tagGay MaleNew York Agent Ch. 03

New York Agent Ch. 03


Hiya, yes I know, it's no excuse making you wait this long, but I'm writing this as I go along and unfortunately I don't get as much time to write as I used to. Luckily for you guys, that should change in the near future and you should see stuff more often. I've also interrupted this story with two others and I work on all three as inspiration hits me. In the mean time look out for my other stories!

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Hope you enjoy the next installment. Happy reading and keep voting!!!

Chapter 3

Getting up from the floor and following Reilly down the hall daze, Jake wondered what the hell just happened. Seeing Reilly enter the guestroom he was surprised to find the door slammed shut in his face.

"Reilly?" Jake asked softly through the door.

"Go away Jake."

"What's going on?"

"Please Jake, just go away."

Not knowing what to do or what to expect, Jake walked back to his bathroom and fished through his jeans for his cell phone. Walking back to his room he sat down on the chair looking through the window and dialed a number he become very familiar with over the last few weeks, but this time it wasn't Reilly he was calling for.

"University Hospital. May I help you?"

"Yeah, could I maybe speak with Dr Simms? It's about one of her patients."

"Please hold while I page her." Jake heard the annoying music in his ear and waited for almost two minutes before, thank God for his sanity, the music finally clicked off.

"Julie Simms."

"Jules. It's Jake, Jake fox."

"Jake?" He could hear the fear in her voice. "Is it Reilly? What going on?"

"It's is kind of. Listen Julie, sorry to worry you at work, but Reilly just freaked out and I don't know what to do." Jake was annoyed when he heard Julie's chuckle.

"Julie, I'm glad I can offer you entertainment but I laughed at Reilly and he freaked and now he locked himself in my guestroom. A little help please." Jake knew he was rambling but he was becoming more and more upset by the second.

"O shit Jake. What were you doing when you started laughing?" Julie suddenly asked.

"We were fooling around, kissing and stuff, ya know." Jake mumbled, suddenly shy.

"And?" Julie wanted to know.

"He asked me what happened to his robe, the look on his face, I couldn't help it. I started laughing. That's when he freaked."

"Jake have you and Reilly talked about Scott? Reilly's ex." Julie asked.

"No, why would we? I figured Reilly would tell me when he ready."

"Jake, I can't tell you. It's not my place and I don't think I know all the details, but I think you should get Reilly to tell you exactly what happened with him and Scott. You'll also understand why he freaked out because of the laughing."

"But . . . " Jake started, but Julie cut him off.

"Look Jake, I have to go. The ER is paging me. I'll call you and we can catch up but I have to go. Talk to him Jake. Bye."

Before Jake could even echo the goodbye Julie had already hung up.

"Fuck, I wish Jos was here." Jake swore out loud. 'She'd know exactly what to do and say.'


Down the hall Reilly was also on the phone.

"Thanks for taking my call. When Julie told me about you I thought it was false hope, but anything you can do will be massive."

"No worries. I will need to speak to everyone involved though."

"I guess you'll get the best Intel from me and Jake. Jordan, there's something else you need to know." Reilly hesitated.

"Could we maybe arrange a meeting?" Jordan asked.

"I think that would be best." Reilly and Jordan agreed on a date and time for their meeting and Reilly assured Jordan he would bring Jake along.

When Reilly hung up he's thoughts were on Jake. 'I'm going to have to explain my little drama queen act.'


Reilly finally talked to Jake, but the conversation was strained and tense, but Reilly finally got Jake to agree to go see Jordan and Cheyenne.

Two days of unbearable silence and tension later, Jake and Reilly went to go see Jordan Colt. Jordan was in their operations room explaining the situation to his staff while Jake and Reilly was in the company boardroom with Cheyenne, Jordan's wife. Cheyenne with her blonde hair could easily pass for Reilly's sister they looked so much alike.

Reilly looked at Jake with a mixture of sadness and longing. Wishing he could tell Jake how he felt, but afraid it would be too much for him to handle after hearing what exactly happened that day at the villa.

Reilly looked at Cheyenne and saw a frown mar her beautiful features.

"Mr. Fox?" She tried to get Jake's attention.

"Can I get you anything?" Jake either ignored or didn't hear her because he kept on pacing.

Reilly looked up and saw the look on Jake's face, knowing he was about two minutes away from tearing the place apart. When Jake walked passed Reilly grabbed his hand. Stunned, Jake questioned Reilly.


"I . . . " Reilly thought for a moment, wondering how Jake would feel about making their relationship public, but Jake beat him to it.

"Rei, talk to me. What's going on?"

"Nothing. I just, I'm worried about you." Jake sat down in the chair next to Reilly but turned his body towards Reilly's. Reilly caught a glimpse of Cheyenne's face. Her smile told Reilly she didn't mind their display of affection. Reilly refocused his attention on Jake.

"You need a hug?" Reilly asked.

