tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew At The Job (The Whole Story)

New At The Job (The Whole Story)


Copyright Linnet Turns © 2002

Hello, my name is Diana and after a prolonged selection processes I started at my new job. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing, every time I was by the photo copier the men all seemed to be stood around watching me and chatting, was I doing something wrong or was it just my imagination? Later that week I found out what it was all about.

David was my supervisor, on my third day he said there was an office meting meeting a sort of get to know you session. As I was keen to please I asked what he wanted me to do. You will find out its nothing formal, was the last words he said as he disappeared into his office.

The clock stuck struck 5.00; all the other women were putting there their coats on. I didn't realise at that time that I was the point of the meeting. I went into the room; it was in total darkness. I fumbled for the switch but as I did my hand was grabbed and held behind my back, another hand was over my mouth, and I was pushed to the floor. I then felt my eyes being covered as well as my mouth by some type of tape.

I felt lots of hand playing with my clothes; first my skirt, then my blouse, my bra was next, then my knickers had been removed. I could feel hands all over me exploring me, my breast and nipples were being mauled I felt one hand on my pussy, then a finger was in my pussy, then I felt it flick my clit. .Another was playing with my ass and I could feel it putting pressure on my anus, but he gave up when I clenched my buttock buttocks together making it impossible to penetrate my hole.

Without warning I was bent over a table, my face hitting the hard surface. I was held face down; then I realised what I was in for. It was a gang rape. Why me? I must have done something to encourage them and to show I would like this but what I hadn’t any idea. Soon a prick was inside me thrusting for all it was worth. I could hear the man grunting as he had his way with me. After three or four minutes I felt him jerk and he shot his wad into my pussy. As he pulled his prick out I felt a splash on my exposed ass. Within seconds another prick was inside; he lasted less time than the first. Two or three thrust thrusts and he shot into me. Then another man; his prick seemed bigger and thicker and he was thrusting harder than all the others. I could feel his balls slapping up against me as he drove into me to the hilt. I counted 10 men in all shooting there cum into me. Then it was all over. I heard the door open and the men seemed to leave.

“Say anything and it will be your ass next time. Don’t move for ten minutes unless you want more of the same.”

Then the door slammed shut, I felt humiliated and violated in every way. I just sat there. I plucked up the courage to remove the tape across my eyes and mouth. It stung as I removed it but it was nothing compared to the way my pussy felt. I hoping hoped that no one was there to see my shame. The room was black, no lights at all but I found the light switch and turned it on. As I walked over to where my clothes had been piled I felt cum seeping from my bruised pussy.

I tried not to let any drop as I didn’t want to leave any evidence that this had happened to me, so I fished in my handbag and found some tissues and cleaned up the mess as best as I could, before pulling on my knickers. As I pulled them up, and they came in contact with my sex I felt my lips release another load of cum, soaking them immediately and I felt my eyes well up. I put my bra in my bag, and then put my blouse back on, then my skirt as if nothing had happened. I took a look around the room just to make sure there was no evidence then turned off the light and shut the door behind me. Then I left the building saying good night to the security guard on the way. Was he one of the men who raped me? I had no way of knowing.

I got home, then replayed the day in my mind, thinking about the way the woman women looked at me and what I had don’t done to get such treatment. It was then I decided to get even with them all. I got in the shower washing every inch of myself clean, then removing the head of the shower I used the hose to clean my pussy, clean turning it on hard to make sure it was all out. As the water flowed into me filling me I started to become aroused, so I started to play with my clit. As the water washed my inside clean my orgasm washed my mind clean of the idea that I was going to be there their victim. The waves of this orgasm were fantastic. I couldn’t stand; I had to lie down and let them flow. As I did, the hose slipped from my body and the steady stream of water ceased and I began to hatch a plan.

