaned.

As The Royal Figure, Formerly Known as The Prince slumped over her exhausted, her chest heaved and her eyes fluttered then sprang wide open, her lips widening into a savage smile. She rolled out from beneath the panting body and tore the skirt from her body revealing her legs and pubic hair below a sexy camisole. As the former prince rose, she grabbed him by the ears and pulled his head deep into her pussy, shrieking with glee and delight.

“Let the Party Begin,” Snow White gasped as she drove herself against his tongue.

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