tagNovels and NovellasNo Controlling Legal Authority Ch. 21

No Controlling Legal Authority Ch. 21


"Oh, Caleb, you are a fast learner," she panted, pushing his hand away from her crotch and extracting his finger from her dripping slot.

"What, what's wrong? What did I do?" he cried in dismay. He didn't know exactly where all the kissing and fingering was leading, but he could almost hear the crashing cataract of his Niagara, and he desperately wanted to see it for himself.

"Nothing, not a thing, sweetie, you're wonderful, " she reassured him. "That just wasn't going to get me where I wanted to be, is all; it's time to try something else."

Her words afforded him little relief. He slumped on his little bench of straw and looked dejected because he was just beginning to get the hang of things and was feeling pretty proud of himself when she stopped him so abruptly. He cast his eyes downward in embarrassment and felt that some how, in his ignorance, he had failed to please her.

She smiled knowingly, and snapped him out of his misery with an abrupt command.

"Take off your shirt."

"What?" he gulped glancing up in surprise.

"Take off your shirt, so I can sit on it, Caleb; I think that straw would be pretty scratchy on my bare skin, don't you?"

Oh, Lord, she was right about that, he nodded emphatically; damn hay on sweaty skin like hers would make her itch all the way to Florida and back. He began tugging at the tails of his shirt, trying to extract them from the waist of his pants, and she stepped toward him, reaching over his shoulders to grasp his shirt from the back. He tugged and she pulled, and after a brief struggle, because the material was clinging to his wet skin pretty tightly, she succeeded in pulling the shirt over his head and off his arms.

"Whew, brother," she teased him, while she shook out his shirt and spread it on the ledge beside him. "You sure don't like having your clothes taken off, do you?"

He was about to protest and defend himself, when she laughed and bent to kiss him on the mouth again. He was prepared this time and ready for her, and when her lips touched his, his tongue sprang into her mouth seeking her tongue with feverish darting that signaled to her the spreading flames of his ardor. He reached up for her and ran his fingers through her hair and urged her to kiss him harder. Her fingers slipped from his shoulders to the expanse of his chest, spreading, sliding across his flesh in the heated wetness of his perspiration and circling his nipples with her fingertips. They tantalized each other with tongues and lips and fingers for a few moments, but then she broke away with a gasp.

"Oh, man, you're turning my knees to jelly," she moaned. "If I don't sit down, I'm gonna fall down."

"OK…" he began agreeably, but she had already turned around and was sitting down beside him with the full, rounded cheeks of her ass right in the middle of his shirt.

She grinned seductively at him and crooked her finger, saying "Come here, big boy."

He leaned toward her, pursing his lips to resume kissing where he had left off, but she put her hand on his chest and pushed him away with a throaty laugh.

"Stand up and come over here between my legs," she said, moving her knees apart to make room for him to stand.

She was sitting, leaning back with her arms behind her, and she watched him bounce up off the ledge and quickly position himself between her legs. She squinted and moved her head around like she couldn't see him hardly at all in the dim light, and looked him up and down for a minute. He was feeling perplexed and a little self-conscious, since he didn't know what she expected him to do next, when he noticed her looking at the bulge in the front of his pants.

"My, my, Caleb, what ever could that be making your pants stick out like that?" she said with a sly smile.

"Oh," he gasped, recoiling in embarrassment. His hands flew to his crotch as he modestly tried to conceal his erection.

"Don't hide it," she coaxed him sympathetically, while prying his hands away to uncover his bulge.

He let her place his hands at his sides and closed his eyes while he endured her inspection. The pressure of her eyes on him was excruciating, and he wanted more than anything to bolt, flee, run like the wind through the fields behind the barn and hide until she had left, but her voice, gentle and seductively suggestive, held him rooted, as it were, to the spot.

She reached toward him with one hand and supported herself with the other. Her fingers touched his chest and burned him like tiny torches as they trailed down his belly toward his belt.

"My goodness, just look at you, Caleb Montcastle," she whistled admiringly, and he squeezed his eyes even tighter.

