tagRomanceNever Lose That Feeling

Never Lose That Feeling


The light green of the trees canopied over my head as you held my hand tighter. I shifted my gaze to you with a small smirk on my face and you turned your head towards the small creek flowing by your side. The water ran over the rocks and lost tree roots, providing for all the wildlife of the small forest. The dusk surrounds our bodies and turns the sky delicate shades of pink and purple.

I stand on the edge of the water watching the tips of my sneakers get wet. With a playful push, you make me think I'm going in the water. Ha Ha... But instead of getting angry, I laugh. You always find a way to make me laugh. I lean my back against the strong oak tree. It seems like it's there just for my support; to hold me up. It's been waiting all these years. I look around at the picturesque setting we find ourselves in. Too romantic for words, I just give you a gentle kiss on the cheek and you understand. Desire pours from your thoughts in a sigh close to me as you press your body onto mine pinning me against me oak tree. Your eyes grow soft and your eyebrows rise gently, glaring at me as you usually do. That look, that expression is what I live for. It's the same look a man makes what the woman he wants is a few moments away from fulfilling the pain in his heart from not kissing him. That's all you want. You don't need to say it, but I know. I've kissed you enough times to see how your expression changes.

I coil my arms around your neck, teasing your nape with my fingertips and you close your eyes pressing your forehead onto mine. I feel your breath on my patient lips, keeping my thoughts warm and the rest of my body weak. I gave into the temptation of your taste and pressed my lips to yours. This gentle embrace released a sigh from my body and your arms around me tightened and held me closer. Your kiss became deeper and sweeter and I couldn't have moved away if I wanted to. My body hungered for it, craved it. Like sugar, your mouth so sweet it almost hurts, but I still indulge. I wrap my fingers into your shirt, tugging at the cloth and pulling your hips closer to me.

Your mouth nibbles on my lower lip and your eyes open to see the hunger in mine. Empathetic to my smile, the seductive gaze moves from side to side before sliding your hands up my shirt. Your touch warms my skin like a deep sip of Chardonnay. I rest my tired eyes and lean back, mouth agape, waiting for your touch to shift. Your head cocks to the side and you wait. Watch me desperately to react to anything you do. Aware of each thing and each emotion you express, I cry your name out with a plea.

"Never take your hand off me. Forever. Just keep touching me."

My breath goes dry from breaths forced by your grasp. Both hands take my breasts and send my body into a numb passion. You place your cheek on mine and whisper in assurance.

"With skin so soft, you'll have to kill me to stop touching you."

With that your tongue snakes out of your mouth and ravages my skin from neck to forehead in one swift motion. This playful move turned seductive by the heat of passion made my knees go weak and my grip on you tighter so I don't fall. My lips find your neck and I feel your blood skip a beat. The wind blew strong but we were so close the air couldn't pass through us. Only around, circling us in a sensual whirlwind. Nature taking hold of us and doing what the feel like with our souls.

You pull my shirt over my head and give a quick look around to see if there are any spectators as I remove yours as well. Our hungry mouths move all over exposed flesh raining kisses upon kisses, never satisfied. My exposed back pushes hard against the tall oak's bark and scrapes my flesh, but my body is numb by your touch- nursing my wounds without even realizing. I feel the tickle of your stomach on mine and I giggle softly. Again, making me laugh without effort. Our bodies move together, pushing closer (if we could possibly be any closer) and harder. I feel my body begin to melt but I keep my composure and press my knee in between your legs to tease. Two can play your game.

Your hands, strong and rough smooth down my skin and run along the sides of my body, resting on my hips to pull my body to yours. My body cries for something, anything. A release.

"I need you inside me. I want to feel you inside."

With a small smirk that could melt an ice cream cone in the middle of January, you slip out a small laugh.

"Patience, my love. I want enjoy every moment of you one breath at a time."

My mind was racing with pleas and desires and needs fuzzed over in a fog of pleasure and I couldn't give any response other than my mouth crushing yours. With the weight of your body resting on mine, you pulled from my chest to look into my wild eyes. You lick your bottom lip and trail a finger from my throat to my sternum to my stomach and rest on the clasp of my jeans. The goose bumps that formed under your finger grew as you unbuttoned my pants and pulled the zipper down in a slow, painful gesture. You brought your lips a breath away from mine and lingered there before kissing the breath from me, keeping your eyes open. Your fingers find my juices already flowing for you and you plunge them into me in a smooth fast motion that took me by surprise. My mouth stopped and a small cry escaped me as my body feels as if my blood was replaced by the smoothest silken strand and threaded through my body. My eyes begin to close and you stop me.

"No, keep your eyes open. I want to see them on mine when I give into you."

Complying to the demands of a madman, my wide eyes fog over in desire and want as a tide of orgasm ripples over my skin and I dig my fingers into your hips. "Now", you chant as I sip the zipper of your shorts and pull you towards me and fill me deep and strong. It's been so long since I felt this close to you. It's been centuries since I've had you inside me- emotionally and physically. But I feel it all now, reminding me in machine-gun thrusts of your body into mine. Your eyes never left mine and told me that you feel the same. Even if you didn't, which I found out later that you're a good liar, I didn't care. No one can take this moment away from me.

A lonely bird above our heads cries for attention but all I know is what you can give me right now. My burning back pushes harder at the separated bark fo the tree and I feel my skin rip from the friction but I hold you closer and your lips replace your chant with my name. Music to my ears when your mouth whispers my name. I'm here. It's alright. I'm here. I feel your voice crack in the passion of my spoken name, flow like rose petals off your tongue. Our bodies drive each other to our peaks of our sexuality and we burst frozen in pleasure and time together in this embrace. Your hot forehead rests on mine and you smile. That smile kills me as I see the lies in it later when I lie awake in bed. But at that moment, as that exact second beats... I feel like I could fly.

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