tagErotic HorrorNightmare of Silent Hill Entry 07

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 07


Hey Everyone,

After 6 looong years, this is the end. I want to thank all of you that have read this series and left feedback. If not for you, I would have never finished this immense project. I want to thank Josh, my early editor, Eric, Mom, Konami and lastly Literotica for giving me the opportunity to share this guilty pleasure with the world. I will gladly accept any ideas for after-stories or side stories. I'm going to continue to write about Silent Hill and hope you all continue enjoying the series as I have. I may just have to write about Dead Space next, ;).

Hoping I didn't disappoint,


Nosh 7: Epilogue

Present. FBI office 20 miles East of Silent Hill, 10 miles west of Richmond VA


I'm so consumed by Zoe's story, I didn't even notice the lights flicker in the office. Judy had stepped out to be sick again. Somehow no matter how sick Zoe's story was, I was too enraptured for it to bother me. No doubt she could come up with some sick shit, but I just steeled myself against it. When I read her medical summary and saw rape, I expected her to be graphic in her story. Her mind warping the whole event to include monsters and demons was not something I expected. In the hospital, she refused to talk. Something told me she knew how crazy it sounded. She didn't agree to speak about what happened in Silent Hill until the charges for murder were thrown in her face.

She would get off in insanity if the FBI pressed charges for the unidentified body's murder. The body was burnt head to toe but did have a gunshot wound. The coroner called it as a postmortem wound however the director insisted that she could of used the fire to cover the murder up. I paused the recorder as the lights flickered again. Zoe looked miserable, her head down. I could barely see her face. I wanted her to finish. I wanted to know what happened after she shot Alessa.

The lights dimmed out and the backup generator switched on. The backup lights were dimmer than the main lights. My fists clenched. "Another interruption?!" I give it a moment to see if the lights switch back on. Just then, the paint starts peeling off of the walls. An air raid siren blares in my ears and my heart hits my throat.



'That terrible, awful, sick-minded girl! How can she think of such messed up shit?' Between her and the perverse director, I haven't eaten in two days. I look at my gaunt reflection in the bathroom mirror. I look like a wreck, my hair sticking up in places and my clothes wrinkled. The bathroom gets dark as the lights switch off and the backup lights switch on. I fumble around for my glasses on the sink. I had taken them off to splash water on my face. My hands touch porcelain and then the faucet. I could barely see a thing with the dim backup lights. I hear what almost sounds like the old air raid siren from the war movies blare loudly through the building. I furrow my brow. 'Didn't that girl mention something about an air raid siren in her story?' I feel my hands graze across the counter and touch glasses. I shove them on my face. The walls and bathroom stalls are disintegrating into the ceiling. A figure appears in the stall behind me. I watch in rapt horror as a faceless thing twitches behind me. It cocks its odd angled neck in my direction. My heart is pounding in my ears. The thing lunges and I scream. I feel a hot pain in my belly and feel blood gush from my insides. My world starts fading to black. I think I see a nurse's hat on the thing's head.



As soon as the main lights switch off, the place goes to chaos. I was watching that disgusting pig of an agent look at my darling Zoe with awe as she describes her rape in Silent Hill. I had to adjust myself continuously as she talked about get doubled-penned by the two monsters. While the monsters themselves were quite grotesque, my mind easily put myself in their places. It got me hot and bothered to think about Zoe sucking on my dick or bent over with my dick inside her. She is such a hot, demented young thing. I am definitely going to get her to work me over before she gets transferred. The backup lights come on right away. The other agents fluster and make racket about the outage. I shout to the room, "Don't worry. It's just an outage. Someone competent go check the breakers. Everyone else get back to work!"

I go back to watching my lovely Zoe. She looks different than before, paler, darker hair. The room shifts around her. The paint starts lifting from the walls, revealing rusted metal frames underneath. I swing around. It's happening in here as well. The cubicles are falling apart and the floor is melting. I blink a couple of times before my mind can process what is happening. 'What the fuck is happening? This is like Zoe's description in her story.' The other agents and office workers are watching in just as much confusion as I am. That's when the massacre begins. Strange figures and dark shadows begin hewing off limbs of the hapless individuals. Blood and guts spill onto the metal floor of the room. The screams begin. I watch in benign, wicked glee as everyone in the room is cut to pieces. Some of the agents defend themselves, shooting at the faceless flesh bags attacking them. Others with better survival instincts than most flee for the double doors leading to the stairs down to the front door.

One of the skin bag things notices me and begins lurching toward me. I quietly and calmly head for the double doors. A body falls in my way and I step over it. I am aware of the monsters at my back as I reach the doors. I sprint and crash into one of the doors. I run into something rock hard and covered in blood. I look up at the bloody great red-pyramid-helmeted monster and my eyes widen to the size of plates. I can feel my death in his presence, a fear beyond thought and comprehension. I can feel him look at me as he reaches for me.



