tagGroup SexNaughty Neighbors

Naughty Neighbors

byMany Feathers©

I'd just moved into my new apartment after having suffered through a fairly messy divorce. With little to my name, sparse furnishings not to mention a sex-life that had taken a severe nose-dive, the future looked bleak. And though I didn't look bad at just over fifty, working out and trying to regain my "boyish" figure, as I laughed inwardly at the thought, the prospects of meeting anyone anytime soon weren't all that promising.

Standing in front of the mailboxes, I watched the approach of an attractive looking woman. First I'd seen to be perfectly honest since moving in two days ago. I was beginning to wonder if this so-called 'singles apartment complex' as I'd been led to believe would hold the promise I'd been assured it would have. It had been the main reason I had scraped together the hefty deposit after speaking with the complex manager. Steve had informed me that the draw to this place was due in part to catering to the recently divorced, widowed or never married singles just looking to meet someone. Interestingly enough, one of the clauses in my rental agreement stipulated that should I marry, I would be asked to give a two weeks notice.

Something I neither wanted, nor felt like I would ever do again. So the place suited me for one thing, and for another, the monthly singles get-together that Steve told me about sounded interesting as well.

As she approached, she smiled, though I noticed she appeared to be doing a juggling act with the two sacks of groceries she carried.

"Here, let me help you with those," I offered.

"Thank you, thought I could manage it, but the grocery boy was new and put things a little ski-wampus inside the bag when he loaded it. The damn thing keeps shifting on me!"

I couldn't help but laugh, then stare which I hadn't meant to do, but the bag she'd been holding wasn't the only thing that was shifting. It had been impossible not to notice that she had large breasts anyway. Built a lot like Dolly Parton, as the bags she held in her arms shifted and rolled, one of the button's on her blouse suddenly undid itself as though a pair of unseen hands had been more than willing to help.

"Shit, I knew I shouldn't have worn this blouse today," she stated looking down at herself just as I reached out to retrieve both bags from her. Again, I was staring, but it was virtually impossible not to. The black lacy bra that suddenly appeared, barely containing the two fleshy rather exquisite looking orbs of flesh was much like offering a glass of water to a man who'd been crawling through the desert for several days.

Having accepted the groceries, I politely watched if you want to call it that, as she re-buttoned her blouse. With hair more brown than blonde, I still half expected her to introduce herself as 'Dolly' as I introduced myself.

"By the way, my names Rick," I offered. Dolly smiled, a mischievous, not quite flirtatious smile, but an interesting one never the less.

"Cindy, though my friends call me 'Sin', or 'Sin-D' for short," she explained, emphasizing the connotation, making me smile in return, though I realized I was probably grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

"Nice to meet you, Cin...dy," I said stumbling through her name. I hadn't meant to have it come out sounding the way she'd offered it, but there was no help for it. She merely grinned putting me at ease though I was mentally trying to will that button to undo itself once again.

"Would you mind holding onto those for a minute longer?"

I was looking at her chest again.

"Excuse me?"

She laughed. "The grocery bags," she pointed out. "While I retrieve my mail."

"Oh yeah, sure," I stammered feeling my face flush, with nowhere else to look except down inside one of the bags. I saw a can of spray-on whipping cream, strawberries, two bananas, a package of AA batteries sitting atop one of them, and quickly glanced away back into her knowing smile. "Where do you live?" I asked a little too anxiously.

"Across the way, second floor. And you?"

"Upstairs," I said pointing with my head, third floor." This time she frowned slightly, though it was more of a pout, though a sexy one at that.

"Well, I guess we're almost neighbors," she stated. "Here, let me take those from you."

"No, I got it," I said turning, feeling even sillier as though playing some kind of kids keep away game with her, not wanting her to take the packages from me. "Lead the way," I offered quickly.

"Thank you," she said holding open the door for me as I quickly slipped past, pausing, allowing her to take the lead from me once again. "This way," she offered as she began heading down the sidewalk towards the steps to her apartment. I looked up and behind me. My apartment was directly across from hers though another floor up. I followed her up the short flight of stairs, expecting her to reach into her purse retrieving her key. Instead, she merely turned the doorknob, opening the door.

"Bec?" she called out leading me inside.

