Nice Guys Finish Last


"Oh my God!" Katie panted as she felt his finger push inside her. "We...we shouldn't be doing this. It's...,"

"Wrong?" Todd asked, sliding another finger into her tight little pussy.


"Do you a slut?"

Those words should have strengthened her resistance, but in reality they only heightened her arousal. She did feel like a slut. And she liked it.

"You know I'm going to fuck you, right?" Todd asked, speaking softly as he twisted his fingers inside her dripping hole.

"W...we shouldn't...," Katie muttered absently, although she made no move to stop him.

"I'm going to bend you over this machine...," he continued, paying little notice to her moans of protest. "...and fuck this tight little pussy of yours."

Katie swallowed hard as her pulse continued to race. She could feel his dick through the back of her dress, pressing into her firm little ass as he continued to finger her pussy with smooth thrusts of his talented fingers.

"I want to hear you say it," he hissed. "I want you to tell me what you want me to do."

"I...I to...," she began, her reluctant voice broken by brief pangs of hesitation. "...bend me over and fuck my tight little pussy."

As soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted saying them. She never talked like that! Now Todd had her talking dirty, out loud as he continued to aggressively seduce her. As he pulled his hand from her hot little hole, he held it up to her face, letting her view the juices of her arousal coating his fingers and giving them a glistening sheen.

Before she could say anything, Todd shoved the fingers into her mouth, forcing her to taste herself as her lips closed around them.

"Mmmm, you're going to make a good little slut," he said with a smile as he slowly withdrew his fingers from her mouth.

Katie let out a startled shriek as Todd suddenly shoved her forward, bending her over the dryer with her arm roughly pinned behind her back. She panted with desire as she felt her face pressed against the cold metal as he pushed her dress up over her hips. Before she could say anything, he yanked her little black panties down her legs before freeing his cock from his pants with surprising one-handed efficiency. Her heart throbbed in her chest as the realization of the situation hit her. She was about to get fucked.

Todd spit into his hand and rubbed it over his dick as he held Katie's petite body pressed against the vibrating machine. A second later he pressed his dripping tip to her dewy lips and pushed.

"Ugh," she blurted out as she felt her tiny pussy stretching around Todd's forcefully invading cock.

He slid it back and forth a few times, allowing her wet hole to lubricate his thick shaft before thrusting in as far as he could. Katie let out a tiny yelp as he slammed into her, filling her tight little opening with his impressive girth.

"Fuck," he cursed, reaching up to grab her roughly by the hair. "You're even tighter than I imagined."

Katie closed her eyes as Todd's thrusts grew harder and longer, painfully driving her body into the dryer with each aggressive stroke.

"Mmmm, you're a good little slut," he muttered, fucking her from behind as he held her firmly frozen in the submissive pose.

His offensive words only turned her on more as her pussy grew even wetter around his thrusting cock. At that moment, all thoughts of guilt or apprehension faded away as she allowed herself to be taken. To be used. At that moment she was a slut. She was his slut.

"Do you like being fucked little a dirty little whore?" Todd asked, giving her a sharp, resounding slap on the ass.

"Yes!" Katie gasped, feeling her bare skin sting from the force of his strike.

"Do you like having my dick in your cunt?" he asked crudely, again supplementing his question with a forceful slap.

"Yesssss," she seethed thought her teeth. I love it!"

"Tell me!" he ordered, fucking her with intense, rhythmic thrusts. "I want to hear you say it."

"I love having your dick in my...cunt."


"I love having your dick in my cunt!" she called out without regard for who might be listening.

Her eyes closed, Katie became lost in the pleasure. She was nothing more than a hole. An orifice for Todd's enjoyment. She was totally in his control and she was willing to do anything he asked.

"Get down on your knees," he ordered, sliding his pulsing dick from her beaten hole. "I want you to suck your pussy juices off my cock."

Urging her with his hand still entangled in her hair, he guided her down to her knees before him. Katie winced as her bare knees pressed against the hard, cold floor, her sparkling green eyes gazing up with expectation. Todd held her head as he guided his wet cock to her mouth. She parted her lips with obedience as she felt the throbbing member pass into her mouth, her tongue tasting the sweet nectar of her dripping pussy along his length.

