tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNight With Chantz Fortune Ch. 08

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 08


One night I met a woman of my dreams. Her name was Chantz Fortune. She was a strapon queen he use strapon on guys in many movies. She was blond haired and busty woman. She had the body of a porn start but the mind of the most sadistic dominatrix you ever seen. I met her as fan and she totally dominated me. I was her toy. I became a love slave and completely humiliated and use. My ass was put through hell and big part of me love it. Now I broken. No more a man. Currently she had be signing up from some movie she was making with her friends called Strapon Sirens.

They had me dress up as a cheer leader. I was going to shoot my scene. This is where the story starts. I was dragged into the filming room by my pigtails. The room was made to look like a locker room. I was still stuck in my cheer leader outfit. My balls was wounded by being zapped. Chantz fortune was now dress in a school teacher uniform accept it showed of her legs. Her high heals were six inches and the outfit was made out of leather. She had fake glasses on.

Kendra jade was behind the camera and still completely naked.

“All right whore” Chantz said holding me by my neck .

“This is it. The big gangbang scene. Here you little fag who been caught posing as a cheerleader on the team. The female faculty of the school finds out and decides to teach you a lesson by treating you like the whore you are. I want a lot of sucking and fucking. I want you to act like the slut you are.” She said.

“Yes mistress” She said.

Jennie Jameson came in in a Gym teacher outfit. Her shirt was a tight wife beater that barely held in her tits. She had a hat and whistle around her. She wore short jeans. You can tell it was a huge bulge where her strapon was.

“Get ready to have some fun babe.” Jenny said.

Chantz rubbed my hair and brought me to her.

“You smell this rubber cock under my skirt baby. You want to suck it. Choke on it. Feel the cum drench smell feel your nostrils” Chantz said.

“Yes.” I whimpered.

“Little slut. You worthless piece of shit” Chantz said slapping you “Where going to have so co stars.”

Two women with breast the size of beach balls walked in. It was porn stars Sky Blue and Summer Cummings. They were lovers her stared in movies together. Sky was the blond and summer was a brunet. Sky was a bit older them Summer. Summer still look young a smutty. You can tell Sky was the one in charge of the relationship. They both were in similar outfits as Chantz.

“hhhmmmmm thought you didn’t let summer fuck men.” Jenny said.

“Don’t see any men here” Sky laughed.

Sky grabbed me and lifted me up by my neck.

“Where you get this worthless piece of shit .chantz.”

“Some fan boy I met. Totally fucking pussy. You should I saw him. Oh Chantz your so beautiful. Please may I have you autograph. I rape his little whore ass and he cried like a bitch. I named him candy. Totally has no balls but he fun. Can make the little whore do anything I want.” Chantz said.

“Think he kind of cute” Summer said grabbing me.

She gave me a kiss and felt my cock under my skirt. Her hand was smooth as the glided. The girls were lubing their dildos up. It was nothing under 12 inches.

“Lets start this shit” Kendra said.

A couple of women came to watch the show. Chantz grabbed my hair.

“What cute little blow Job lips. Is this what you use to tease your way to get in here.” Chantz said.

“Please don’t expel me. I will do anything” I said sucking on her finger.

“Anything” Chantz said.

“Anything” Said in a slutty voice.

“Hear that girls.” Chantz said.

“mmmmmm think I have some ideas.” Jenny said rubbing her strapon.

The girls watching the filming were fingering themselves. Chantz pulled down her skirt and open her suit. She had a big black strapon. She stuff it in my mouth causing me to choke and gag. I breathed through my nostrils and started getting better. I was slowly deep throating it while stroking it. My eyes were looking up at her. My blue contacts shine as Chantz looked down and smirked. She spit in my face.

“Yea wrapped that mouth around it fag. I want that lipstick all around this rod. Gag on it.”

Jenny came close and put my hands on her pants and had me feel through. I slowly unzipped it. I pulled at a fat one. It was purple and not as long as Chantz but fatter. I worked on it shoving it in my mouth while stroking chantz. Jenny pulled my hair as was fucking my mouth.

“Its to fat” I cried.

“Who cares bitch. Suck it. Don’t care if your jaw breaks” Jenny said.

I force it all away in hurting my jaw. Summer came around and unzipped. She pulled out a purple curve on just as big as Chantz. Chantz and Summer force both in my mouth a laugh.

“mmmmmm so cute isn’t he. My little baby slut.” Summer said “Ahhh yes suck it like a bottle baby.”

“Like her tits.” Jenny ask.

“Yes gulp.”

“Well tough because you aint never going to fuck her.” Jenny laughed.

“This little pussy wanted to fuck me. You actually thought you had a change. You better go back to jerking off you little fag loser” Summer change “Damm these the fags you have to deal with”.