Bec, or "Becky" as I later learned emerged from one of the back bedrooms. Stepping into the small little kitchen area. She and I locked eyes almost immediately. Though where I blushed, she seemed to shrug off my being there as though we'd already met. She wore nothing more than a white, tight form fitting tank top with a pair of light blue cotton briefs. Though Bec wasn't nearly as large breasted as Cindy was, which is perhaps why she felt more comfortable just wearing the tank top without a bra, once again my eyes were drawn to the twin marble-sized nipples pressing against the thinly stretched material.

Becky approached, taking one of the grocery bags from me. This time I let it go.

"This is my roommate Becky," Cindy told me. "This is Rick," she added speaking towards her roommates back as she headed over towards the kitchen counter.

"Where'd you land this one? At the grocery store? Along side the road? Or'd he just follow you home?" she asked rummaging through the sack.

Neither one of us answered.

"You get the batteries I asked for?" she continued. "The one's in my vibrator are dead."

I almost told her they were in the sack I was still holding, and then thought better of it.

"Don't mind her," Cindy said taking the other sack from me. "She's just mad because I won at cards again, so now she has to do all the dishes again for a week. So don't take it personally."

I still didn't say anything.

Cindy placed the other sack on the counter. Almost immediately Becky began rummaging through it instead. She quickly located the strawberries, as well as the can of spray-on whipping cream.

"Hey! I haven't washed those yet!" Cindy exclaimed.

"Don't worry, I'm sure they haven't been anywhere too dirty...yet," she said grinning, quickly covering the good-sized strawberry with a liberal spray of the cream. Rather than biting into it, she half-lazily swiped her tongue retrieving a goodly portion of the whipping cream, only then taking a rather ominous bite of the fruit all the while looking at me.

Cindy was already unloading the other sack, and I couldn't help but notice an inordinate amount of various flavored Jell-O's.

"You guys are either on a tight budget, or you really enjoy eating a lot of Jell-O."

Becky actually laughed around another bite of strawberry, but I noticed in so doing that her nipples seemed to be pressing even more firmly against the tight top she was wearing.

"Becky loves trying out different combinations of Jell-O shooters," Cindy announced. "We're planning on ordering some pizza later, and then trying out a few of her new combinations. You're welcome to join us."

"Yeah Dick, " Becky began. I let the name slip slide. "Say around eight? Besides, it's been a while since I've seen a guys...Dick is it?" she paused grinning at me. Though I still wasn't sure if she was teasing or seriously agitated with her roommate for my being there.

"Ok Bec, enough. You made your point," Cindy replied in a serious tone of voice. "Next time vibrators at dawn!"

I glanced back and forth between the two women, wondering if I'd stepped into the middle of something I had no business being a part of. "Well, guess maybe I really should be going then," I announced with no intention of returning that evening.

"See you at eight then...Dick?" Becky asked pausing.

"It's Rick, and no...actually I really do have plans later," I informed them both.

Becky stood up from the stool she'd been sitting on, walking over towards me. I figured she was planning on just seeing me to the door when she suddenly lifted her tank top, baring her breasts. "Plan's that would be more important than getting to see our titties later?" she asked. "I know Cindy's are a lot bigger than mine, but hell Rick...you really want to pass the possibility of that up?"

I glanced over towards where Cindy stood shaking her head. "If he really does have plans Bec..." "What time?" I asked grinning.


I arrived shortly before eight, knocked. Becky met me at the door. To my surprise, she was still dressed exactly the way she had been earlier that morning. As though reading my mind, she answered my unasked question.

"It's Saturday," she stated as though that explained everything. "Come in, Sin's still trying to find something sexy to show off her boobs in," she informed me.

I followed her over to the kitchen counter taking one of the stools. "Care for something to drink?"

I guess because of her Jell-O shooter experiments, she had collected a wide variety of differing alcoholic beverages. "Scotch?" She frowned.

"That I don't have. Doesn't go with Jell-O. I know, I've tried."

"Whatever you're having then," I said giving up rather than trying again.

"Ah, a slow screw against the wall?"

Bec had leaned back against the kitchen wall, one hand up over her head, gyrating slowly against it while she spoke. "Nothing better than a slow screw," she told me.

Just then Cindy emerged from the bedroom. "Hi Rick!" she announced walking behind the kitchen counter, giving Becky a curious look.

"We were just about to enjoy a slow screw together," she told her. "Want one?"

Once again Cindy shook her head. "Did you order the pizza yet?" she asked ignoring the question.

"Yeah, should be here within the hour. You like Anchovies Dick?"

I didn't.