I jump out of my seat. I know exactly what is happening here. I jump over the table the grab Zoe by the shoulders. I yell, "Zoe! Zoe! We have to get out of here!" Her head rolls up. Her eyes are rust colored and her mouth cracked in a wicked grin. Then it clicks in my mind. I know what happened after she shot Alessa. She was possessed by the demon. It's in control, bringing the nightmare here. And now I don't know how to get Zoe back.



I felt her take control after I shot Alessa again in my story. I was in a imagined cage, held captive in my own mind while watching her do whatever she wanted with my body. It was deal I had made. I heard Robert's voice begging me to leave. I watched as my twisted reflection broke her chains and laughed into the mirror. I put my head in my lap. I was trapped in here.



The possessed Zoe breaks her handcuffs and looks at herself in the mirror. She looks then at me, saying, "Come human, bear witness to my retribution." Her voice isn't Zoe's but a thousand pained souls echoing through her throat. I pick up the file and tapes frantically and stuff them into a bag. I follow her as she walks into the office from the interrogation room. The demons don't attack her, but bow in her wake. Chills go down my spine. They all watch me as I follow closely behind her. Enlightenment strikes me then. I know how to reach Zoe. I pull out my phone. I rip out the file and flip through it. She pauses and looks back at me. The monsters close in around me. I find the phone number and punch it into the phone. I fumble and try to get the phone to cooperate. She's grinning that mad grin as I put the phone up to my ear. I jump as one of the monsters lash out at me. I edge closer to Zoe. Ring, ring, ring... 'Come on pick up!'

Finally a man's voice says, "Hello?"

"This is Agent Collins with the FBI. Please just talk." Its all I had time to say before I was forced to put the phone on speaker. The monsters were coming closer as I edged back to Zoe.

He says, "What? Who is this again? Hello?"

Her eyes shift, hearing his voice. It has the effect I hoped it would.

He says, "Hello? I'm going to hang up."

I scramble the phone up to my mouth, "No please don't. Speak to Zoe, Kyle. She needs to hear your voice."

His breathing hitches, "Zoe? Are you there? Zoe!?"

Her eyes turn back to brown and her expression falls, "Kyle?"

"Zoe! Zoe! Oh my god! I'll be right there. Any minute. Just wait!" He shouts in desperate anxiety.

Zoe's expression goes to stark horror when she registers what is happening around us. She looks at me. Then I notice the red monstrousity behind her.



I heard a bunch of static after Zoe's voice. The line goes dead. "Fuck!" I slam my foot on the gas.I had been driving for almost 4 hours. I am only 10 minutes from the FBI office now.



I wake up to a nightmare behind Roger in the office. I remember hearing Kyle's voice. I see Roger's face as I feel the Guardian's presence behind me. I'm not afraid of him this time. I straighten my back as I turn. In the red pyramid head's giant veiny hand is the frantic Director. I feel anger at the Director. I feel his fear in the back of my mind. The Guardian crushes his wind pipe with loud pop and throws his body aside like a rag doll.

I feel demonic energy creep into my muscles, filling them with supernatural strength and speed. 'What's happening to me?' I leap at the thing, driving my heels into his chest. He flies back down the stairs, clammering down them with sickening thuds. I jump up. I whip around to Roger and grab his arm. I spin on my heel leaping down the stairs two at a time. I push Roger in front of me over the Guardian. The monster grabs at me and I lunge out of the way. I land at the bottom of the stairs. Roger is running out the front door. I feel the red monster behind us. My heart is hammering in my chest and my lungs are burning. We make it out the door into the parking lot. I feel the demonic aura around me starting to fade.

Just then as we pass the parking lot into the road, I see Kyle's blue Mazda. He sees us and the brakes squeel. The car screeches to a sudden halt in front of Roger. Roger looks at Kyle. He runs around to the passenger side and gets in the car. Kyle asks, "What the fuck is that?"

I look behind me. The whole office is a whirlwind of rust and rot. Red pyramid head had stopped at the parking lot. He is looking right at me. He whispers and I hear. ...My Master... I watch as he starts to fade and the building starts to return to it's gray color.

Roger yells at me, "Zoe, get in the damn car!"

I turn and open the door. I am so overwhelmed I can hardly breathe. 'What just happened? What did I bring into this world with me?' I climb into the car. "What did I bring back from Silent Hill? Am I a demon? That thing called me it's master." The thought that I may have caused that nightmare bring tears to my eyes. 'I have inside me what was in Alessa. All the things in Silent Hill are apart of me now. I am a demon.'

I have left the Nightmare of Silent Hill and entered another of my creation.

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