Night Chills


It's dark in your room. You've had a hard day, and both your brain and body are exhausted. The window is open, and you feel a cool breeze coming in through the gauzy curtains. You notice the silvery light of the moon start to shine in through the window as you drift off to sleep.

Something wakes you from the pleasant dream you were having. You don't know what, but you sense that something in your room is different. Before you can toss the blanket off and look around, you suddenly feel a hand over your mouth, and something slender and cold at your throat. Thousands of thoughts and images blast through your mind in an instant, but then you hear someone whisper in your ear.

"Hold very still and everything will be fine. Now be a good girl and put your hands over your head."

As you raise your hands, you feel a pair of your own nylons being used to secure your hands to the bed. You then feel a silk scarf being wrapped around your head, and when you try to look, you realize you can't see anything.

"Now, let's see what we have here..."

You feel the blanket and sheet tossed off you, and the cold steel of a knife blade tracing a path down below your throat. As it reaches your tank top, the blade parts the fabric easily. The sensation of having your clothes cut off you like this is making you terrified. The knowledge that a knife is that close to your skin, your breasts, your stomach makes you shiver in fear. Your tank top is now in pieces, and the cool breeze that was relaxing you into sleep is now giving you chills, making your nipples hard and erect.

"You are a lovely one, aren't you?" your tormenter says. As he says this, the blade traces a light pattern on your torso, around your belly button, under your breasts, and across your nipples. It doesn't hurt exactly, but the possibility of what the knife could do to you sticks in your mind. The knife runs down between your breasts again, and descends to the waistband of your shorts. You feel the cold breeze again as the silk parts under the knife, completely exposing you to this strange invader.

"Now, for your feet. Be still now, or the knife will cut more than just fabric." He grabs your right ankle, and then your left, and ties each to the bed. Spread eagle and helpless, tears start to flow from the corners of your eyes.

"Now, don't be afraid. I promise I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanted to avoid any misunderstandings before I got you ready. While I prepare things, I'm going to leave my little tool here on your belly. The tip is just under your left breast, so if you move, bad things will happen."

You hear him walking around your bedroom, quietly opening drawers, and every now and then setting things on the bed. You are very conscious of the knife on your stomach, and how sharp and deadly it must be. Holding very still is hard, but the sounds you hear mystify you. Soon you feel him sit next to you on the bed, and lightly trace a circle around your nipples, pinching one enough to make you jump a little

"Now, here is how we're going to play our little game. I am not going to hurt you. I can hurt you if it's necessary, and if you make it so. But that's up to you. Are you listening?" With that, you feel him grasp a nipple and pinch it just a little.

"Yes, I'm listening," you whisper.

"Now, I only want one thing from you, and I will leave after I have it. I'm a collector of sorts."

As you hear those words, thoughts of all kinds of terror run through your mind. Strangely, you're also excited in some strange way. The danger, but also the mystery is exciting you. You think to yourself, "What can he want? I'm bound and naked."

Then you hear him say, "Now, all you have to do is feel and react." You then here a soft click or two that you can't really identify, and then he starts to touch you.

The sensations were so light at first that you didn't quite know what he was doing. He started at your legs, touching your ankles very lightly, and running his fingers up the inside of your legs to your knees. It tickled and sent shivers through you at the same time. After a minute or two that seemed like hours, simply because you didn't know where he was next going to touch you, a soft caress runs from your neck to your shoulder, and down toward your breasts, and then disappears again. Then lightly on your stomach, your ribs, your forehead, and even the tip of your nose. You begin to realize, or at least hope, that you're not in as much danger as you originally thought. The touch returns, this time at least two fingers stroking the insides of your thighs. Your body betrays your fear and begins to react in what you realize is sexual pleasure. This touching is beginning to arouse you, even through the fear. You feel your juices start to flow, and your nipples begin to react not from the cool breeze, but from the attention your body is receiving.

You begin to want the touches, the soft caresses, and want them to be firmer, more intense. You can now smell your distinct scent. Your breathing begins to become faster and more shallow, and your body tries to fight against the bonds to increase the pressure of the stimuli.

"Please. Please," you whisper.

"Oh, don't worry," you hear in your ear, "I know what you're asking for now."

As he says this, you feel his entire hand, or hands now, not just the fingertips. His hands are all over your body, rubbing, kneading, stroking. You feel them cup the undersides of your breasts, the thumb moving slowly toward your nipple, but not touching it, no matter how much you strain. His now firm hands part your legs even more, stroking up to the very top, but only just touching where you most now want to be touched You're moaning now, your body begging for the orgasm you need to have. Your breath comes in gasps, and as you wait for the next touch, you feel something parting your pussy lips. You're puzzled, because you can hear that your strange intruder is beside the bed, but the penetration continues, and your body, betraying your rising desire, arches to take it inside. When it gets in as deep as it can, you feel a pulse of vibration, and it slowly increases. As your hips react, trying to get even more inside, you feel him cup your right breast, and taking your nipple in his mouth. You gasp and nearly scream with desire as he suckles your nipple, teasing it with his lips and tongue and teeth. He squeezes and nibbles, then moves his hand down your body towards your throbbing clit.

You know that it will not take much more to send you over the edge. He stops teasing your nipple, and seems to watch you as his hand parts your flesh, and starts to slowly stroke your clit. With each stroke, and electric shock runs through you, and you feel both the vibrator in your pussy and his fingers stroking you. Your head shakes from side to side, and you can't deny your body anymore. As the strokes of this intruder's expert hands intensify, your screams of ecstasy fill the room as the first orgasm shudders through your entire body. The stroking doesn't stop. Relentlessly, he continues to stimulate your clit, and the vibrations in your pussy continue to grow. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure pass through you, making you pant and beg for more.

Finally the torrent of intensity subsides, and the pace slows. He slowly removes the vibrator from inside, and walks calmly around the room as you catch your breath.

You feel him pick his knife up off your torso, amazed that it actually stayed there through all that excitement. He then cuts the bonds from your ankles, and then saws most of the way through the restraints tying your wrists.

"Now, listen carefully. I've freed your feet, and after I leave, you should be able to free your hands yourself. You have done very well, and I have what I need." With those words, he covers you with the blanket, bends over you and kisses you softly on the mouth. You then hear a couple of clicks and then you clearly hear the sound of you screaming during your orgasm. You realize with shock that he recorded every sound you made.

"Thank you dear," he says as the door to your bedroom closes.

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