She laughed as she saw the look on my face. "Don't worry, we don't either. But I'm always curious if a man enjoys eating fish or not!"

"Bec!" Cindy exclaimed blushing. As was I.

"Want to try one of my newest creations?" Becky questioned opening the fridge ignoring us both. She pulled out a tray of green Jell-O, sitting it down on the counter, then scooping out a generous portion of it with a spoon, feeding it to me. "Well?"

It was good. "What is it?"

"Lime Jell-O and tequila!"

Bec then spooned one for herself, and another for Cindy. I watched with interest as Cindy stood there, tilting her head back slightly, allowing Bec to let the Jell-O merely slide slowly off the spoon into her open waiting mouth. That was erotic enough in watching, but so was the outfit she was now wearing. She'd changed into a pair of shorts, but the black knit blouse she was wearing was cut low enough in front to display a very generous portion of cleavage, which I took advantage in looking at while Bec stood force-feeding her with the spoon.

"More?" she asked already scooping up another large helping for me.

"Why don't we move this into the front room where we can be a bit more comfortable," Cindy stated already leading the way, carrying the tray of Jell-O in with her.

I hadn't eaten all day. And surprisingly, I could already feel the affects of the Jell-O shooters begin to hit me when Bec reemerged moments later carrying another one, this one orange in color.

"What's this one?" Cindy asked.

"Apricot Brandy." She scooped one holding it out towards me.

"I'd better wait until the pizza gets here," I announced. "Haven't eaten all day, and I'm already beginning to feel the affects of the other one!"

"Coward!" Becky quipped. "What's the matter? Can't hold your liquor? It's easy," she said reaching over to grab Cindy's head. "You just place both hands around her ears!"

"God Bec, you're really on one tonight you know it?" Cindy said pulling away. But I noticed she wasn't angry, if anything she was beginning to feel just as giddy as I was.

"I wish," Bec said grinning, turning her head back around towards me. "It's been so long, I've forgotten what it's like."

I spooned myself a helping of the orange Jell-O.

"Hey! I know! Want to play a game while we're waiting?" Bec asked. "Ah oh," Cindy said just under her breath. "What kind of game you have in mind?"


"Dare?" I asked back. "What's that? You mean like truth or dare?"

Bec laughed. "Fuck truth! Everyone lies anyway. No...just dare. We all get to dare one another to do something. Anything..." she added quickly.

"I'll even let you go first Dick, " she told me.

"I don't know Becky," I said trying to beg off. "I'm really not very good at this sort of thing. It's been a few years."

"Ah come on," Becky coaxed. "And besides, don't you want to see Sin-D's tits?" she said pronouncing her name the sexy way.

Cindy was smiling, though I could see a red flush in her face. Truth was, I would like that.

"Ok, how do we play this?" I asked wondering what I was about to get myself in to.

"How much money you have on you?" she asked. I had no clue where this was going, but told her.

"Maybe fifteen, twenty dollars I guess, why?"

"Ok, because in order for this to work, there has to be a penalty. If you don't perform, or won't perform the dare, then you have to pay up. Shall we say ten dollars for a penalty?"

"Shit Becky!" Cindy finally chimed in. "That's pretty steep don't you think? Not sure I've even got ten dollars extra in my purse right now beyond what the pizza's gonna cost us!"

Becky smiled. "I'm not worried about it. I don't think there's anything ole Dicky here can come up with that will force me to pay a single penny!"

"Oh this ought to be good!" Cindy laughed. "Watch out Rick, she really is on one tonight!"

"So...you in? Or not? Chicken!"

"I'm in!" I said, thinking I had at least two passes if Becky went a little too overboard for me.

"Cool! Then like I said...you go first!"

I thought about it for a moment. "Ok," I began, thinking that if anything, I'd have at least one questioned answered for me...maybe anyway. "I want to see the two of you kiss, and not just some 'kissing-your-sister' kind of a kiss either!"

"That's it?" Becky said incredulously. "Kiss Cindy? Shit Rick, I thought you'd be a little more creative than that. And what's with that anyway?" she asked turning towards Cindy. "Though I guess it's to be expected, one of those 'guy' things," she said laughing. "Well, ok then. Come here 'Sin-D'," Becky said in her most sultry sounding voice. "Let's show Rick the dick here how two women can kiss!"