After my shower I emptied out my handbag. There were all the tissues I had used to wipe away the evidence of the rape. As I looked at them I formed my plan. Going into my kitchen I got ten sandwich bags, and then put one tissue in each bag, sealed them writing the date and time of the rape on each of them. Returning to the office the following day was hard but if my plan was to work I had to act normal. The same security guard was on the front desk as I went into the office building. I went over to him I looked at his badge and said, “Hi Peter.” As if I knew his name all along.

He looked tired. He said. “Hello Miss.” I cut him off mid sentence. “I was in a meeting last night and I was supposed to take notes but when I got home and reviewed my tape recording, my machine chewed the tape up. Is there any way I could view the security tape so I could complete my notes. I wouldn’t ask but it’s only my first week and I don’t want to get sacked in the first week.” He asked me what room and I told him. He then said that it was his duty to change the tapes before he went home and if he met him at 8.30 he would get me the tape. ‘Wow,’ I thought. ‘At least he hadn’t hasn’t seen the tape or wasn’t in on it.’

I went to my desk and paid no attention to any of the others in the office. I was looking at the clock and got up to meet Peter at 8.30, and then I heard a man’s voice that I recognised from the night before. It was Adrian; he was the office manger and David’s boss. Shit this was bigger than I thought. My plan had just evolved to another level but I needed the tape as proof of what happened before any of them realised what I was up to.

I met Peter, but he didn’t give me the tape. But he said. “I have seen what they did. Be careful and don’t do anything till you see me meet me in the Business Arms pub down the road at lunch time. I returned to my desk. When I got back to my desk David was there. He said that Adrian wanted to meet me. I bit my lip and stopped myself from saying that he already had, but I turned on my heels heel and followed David to Adrian’s office. David knocked on the door and then he walked in.

“Diana, come in. that that will be all Kay” he said to the woman that was putting some files away. She picked up her note pad and left the room looking at me strange strangely as she did so.

As soon as he spoke I knew it was him that gave the orders the night before, but without the tape I couldn’t prove anything so I let him play his game. he started of off by saying that he had heard nothing but glowing reports regarding my work over the past few days, and the report from last nights night’s department meeting. Every “Everyone was satisfied with your performance at short notice.” I was puzzled by this statement so all I said was “Thank them all for me.” Why I said that I don’t know, but what was I going to say? “Yes I enjoyed being raped, thank you very much.”

He turned to David and told him he wasn’t needed, with that David left the office shutting the door behind him. Adrian pushed a button on his desk and then said. , “We won’t be disturbed now.”

He stood up from behind his desk and came around to the front and stood right in front of me but lent back on his desk my eyes were level with his crotch then to my surprise he said. “ON YOU KNEES.”

I didn’t move but he grabbed my hair and pulled me out of the chair Saying. “On your knees bitch.” He then undid his belt and placed it around my neck in a practiced practised move and I could tell I wasn’t the first to be in this position. “Your choice slut you suck me or your arse.”

He then pulled on the belt choking me. I began to remove his trousers and his shorts It was him the big one from the night before he wasn’t hard but I could tell it was the same man he pulled on the belt again and my head jolted forward I started to lick his member then took the head in my mouth It stretched my mouth as it went in but as I got his head in he thrust forward and he hit the back of my throat and I gagged he with drew and pushed it in again harder and I could feel him slip down a bit further out and in each time deeper into me I gulped air each time he pulled out and soon he was in me all the way and I was powerless to do anything about it his thrust became faster and faster then on a hard thrust he shot his cum deep down inside my throat and I began to choke I heard him shout “SWALLOW BITCH” and I did what he instructed it was very hard as his dick was all the way inside me but somehow I managed it then he pulled out pushing me to the floor.

“Now get that dress and your knickers off and sit there and perform for me.”

For the rest of that morning I was his entertainment I had to play with my self and use objects that he handed me from around the office and he told me what to do with them while he sat at his desk answering the phone and doing what ever else he was doing at one point I had a bulldog clip on each of my nipples and another on my clit while he was ramming a coke bottle into me. I had cum several times and by this point I didn’t know or care what was happening to me I had no idea of what time it was and I didn’t care all I knew was I was having sexual stimulation like I had never had before and I didn’t want it to end.