“Yea but they soon learn their lesson.” Chantz said.

Sky had a 16 inch one that she named big red. She shoved it in my mouth making my eyes roll in the back of my head. They were hovering over me for a circle jerk. They took turns fucking my face and slapping me. The dildos had liquid in. Some of it was my own cum some of others.. Jenny came from a friction and use the dildo to shoot a hot stream of cum in my mouth.

“Don’t swallow let bitch” Chantz said stroking her.

She shot a load on my face. It was gobs and gobs the shot out of her dildo. Summer shot some in my eyes and all over my hair. Sky ripped open my shirt and shot it on my chest and face. It soaked my bra.

“Now swallow. Rub that chest.” Chantz order.

I rubbed and started sucking my fingers. Sky lifted up my skirt.

“mmmm bitch now where any panties. (Slipping a finger in) Damm his little ass tight” Sky said giving it a slapped.

Summer bent me down and weight me down with those big tits. She open my ass cheeks up for Sky and spit down in it. Sky slammed it deep inside me. I screamed in pain as she fucked my shit hole. I cried my eyes out. I gripped my hands. Chantz quiet me by shoveling a dilldo in my mouth. My eyes were still drench with thick cum. It felt like it was in my stomach.

“Shit think the bitc.h going to bleed. Ahhh what a mess” Sky said

Summer saw the tattoo on my ass that said “Property of Chantz fortune.”

“See you still mark your territory” Summer laughed.

“You know it” Chantz said.

“Damm look at this fucking mess” Sky laughed and pulled my pig tails.

“Please I can’t take it” I cried.

“Shut up slut” Sky said.

I passed out but Chantz slapped me awake.

“Don’t pass out on me whore” Chantz said stroking and face fucking me.

Meanwhile Jenny was finger Summer to and orgasm. Chantz and Sky was stroking on my cock. Jenny walked over and put a sticky finger in my mouth. I came.

“Damm little fag must of liked it” Sky said.

Chantz lifted up her strapon and stuffed a wet pussy in my face. I licked and sucked on her snatch. I pulled with my teeth and spelled the alphabet with my tongue. She came on my face. Sky shot a load deep in my ass. Sky pulled out of me and made me lick it clean.

“Let him ride you” Kendra yelled out from the camera.

Sky laid down and hade me straddle her big cock from behind. She force it in my thrusting up. The crowd was making out now. I was force to stroke and suck the girls while riding. It was force all the way causing me to pass out but slapped awake 10 seconds later.

“Damm he rides it like a pro” Chantz smirked as she force it in.

More cum out of the cocks shot on me. My dress was ripped of accept for the skirt. I was soaked. I was then force to eat every one of her their pussies till they came with a multiple ograsim. Summer took Sky’s place when I ate sky out. I laid on Summer’s big tits as she kissed me and slammed into me. She stuff my face into Sky’s ass. “Yea lick it. Lick that fucking shit out of her ass.” Summer said.

I began eating her smelly ass. She farted in my face as I licked up her wetness and licked her clean. She moan as Jenny ate her out. I moan licking her ass. I couldn’t breath but they didn’t care. I was force to lick all the nasty parts as she came on Jenny.

“Yea eat my shit bitch while Summer push your shit in” Sky said.

“Damm look how he licking it up. He must like it.” Summer laughed.

Chantz got a turn smothering me. She slammed her ass into my face. My knee felt weak from summer driving into me. I lost control of my body and started to cum. My toes curled as I sprayed. I felt like a wave hit my body as it was being wrecked with multiple orgasms.

“Eat those cheeks out bitch” Chantz said.

“Damm broke the bitch hymen” summer laughed.

“Told you he was a little slut.” Chantz said fingering herself to orgasm.

Jenny was next and I ate ass complexly clean.

“oooooo naught boy.” Jenny laughed.

Jenny switch with Summer. Summer had the biggest ass. I was smother into her cheeks. When Summer came they dragged my naked body. Chantz went inside me and Jenny took me inside her pussy. I couldn’t move. They fucked me like a rag doll between their bodies. Jenny kiss me as she choked me. Summer was getting butt fucked by Sky. I came with them.

“Damm great fucking scene girls. I ran out of tape at the end.” Kendra said.

“Fuck put in another one.” Chantz smile. “It will be directors cut.”

2 hours later.

“Damm great scene girls.” Chantz said.

The women watching had breaking out into an orgy. The 4 women were putting their clothes on.

“It finally over” I said not able to move.

“Oh the scene over. But your not going home” Kendra said “Me and the girls watch the scene. Got us turn on. So while your co stars washing up where going to have fun with you. Chantz said we can have you for tonight.”

“But can’t move.” You say.

30 girls surrounded you.

“Who gives a shit.” Kendra laughed.

Then it began again.

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