tagLoving WivesNever Bet with your Heart Ch. 03

Never Bet with your Heart Ch. 03


I shut down the computer and Jill and I silently went about picking up our clothes scattered on the floor. She went to the bathroom and I plopped down on the couch in the suite after putting my boxers back on. I sat in a daze until my wife walked out of the bathroom. She just had a t-shirt on and her panties -- god was there anything that she didn't look amazing in I wondered.

She came over to the couch and I patted on my knees and she sat down on them.

"So what are you thinking?" she asked.

"I'm not sure really," I replied. "My mind is kind of swimming right now."

"Yeah mine too," said Jill. "Do you think he knows?"

"I don't know," I said. "Part of me says no way and then again part of me thinks how could he not? I really don't know. All I know is we know it was him that was watching. And that he thinks of you as his dream woman."

"How does that make you feel, knowing that?" Jill asked.

"Well he didn't get this far in life by being a dumb guy," I said as I smiled. "What's not to love about you? I can't blame him that is for sure."

"What are we going to do? Do we act like nothing happened?" Jill asked.

"That is probably best for right now. Let's just act normal around him and see if he brings it up. That is probably the best thing to do."

Jill agreed and said that her fantasy night had been wonderful but that it was still missing one thing. I didn't need another hint and took her to bed and we had sex again. I couldn't get the image of her and Ty masturbating to each other out of my head and even though I had just shot my load less than 30 minutes earlier I had a hard time holding on. Jill was as wet as ever and I felt like her mind was on what she saw earlier too as we really pawed at each other and it was more animalistic sex than our normal variety.

After kissing each other for a while she rolled over and nodded off pretty quick as the evening's events went back through my mind. I couldn't sleep and after about an hour I got up and went back to the computer. I logged onto the website and saw we literally had hundreds of messages. They were all from the time we had been doing our cam show and most were just a few words or one liners about how hot Jill was. My erection returned as I continued reading and deleting the messages as I went.

As I got to the last message I recognized the small picture form the profile as the picture from Ty's profile. His message had come in well after the show ended and I read it with my heart pounding. The message read -- Thank you for a wonderful experience. You are simply gorgeous and I can only imagine how great you must be in person. I know the opportunity to experience you in person does not exist since you are married but please know how gorgeous you are and let your husband know just how lucky he is. XOXO.

I wasn't sure what was throbbing more, my cock or my heart. I read the note again, trying to see if there was anything that would give away whether Ty knew it was my Jill he was talking to. It was hard to tell. My heart told me he did not know but my gut said he did. Either way he certainly wasn't pursuing anything with his message. I should have deleted it so Jill could never see it, but I didn't.

Instead, I flipped through his pictures, one by one again and started stroking my cock to them. It exploded for the third time that night the moment I saw the picture of my wife on his profile and his words about her being his dream woman.

We woke up that morning and had a quickee and then played some more in the shower. We didn't want to check out until we had to. We didn't talk about the night before but I wondered if it was still in her mind as much as it was in mine.

That night back at home my wife said we should do something nice for Ty for going above and beyond his betting requirement. My heart skipped as I wondered what she meant and my cock started to grow. She noticed my freeze and smiled and came over to me and kissed me and felt for my dick and giggled.

"No, not that honey," she said. "I was thinking cookies. I'll be back in a few."

With that she got up, grabbed her purse and was out the door. She returned about 20 minutes later with bags from the store. She had dinner for us and spent the next few hours baking cookies for Ty. She put them in some Tupperware and wrote a note to put on top. It said -- "We had a great time, thanks to you... Go Heels!"

There was some double meaning in those words I knew, but felt the note was in good-natured fun. I took the cookies to work the next day and put them on Ty's desk. He wasn't in that day but did come in on Tuesday morning. I tried to talk to him but he was moving a mile and minute. He did thank me for the cookies and said to thank Jill for him and that he'd catch up with me later.

When I got home Jill asked how it went and if he gave any indication that he knew. I told her not really and that I felt kind of brushed off by him but maybe he was just busy from being out of the office. We were both dying to know if he knew but unless we flat out asked him we were probably never going to find out. We really hoped things would be like normal as we both really liked Ty and enjoyed hanging out with him.

