Nice Guy Gets Angry Ch. 01


I glanced back toward the women. Beth looked completely spent, but she was smiling at me while Maria remained expressionless. I couldn't tell what she was thinking. There was nothing new about that.

I stood slowly and turned toward Allen. I felt like apologizing to someone and he was the best candidate. Beth look too satisfied to apologize to and I had no intention of apologizing to Maria. Yet, what could I possible say to Allen? So instead I decided to make a quick exit.

"Connor is in Sandra's room," I said to him. "Maria knows where. I'll be waiting in the car for you two."

I left the shower and used one of the towels to dry myself. I was just buttoning my shirt when Maria came out and joined me.

"Stay away from me!" I snapped, but she ignored me, smiled and moved close. Maria was still naked. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and she knew it.

"I almost wish I had given you my ass before," she said softly. "That was amazing."

"Maria," I sighed. "What do you want with me?"

"Nothing," she said, but then giggled, adding, "Or everything."

"Give me a call when you make up your mind," I said sarcastically. It didn't seem to bother her at all. She leaned forward and kissed me softly. I could feel her flinch slightly. I understood. My own lips still hurt from that hungry kiss we shared.

"I will," she said with a smile. She then turned and went back to the shower.

I looked at her ass as she moved away and swallowed a groan. My cock actually stirred briefly. I thought it would take at least a few hours for it to revive after what it just went through, and for any other woman it probably would have, but not Maria.

I actually took a step toward the shower before shaking my head and stopping. I made myself turn and leave the bathroom. I focused on putting one foot in front of the other until I was outside. The cold night air helped clear my head.

"What the fuck happened?" I asked aloud, but no answers came. I climbed into Allen's car and waited.

I found myself wondered if I'd ever see Maria again. Part of me desperately hoped so while another dreaded the possibility. I wasn't sure which was stronger, but I had a feeling that in time I'd find out which was correct.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/13/17

Good stuff.

But unfortunately It had its WTF moments like how the "nice guy" was actually more of a tool, I mean he could have Dp with either the red and Allen or with his friend and Carlos's girl and all would havemore...

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by Anonymous08/05/17

Oh, wow, how stupid are guys???

Yeah, like rapey douche friend #1, the rapist, who wanted to come up and take no prisoners, he's all creepy and shit, but then his 'nice' friend, rapey douche friend #2, he's even worse, b/c he's all,more...

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