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I have been thinking about you all day, after I got home from work I was just lying on the bed for a bit just wondering if you were ok and what you were up to, I then got to thinking about how I could combine my 2 favorite things. You & women.

I'm in one of those crazy moods babe so sit back, relax and let me take you on a sensual trip of delight, let me share with you my fantasy. I have been thinking about the new reception girl you have, I would love to have my way with her and for us to touch and fuck our new found friend, I want you to slip a huge double headed dildo into us both and watch us fuck each other into a feeling of pure X-tasy.

I can picture her right now, I think she is so beautiful, I think that she has a beautiful body, it excites me the thought of her lying on our bed, looking so tranquil. It excites me to share this with you, it excites me to close my eyes and see her lying there nervously waiting not knowing what to expect. I can see her large heavy breasts, the sight of her breasts as they lay in her black lacey bra, and the sight of her puffy shaven cunt behind her lace panties. Do you like the sight? Does she excite you too my love?

I can see you there with her, you cuddle up to her, oh yeah that's great you give her a couple of pecks on the cheek, oh then around her ears, the neck, her cheeks and across to her full sensual lips. You start to kiss her and move your hands down her body to caress her luscious thighs.

My hands are all over her too now baby, oh god she feels so full of life, so soft, so smooth, oh honey. She has her hands on my body now, my heart going at a million miles and hour with every movement, I can feel her soft hands on my body, I feel so relaxed, I'm enjoying her rub her hands up and down my body as I watch you kiss every part of her. Now baby you give her a long passionate kiss, you press your body hard up against hers, you let her feel the heat of your body, you slide your hands all over her, you grab her tits honey, you squeeze them, you lick them oh you are turning her on babe. I want to see her wiggle in delight, I want to see her pussy moist with juice...

I run my hand down her body and start to fondle her crotch, I can feel her juices through her panties baby, oh you are so good, I want to taste her now the feel of her warm caress sets my body of fire the feel of her wet pussy though her panties makes me crazy. I want her!!!

Still with my eyes closed I can see I just sit back for a while and watch you turn her on... she is so fucking hot for you, I think you know it to that's when you start to strip her, freeing her sexy body. Yes yes babe spread her pussy, spread her lips nice and wide, play with her clit. Play with her clit as I move myself in between her legs and taste her. My tongue slipping in and out of her hole, tasting every drop of her juice, flicking my tongue in and out of her, faster and faster, jamming it in deep, so deep inside her tight wet snatch. I love watching you with your fingers playing with her clit as I tongue fuck her, oh and I can feel she loves it, her snatch getting tighter around my tongue. She is so fucking wet, she is so tight oh and her moans are getting so load, oh yeah ooohhhhhh.

Will you fuck her baby? Will you jam your huge cock into her arse honey? I know she'd love that.

I can see us moving around the bed, she is lying on her back, I have my legs straddled either side of her face and you, well you are in between her legs, she wraps her hands around my legs and lowers my body gently onto her awaiting tongue. You run your hand through her pussy getting it nice and wet and then rubbing that hand up and down your shaft, I can see as you are doing that you are slowly easing your way into her tight arse hole, she grabs my legs hard, digging her nails into me, she jams me so hard onto her face, oh yeah fuck her hard oh yeah, fuck her with nice long even strokes, I want to see you cum, I want to see every last drop of cum trickle from your hot love muscle. Yeah baby harder, faster, yeah yeah, go for it babe, ohhhh. Faster give it to her babe, give it to her good, oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

You are so sexy, I love the way you fuck, so strong, so hard, so fast!!!

Will you do something else for me now? Will you fuck us both with the dildo?

Put the dildo inside us both, slip it deep inside us both, slip it into our tight wet snatches. Oh it feels so good, so big like you. Oh I love looking at her pussy, the way her pussy locks itself around the giant cock. We start to fuck each other it feels so great, our hands all over each others bodies rocking back and forth, jamming the rod deep into each other, oh she is so good, she feels so good. Oh I'm so close, she will soon have me at breaking point, oh fuck me hard oh yes, oh emmmmmm, baby she's going to make me cum. Would you like that? Oh baby we are both so wet and so fucking close, oh honey ram it into me hard, yes, yes ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

I'm Cumming.

I can feel her cumming too babe, kiss me, kiss me , oh so passionately.

We pull away from each other and all collapse on the bed wondering what our next meet will bring.

Another hard on at work my love, tut tut, what will I do with you??

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