To my surprise, Cindy didn't even hesitate, or seemed startled by Becky's sudden advance. Which made me wonder if these two weren't lovers after all, and had simply been jerking my chain. Even as they kissed, passionately, Becky seemed to confirm my ever-growing suspicions as I watched her hand suddenly and slowly begin caressing one of Cindy's breasts.

"That what you have in mind?" Becky said sitting back. Admittedly, I now had an erection. "In that case, I guess it's my turn!" Becky sat there looking at me, and then suddenly I saw a little light bulb appear over her head. She grinned. Evilly so.

"Shit!" I thought to myself. "Now I'm in for it!"

"What I dare you to do...is to jerk off for us!"

"Becky!" Cindy exclaimed ashen faced.

"What? You always said you wanted to see a guy do that, and now...here's your chance!"

I pulled ten dollars from my wallet and threw it on the floor. For starters, I wasn't quite that drunk yet for one thing. And for another, I still wasn't sure how serious to take these two, and if they were just playing with my head, or if they were as wild as they were beginning to appear to be.

"By the way, who gets all the money after we're done anyway?" I asked.

"The person who does the wildest dare of course!" Becky quipped picking up the money.

"Ok Cindy, I guess that makes it your turn. Me? Or Rick the Dick here?" she asked.

Cindy was leering, which made even Becky lift her eyebrows curiously. "Well, since you've been in one of 'those' moods all day, it seems only appropriate that you put on a little show for Rick and I here. So Bec...lets see just how brave you really are. You asked to see Rick jerk off for us? Well, let's see if you're willing to finger your pussy for him!"

Becky began to slip her hand down beneath the waistband of her briefs.

"Ah uh!" Cindy scolded, wagging her finger towards her. "We have to be able to see you really doing it!"

Becky stood, slipping her panties down around her ankles before sitting down on the floor in front of us once again. With a look of determination, she caught my eyes, almost daring me to look, so I did. Sure enough, she had slipped not one, but two fingers inside the opening of her slit, and was slowly walking them around inside herself.

"That sorta what you had in mind?" she said huskily, not bothering to stop though for all intents and purposes, she had completed her dare. "Well, I guess that makes it Rick's turn to ask you to do something now isn't it?" Becky stated, though she continued to sit there frigging herself with no real intention of stopping by the looks of things. I had a hard time looking away to confront Cindy, let alone come up with anything. And speaking of hard time, I felt my erection now painfully pressed against my Levi's, causing me to reposition slightly as I squirmed uncomfortably there on the floor.

As bold as these two were starting to become, I wasn't yet ready to go there myself. Still a little unsure of the situation, or how they might honestly react, I decided to keep it low-key.

"Ok Cindy, let's see those boobs of yours!" I stated.

"I was wondering when he was going to get around to that," Becky said. "But to be honest with you Rick, I'm more than a little disappointed in you!"

I had told them earlier as we finished consuming the second of the Jell-O shooters that I wrote for a living. I certainly wasn't a well-known writer, but made enough from it to survive.

"As a writer, I'd have thought you'd have a better imagination than that. It was just a matter of time before you got around to asking her to see them, that's true. But I'd have thought you'd at least been a little more creative than this!"

"Ok, not only do you have to bare your breasts, but they have to remain bare the rest of the evening," I added.

"He's hopeless!" Becky exclaimed as Cindy began removing her top. Though I was glad to see that Cindy hadn't been wearing a bra now either, though I'd already suspected that.

"Damn!" I exclaimed upon seeing her, not even realizing I'd spoken. She had the largest, thickest, most incredible pair of nipples I had ever seen before.

"Nice aren't they?" Becky said reaching over to give one of them a gentle little flick with her finger. And almost immediately, they both hardened even fuller, longer than they already had been. Cindy giggled, though blushing. Then fingered them herself.

"I am rather proud of them she added."

"Fuck," I moaned just under my breath. "I would be too!"

"Well, I guess that makes it my turn again doesn't it?" Becky said wickedly. I looked at her, waiting. "Ok Rick, time for your unveiling. Let's see that cock of yours, and...once taken out, it stays out. Just like Cindy's tits...you have to sit there the rest of the evening exposed!"

I thought about throwing in my last ten dollars. But I figured this just might be the lesser of several evils, and as the evening continued to progress, I just might be in need of my last ten bucks when it came right down to it. Though a little shy and embarrassed, I was glad on the one hand I had an erection, and on the other, that I was finally able to make myself a hell of a lot more comfortable in finally removing my Levi's.

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