tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNight Visitors Ch. 01

Night Visitors Ch. 01


She woke suddenly, but why? She looked around the room, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She strained her ears, but could hear nothing save the usual country night sounds. Then why had she woken? The windows blew inward, and a gust of cold air flowed over her. She stared horrified at three characters, which had suddenly appeared in her room. To either side were two women who could have perhaps been sisters. Their skin was a chalky white, while their long flowing hair was the colour of deepest night. They wore only sheer, loose fitting dresses, which reached down to their feet. Through the white material she could clearly make out the shape of their large firm breasts, tipped with dark nipples. As she glanced down she could see the deltas of curly black hair spreading up from between their slender legs.

Between them stood a man like none she had ever seen, His hair was dark, and swept back over his head leaving a widowspeak in the middle of the forehead. His eyes were as black as coal, although fire seemed to burn deep within them. He wore a full-length black cloak with a high collar, which circled his head. Beneath it he was dressed in tight fitting black trousers, and a loose, open, black silk shirt. He raised his hand and she found herself being lifted from the bed.

"What...?" Lynn squealed in surprise as she was lifted by invisible hands and hung suspended in the air, her feet inches above the bed.

She was dressed in a small white sleeveless shirt and light blue shorts as she normally wore for bed, but these in no way seemed to please her uninvited guest. At another gesture, her shirt split down the front and spread wide, exposing her breasts to him.

"Hey.." She tried to cover herself with her arms, but her hands were firmly held, and her arms stretched wide.

He smiled, "Mmmmm." The women moaned.

Another gesture and it disappeared to the corner of the room, leaving her upper body naked. He gazed longingly down her body, his tongue licking his lips, still not uttering a sound.

As he lowered his hand, her shorts slid slowly down over her hips, exposing the first hint of the delight to be experienced between her legs. His hand moved lower, and the shorts slid down her legs before they too vanished into the corner. Her legs were pulled slightly further apart. His companions grew even more aroused as she was lowered to her back on the bed. But the unseen hands had not yet finished with her.

She flinches as she felt the merest touch at her breast, though there was nothing to be seen. "Aah!" Lynn once more groaned, as fingers seemed to first squeeze her soft flesh, then circle and stroke her nipple. Another started to do the same, stroking and tweaking her other breast, and she began to respond to this invisible lover, as she experienced hands gently caressing her.

"Aaah yes,, yes..ooh" her body began to tingle, and she writhed as they kneaded at her soft pliant flesh, flicked gently at her stiff pink nipples, which now stood hard and erect from her pale flesh. They rolled them between invisible fingers, pulling and pinching. They squeezed, and she moaned louder, as her pussy juices bubbled and began to flow within her.

"Hmmm hmm." Her moans raised in pitch as tips of warm invisible fingers stroked slowly and tenderly up her inner thigh, to push softly against her lips before sliding smoothly between them to enter her. Invisible or not, she felt firm fingers push deep inside her, and start to move slowly in and out, to stroke her hot wet flesh. Rather than just hands she now felt hot mouths as well on her breasts, sucking and nibbling her nipples.

"Mmmm" Lynn bit her bottom lip and moaned at the sensation of hands squeezing both of her tits, mouths sucking and biting her nipples, another hand between her legs, it's fingers sliding quickly and hard in and out of her hot wet pussy. Lips seemed to brush her own, and she gasped. Kissed, her breasts both being firmly caressed and sucked, fingers thrusting in and out of her, finger fucking her.

"Aaaahh...yes..more.. more..don't stop" she screamed as she lay back, eyes closed, revelling in the tingling sensations playing over every inch of her body.

Unnoticed by Lynn the two women had moved to sit either side of her at the foot of the bed, their breasts heaving at the sight of her invisible pleasuring.

"Oooooh!" They almost seemed to wail slightly as they squeezed their full rounded tits through the thin material of their dresses, pulling hard at the nipples. Their hands pushed between their own legs, stroking hard up and down.

One slid her dress up over her thigh, before pushing her fingers deep inside herself.

"Yes..." She moaned as she started to slide them in and out, at the same time tearing off her dress completely to play with her breasts.

The other too discarded her clothes, her body now glistening with sweat in the white light of the moon. She grabbed the candle from it's place on the dresser and thrust it hard into you pussy.

"Aaaah.!" She yelled, the sound a mix of pain and pleasure.

From the bed, eyes now open, Lynn could only gasp as it disappeared completely from sight. "Aaaagh!!" This apparition let out a scream of wild animal lust as her orgasm seemed to rob her of her senses. She was writhing, moaning, she was growling. She slowly drew it clear, her pussy juices glistening on the wax. Raising it to her mouth she sucked it deep inside, moaning at her own taste on her tongue. Again she lowered her hand to push it in hard. She wailed, then eased it slightly out. Then in and out, again and again she fucked herself with the think long candle, her screams reverberating around the room.