"I think you have something down there for me, don't you?" she said without touching him, and heavy beads of sweat began trickling down his back between his shoulder blades.

He gulped, swallowing his answer, and felt a rush of crimson in his cheeks.

"Is all that just for me, Caleb?" she asked in a whisper, and he felt her fingers brush his thigh through his pant leg.

He gulped again and bit his lip and felt the pressure of her fingers climbing on his leg.

"Is your dick all stiff and hard for me, baby?" she asked with the answer pointing her straight in the face.

His face glowed with his shame, and he turned his head away from her, because erections were something you weren't supposed to let anyone see.

His shyness thrilled her, of course, and wetted her appetite for him all the more. Her hand drifted upward on his leg, and she could feel his thigh muscles twitching anxiously.

"It's alright, baby," she whispered reassuringly. "You're supposed to be like that. I'd be disappointed if you weren't, because it would make me think I was ugly, or something." "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever known," he muttered adoringly without looking toward her.

"I think you really mean it," she smiled tenderly as her hand found him and her fingers pressed into his strength.

He gave a sharp intake of breath when she touched him, and his heart leapt into his throat. Her fingers moved over him with practiced ease, like she had done it a thousand times before, stroking, caressing him through his pants, and he trembled with excitement.

"My, my, my, Caleb," she said with a surprised, sultry chuckle as her fingers traced the rigid ridge of his manhood to its tip. "I think you've grown up some since we were here two years ago. You were just a kid then, but I do believe you've become a man while I was gone."

His cock throbbed to her touch despite the pang of recollected misery he felt at the mention of her last visit. Oh my, how he had wanted her to notice him then, he recalled, but she had ignored him, treated him like he didn't exist, and he spent the entire two days feeling as though he was invisible to her.

"Ooo, it's so big and so hard," she said stroking him through his pants.

He wobbled unsteadily and chewed his lip while she fondled him. His hands worked themselves frantically at his sides; his finger kneaded his palms like he was milking a goat, and all the while his mind was dissolving in the wonder of her touch.

She pressed her palms together, sandwiching his thick shaft between them and massaged him suggestively. Her knees spread wider as she pulled him closer to her, and she hooked him behind the legs with her ankles so he couldn't run. She held him tightly and teased him with her palms and fingertips, and his erection grew under her touch.

"I know what you want, Caleb," she whispered excitedly when she felt his cock jerk. "You want me to take your big cock out and let you fuck me, don't you?"

"Diane!" he sputtered, but his eagerly twitching cock revealed the impurity of his thoughts.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, you bad, bad boy?" she murmured rhetorically, as though contemplating that possibility, and, as she spoke, she leaned her face toward him and pressed her cheek against his rising bulge. "You'd just love to stick this big, hard dick of yours into my wet little pussy and fuck me, wouldn't you, Caleb Montcastle?"

"Oh, Diane," he moaned, because her hands had deserted him and had circled around his waist and were pulling his hips toward her. He felt the movement of her cheek on his cock as she spoke and torrid images flooded his mind.

She caressed his rigid bulge with the side of her face, whispering words he could scarcely hear much less believe and said, "You can, Caleb, I promise; I want you to. I want to feel your cock inside me, fucking me, but not yet. We have to go slow, to make it last, so you'll remember me after you cum."

My God, he thought, nearly recoiling in disbelief, "remember" her? Like there's any way on earth I'm ever going to forget her. Good God, I haven't forgotten about her for a minute since her last visit. Well, nearly, there had been that business with the Morgenstern girl, but that didn't really count, he hoped.

He was about to protest the utter cruelty of her misjudgment and declare to her his everlasting love, when she turned to face him and gently bit him through his pants. Lightning flashed through his brain as she nipped playfully at the throbbing bulge. She nibbled him, working her way toward the tip, muttering "Mmmmmm," as she chewed, and when she reached the head, she mouthed him through the fabric, and he tottered on the brink of unconsciousness.

