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Naughty New Years


My wife and I are an average couple in our mid-30's. This past new years we decided to treat ourselves to a night out on the town. With two small children, we seldom have any time to ourselves. We made arrangements to go to a local hotel for New Years Eve. We paid for a room in advance so we wouldn't have to drive home late or drunk.

My wife had bought a new party dress and after much begging on my part, she agreed to wear stockings instead of panty hose. She wore a matching bra and thong I had bought her on her birthday. My wife, Suzanne, has dark hair, full breasts, and shapely hips. She is actually in better shape now, than before having children. We were going to the party with another couple and were planning on meeting them there. The babysitter was 30 minutes overdue so I called her home. Her mom said she had gone out for the evening and hadn't mentioned watching our kids to her!

We were pretty much screwed. It was already close to 9 o'clock and there was no hope of finding another sitter. I told Sue to go ahead to the party since it was paid for and she finally agreed. Anyway, since our friends would be meeting us, she wouldn't be alone. About 10 minutes after Sue left the phone rang. It was our friends calling to say they wouldn't be able to meet us at the party. It appeared everyone's evening was going down hill pretty fast.

An hour or so later, I noticed our next door neighbor pulling up in her driveway. I went over and asked what she was doing home so early. She said she had a fight with her boyfriend and decided to come home. I told her about the babysitter and she said she would be happy to stay and watch the kids. I went upstairs and got dressed again.

I got to the hotel and checked to see if Sue had already gotten her key. She had, so I got mine and wandered into the ball room. I grabbed a beer and was standing off to the side to see if I could see her. After 15 minutes or so, I saw her dancing with some young guy. I'm not the jealous type so I didn't freak out or anything like that. Actually, I hate to dance so it worked out that they were already dancing! I don't know why, but when the dance ended, I didn't approach her. She walked with the guy to a table off to the side and sat down with him. There were two other guys sitting there. The were all talking to each other when the guy she had been dancing with, put his hand on her leg. She stiffened a little at that and simply moved his hand. I grinned at that and decided to step in only if it got out of hand. A few minute later a slow song started playing and to my surprise, Sue let this young stud, lead her onto the dance floor. The danced close and after a moment or two, he moved his hand to her ass. Sue loves having her ass rubbed, but I was surprised when she didn't move his hand. The song ended and they walked off the floor. They went back and sat down at the table and he put his hand on her leg again. This time she didn't move it. The guy started getting bolder and moved his hand higher and higher until it was a mid thigh. I know the moment he hit the top of her stockings because he grinned.

I decided that that was enough, but didn't want to embarrass Sue. I decided to circle the room and approach the table so Sue would see me coming. I worked my way around the room and has I approached the table, I noticed Sue and her new friend had gotten up. I scanned the room and caught sight of them getting on the elevator! I was in turmoil and felt a little odd. I sat down near the two remaining guys and sipped my beer. After about 15 minutes one of the guys looked at his watch and the two of them got up from their chairs. They headed towards the elevator and I followed them. I got on with them and on their floor I got off also. I pretended to be a little drunk and like I was having trouble locating my room as I followed them. When they stopped at their room, I went to the door across the hall and fumbled with the key card. When they opened their door, I heard the sound of my wife getting fucked. My wife isn't vocal during sex, but she is a moaner. Her moans never fail to excite me. The door quickly closed and I stood there with an erection that was almost painful.

I went up to our room and stripped. I came almost as soon as I touched my dick. A couple of hours later I heard the door to our room opening. I stood up and my wife almost had a heart attack to see me standing in our room. It was clear she had just be fucked. Her hair was a little messed up, her face was flushed, and she had a glassy look in her eyes. She had never looked more attractive then she did at that moment. There was no way she could deny being unfaithful and started to cry and say how sorry she was. I found myself holding her and telling her I wasn't mad. I told her how hot and sexy she looked and how beautiful she looked. I don't think she believed me until I kissed her. As our tongues were dancing, I unzipped her dress. As I slid it off her shoulders, I noticed her bra was missing. Her tits were swollen and she had little bite marks on them. She had her thong on and her ass was bright red. We fell the bed and started to make out. I told her that I wanted her. She said she wanted to be on top since she was a little sore. I lay on my back and Sue slid off her thong and climbed on top of me. The first thing I noticed was out wet she was. It was like fucking a glass of hot water. They must have really stretched her out. Sue kept grinding her clit on my pubic bone and grabbed my hair and guided it to her tits. Her tits are real sensitive and she asked me not to suck them but to lick them. As I ran my tongue over her tits, I noticed how salty they tasted. She must have taken a load of cum onto them. I was so hot, I didn't care.

She was moaning and I couldn't hold on any longer. I told her I was going to cum and she whined, " nooooooooooo ", I came so hard I thought my balls had turned inside out. She kept dry humping me to get herself off. The next thing I knew, Suzanne and climbed up my body and straddled my face. I looked up at her pussy and her lips were so swollen and her clit was sticking way out. She had a death grip on my hair and sat right on my mouth. She was so full of cum, I had to eat her or drown. Sue's hips were moving back and forth like a piston. When she came it overwhelmed her and filled my mouth with cum. She collapsed forward onto her stomach and I slid out from under her. Her pussy was 'clasping' and I buried my face again. I also liked her asshole and she just groaned. I'm not sure she was still conscious as I started to fuck that sweet pussy again. I finally came and rolled off.

The next morning was awkward. She said she went to some guys room, but never mentioned the other two men. I didn't tell her I knew the truth. I helped her bathe and get dressed. She was so sore. Sue slept most of the next day, and I applied lotion to her red ass. She never wants to do it again, but I do! We'll see.

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