The other, at the sight and sound of her 'sisters'' pleasure, drove her fingers even harder into herself. Her hand seemed to vanish in a blur as she finger fucked herself faster and faster, her fingers sliding easily in and out. Their combined scents filled the air as they writhed and screamed, delirious in their pleasure.

As she watched the two women working hard at their pussys', the hands and mouths playing over her body stopped, and she raised herself on her elbows.

She took long deep breaths to slightly recover from the intimate attention her body had received. Her own pussy seemed to burn, and she longed to experience the same pleasure in her self, not wax, but hard male flesh. She was hot and wet, and her juices bubbled, and flowed down the flesh of her thighs. Her gaze turned to the man who had been merely watching, although his state of arousal was obvious. There was a large bulge pushing hard against the material of his trousers, and his fingers stroked slowly rhythmically, almost hypnotically, up and down its' length. Up and down, up and down.

With a flick of his wrist she found herself once again flat on her back, pushed by invisible hands to the bed. Yet more hands seemed to stretch her legs wide, exposing her to his inspection. His lust filled eyes scanned her body, her pert breasts with their proud stiff nipples, the pouting lips between her legs. His nostrils breathed in her sweet scent and he nodded. Her hips raised, angling her upwards towards him, inviting him to enter.

His cloak slid from his shoulders, and he pulled his shirt over his head. She starred at the almost white firm fresh of his upper body. He dropped his trousers to the floor, and stepped out of them to stand naked at the foot of the bed. She lowered her eyes and gasped at the sight of his cock, jutting upward from its' nest of black hair, it's purple tip shiny and glistening, the first hint of cum seeping from the slit. Lynn wondered how beautiful it would feel and taste in her mouth.

He lowered himself to the bed between her wide spread legs, his hands either side of her waist supporting his weight. With one swift movement of his hips he drove his length hard inside her, his flesh crashing against her swollen clit.

"Aaaah!!" She screamed as an orgasm tore through her, and she thrashed around the solid cock buried deep inside her. He withdrew slightly and again drove himself back hard inside her. In and out, in and out he began to ride her with a steady rhythm.

"Mmm" she moaned, as lowering his head, he sucked her right breast deep into his mouth. He sucked hard on her stiff nipple, which stiffened even more at his attentions, sending tingling waves of pleasure washing over her body. Her juices flowed hot and freely around the length pumping long and hard in and out of her

Surprised Lynn opened her eyes as she felt a cold hand on her other breast. One of his companions now leaned over her, her large firm tits with their small hard brown nipples, heaving, as she played expertly with her breast. She stroked and squeezed, cupping it in her long thin fingers. She tweaked and toyed with her nipple. She lowered her head and sucked on it gently, licking with her hot tongue. "Mmm.." she moaned as she drew it in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

A hand on the side of her head pulled her attention away. His other companion lowered her head, and their lips met. Surprised and shocked she tried to pull back, but the woman was not to be denied. Grabbing the back of her head she pulled, pushing her tongue in between her lips, seeking her own. Lynn moaned and reacted, and the kiss became more passionate, their tongues sliding in and out of each others mouths, as a hand now gently stroked her hair.

The man's fucking of her became harder and faster, his cock driving in and out. swelling growing even larger inside her. She could feel the blood pulse along its' length, sense the moment of his release getting near. In and out, he thrust, ever harder, ever faster. Yes ..yes.., Lynn thought, unable to speak. In and out, in and out, she was moaning and writhing as he took her hard, while his female companions too enjoyed her body. One kissing her, her first female kiss, their tongues seeming to dance in her mouth, and the other once more squeezing and caressing at her tit with her cold long-fingered hand.

"Hoooowl!!!" Arching his back he raised his head high and screamed, as with one last thrust his cum erupted from the end of his cock, spurting hotly inside.

"Aah..aah..aah" Lynn breathing, panting fast as it jerked and pulsed inside her, as he continued to cum.

"Yeees!!!...yesss!!" Her own orgasm sparked from her clit, sending electric shocks through her pussy, and across her stomach, up to her breasts and nipples, one being sucked now by an eager female mouth. Pleasured by a man and two women at once, how could this be happening?

She thought she felt fangs bite her neck.


The next morning when she woke, she was dressed in the top and shorts she had put on the night before. Looking around the room there was no sign of her visitors, or in fact that she had ever had any. Nothing was out of place. She rubbed her fingers down her neck where she had felt his bite, nothing. Had it been a dream, a very vivid dream? She hoped not, for her body seemed to ache to feel such pleasure again. Lynn's mind raced with the possibilities, there were so many more games that could be played, dream or not. With other women? With other women and with a man? Or men? She thought as she recalled the invisible hands. Well she had wondered what it would be like, but never ... No she was sure she had never really seriously considered experimenting like that.

'Mmmm" As scenes played across her mind, her pussy grew warm, her nipples stiffened, and she stroked her hand slowly down over her stomach.

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