The taste of her own juices aroused her further and Katie moaned around Todd's dick, her eyes looking up to him with admiration. He forced his dick as far as she could take it before standing passively over her and allowing her to clean his cock with her eager little tongue.

"Get up," he said bluntly after a few minutes of enjoyment by way of Katie's pleasing pink lips.

Oh shaking legs, she rose to her feet as her panties fell down around her ankles. Todd stared down at her for an instant before scooping her up by grasping her tiny ass with his strong hands. Katie gasped with surprise as he legs wrapped around his body. He took a few steps and pinned her against the wall, holding her aloft as he reached down and worked his dick back inside her.

"Oh yes," she blurted out as she felt his length sliding back inside her as she wrapped he arms around his neck.

Thrusting his hips into hers, Todd fucked her with even greater intensity than before. With her tiny body pinned between him and the wall, he was able to generate substantial force as he slammed into her repeatedly, causing her panting pink lips to emanate a lustful gasp with each violent thrust. As he pushed deep inside her at one point, he reached down to grasp her pert little ass cheek, gripping it in his large hand as she moaned into his ear. Slowly his hand dipped into her inviting cleft, with one of his busy fingers pressing against her tightly closed asshole.

"No...," she gasped timidly, reaching down to prevent his unexpected intrusion.

Todd just brushed her hand away and pushed his finger roughly into her clenching orifice as she squirmed between his heaving chest and the wall behind her. She felt her ass stretching open as he hissed into her ear.

"I'm going to do...whatever the fuck I want to you."

Katie closed her eyes and bit her lip as Todd proceeded to finger her virgin asshole with slow but forceful thrusts of his thick finger. She had always been uncomfortable with the idea of anal play, but as she once again relented to his will, she began to relax and allow him to have his way with her. After few more minutes of the rough but pleasurable treatment, Todd carried her back over the table by the door and laid her down upon it.

He quickly climbed back onto her willing body, his cock once again finding its home within the warm, wet confines of Katie's irresistible pussy. The hard surface of the table was uncomfortable, but she didn't care. Her hands roamed Todd's muscular body as he thrust into her, feeling every taut, contracting muscle as he ground himself into her tiny form.

"Put your finger in your mouth," he ordered as the table squeaked under them.

Katie complied, sliding her middle finger into her mouth and sucking it as she stared into his eyes.

"Now put it in your ass."

Katie froze. She hesitated for a moment, but the unwavering look in his eyes told her that he was dead serious. Reluctantly, she reached down as she lifted one of her thighs around his thrusting hips. Her little wet finger soon found its way to her tiny asshole and she began to massage it with apprehensive probes. Gradually, her tight little star gave way and she felt her finger slip inside.

Combined with the pressure Katie felt from Todd's cock buried deep in her pussy, the odd sensation of her finger in her ass soon turned pleasurable and she started to slide it back and forth.

"Do you like that?" Todd asked, his rhythmic thrusts growing more erratic.

"Yes," she answered, feeling her asshole squeezing her tiny finger.

"Good. Now take it out and get it nice and wet again."

Katie was somewhat confused by this new request, but she followed his orders, wetting her finger in her mouth once again.

"Now," he said softly, grinding his cock deep inside her dripping pussy. "Put it in my ass."

"Uh...," Katie began to stammer, as Todd gave her an intense glare of warning. "I...,"

"Do it," he hissed, his eyes portraying his determined lustful intentions.

Katie reluctantly reached down his back, feeling the muscles of his ass clenching with each thrust. Finding his crack, she slipped her delicate hand between his taut cheeks in search of her final destination. He moaned quietly as her little wet finger touched his asshole. It seemed impossibly tight, but she stroked her tip over it before testing its tautness with gentle, pressing stabs. Her boyfriend would never request such a thing, but her apprehension soon gave way when she sensed Todd's arousal increasing due to the subtle activity of her probing finger. Pushing it inside, she felt him contract around her as she began to push it deeper.

"That's it, you little whore," he moaned into her ear. "Just like that. You're going to make me cum."

"Don't...cum inside me," she said softly as Todd began to drive his dick into her with long, hard strokes.

