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Neighbor's Daughter


I looked at my watch. Geez, it is only 7:00 on a Saturday morning. Ever since I got up this morning I have had an ache. An ache for some excitement. Not just any excitement, but some sexual excitement. Some dirty, naughty, sexual excitement. I've been craving it quite often lately. I definitely have not been getting enough. After all, you only crave what your body doesn't or hasn't had.

I'm a DWM, 50ish. My problem is that I don't find too many 50ish women attractive, at least not sexually. Young, lithe, sexually inexperienced yet wanting, and craving as much as I am. Shouldn't be too hard to bump into one, should it?

I grabbed my cup of coffee and got up from my chair in the living room. Decided to go putter around the back yard of my house. As I walked past the picture window in the living room I noticed the neighbor across the street. Wait, that isn't Jane (wife of the neighbor Bob), that is their daughter Jennifer.

Jennifer is 23 and really fine woman to look at. Kind of shy but really nice. This morning though she was out in a robe. Holding the robe closed. The robe was a soft light pink. The robe flowed freely. It appeared underneath the robe she was wearing just a bra and panties. It wasn't a very strong wind this morning, but enough to help open the robe a bit. No big deal, I've seen her in a bikini before. Hmmm, no big deal? Then why am I getting hard and staring?

She was walking down her walkway, kind of nervously looking left and right as if she was worried that someone might see her. I watched her, suddenly, feeling good about this morning.

Jennifer kept waking at a fast pace down the walkway to the driveway. She was still looking nervously to each side. Just as she got to the newspaper she bent over to pick it up. As she did this she looked straight ahead, towards my house. I was caught! Caught staring at my beautiful neighbor's daughter. The sudden realization that I was watching her made her stumble slightly as she reached for the paper with one hand. The other hand was holding her robe together. Well, it was until she reflexed and put the other hand out to balance herself. Luckily for me, a slight gust blew by. With one hand on the paper and Jennifer squatting down, knees splayed, and her other hand thrown out to the side to counterbalance her body in the awkward stumble position, she was totally unprotected from any wind. And, there was a wind, just then. And, I was watching her. And, she was watching me. And the wind took her robe and blew it away from her entire front and flowed freely behind her like a cape.

What a sight! Very beautiful, very sexy! But, she couldn't hold her balance, and in a matter of 5 seconds she lost her balance, fell backwards right at the foot of her driveway, and hit her head when she fell. My elation and exuberance drained as I realized that she might be hurt. I reacted on pure reflex. I was only dressed in a robe with nothing underneath, but sprinted out the front door over to where she lay.

"She must be hurt", I said to myself.

She is laying on her back, not moving. Her left leg is slightly to the left of straight from her body. However, from the squatting position that she lost her balance, her right knee was up and open wide right. The robe was underneath her.

"Wow!", what should I do I thought.

Her panties and bra were a matching set. They were real frilly and very sheer. I could see her boobs and nipples very clearly. She was about a B cup, maybe a small C. She was a perfect cup! But, oh my, her panties were not a tight pair, but rather a very loose pair.

The leg bands were very loose material. When she fell her body pulled on the loose frilly material of her panties and pulled them up and to the side. The whole right side of her mostly shaved pussy was in view. I was staring but knew I had to try to help her.

I squatted down between her open legs and leaned over her and called her name. She moaned a bit and her eyes fluttered open. She must have knocked herself out with the hit on the back of the head.

She quietly said, "Ouch, that hurt."

I said, "Where do you hurt?"

She replied, "Just the back of my head."

I said, "Maybe you ought to just rest a minute for now."

She said, "Ok." She just lay there staring up at the sky trying to figure out how she fell. Then, she twitched her right knee and her left leg and tried to close them. As her legs squeezed on me, I flinched slightly. She lifted her head up and looked down.

My quick jerky movement, did not remove me from the position but it did manage to pull the tie undone in my robe. My robe opened up. What Jennifer saw was my hard member out in all of its glory and only about 6 inches above her half naked pussy. She froze. She looked down at her nakedness, then up at my cock, down and then up. Then, she looked up and saw that I was staring at her naked pussy. She cleared her throat.

She said, "I think I am feeling much better now. " She then continued, "And it appears that you are doing just fine."

With a smile she pulled her knees up and lifted on her hands behind her. This momentarily gave me a gaping shot of her pussy. I was still hovered over her, with my robe open and my hard cock now within 6 inches of her face.

She blew on my hard cock and then whispered, "We must be giving some neighbors a pretty good show and much to gossip about."

She held out her hand. I thought she was going to reach for my hard cock. But, she was asking me to help her stand up.

I helped her.

She said, "Thank you for coming to my rescue. And, sorry for the clothes. I was just coming out to get the paper so I could look in the want ads for a job."

"Not a problem, believe me, not at all!", I said with a huge smile.

She said, "You better put that thing away for now."

I said, "Hmmmm, for now?"

She laughed, "I've got to go look for a job."

As she turned away, I said, "If you need any help, or if I can help in any way, let me know."

She yelled back, "I will, thanks."

I went home and dreamed of what I had just seen. And, dreamed of our next meeting.

Would anyone like to hear more of this adventure?

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