tagNonHumanNever To Part

Never To Part


I can remember what he said to me the last time I saw him alive. "You could never love me."

And with that, he was gone, and I never did seem him again. I was grateful, the day he walked out, that he hadn't used the occasion as an opportunity to bring me down lower than he had already. A month or so later, his brother called and informed me that he had been killed in a car accident, going 90 and high on coke, straight into an embankment. It was in those moments when the earth dropped away that I learned to regret never having lived out with him what life I may have had.

Which brings me to what I set out to do.

I like the way the earth smells after the rain, sweet and female. Once you pass the Mason-Dixon this is doubly so, due to the heat. I was wearing sandals and a simple sundress, and I could feel the cold drops fling off the grass and splatter high up my leg. I came to a wrought iron gate that stood wide open and paused for a moment. I took two pills out of my dress pocket and swallowed them dry. It was now or never.

I followed the gravel path down towards the back of the cemetery, which took me down a hill and through what could only be described as a grove. There weren't too many plots here, because digging through the roots of the trees would've been too much of a pain in the ass. It was getting dark, and the overcast sky was lit an unreal ocean bottom blue, hurting my eyes. But this was a path I had been down a thousand times since the day he died, and I knew my way without aid.

I came to the plot of earth that was marked as his for eternity. A monument with his name, simple and elegantly carved, sat at the head of his eternal bed. For as long as I walked the earth, in agony at the absence of his loss, why should he rest in peace? I took of my sundress and sandals and lay on his grave.

In the dark, all I could see was the white of my skin and a few snips of brilliant and wicked-colored sky above me. I spread my legs and ran my hand up the inside of my thigh.

I could imagine, there would be a special hell for lovers lost, where they sat in eternity. And in this hell he waited, pale and smelling like the clay to which he had been committed, rotting leaves in his hair, under his eyes hollowed, black and bruised. With my index and ring finger I spread my cunt open wide and traced lazy circles around my clit with my middle finger. I was slippery now, like the rocks on a river bottom. The pills were beginning to kick in, and the earth seemed to hum beneath me. The night was electric and alive, and the more I pictured him, the more real it seemed that he waited.

I closed my eyes and I could feel the cold breath of the grave like a winter breeze on my neck and I shivered. Soon enough the earth pulsed beneath me (or was that my heart?) and I was thoroughly confused as to where I stopped and the world began. It was then that rough cold hands grasped my thighs roughly, bruising me. I tried to sit up and was forced rudely back to the ground that seemed to tilt up to meet me.

Above me, he was there. In this darkness I could see little of what had become of him, except for the whiteness of his skin and the dark hollows where his eyes must have been. He brought up a cold hand and traced my cheek. A moment passed like eternity, and he bent down. Ice cold lips kissed my forehead, my eyelids, my cheek, and the corner of my mouth. His hair fell in my face, smelling like dirt and driving me insane. Then downward those lips went, and locked tightly on a nipple, teeth grazing lightly over the sensitive tip. Two cold fingers slid into my slick cunt, and I moaned. He pumped them back and forth using his thumb to massage my clit, and then he pulled back and licked his fingers. He bent down to kiss me on the lips this time, and I could taste myself through the earth of his mouth.

His cock was solid against my thigh, and the tip was slick with a few drops of cold pre-cum. Dizzy, I grabbed a hold of him and pulled him down close to me. A moment later, that ice-cold thing was deep inside me, deep enough to hurt and numb at the same time. His mouth sought my breast again and was soon drawing small droplets of blood with his teeth and licking them heavily away with his cold tongue. Then tracing a line with his tongue, his mouth sucked gently on my neck. At the final moment, he sunk his teeth deep in my neck, bruising the tendons, and nearly choking me. As he did so, the muscles in my cunt tightened, and brought us both to cum, my hot fluids and moments later his cold semen, rushing deep within me and running down my thigh.

I leaned back, drugged and dazed, and he pulled away. Too tired and dizzy to make much of a pursuit of him any longer, I weakly reached out, my fingers grazing his arm. Before I could catch him, he was gone. I turned on my side, and fell asleep. I awoke in the early hours of the morning, tears I had cried in my sleep still staining my face.

I would go now, but while I walked this earth alone, I would not let his memory rest in peace.

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