"I'm going to cum wherever I want," he answered with chilling coldness.

"," she pleaded. "I'm not on the pill. You can't..."

Todd looked down at her as he began to increase his thrusting. The look in his eyes told Katie that he had no intentions of stopping.

"I'm going to cum in your cunt," he stated, pinning one of her arms against the table.

As his plunging cock filled her hot little hole, Katie felt her own climax approaching. She pulled her finger from his ass and clawed at his back as her legs wrapped around him.

"I'm going to cum in your cunt," he repeated, his hips rising and falling with rapid succession. "Aren't I?"

"Yes!" she blurted out, feeling her orgasm surging through her body. "Yes! Cum in my fucking cunt!"

Those words sent Todd over the edge and he slammed his pelvis into her hers with forceful aggression. Katie clamped her mouth shut and groaned with restrained pleasure as she felt his hot cum spurting inside her unprotected pussy. He kept thrusting until his climax subsided, gradually slowing to a lazy pace as she panted for breath underneath him.

Todd climbed down off the table and began to pull his pants back on. Katie remained lying on the table, her dress bunched around her waist and a trickle of warm cum leaking from her pussy. She turned her head to see Todd smiling, his characteristic smug grin dominating his flushed, satisfied face. Without a word, he bent down and scooped up her panties from the floor.

"Oh, by the way," he noted casually as he walked towards the door, holding the panties to his face and taking a deep sniff. "I'm keeping these."

As the door slammed shut, Katie found herself alone in the small room with the whirring sound of the dryer muffling the sound of her beating heart.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When Katie woke the following morning, her thoughts immediately began to drift back to her erotic experience the night before. The fact that she was lying half asleep in her boyfriend's bed seemed to bother her little, as she found her hand migrating between her legs while her mind replayed the night's events in vivid detail. She had experienced more in those few minutes than in her entire previous sexual history. Her eyes had been opened to a completely new world and she couldn't stop thinking about it.

Even after making herself cum both in bed, and later in the shower, Katie's libido still showed no signs of slowing. It was as if the flood gates had been opened and just couldn't be closed. She even found herself looking on the internet for movies that featured really rough sex, finding plenty to satiate her newfound craving. Before she knew it, she had idled away the entire day and her boyfriend would be returning home soon. In fact, she had barely enough time to clear her browsing history before Paul walked through the door.

After seeing her boyfriend, Katie's guilt somewhat dampened her sexual desires. She briefly considered confessing her recent infidelity, but quickly dismissed the notion as she felt that it would most likely cause too many problems. Although Paul and Todd were not the best of friends, they were neighbours and had been growing increasingly close after living beside each other for the past couple years. She always sensed that her boyfriend had always been somewhat jealous of Todd and his success with women. Playing the part of the supportive girlfriend, Katie had assured Paul that decent girls want a nice guy, while Todd's antics only worked on slutty girls with low self esteem. She had even tried to convince herself of the same things, while secretly harbouring a lustful desire for her boyfriend's friend. If Paul knew the truth now, he would be crushed. The last thing that Katie wanted was to hurt him, and so decided to keep her dirty little secret for the time being.

Paul took Katie out to dinner that night, before the couple rented a movie and returned home for a mellow Sunday night. It was the same way that they had spent pretty much every Sunday night for as long as Katie could remember. She had always considered it a perfectly acceptable way to spend time together, but now she was beginning to wonder if maybe they needed to spice things up. After three years of dating, they had settled into a somewhat predictable routine.

After the movie, the couple retired to the bedroom. Although Paul was tired, Katie had other plans.

"What's gotten into you?" Paul asked with wonder, as his girlfriend began kissing his neck and stroking her small hand over the crotch of his underwear.

She had been trying to entice him all throughout the movie as well, but he had showed little interest in her amorous intentions.

"I missed you," she purred, giving his flaccid cock a gentle squeeze through his boxers.

Katie was unused to being the aggressor when it came to sex, but she was beginning to feel that it would be the only way to get her boyfriend's engine running.

"All day...," she continued, kissing his ear as she whispered seductively. "...I've been thinking about what I want you to do to me."

