tagMatureNext Door Neighbors Ch. 1

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 1


My husband and I bought our first house after scraping and saving for three years. We got moved in and met our neighbor next door, Tom, a retired civil engineer who recently lost his wife. Tom seemed like a very nice gentleman, early 50's, grey/brown hair about 6 feet tall, quite a nice looking man for his age. Jerry and I had been married 8 years and had recently found out that I was unable to have children, so we concentrated on getting a house. It was a nice quiet neighborhood and we had looked at dozens of houses before we settled on this one, we were both ecstatic.

Jerry works at the paper plant as a shift leader and I work part time at a beauty shop, he's 32 and I'm 28. We had a good sex life before we found out that I couldn't get pregnant and then it changed. We still had sex, but the intensity was gone as well as the frequency. I don't know if the non pregnancy thing was the cause or maybe we just got too used to each other and the thrill was gone. Jerry worked shift work and when he was on the night shift, I would masturbate to satisfy my needs.

I had just finished masturbating one night and got out of bed to go to the bathroom and clean up when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye through the window. I walked over to look out, my lights were out and I was nude, when I saw Tom, lying on his bed jacking off. I could see a porno tape playing in his VCR while he masturbated. I went and got Jerry's binoculars and came back, my pussy started to heat up when I got a look at Tom's cock through the binoculars.

What a fine cock!! It was at least 8 inches long, I figured. He stroked it with one hand while his other massaged his balls, I became transfixed and my hand was drawn to my hot pussy and I fingered myself as I watched Tom wailing away. In the porno, some girl was getting nailed in the ass, I had always wanted to do that but Jerry wouldn't hear of it. As she was getting pumped in the ass, I saw Tom tense up and the jism stared shooting from that beautiful cock and through the binoculars, I could see some of it hit the tv screen.

This was so intense that I came myself at the sight before me and got weak in the knees and almost hit the floor! I slept like a baby that night and didn't wake up until Jerry got home from work. He gave me a kiss, "Morning Sam."

He always called me Sam, but I preferred Samantha, "Morning hon," I shot back and he headed to take a shower. Still seeing my sights from the night before, I decided to take a shower with him and threw off my clothes and headed for the bathroom. I got in behind him and rubbed my nipples against his back and ran my hand around and stroked his soft cock.

"I'm real tired Sam, I just want to take my shower and get some sleep," he said to me. He turned around to give me a kiss and I dropped to my knees in the shower and took his flaccid cock into my mouth and sucked him halfway hard when he pulled me up and kissed me and said, "Maybe tomorrow morning Sam."

He finished and got out and I stayed and felt the warm water rushing over me and closed my eyes and saw Tom jacking off. I put a finger in my mouth and sucked it like it was a Tom's cock and put a finger down and rubbed my clit as well. I could just see Tom's 8 inches sliding in and out of my mouth and I really got into it and before long, I was cumming like some wanton slut. I finished my shower and then kissed Jerry goodnight and got dressed for work. All day long at the shop, I couldn't get Tom's masturbation out of my mind.

When the day ended, I went home and woke Jerry up and fixed his dinner and he left at 6 for work. I changed into some shorts and a T-shirt and went out and worked some in the yard. My T-shirt clung to my 38's and my shorts were very short and a little baggy and I chose to wear no underwear, so the breezes felt good against my steadily warming pussy. I heard some moaning coming from the direction of Tom's house and was concerned that something might have happened to him.

There was a gate between our yards, as the previous owners had spent a lot of time with Tom and his wife, though they said that after his wife died he wasn't much company. As I neared his back door, I could see it was open and the moans were from the living room. I inched up to the door and I could see him, in his recliner, he was naked and wailing on that beautiful cock again and I could hear foul language, that I assumed was another porno film.

"Oh God, FUCK MY ASS!! More, I WANT MORE!!" and I dropped my hand to my thigh and under the hem of my shorts and sank a finger into myself. I stuck two fingers in my mouth as I figured they would muffle my orgasm as I sucked them. Tom was nearing his orgasm and I was too, as the first squirts of his cum shot out of his cock, I clamped down on my fingers to suppress my moans as I joined him. My eyes instinctively closed and my head went back as I relished the feeling of another intense orgasm.

I opened my eyes after my orgasm to see Tom staring at me through the screen!! I pulled my fingers out of my mouth and my twat and said, "I'm sorry Tom," how fucking stupid Samantha, I told myself. He pushed open the screen door and asked me to come in. He made no moves to cover himself as I walked past him and his still stiff cock rubbed against my thigh as I passed.

