tagIncest/TabooNaughty Grandpa Ch. 1

Naughty Grandpa Ch. 1


Everything went to plan in the first week of my guardianship of my granddaughter, Laryssa. We did all the school things, plus the cooking and cleaning domestic things. We went to the movies, for her, and the hockey, for me, and there was a slumber party for about ten girls her age on the Saturday night at her friend Sophie's house. I would like to kid you I stayed at home that evening and watched TV like a good grandfather, but in reality, I went out and cruised the bars to try to get laid. Without any success I might add, or what happened in the following days may not have taken place. Anyway, all the good-looking women were with partners and the eager ones were plain gruesome, so, I ended up by having too much to drink and spent the night snoring alone in my bed.

My 'contract' was to look after the teenaged Laryssa for ten days. And, of course, there was Boney…my daughter Fran's white-haired standard poodle. My son-in-law named the animal Napoleon Bonaparte because it is French, and yappy, and thinks it rules the world. I also have an idea that Rob has a 'thing' about French guys, having almost lost Fran to a particularly handsome visiting lecturer from France when she and Rob were at university together. For a time, the 'dull business major' found he was fast losing the battle with the 'sexy visual artist'!

My son-in-law, Rob has just been made senior marketing vice-president for his company and for the first time he was able to take my daughter, with him to the annual company conference. This year it was being held in Honolulu. To make the most of the opportunity, Fran and Rob decided that if they could find somebody to stay with Laryssa, they would extend their visit and tour the Hawaiian Islands for a while after the conference. I may have been their last port of call when they asked me, who knows, but I ended up with the job. Not that I minded! I retired early, having made a whole heap of dough from accepting an offer I couldn't refuse from Hewlett Packard for my electronics components business; and have not had a great deal to do since, apart from travelling and seeing the world. Divorce number three, five years ago, convinced me I am not cut out for permanent relationships, but I enjoy women and a vigorous sex life just the same…

It all starts when I am on my way back from taking a leak at 3 o'clock one morning, At my time of life one cannot make it through the night anymore without having to pay a visit! I look into Laryssa's room to see that she is all right. The little sweetheart is a perfect picture lying there sprawled half onto her face. She has obviously been very restless in her sleep and has thrown off all her covers and her pyjama top has parted company with the bottoms at her middle. Normally I wouldn't dream of entering her room at that time of night. But seeing as the central heating turns down at night and the air is starting to chill, I go into Laryssa's room to cover her. Just as I am bending over to pick her duvet up off the floor, she rolls onto her back saying sleepily, "Hello Grandpa," and holds up her arms for a hug.

Aaaah, Laryssa! A slender wisp of a girl! And made to look even more so by the too large uniform that she has to wear to the fancy all-girls prep school she goes to. 'She'll grow into it,' her mother says. Yeah right! Meantime the shirt and striped blazer, tie and full ankle length skirt just about bury her!

Laryssa is a real honey! To just describe her naturally curly dark hair, her violet eyes behind thin-rimmed spectacles, her wide, readily smiling mouth and wonderful, wonderful soft complexion do not really do her justice. It leaves out how she glides like a dancer instead of walking; her wicked chuckle when she has tricked you with some clever subterfuge, and her sharp, clear-minded intelligence. Ok, I'm her Grandpa, so I'm biased! Maybe because it only takes a quick hug or a smile to make me Play Dough in her hands.

Silly old fool that I am I cannot resist, so I bend over my granddaughter to give her a buss on the forehead. But she throws her arms around my neck and pulls down hard. She is surprisingly heavy for one who looks so slight. I overbalance and end up half sat, half lying, propping myself up from falling on top of her by one hand on her mattress near her waist. Laryssa giggles wickedly setting something off inside me. I know I shouldn't do it, but instead of taking my hand away without touching her, I let it slide up over her side and onto her tummy. And I don't take it away from there either. I let it rest, gently stroking her soft warm skin. We stare at my hand. It seems to be doing its thing of its own accord. Where will this end up? My cock rears to attention inside my boxers with what feels like the hardest erection I have had in years!

"Naughty Grandpa!" Laryssa murmurs archly. "My teachers at school say you mustn't touch me like that."

