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Naughty Email at Work


An email correspondence between Dale and Dawn...


Is my baby busy? I was thinking we could write an erotic story together. What do you think? I will start it out and we can take turns adding to it.

Let's start with me and you on vacation in Nashville during the summer. We just checked into our hotel room that is right on the strip.


Let's see...once we check into our hotel room we decide to go ahead and take a shower, get dressed, and start the evening with dinner somewhere. I lay out my clothes, and then get into the shower to get all shaved and clean for my baby. When I get out of the shower and reach for my clothes, what I put out has been replaced by my black cumslut dress...


I give you a smile and tell you that I want you to wear your cumslut dress tonight. You put your dress on with your black heels; I have on dark blue jeans and a red polo shirt. I tell you that we should go walk around a bit and find a place to get some drinks, it is just getting dark and we are thinking about getting some drinks and having dinner.


We leave the hotel room, and of course every person that we pass can't help but to stare...I am a little self conscious at first seeing how my tits and ass are pretty much hanging out of the dress, but I get used to the attention and even start enjoying it. You are getting so turned on parading your cumslut around I can see your hard cock even thru your jeans.

We start walking down the street, checking out different places we might want to have a drink, when you suddenly stop and pull me down a dark (almost scary!) alley...


I take your hand and put it down my jeans; you can feel my hard cock and the precum all over your fingers. I pull your top to the side and your tits fall out. I cup one with my hand and stick your nipple in my mouth. I suck on your nipple as hard as I can till I taste your juice cum out your nipple. My other hand reaches up your skirt to your nicely shaved pussy; I feel your pussy juices dripping out. I slide a finger inside you and pull it out and taste you. You taste so good


I turn around and grind my ass up against you, hoping a good hard fucking is next on the agenda...but you turn me around, put my dress back into place, and tell me that you have other plans before we get to that. You lead me farther down the alley and I am wondering what my master has in store for me. We come to a door with a keypad on it, and you enter in a password...I turn to you, my eyes full of questions. You tell me you have been doing a little research for our trip and have a surprise for me. I completely trust my master, so I tightly grab your hand and open the door...


The door opens and we are greeted by a man and a woman. They both look like they are about 21 and both are attractive. The woman has on a red low cut dress that shows off her cleavage and the man is wearing a navy blue suite. The man and woman are nice and very welcoming. You look at me as if you don't know what type of place this is but deep down you think you have a pretty good idea. I lean in and give you a kiss. I tell the man and woman this is our first time to a place like this and we would like a tour. The woman says right this way as we follow her back to a bar. The bar is like any other bar you might see, lots of people mingling. Some music playing in the background, a few people dancing on the dance floor. We stop at the bar and get some drinks before we continue our tour......


She hands us our drink, and starts showing us around. The main room is the club/bar. It is pretty full of people, everyone obviously enjoying themselves. She leads us to the next room which she calls the "lounge" which has comfy chairs, couches and such all over. The lights are dim and there are candles flickering everywhere. I see you start to get hard again as you catch glimpses of silhouettes of people enjoying one another. The last place she shows us is a hall of private rooms that are available for anyone to use. I am quite impressed at how nice the place is. I am also surprised at how much it turns me on to be there with you. You look at me and as me where I would like to begin our evening...


I ask you if you noticed that each room had a different name on it that told what the theme of the room was. You say you did not notice. I tell you there was an exhibitionist room, a bondage room, couples only group room, a couple + room, a viewer only room, an Egyptian room, and a suffocation room. I squeeze your ass and ask you which room you would like to see first. I tell you that I talked with the hostess and she said that we can explore each room for as long as we would like. So which room does my cumslut pick?


I am feeling a little nervous since it's our first time at this, so I tell you that I would like to start in the viewer only room. We go in the door and it takes us down a very long hallway until we get into the room. As soon as we step inside the room it takes our breath away...this room is in the center of all the other rooms, with glass walls all the way around. You can look into whatever room you want, even watch more than one at the same time. There are several chairs, and a giant round bed in the center. You tell me to lie on the bed facing which ever room I want. I do as told, waiting for you to join me. You say you will in a minute, but first you want to watch me play with myself while I am watching all the others. I pull my dress up, and you sit in a chair and watch while I obey my master...


I watch you as you slide your fingers down to your pussy. You spread it apart to give me a good view of it. You slide a finger inside you and remove so you can taste your juices. I am rock hard watching you rub and taste yourself. I undo my pants and pull out my rock hard cock. It has some precum on it; I put the precum on my finger and then taste it. It tastes so good. I start to slowly jack off while I watch you masturbating while watching the rooms. What room is my baby watching...?


I am lying so I can see the couple's room and the bondage room. I can't keep my eyes in one place very long...between watching you taste your cum, watching other couples licking on each other, and watching girls getting tied face down on the bed and getting fucked. My pussy is so ready to have my masters hard cock buried deep inside it


I take my clothes off and come over to you on the bed. I put some precum on my finger and bring it up to your lips. You suck all the precum off my finger and love every drop of it. I reach down and feel your pussy and it is dripping wet. I pull your top to the side and expose your nice tits. I suck your nipple into my mouth and softly bite on it as I rub your wet pussy with my other hand. I ask if my cumslut is enjoying this room.


I tell you to taste my pussy and let me know if you think I am enjoying it or not...you are convinced I am ;-)

Your tongue has me moaning and squirming with pleasure. I beg my master to fuck me. You tell me to shut up and you roll me over and shove you cock into my pussy as hard as you can. I am screaming your name, you grab a hold of the back of my hair and are fucking my pussy so hard...just when you are about to cum you pull out, roll me over, and cum all over my face and body. You have me covered.

We are lying there, out of breath, just enjoying the moment. I tell you that I enjoyed watching everyone so much and that next time I would like to be watched. As soon as I said that, a sly smile spread across your face. "What?" I ask you. You then tell me that the room we were in was actually the exhibitionist room as well...every one in the other rooms could see us just the same as we could see them!

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