In Greek mythology the female name for revenge was Nemesis.

Scott could not take his eyes off the voluptuous blonde at the end of the bar. Her wavy hair looked as if it had been styled on a Hollywood sound set. Her blue sleeveless dress hugged her body, showing off every sensual curve. Her breasts (Which he guessed to be a 36DD) strained against the fabric in a lustful manner as if begging to be set free. Her perfectly shaped ass was accented by two long sensual legs. She was simply one of the most seductive creatures he had ever laid eyes on, and resolved by the end of the night, that gorgeously gifted body would be wrapped around his own.

Scott was a quintessential ladies man. He had cheated on nearly every female he had been with, and the latest victim was Amy, whom he had been seeing for nearly six months. During that time he had been with three other women, and she was none the wiser; that is until the evening that Sharon, Amy's best friend caught him at a college bar downtown with his hands down some gals jeans feeling up her ass while kissing her on the neck. She took some photos with her cell phone and the next day had the heart rendering task of showing it to Amy.

Amy was not going to be a victim laying down. The two thought of every possible revenge before hitting on a plan guaranteed to bring the playboy to his knees and make him the laughing stock of every one who knew him.

Room 214B, the Excelsior Motel.

Amy and Sharon rang the door bell and fidgeted nervously as they awaited the response. The door opened and a ravishing blonde with hypnotic eyes and a smile that would melt butter greeted them.

"Are you Monique?"Amy inquired nervously.

The female smiled and ushered them inside. The room was quite comfy and luxurious with art deco paintings and stylish furniture. Duran Duran could be heard playing low on the stereo in the background as they took a seat.

"So what it is exactly that I can do for you two?" Monique remarked as she slipped into a love seat facing the two girls.

"We want to hire you for a very special project. Not so much a night of sex as some old fashion payback,"Amy informed the curious girl.

"Still going to cost you $150 per hour," Monique replied, fully expecting them to simply leave.

"The money is no object. One hour should be more than enough to pull this off," Amy replied. "I—I hate to sound rude but..."

"Oh yes, you want to see if I have the right equipment, is that it?" Monique remarked.

"Yes, I am really sorry, but this has to work just right,"Amy replied.

The two girls watched intently as Monique arose from the table and sauntered over towards them. She was wearing a white halter top with no bra and her massive breasts were dancing wildly inside. She stopped directly in front of them and quickly removed the top, tossing it to the side giving the girls a clear view of the twins. Her firm midriff was bare and a pair of red shorts hugged her shapely bottom. Slipping her fingers into the elastic bands of the shorts she gently tugged them down, along with the light green panties she wore underneath.

Amy and Sharon stared in awe, their mouths agape and eyes bulging out in absolute disbelief at the 8 inch cock that dangled between her legs. The thick meat and bulging veins put most of the guy's cocks they had known to shame. They both knew that Scott was too much of a horn dog to pass up Monique's charms, and once she had him under her spell the damage would be done before he realized that the female he was putting the moves on was a tranny.

"Oh my gawd!" Amy exclaimed as she practically salivated at the sight before her. "But, your breasts are so feminine. Your ass is better than mine. Does...does that work?" she stammered as her eyes continued to fixate on the girl's cock.

Monique returned to the love seat and gave a sexy grin as she wrapped her hand around the thick dick and began to stroke it to life. Both girls swallowed hard as they watched the masturbating girl bring the monster to life. In moments she was rock hard and sat in the chair grinning like a Cheshire cat as she viewed their priceless expressions.

"No more show, unless you are paying for it," Monique replied.

The two snapped back to reality and Amy laid a picture of Scott on the table in front of Monique. For the next hour they laid out the plan meticulously and left her place with a sense of impending victory.

Dante's Inferno night club, one week later

Fate intervened as the guy next to the blonde left with a drink in his hand. Scott wasted no time slipping in beside her. The smell of her perfume was as intoxicating as her sex appeal. In a self-assured tone, he leaned over and spoke.

"Can I buy you a drink? A woman with your looks should never be alone," he mused, laying on the charm.

"Sex on the beach then," the blonde remarked without the slightest hesitation.

Scott flagged the bartender and ordered the drink, as well as one for himself. The two found an isolated table and began some idle chit chat.

"I'm Scott, and you are?"

"Monique," she replied in a quiet tone.

"Nice name. Don't hear that often anymore," he remarked.

"Then you need to get out more baby," Monique replied as she sipped her drink.

The two drank and talked for over an hour before Monique made her move.

"My place is just a few blocks from here. Care to take me home. Maybe I will invite you up," she grinned.

Scott sped the car to her place and turning off the engine leaned over for the first kiss of the night. Her soft feminine lips met his and his libido went into overdrive. His hands found her breasts as if by instinct and began squeezing them firmly.

"Let's take this upstairs lover," she whispered into his ears.

They rode the elevator to her floor and walked down the corridor until they were at 214B. She unlocked the door and ushered him in. The two fell on the couch and began kissing wildly as Scott fought to loosen the straps of Monique's dress.

In the spare bedroom directly behind them, Amy and Sharon awaited with digital cameras ready to capture the most humiliating moment of the prick's life. Monique worked him like a seasoned pro. Letting him loosen the dress until it fell from her bare shoulders. Her thick breasts were no match for his male lust and he began licking and kissin them intently.

Scott's cock was pressing painfully against his jeans. He was going to fuck this goddess into oblivion. Monique rose and pulled Scott up as well. With skillful hands, she began undressing him letting her dress continue to fall to the floor and pool at her feet, leaving her clad in only a pair of panties with the tactfully hidden cock stuffed inside waiting to spring into action. she kissed his chest, seductively running her tongue along his belly button and downward to the top of his jeans.

His heart raced wildly as she slowly unzipped his pants. His cock was rock hard as she slid the jeans down and helped him step out of them. She then slid down his underwear and lowered herself to her knees. Her lips slipped over the head as she began sucking his rigid cock for all it was worth.

"This is fucking great!" Amy whispered as she filmed it through the slit of the open door. She knew the best part was yet to come.

As Monique sucked his thick shaft, she squeezed his balls sending him into sexual overload. He closed his eyes and moaned in delirious pleasure from the warm mouth that was orally fucking him.

"Shit baby, I gotta have you, "Scott moaned as his hands clutched her ass firmly and began rubbing the soft mounds through her silk panties. As Scott pulled the panties down, he felt the thick cock of Monique rise and slap against his own body.

"What the fuck!" he bellowed out as the sight of Monique's rock hard shaft caught his eyes.

In a flash, Monique grabbed him. Swirling him around, she bent him over a table and spread his legs. With his hands pinned behind him, she pressed her raging hard cock against his ass.

That was the cue. The bedroom door sprang open, the lights came on and Scott was staring directly at Amy and Sharon. The image the camera was capturing was pure gold. Scott naked and bent over a table, his cock rock hard. Monique, naked and rock hard behind him, her cock pressing against his ass while she pinned his arms behind him.

"Smile for the camera you piece of shit This will be on YouTube in thirty minutes ,"Amy smiled sadistically. Sharon was in the background laughing hysterically at the sight of Scott and the deer-in-the-headlight look he sported.

True to her word, Amy uploaded the video and then sent the link to everyone on her e-mail list. Within hours the entire town was logging on to see the sight. Aside from his car breaking several speed limits to get out of the city proper, that video was the last anyone ever saw heads or tails of Scott again.

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