A week later I was on my way home from work and as usual, I had to work I was now the office bitch, and I knew if I didn’t get all the paper work finished I would have to do it over the weekend and I had other plans for this weekend. It was a warm and my suit felt hot and heavy, it was black and businesslike, but cut to show off all my curves and it was short enough to keep the men looking at my arse I loved to tease them by giving them a quick glimpse just to keep them interested.

I had learned in the first few weeks in this office the only way to stay here was to keep the men happy and my thoughts of revenge on them, had not gone away but I was now happy to have the eye of all the men and to be the office slut was amazing experience to say the least.

I loved the feel of their eyes on me, though I never let on that I did, but I always wore stockings with the top’s just barely covered by the short, tight ass-hugging skirt I knew turned the men on so much. As it was Friday I never wore knickers or a bra; that made it so much easier when I was bent over a desk or the photocopier for one of the associates to have there their end away before going home to their own boring wives. I was always wondering if any of the men or women in the typing pool had got any idea about my lack of underwear or the true nature of my job. It was always a source of great pleasure for me teasing them during my otherwise boring day.

That was it, I had finished at last putting the last piece of mail into the out tray I headed for the elevator and pressed the button for the parking garage. On my homeward journey towards my car, I kicked off my shoes glad to be out of the spiked heels that had been making my ankles ache so much for the last hour.

Walking across the cold concrete floor of the parking garage felt so nice. I was tired from a long day of typing and fucking but I was increasingly wishing I had somewhere to go to relieve some of my day's tension in my favourite way. I just thought perhaps I would go to a chat room tonight and along with a bottle of wine I would cyber Charm or Gaylord; we will see after a long soak in the bath.

I reached in my pocket for my keys and went 'round to put my bag in the boot, as I slammed the boot down, something pinned me to the bumper. I tried to turn around to see what was going on, but a hand grabbed my hair and yanked my head back so hard I thought my neck was going to snap. Just then another hand reached inside my jacket and fondled one of my braless tits through my flimsy t -shirt.

I soon realised I couldn't move and I felt a rising panic. Who was this? No one have had ever wanted to fuck me outside the office before. Was this part of the game or was I actually being raped? I tried to scream but a rough hand reached around my head and over my mouth, then another was up under my skirt from behind, then I heard a sharp intake of breath and a shouts of wow as my attackers realised they had exposed my luscious arse! This was just like one of my internet fantasies, but no one knew about them except Charm and Gaylord! Then I realised my stupidity; one of them must know me, but which one? Gaylord was in the States so it must have been Charm. Despite the terror I was feeling, I felt a warm sensation gently spreading between my legs.

Another hand reached around me and pulled my jacket open and over my shoulders, then they tried to remove my T-shirt the same way but it got stuck on my shoulders. Then it seemed just to drop off me as though it had been cut away with a knife, and my top clothing was violently pulled away from my body, leaving my hot hard tits exposed to the cool of my cars metal boot and the air of the garage.

My arms were then tied behind my back and my bonds seemed very hard, like a thin belt of some kind. Now this meant another pair of hands were free to explore my body, hands or was it just one set? I was no longer sure. Then I got my answer. I was spun around and there were the two men who grabbed an arm each and hoisted my bare arse onto the boot of my car. The cool of the paint work sent a shiver up my spine.

Then of them slapped my cunt and said, “Are you going to be a good little whore for us?”

I just looked at the two men in horror as I knew both of them as file clerks. These were seen as the lowest of the low in the office infrastructure and no body even acknowledged their existence. You just pressed a button on the phone and when they arrived you pointed at the pile of files that had to be moved and they did it. One of these could not be Charm or Gaylord but that did not matter I felt my life was in danger, so all I said was, “Yes I will be a good little whore for you.”

Then they grabbed one leg each and pulled them down so they rested on the bumper of my car then attached them to the bumper with two belts. I tried to struggle but this only got me another slap across my cunt. This time it seemed to go between my arse cheeks as well making contact with my tight little arse hole,; it was so hard it made me jump, but with me spread across the boot of my car it was only my arse that moved!