Ty did act a bit strange the rest of the week and we finally grabbed some lunch on Friday and nothing was mentioned and things seemed pretty normal. I asked if everything was ok and he said it was, just a lot of work stuff was going on. I told him he should meet us on Saturday to watch some games but he said he couldn't. He was heading out of town to visit family.

In the meantime Jill and I were fucking like rabbits every night. And it was pure sex, no talking, not love and it was hard and fast. I knew what was in my mind the whole time but never had the nerve to ask Jill what was in hers. I decided not to ask.

The next week Ty declined a mid-week offer to join us for an after work beer and the next day I told him that Jill was beginning to think he was avoiding us. He laughed and said that wasn't true. So I told him to meet us Saturday night for drinks and dinner since Carolina and Duke were going to be on TV at the same time and we could watch both games. He agreed to meet us.

I told Jill that night that Ty was going to meet us on Saturday. She wondered how it would go. After all she had not seen him since she had her fingers buried in her pussy and was watching him stroke his towering cock. I asked her if she was going to be okay and she said yes she would be fine.

We met Ty that Saturday night at our usual place. I had wondered if Jill was going to get specially dressed up for him but she did not. She really did act as if she was not nervous at all. Maybe it was just me. I thought hings settled in pretty quickly between all of us like nothing unusual had happened since the last time we had all been together. It was definitely in the back of my mind and I knew it was in Jill's too. The only question that still remained was whether Ty knew and was it on his mind as well.

When Ty got up to use the restroom I looked over at Jill and without saying anything to her she answered me.

"He knows," she said.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I just do. He won't look me in the eye. He's a bit nervous. He's trying to be himself but it is not natural," she replied.

"Are you going to say something?" I asked her.

"Yes, we need to get it out in the open sooner than later," she replied.

Ty returned and we all chit-chatted again watching the games. When it came to halftime we all focused on each other instead of the TV's. Finally, my wife stopped the conversation and looked right at Ty.

"Ty," she started. "I need to ask you something that is a bit awkward but I think you know what I am going to ask."

Ty sunk his head down. I now knew for sure that he did know.

"When did you know?" Jill asked.

Ty continued to look down as he took a few deep breaths. Finally he looked up at her and then at me.

"I've known for awhile," he said. "The moment I saw the first picture you posted on the website I knew it was you. I recognized the birthmark on your butt immediately because I had my own pictures of it. And I checked every day to see if more pictures were up and loved every time they were. And then that night when you guys got on the cam and I just..."

Ty stopped and no one said a word.

"I'm so sorry Jill," he finally said. Then he looked at me. "I'm so sorry. As your friend I should never have done that."

No one said a word for almost a minute before Jill spoke up.

"Ty, it's okay. You're still our friend. We think the world of you and we don't want this to change anything," she said. "And you should definitely not feel bad about it. We were in an open forum, and it happened."

Ty looked at her and said, "When did you know?"

Jill looked over at me, looked a bit ashamed and then looked back at Ty.

"The moment I heard your voice," she said.

That caught me off guard as I looked at her and she saw me and had a sad look on her face. I knew she had an idea after we were done and knew for sure once we saw her picture on his profile but now she was saying she knew before it ever got out of hand.

She looked over at me and said, "Sorry."

"Why didn't you stop it then?" said Ty.

"Why didn't you?" Jill responded.

"I just couldn't," he replied. "I never wanted you to know. I never sent you guys a message. But when I saw you on cam that night I just couldn't stop myself from telling you what I thought. I had sent at least ten comments before you answered and clicked on me. I never thought you'd click on me so I was telling you all the things that I knew I could never say to your face."

We were both floored.

Ty continued, "And once you replied I didn't know what to do. I tried to act cool and confident but I was shaking inside. I couldn't resist my one chance with you, even if it was happening in this way. I am so sorry and as much as it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen I really wish now it had never happened."

He paused before finishing, "I can go if you guys want me to."