He took me into the living room and told me to sit and went into the kitchen. I could hear him putting ice in glasses as I looked around the living room. I saw globs of his cum on the coffee table and on the floor and I scooped one up and put it in my mouth, it was still warm. I scooped up another and swallowed it and then I heard him coming back and I licked my lips and swallowed.

"Well, Samantha," he said as he handed me my drink and sat down, "I guess you caught your horny neighbor, didn't you?" I didn't know what to say. I started to speak and he pushed his finger to his lips, "No need Samantha, I miss my wife so much. We had a very active sex life and I miss that so much, so I have to attend to my own needs now."

I felt really sad, but even worse that he had caught me watching him.

"Jerry and I used to have an active sex life Tom, but lately he seems to have lost interest. I, too, am forced to satisfy myself. Perhaps we could help each other out Tom," I couldn't believe I'd just said that, I never cheated on Jerry in the 8 years we'd been married. Tom got a smile on his face and I saw his cock begin to harden again and I moved between his legs and took his stiffening member into my mouth.

His jism still shone on it and I greedily sucked it in and swallowed it. His hands went to my head and pushed and pulled me on and off his cock. Jerry was only 6 inches and Tom's 8 took some getting used to, but I sucked him like some backstreet whore, wanting him to fill my mouth with his salty cum. I rubbed and massaged his balls as I sucked him and I could feel his orgasm building, his cock swelled and my sucking was rewarded with a mouthful of his hot jism.

I swallowed hard, not wanting to waste a drop and kept sucking as he deflated. His cock made the sound of a lollipop as it popped from my lips and he looked down at me with a big smile. He motioned for me to get up and then he got up and put his arms around me and locked his lips to mine. His tongue made it's way into my mouth and he shared his recent orgasm as he kissed me. He stepped back and grabbed the hem of my T-shirt and pulled it up over my head and tossed it on the floor. His hands felt like silk as they stroked my tits and made my nipples so hard.

He rubbed my hard nipples with his thumbs and then bent and took one in his mouth and gently sucked on it. My head went back as he devoured my tit flesh and sucked on my nipples. He raised his head back up and reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped them and they fell to the floor. His hands roamed over my pubic mound, lightly stroking my bush and then he ran his fingers the length of my slit. A chill rushed over me as his finger entered me and his head returned to feast on my nipples, I could feel the wetness oozing from my cunt and down my legs.

He removed his hand from my snatch and put it under my legs and picked me up and carried me to the sofa, never losing his suction on my nipple. He lay me on the sofa with my ass up at the arm and my legs over the end and moved between my legs and dropped to his knees and put his mouth on my wet lips.

I spread my legs wide as his tongue entered my canal and I reached out and massaged my tits. He pulled my legs up onto his shoulders as he continued to feast on my pussy. Jerry hadn't paid this much attention to me in months and I drank it all in. I roughly kneaded my tits as I felt my orgasm coming and clamped my legs around his head as wave after wave rushed through me. I

opened my eyes and stared at this dream lover as he smiled with my juices on his chin, then he went back down and began to lick my asshole, it was such and incredible feeling and I orgasmed again. He lowered my legs and reached out for my hands and pulled me up to a standing position and then shared my orgasm with me as I had done his. After our kiss, he turned me around and gently pushed me forward until I was in the same position, but this time on my stomach with my feet touching the floor and my ass in the air. He dropped down and began bathing my whole crotch with his tongue and it was exquisite!!

It took no time before I again orgasmed and he slurped my juices over my entire crotch area. He toyed with my virgin anus with his finger, "Ever been fucked here, Samantha?" as he gently pushed at it with his finger.

"No Tom, never," I said, "but I've wanted to," I added.

I could feel his smile, even though I couldn't see it. "Relaxation is the key Samantha, relaxation will subdue the pain." I felt his finger slowly begin to penetrate my anal ring and I tensed up, "Relaxation Samantha," he reminded me and I tried to relax my whole body. His finger had made it inside and he began to pump it in and out and the new sensation was beginning to excite me.

I felt him raise up, but he never removed his finger and then I felt the head of his cock at the outer lips of my pussy. He fucked my ass with his finger as he fucked my pussy with his wonderful cock. It made me very hot feeling something in each hole and I begged him to fuck me harder. He picked up his pace with both phallus' and soon I was meeting his thrusts and my body was wracked with another orgasm as he furiously pumped me. As soon as my orgasm finished, I felt his start and I pushed back against him with all my remaining strength as he pumped me full of his cum.

He lay across me with his cock and finger still embedded in me and sighed. He slowly removed his finger and then his cock and then helped me up and we sat together on the sofa. "Why didn't you fuck me in the ass Tom?" I asked him, "I could feel you wanted to, it's okay."