"Yeah, probably as much as you do."

Jake tugged Reilly forward and before Reilly could blink he was sitting in Jake's lap, tucked into his body and to tell the complete truth, at that moment Reilly didn't care that some one was watching.

"I'm so scared." Jake whispered against Reilly's chest.

Reilly felt rather than saw Jake give in to his emotions.

Reilly wrapped his arms tightly around Jake's shoulders and pressed his head to the top of Jake's where it rested against his chest.

"Shhh, it's ok." Reilly soothed in a low voice. Jake lifted his head and looked at Reilly. Reilly's heart broke at the look in Jake's eyes. Reilly took Jake's face in both his hands.

"Don't stop believing my love." Reilly whispered and pressed a soft kiss against Jake's forehead and pulled him back into a fierce hug.

Cheyenne looked at these two men and saw the love the felt for one another. All her misconceptions about gay men flew out the window as she saw these beautiful big men cling to one another.

She quickly and quietly got up, not wanting to intrude in what seemed to her a private moment.

She laid a hand on Reilly's shoulder.

"I'll leave you two here. If you need anything just ask Jessie out at reception. She come get me when you guys are ready." She whispered softly.

On silent feet she left the boardroom and Jake and Reilly was alone.

Jake didn't even notice Cheyenne leaving, he clung to Reilly as if the world was coming to an end. To Jake it truly felt as if everything was tumbling down around him and that there was nothing he could do about it.

Reilly sat in Jake's arms for nearly ten minutes before one of them moved or spoke. Jake looked up into Reilly's face.

"I need you." Jake's words were a whisper, but it was fierce.

"I'm right here," was Reilly's response.

"You have no idea of how much I need you right now." Jake's voice was broken.

"I do, I need you the same way." Reilly looked into Jake's eyes and realized that he wanted him. Badly. Conflicting emotions ran through him as he argued with himself. 'How could I want to make love at a time like this?' He asked himself.

"Rei . . .?" Jake's voice was just above a whisper.

"I can't do this. I don't think I'm strong enough." Reilly saw tears run down Jake's cheeks and his heart shattered in about a million pieces.

"Oh, Jake. Don't give up now. Please. You're stronger than you think." Reilly pressed against Jake and Jake buried his face in Reilly's chest. "We'll find her, you need to believe that."

Clutching Reilly to him Jake didn't hear the door open. Reilly looked up into shocked green eyes of a beautiful raven-haired girl.

"Jake . . .?" She spoke in a little voice. Kind of fluffy and thick with emotion. Reilly doubted Jake heard her.

Reilly pressed his lips to Jake's ear and whispered.

"Jake, there's someone at the door that would like to speak to you." Jake held onto Reilly tighter. The girl stepped forward and placed her hand on Jake's shoulder. Instinctively Reilly know exactly who this woman was and he smiled beatifically through his tears. Reilly immediately understood that she needed Jake to know she was here, but Jake wouldn't let him go.

Reilly looked over his shoulder into her tear-filled eyes and nodded once, lifting his hand to her.

With a sob she launched herself at Jake's back and Reilly engulfed her their embrace. She held on to Jake so tightly, Reilly thought she was never going to let go. Jake finally noticed the sobbing woman plastered to him. Then he heard her whisper.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry for not telling you the truth." She whispered.

Jake lifted his face from Reilly's chest and turned to look at her over Reilly's shoulder.

"Jos? Baby girl, where have you been?" Looking at her with sad eyes, Jake untangled himself from Reilly. They both stood and looked at her. Jake could tell from the look on her face that she was partly to blame for disappearing.

"I know stuff Jake. I saw things that normal people like me shouldn't have to see. That's why I had to go, I had to get away where no one could find me." Jos was talking so fast Reilly had trouble keeping up with her.

"Slow down Jos, it's ok. Tell me." Jake took her in his arms and pressed him to his chest.

Jos took a shuddering breath and then continued.

"The NYPD got involved somehow and sent this guy after me. He found me. I don't know how." Jos looked into Jake's eyes.

"Jake, if he can find me, they will to. I had to come back. You have to help me." Jos was sobbing by the time she finished.

"Who's this guy that found you? Who are 'they'?" I need to know. You need to tell me." Jake asked holding her to his chest once again rubbing soothing circles on her back. Before Jos could answer a voice came from the door.

"That would be me." Reilly looked up and gasped in shocked surprise. All the blood in his body rushed to his feet and before anyone could react, he crumpled to a heap on the floor. Jake was at his side in an instant.

"Reilly! Rei!!! Wake up baby!" Jake shouted to get Reilly to come round. Reilly opened his eyes slowly, hoping he dreamed what just happened. He looked towards the man standing behind Jos and groaned.

"I thought you where dead? They told us you died." Reilly voice was a whisper.

"Looks like I didn't, little brother . . . "

To be continued . . .

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