"No, don't do that," I replied before my own dramatic pause. "But I do have one question for you. The message you sent to us later that night. Was that for Jill and did you want her to know?"

Now it was Jill's turn to look at me puzzled. "What message?" she asked.

"Ty sent a note to us later that night. I never deleted it so it is still there. I just didn't tell you about it."

I looked at Ty for a response.

"I just wanted her to know what I felt about her but didn't want to her to know it was me. I wanted to say what I wanted to say and then go on knowing I had told her how beautiful and amazing I thought she was, well, I mean is."

Jill was turning pretty flushed and I thought my heartbeat was probably loud enough for the whole bar to hear.

Ty looked flustered too but finally spoke again looking at Jill. "So you never answered. If you knew it was me, why did you continue? You could have clicked away once you realized and it would never have happened."

Jill thought about her answer for a moment.

"Because I didn't want to stop either, " Jill confirmed. "I was in the middle of fulfilling a fantasy for my husband and was very caught up in it and when I realized it was you it added a spark that I had never felt. It was so taboo and at that point. And I didn't think you knew it was me so I didn't think it was going to be a big deal. Ever since the night you saw me in my panties I've had all these things running through my head. I couldn't look away from you. After my orgasm I realized it was a mistake."

If I had even shifted in my seat and my cock had rubbed my boxers a smidge it would have been all she wrote so I sat as still as a statue.

Ty was again the one to break the ice. "Look, I love you two. I mean it. Both of you. Jill you are beautiful and funny and I love being around you and," he stopped, a bit choked up as he looked at me.

"And you're as good a friend as I have. For whatever reason I don't have many and maybe it is because of things like this, but I think the world of you. And I love your marriage, and I love the two of you together and watching you together. And I am so jealous of what you two have. I would never forgive myself if I was the cause of something that hurt what you two have. I'm not even sure what else to say now."

It looked as if a tear was welling up in his eye as he finished talking. I wish I knew at that moment what was going on in Jill's mind but I wanted to make sure Ty knew everything would be okay so I reached out my hand to him.

"Don't worry about it," I said. "We're cool."

He smiled as he reached out and shook my hand. Jill also seemed to have a tear in her eye but she got up and walked to the other side of the table to Ty. She leaned down and put her hands on each side of his face.

"I'm totally flattered by everything you said to me," she said. "And I think you are an incredible guy."

She leaned in further and gave him a kiss on the lips that took him, and me, by surprise. After the kiss she smiled at him and walked over to me and put her arms out. I scooted my chair out and she got in my lap and hugged me and kissed me even longer.

"And you are even more incredible," she whispered in my ear.

Then I could tell she could feel my hard on and she smirked at me before whispering back into my ear.

"Try to hold off and I'll make it worth your while later."

Jill remained on my lap and flagged down the waitress and she came over and Jill ordered three shots as we started to pay attention to the basketball again. Both games were well into the second half by now, our attention having been elsewhere. The shots arrived and Jill gave one to each of us before offering a toast.

"I am such a lucky woman to have a husband like you," she started as she kissed my cheek. "And a great friend like you," as she stood up and kissed Ty's cheek before returning to my lap. "So let's drink to a great friendship, a crazy night of nakedness and to getting things back to normal."

Jill raised her shot and we all did the same and slammed them down.

Ty started to laugh and Jill asked him what was so funny.

"Well, since all this is out in the open, I feel like I can tell you why Ashley and I broke up now," he said. "We were having sex one night and we were really going after it and I was fucking her as hard as I could and was about to cum and as I started to cum I said 'Oh yes Jill' to her. I've never seen a woman get so mad in my life. She tossed me aside and said she knew it and stormed out."

Jill had been wiggling her ass a bit on me the whole time Ty was telling his story and she started to laugh when he finished and the thought of Ty thinking about fucking my wife as he was with his girlfriend was too much for my throbbing cock and my wife's wiggling and I started cumming. After a few spurts I could tell that Jill knew. She cracked a small smile out of the corner of her mouth before leaning back to whisper to me.

"Don't worry baby. I thought the story was hot too."

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fag cuck shit.

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