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Nature Walk


'Sunday drive' is the first part of this story.

There is no trail, and we walk into the woods for what seems like several hundred yards as you take your time surveying the areas we pass, looking for just the right setting for our play. Suddenly, you stop and turn to me, smiling. You take my hand and lead me off to the right a few feet, stopping near two fairly mature trees that stand about 8 --10 feet from each other. The forest floor is covered with the fallen leaves of seasons past, and you spread the blanket out on the ground between the trees. You drop your bag on the edge of the blanket and pull me close to you as you stand in the middle of it.

You take your time now, running your hands over my body, feeling me tense and relax with your touch as you do. You pull my shirt over my head, revealing my breasts, and now add your mouth to the process, sucking and biting my nipples, making me moan and press against you more closely. You are anxious to get me tied up, but you also know that the more time you take getting there, the more wonderfully torturous the experience will be for me.

You tell me to remove my shorts now, and I do, standing naked in front of you in the dappled morning light.

You continue to you touch me, caressing my skin with your strong hands. The more you do this, the more intense my desire to submit to you becomes. Even though I feel vulnerable in my surrender to you, your exploration of me this way makes me feel safe and protected.. and somehow, owned. This turns me on incredibly and I can only stand there now, breathlessly awaiting your next instructions.

You carefully position me between the trees now, and open your bag, removing the ropes. You use them to bind my wrists, one to one tree and one to the other tree. Checking to see that I cannot move too much, you get two more ropes and repeat the process on my ankles. Once you have me standing there, spread-eagle between the trees, you remove the blindfold from your bag and put it over my eyes. You whisper in my ear how much you like seeing me beautifully prepared for you like this, and your sexy voice makes my nipples tingle and adrenaline shoots through me, making my pussy twitch from your words alone.

With the loss of my sense of sight, I feel my skin become aware of the soft breeze blowing and hear the sounds in the woods around us. Suddenly, I feel the first strike of the flogger you hold fall lightly on my chest. It's not even enough to sting, but the next one makes me gasp in excitement as the adrenaline courses through me again.

With me being tied so that you have 360 degree access, you take your time, using light and sharp strikes randomly where ever you wish to place them, taking care of course not to hit my face.

I am surprised to suddenly feel your lips on me now, making me appreciate the tenderness in contrast to the intensity of the flogger. After a moment, I feel it sting my ass again as you make me tell you how much I want to be your nasty little slut.

I hear the words you love to hear so much coming from my mouth between the involuntary gasps of pain and pleasure you are evoking from me as you continue to flog me, thoroughly enjoying my willing participation.

There is a pause, and I wonder what you are planning, when I feel the ropes on my wrists go slack one at a time.

When I am loose, you tell me to get on my knees for you. Once I am there, you fasten my wrists once again and I feel you standing close in front of me.

You have undressed at some point, and now I feel your hard, throbbing cock slap against my face repeatedly as I open my mouth and stick my tongue out to taste you.

You take my head in your hands and enter my mouth as I moan my satisfaction at being allowed to suck your nice big cock once again. You know I love to suck your cock, and you talk to me while you fuck my face, pleased at the sight of me tightly bound out here in the woods as I service you. I want so badly to rub my clit now, to make myself cum, it makes me shake with lust and anticipation to be denied the ability to pleasure myself as you continue to use my face to practically masturbate yourself on me.

When you are ready, you loosen my wrists once again, dropping me down to all fours, and fasten them tightly again, not to the trees, but to each other, so I am on my elbows and knees.

Next, I feel your cock pressing against my pussy from behind. Like a fuck-puppet under your control now, I ask you to please fuck me now, I need to feel your cock inside me. It has been way too long since you gave my cunt the attention it needs with your strong cock. You tease me, rubbing yourself all over me from behind, driving me insane with desire and making me ask you again, beg you, to take me now, to give your whore the fucking I need so desperately.

Finally, I feel you enter me, plunging into me suddenly and completely. I cry out in pleasure and lust, losing myself in the feeling of having your cock deep inside me.

I am very wet as I beg you to fuck me roughly and completely, making my hips shake each time yours slam into them. You remove the blindfold and pull my hair back and watch my face, observing that your attention to my pussy is being thoroughly appreciated.

Unable to form words, I have not asked, but suddenly you feel my twat clamp down on you and begin to contract rhythmically, signaling my orgasm. I hear you sigh a "tisk, tisk" type sound as you fuck me harder now, finishing my orgasm off and continuing to stroke me to make me regret cumming without permission.

My over-stimulated vagina feels overwhelmed and I beg you now to stop.. please give me a chance to catch my breath and sanity for a moment. You tell me that this prolonged fucking is my reprimand for cumming without permission, and that I am getting what I deserve for being such a rebellious little whore.

It feels somehow empowering to me to have you dominate me this way, and I lose myself in the pleasure and punishment you are giving me.

Soon, you are ready to finish too, taking the satisfaction you desire as well, completing our morning. You increase your pace and suddenly withdraw from me, moving around to my face. I offer my mouth to you and you enter quickly. I suck you well as you grunt lustfully and spew your load for me to taste.

As we come back to our senses, once again noticing our surroundings, you untie me and help me to stand. Now, we both notice a large deer, off in the woods, fairly well hidden, a few yards away from us, standing motionless and watching us. Apparently, we have just put on a show for at least one member of the local wildlife. Feeling like wildlife ourselves, we get dressed and pack up our things.. already looking forward to next time.

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