"Really?" he asked, taken off guard by his girlfriend's uncharacteristic behaviour. "A...and what do you want me to do to you?"

"Mmmm," she purred as she felt him growing hard under her hand. "Anything you want."

A few seconds later, Katie was on her back with Paul lying atop her tiny body with his dick buried snugly within her tight little pussy. She had hoped that he would have chosen something a little more adventurous, but he had opted for their usually missionary position. She was craving him to take control and use her in the same manner that Todd had, but he remained soft and gentle, his hips rising and falling between her legs as she lay under him.

Katie clawed at his back and grasped his ass in an attempt at urging him to go harder, but to her dismay he maintained his easy, monotonous pace. Then she remembered what Todd had, told her to do the night before. Putting her hand to her mouth, she sucked one of her fingers before reaching down to his ass.

"Whoa!" Paul blurted out, tensing his entire body as he felt his girlfriend's finger delving between his cheeks. "What are you doing?"

"You'll like it," she said softly, trying to calm him down as she continued to probe.

"I...don't think so," he stated adamantly, reaching back to brush her hand away.

Katie hid her disappointment, but remained resolute as Paul resumed fucking her with slow, careful strokes. She then decided to try something else.

"You can go harder," she suggested. "I want you to be...bad to me."

"Huh?" Paul asked with confusion as he looked down into his girlfriend's face.

"Like...,"she began, her face growing red as she searched for the words to say. "...rough. Try holding my arms down while you fuck me."

Paul complied, pinning Katie's small arms above her head as he resumed with slow pumps of his hips.

" me names," she suggested, closing her eyes as her mind wandered.

"Names? What kind of names?"

"Like...slut...or whore,"

Paul stopped all movement and Katie opened her eyes in confusion to see him looking down at her with a puzzled expression.

"Ummm, this is feeling kind of weird," he said, his brow furrowing with obvious disinterest.

"Oh...okay," she answered back, her spirits dampened by his lack of enthusiasm. " it normal I guess."

"Actually...," he said, lifting himself up on his arms. "I'm really pretty tired. Do you mind if we just go to bed?"

Katie was shocked. She had given her boyfriend free reign to do whatever he wanted to her, and he wanted to sleep? She was disappointed. She was frustrated. She was even a little angry.

"Fine," she said curtly, trying to keep her anger buried deep down inside.

Paul leaned down and gave her a friendly peck on the lips before rolling over and closing his eyes with apparent contentment. Katie's eyes fixed on the darkened ceiling as she processed what had just occurred. Not only was she not tired, but she was horny as hell. She wanted to be taken. She wanted to be ravished. She wanted to be used.

And she knew just where to go.

"Hey babe," she said quietly, gently shaking Paul from his state of partial slumber. "I'm still wide awake. I think I'm going to go home and sleep in my own bed. I just can't fall asleep here."

"Okay," he returned with a yawn, not even opening his eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Katie slipped out of the bed and began to gather up her things before she realised that she could just pick them up tomorrow. She slipped on a pair of little blue shorts and a white tank top, tied her tangled hair into a pony tail, grabbed her purse and slipped out the door. Her heart began to race as she stepped out into the hallway. There was no turning back now. She had an itch, and there was only one way to get it scratched.

She stopped at Todd's apartment and held her ear to the door, listening for any sound that might indicate the presence of company. All she could hear though was the faint sound of the TV. She raised her hand and rapped lightly at the hard wood. She held her breath and even considered running away as she waited there in the hallway. Then, the door opened.

"Hello?" Todd greeted with a surprised look on his face, standing in the doorway dressed only in a pair of baggy, camouflage shorts.

Before he could say another word, Katie held her finger to her lips and stepped inside. As the door closed behind them, she turned to face him, staring up through her dark rimmed glasses.

"What do I owe this pleasure?" he asked, scanning her body with his eyes as he stood over her.

"I...I...was...," she stuttered, struggling to put her thoughts into words.

"Oh, I think I know why you're here," Todd said suddenly as his usual cocky grin made its first appearance.

Katie blushed, suddenly feeling extremely shy.

"You want me to fuck you again don't you?"

She nodded, biting her bottom lip as he continued to study her with satisfaction.

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