Do her teachers really mean me? Or is it any male? Would it matter to them if it were a female? Oh hell, they are right! But I can't stop, she feels so beautiful. I manage to gasp; "Don't you like it then?" My voice sounds to me like I'm talking through treacle.

"Mmmmm," she says and wriggles a little as though pushing her middle up against my hand, "it's nice. But I've got this funny hot feeling in my tummy and I don't know what it is. I hope I'm not going to be sick."

"I don't think so, Sweetie. Is the feeling happening where I'm touching you?" My mind leaps to the conclusion that this could be the very first stirring of adult sexual arousal in Laryssa's young body. Naughty, lucky Old Grandpa!

"No, it's a bit lower down."

"Down here?" I slide my hand easily under the waistband of her pyjama bottoms. They have become unbuttoned with her earlier tossing and turning, which is why she is showing so much skin. Oh gosh! I discover that she isn't wearing any panties!

"It's a little bit lower," Laryssa says in a faint voice. Her tummy is trembling under my fingers. I only wear boxer shorts in bed and she is running her hand over my bare back up near my shoulder, pulling me closer to her.

"All the way down here?"

"Ooooh Grandpa! That's very naughty! You're nearly touching my…my…you know!"

"I know what, Sweetie?"

"My thing…"

My fingers are indeed just brushing the very edge of my granddaughter's plump mound. But, before I can withdraw, Laryssa says, "But that's all right, I don't mind."

My voice is more under control now, but still a little shaky: "We don't call it a 'thing' do we? What do you and your Mom call it between you?"

"She told me there's lots of rude names, like that 'c' word…and then there's the proper name for it…you know…vagina."

"What 'c' word?"

Laryssa chuckles "Oh, Grandpa, you are silly…cunt, of course!"

That crude word on my granddaughter's innocent lips sounds extremely profane! Yet, at the same time, to hear her say it so openly stirs me deeply.

"But, Mommy said that she and me would call it my kitty, just between us, because it's not yet a fully grown up pussy."

"Can I call it that as well?" I ask her.

"Ok, if you want…"

Then again, I have to prove to this young woman that I am not afraid of the 'c' word either! "Hmmmm. No, on second thoughts, I think you and I will call that special thing between your legs your cunt. Is that ok with you?"

I carry on caressing her lower abdomen.

"Ok…I like the way you say 'cunt', Grandpa. Cunt…cunt…cunt." Laryssa lifts her belly against my hand again, "Ummmm, Grandpa, that's so nice…"

In a hot silence that is only disturbed by our tremulous breathing, I move my hand imperceptibly lower still until my fingers are running back and forth across the very start of her crease. Her fresh new pubic hairs are so magically soft…!

Laryssa breaks the erotic spell we are both weaving. "Look, Grandpa, your willie is sticking right out of your shorts!"

I look at my groin in startled horror. She is right. I can't have done a button up properly when I finished having piss, and my hugely stiff cock is waving out in the open in front of her eyes.

"It looks all red and sore, Grandpa, is it all right?"

"Yes, it's ok, Pumpkin, I'm sorry…" I stutter, removing my fingers from her mound and jamming my errant manhood back into my boxers. "Look, I'd better go. You just get off to sleep now like a good girl."

I stand up and throw Laryssa's duvet over her. She holds her arms up to me again, "Kiss, kiss."

I lean over and kiss her on the cheek. She throws her arms around my neck again and hauls my face into the crook of her neck. Her teenage girl perfume fills my nostrils. My cock stood out like an iron bar below my belly. If she doesn't release me immediately I will go back to touching her and, inevitably, I will make her touch me!

"I love you Grandpa," she says happily.

"And I love you too, Sweetheart," I answer in a shaky voice and tear myself away from her grasp.

"Night, night, Pumpkin," I wave from the doorway, "Sleep tight." My cock is making a tent out of the front of my shorts and Laryssa's eyes are glued on it. I see a movement under her duvet. Is she touching her cunny because I wouldn't?

"Night, night, Grandpa," she says absently.

It takes me about two minutes to cum when I reach my own bed; wracking, messy spurts of sheer pleasure that fly up onto my chest and stain my sheets.

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