He looked at me and smiled, "I did Samantha, you must work up to a cock, you can't start all at once, you may tear your sphincter," he replied. In my mind, I could see his point, but I always thought guys who ass fucked , always used their cocks. "I see your questions Samantha, My wife and I built up to it gradually. And we never regretted it, it was our favorite form of sex. And if you want it to be, it will by mine and yours also," and he bent over and kissed me on the forehead. "I guess I'm speaking out of turn here," he said, "I don't know that you will want me to fuck you again."

My mind had so much going through it, I was so confused. I wanted this man, but worse yet I needed him too. "If you wish to continue, rest assured that no one will know anything from me," he said softly as he held my hand. We sat on the sofa for awhile and then I stood up and offered him my hand and we went upstairs to the bathroom and took a shower together.

I marveled at his physique as I bathed him and relished at how quickly he gained an erection, and as I got it fully erect, I got on my knees and gave him the shower blowjob that Jerry had turned down. His cock felt like velvet gliding over my tongue as I reached behind him, pulling his asscheeks towards me and eventually consumed all of it. I held his cock at the entrance to my throat and got myself acquainted with it and then began driving it back and forth until it met my throat with each thrust.

His hands again went to my head and stroked my hair as he fucked my mouth and when he came, he exploded, filling my mouth with his cum. I drained his cock and slowly washed it with my mouth. He turned the water off and led me to his bed and I lay on my back as he climbed between my legs, spread them and dropped his face to my flaming cunt. His tongue bathed my opening, but it could not douse the flames as orgasm after orgasm shook at my very soul.

As he lapped up the last of my juices, I said to him ," I want to feel your cock in my ass Tom. Please, I need it so bad." He smiled and went to the dresser and came back with a tube of KY jelly and I knew I had convinced him. He turned me over on my stomach and raised my hips up so that my ass was reaching for the ceiling and squirted some KY on my puckered little anus and massaged it in. His finger entered without any trouble and soon, he replaced it with his thumb and pushed and pulled it in and out of my ass.

"You have to remember always to relax Samantha," he told me and I whispered my agreement, my mind lost in the thoughts of my fantasy being fulfilled. I watched through half open eyes as he squeezed some KY on his throbbing cock and rubbed it up and down it's length. He removed his thumb and I felt the head of his cock pressing against my virgin opening and I jumped as his head squeezed through the opening and I had to remind myself to relax. He slowly pushed and then I felt his balls resting against my pussy and I knew he had gotten it all inside me.

He left it there for me to adjust to my anal intruder and once he thought I had, he slowly removed it until just his head was still inside, I felt so empty. He pushed it's length back in and then pulled it back out and with each succession, he sped up and soon his balls slammed against my clit as he completely filled me. The downward stroke had his balls massaging the hell out of my clit and I shook through a violent orgasm and then began to thrust my ass up to meet his thrusts. I inched my upper body towards my lower body and the angle increased and his balls hit my clit with more fury and I came again, my screams filling the room.

After so many orgasms that I lost count, I felt his cock growing inside me and felt his hot cum coating my insides. He lay there on top of me with his cock still buried inside me and I started squeezing my anal ring against it, milking the last of his load from him. He withdrew and lay next to me, I rolled over and put my arm over him and kissed him hard and deep.

"Thank you Tom, that was my fantasy," I said as I lay back. It was very dark and I hadn't even noticed how long I'd been there. He fell asleep against me and it was tough to get up and leave him, but I had to go home. "Jerry's on nights for the next 3 weeks Tom, then he goes on days. Can we do this again tomorrow night?" I almost pleaded with him.

"Anytime you are available Samantha," and he kissed me and I went downstairs and picked up my clothes in the living room and headed home. I went to bed and slept until Jerry got home, he headed for the shower and I remembered his comment from yesterday, hoping he would not be in the mood. He came back from the shower and climbed into bed, kissed me, and rolled over and went to sleep.

What a relief!! I didn't work today, so I worked around the house and at lunchtime, I saw Tom out in his backyard. I checked to make sure Jerry was asleep and went over to Tom's yard and led him behind his shed. I unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled them to his ankles and then dropped his shorts and took his cock in my hand and stroked it to it's full length and buried it in my mouth. I

bathed his cock with my tongue and mouth and took him all the way to the back of my throat until he filled my mouth once again with his hot cum and I swallowed every drop. I bathed his cock with my tongue and stood up and whispered that I would be over after Jerry left for work. I told him that I needed that more than he knew as I winked and headed back home. I went through the gate and he was still standing there with his pants and shorts around his ankles and his cock semi erect and I smiled.

To Be Continued...

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