“This is only the beginning of your punishment,” one said.

“What the fuck do you want?” The two men just looked at me and then I realised just how stupid my question was and with the pain of the belts around my ankles I just wanted the ordeal over, with then one of my attackers undid his trousers and dropped them to his knees, he was already hard but from my precarious position half on and half off the boot of my car I didn’t really get a good look at his dick He took a step forward and I felt the head of his cock at my pussy

“Come on said the second man you are taking to log.” Then the man pushed his length into me with a grunt, and then proceeded to hump me as I tried my best to stop myself from sliding off the boot of my car it was all over in a minute or two he humped and humped until he shot his semen into me as he pulled out I felt my pussy relax and let some of his cum ooze out of me then the second man step forward he was a bit shorter than the first and when he pulled my legs down so he could gain access to my creamed pussy the belts around my ankles bit into my skin making me scream with pain. The sound of my scream echoed around the cavernous car park and I thought it would surly bring someone to my aid but as he prodded around trying to find my pussy I knew I was on my own.

Finally he found my sex slit and pushed into me, my arse was well off the car and most of my weight was being held by the restraints around my ankles and as the pain was shouting up my legs, I continually let out little mummers, this seemed to encouraged the man an he started to fuck me harder with every grown. As he let his wad shoot into me I let out a mighty grown as I felt something crack in my ankle, he then shouted “I made the slut cum.” Little did the arsehole know my noises were of pain and not of pleasure.

They hoisted me back onto the boot and as my arse hit the metal of my car I could their injected cum leak from my pussy and down the cheeks of my arse. They released the belts and pushed me into my car still half naked then left me there as they left I heard one of them say that should be good on film but I didn’t realise at that time what they meant.

On Monday I returned to the parking garage and looked around before I got out of my car to make sure I was alone, my ankles were still hurting from the effects of the attack of Friday night but as I got out I tried not to show that I had any problems at all but secretly I was in agony and I was looking forward to sitting at my desk.

As I sat down the intercom on my desk buzzed "bring me the correspondence please," David said through the intercom.

"Bring two cups of coffee as well," he added.

In the office David was sat behind the desk that I had been bent over so many times over the last few weeks and I was expecting more of the same but as I went in I noticed we were not alone there was another woman in the office. I recognised as Suzan One of the office managers.

Did she know about the abuse of the women in this office, should I say something and get revenge or was it even worth it as I now had began to enjoy the abuse? I put the coffee down on the table and then to my surprise I heard David say. “This is Diana the one I told you about, I am sure she will meet all you needs.”

“Well she looks fine to me she can start tomorrow.” Then as I handed her a coffee, she held my hand and I felt that I was in way over my head and as I looked back at David I saw a smile creep across is face that confirmed my fear. The following day Suzan lay back in her very comfortable chair in her office, which she spun around to the glass wall behind the desk. She crossed her legs and took a deep breath.

From here, the view of the city was awesome. She didn't work her arse off to excel in economics for nothing, and to think all her colleagues ended up with menial jobs, while she got the executive's chair. Who would've thought it back then? I opened the door and the sound made her turn.

"Morning Diana you're my new secretary and I do expect certain things from the people working for me and you will see over the next few days what my little quirks are and we will reassess you position in two weeks. I was told you were a cute girl and I can see that all reports I have heard are true. Go get the mail and coffee would be nice."

I got the coffee and I entered her office without knocking, Suzan was on the phone and the last words she said before acknowledging me were. “She will be fine.” Was she speaking about me? I handed over the mail and then the saucer with the cup of coffee. "That's OK. Diana, thank you" Suzan stretched her hand towards the cup, but when she was about to grab it. Unfortunately I let go of the saucer too early and dropped the drink. The cup smashed against the desk spreading the hot coffee all over the place. Suzan yelped as she felt a hot burn through her tights and jumped back. A few drops had reached her skirt.

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