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Neighbourly Licks


Breen's story..

So I visit home for some groceries and cash from the parents and somehow my pussy gets licked by the neighbour.

My college course workload is fairly easy so I hopped on the train and went home for a surprise visit. Both of my parents were off doing their own thing on this Friday afternoon. I had left my house key at school but our neighbour had a key to our home and we had one for theirs. Worked out good for all the kids, no worries about carrying a key everywhere.

Unfortunately the neighbour wasn't home. Then just as I was about to break into the kitchen window I heard a car next door, a diesel smart car. John owned this funny little car and it fit his outgoing personality. I yelled over to him and asked if he could let me into my house.

John smiled and said he would bring the key right over. I wondered what he was smiling at until I looked down and saw that my v-neck shirt had opened up and my breasts were more exposed than I wanted. I had an 'aha' moment realizing that John must have liked what he saw.

All of the sudden an idea came to my mind.

John and Diane were a cool couple, sharing drinks with me, smoking weed with my dad and having great parties. I knew John pleased Diane cause they left their bedroom window open in the summer and she was loud. He must be good at the sex thing.

When John came through the adjoining gate and handed me the keys I asked him in for a drink. John seemed reluctant at first, he was trying to be a gentleman. I told him I wanted to say thank you upstairs in my room. Not too subtle but hey I am a college gal and not a bad looker so I figure he might be interested.

I have been a swimmer since I was young and my legs and ass are really toned due to training. John watched me when I sunbathed in the summers too so I knew he wasn't a prude.

John said sure. We walked upstairs and as we entered my room I turned and said I needed to change first.

I pulled my shirt up and John stood there and smiled. Then he did something I wasn't expecting.

He asked me to stop.

Then he said, let me do that.

He walked over and turned me around. His hands gently lifted the shirt the rest of the way off. My skin was beginning to get tingly and covered with goose bumps. John expertly undid my bra, the small demi-cup style, and massaged my shoulders a bit. The he kissed my neck. I was being seduced. I wanted to be the seducer but this felt so nice.

John asked me if I wanted to continue, I panted yes.

John's story..

Friday and the weekend is here. Time for a few drinks a puff and some seriously relaxing. Then I hear Breen calling my name. Breen left for college this past August and she must have come home for a visit. She asked me for the key to her house, which we had in case of lost keys.

Her long hair fell off her shoulders in a mess, she must have been trying to work a window open or something. I got the key and went next door to let her in. Breen said she wanted to thank me and that I could come in and have a drink with her. Cool I thought, those tits were falling out of her top and I smiled at them, er her.

Her body was really lean, she was a swimmer and laid out all summer tanning in a small bikini. I have jacked off a few times thinking about her. Now she was climbing the stairs in front of me and I getting a hard-on watching her ass sashay just inches away.

In her room she said she needed to change and began to lift her top off. I asked her to stop, then I said "let me do that".

Breen carries on

His hands slide down my sides and reached around to undo my jeans. He eased them down over my hips and I stepped out of each leg, spreading my feet apart as I did. My pussy was drenched. I wasn't a virgin but this was different, he knew what he was doing.

John turned me around and told me to lie down on the bed.


This young woman was like a goddess. Her skin was smooth and tanned her breasts were round and firm, not too big, and the nipples small and hard. I slide her body out of the jeans and I could smell her womanly scent, she was hot and ready for sex. I had a plan.


I laid down on the bed and John knelt beside me on the bed. He started sucking on my tits and nibbling on my nipples. Just enough teeth to make it almost hurt, wow that felt good. My panties were soaking wet, I wanted to be fucked, like hard. John started kissing my belly and with his tongue began massaging my cunt through my panties. This was new. What was he doing. John pushed my panties down and I slide my legs up and out. His tongue traced the edge of my bush. This guy was making me blush. He spread my pussy lips apart and licked my cunt from bottom to top. I shivered and felt a gush of juice trickle down my ass. He licked the slick juice up and circled my back hole. I never had a guy do that before. Then John sucked my cunt lips and put his finger inside me. An orgasm erupted from my body as he licked my clit and massaged what turned out to be my G-spot. Then he kept going. My hips lifted up to his tongue. In place of his fingers went his tongue. I fucked his tongue and squeezed his head with my legs as another orgasm left me weak.


Breen laid down and I dove onto those nipples like a cat on catnip. I sucked her nipples into my mouth and heard her gasp and moan as I squeezed her breasts and nipples. When I bite softly her moans got deeper. Listening to her body I licked my way down to her cunt. With her panties still on I massaged her cunt through the fabric, it was soaked and beautiful. I worked my tongue into the opening of her pussy and felt her clit emerge from it's hood. I slide her panties down and Breen spread her legs more for me to continue. Her body was so tight I almost came just looking at her. I spread her pussy and licked her from asshole to clit tasting this fine woman's love juice. I began to focus on her clit, sucking and massaging it while my finger found the G-spot hard and swollen inside her pussy. The muscles around her pussy began to spasm and I knew she was about to cum. I kept this up and she almost squeezed my head off with those strong legs as a second orgasm

drained her.


Wow. That was so intense I said to John as my ability to speak came back. I felt totally relaxed and spent. Here I was laying naked in front of John, he still had his clothes on. That had to change. John I said now its my turn to suck on something. John replied that he would love to but he would have to take a raincheck. We planned a visit back at my college dorm at another time. Wow, do I have a story to tell my girlfriends.


My face was covered in pussy juice and as I wiped it on her sheets she said she wanted to suck on my cock now. I had to stop this fantasy but said I would visit her dorm soon to receive her offer.


My girlfriends are going to want a piece of this guys tongue.


My cock may never get soft until I go visit Breen and her girlfriends, maybe she will have a party.

Until then I will have to have my memory of the hot tight body of Breen to keep comming.

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