She caressed him with her lips for an eternity while he flirted with a spell of insanity, but then, reluctantly, she pushed him away, chiding herself aloud, "Slow down, girl, or it'll be over before you even get started."

"Diane?" he burbled when she retreated, and the frustrated boy attempted to climb onto the bale astraddle of her to fulfill the promise of her lips, but she held him off with her hands, restraining him until his passion subsided. He panted and grunted and his chest was so slick with sweat that she nearly lost her hold on him, but after a minute or two, she felt him relax a little and, when she was sure he had calmed enough, she let him go.

"You're an eager one, aren't you?" she teased, grinning wickedly at the wet oval circling the prominent bulge in his pants. "You haven't even had a good look at mine, and here you go wanting to show me yours already; I think you're way too fast for me."

She watched him for a minute just to be certain he wasn't about to topple backward down the haystack and congratulated herself for her self-control. Her pussy was absolutely on fire with lust, and that last stunt of hers had almost been her undoing. She had been a heartbeat away from unzipping his pants and, well... She leaned back on her elbows while he regained his breath, and regarded him with an increasing measure of respect. He must have grown a foot, she thought, recalling the skinny little kid who had trailed her around like a puppy and the insignificant little bump she had noticed in the front of his shorts that time they went swimming together in the watering trough. No, that runty kid was history, she smiled, replaced by a full grown man with a man's dick and a rage to use it. It had been all she could do to fend him off, and her hands still burned from the touch of his rippling chest muscles.

"We're playing doctor, remember? And, you haven't finished your examination," she reminded him when he seemed calm enough to resume.

He looked at her a little blankly and his eyebrows lifted, as if to say what's left to examine?

"My pussy, silly," she smiled, responding to his unspoken question. "You haven't actually seen it yet, have you?"

His eyes dropped to the shadowy darkness between her thighs, and he thought for a moment recalling the wondrous revelations he had just experienced, and then he shook his head in agreement.

"Well? Do you want to see it, or what?"

"Yes," he croaked with his eyes still riveted to the impenetrable shadow.

"I thought so," she replied, and then, she lay back, spreading her legs and lifting her heels to the edge of ledge, and giggled gently, "Take a look, bad boy."

He towered over her, standing between her wide-spread thighs, and ravished her with his eyes. She was beautiful lying there on a pallet of straw with patches of dancing light dotting her flawless skin. His gaze swept restlessly across her body, assessing the charms against which he had no measure, and approached her loins. She followed his eyes, and her skin tingled under the visual caress of his love-struck inspection. His eyes dropped lower, and she obligingly widened her legs. Her hands, palms down, rested lightly on her thighs while she patiently waited for him to begin his examination.

He stared into the matted tangle of hair covering her mons and squinted. She was wet there, he could tell; her hair stuck to her skin like the hair on his head did after a shower and it was several shades darker than he expected. Deliciously delicate, fleshy lips protruded from the thicket of hair, and he followed them down to the point where they seemed to merge into the cleavage of her butt cheeks. Moisture, slick and shiny looking, glistened in her hair and along the edges of her lips. Her cheeks and the insides of her thighs were wet as well, and he thought, momentarily, that she must have been really hot to have sweat that much, but then, he remembered the wetness inside her, and he wondered if some of it might have escaped to the outside.

She guessed his thoughts and led him through the myriad wonders of her body like a Gray Line hostess on bus full of Music City tourists.

"That's juice from my pussy," she explained to erase his confusion. "It usually stays on the inside, but when I'm really hot, it just goes everywhere. That shows you how wet you made me when you were sucking my titties and fingerfucking my pussy."

He nodded vacantly, lost in the memory of those touches.

"You can get closer if you want to."

He nodded again and leaned closer.

"Kneel down between my legs, Caleb," she suggested helpfully.

The boy dropped to his knees and crouched between her legs with his face just level with her pussy. She looked toward him, through the twin towers of her thighs, and smiled at his eager attention. He licked his lips and bent forward till his eyes were just inches from her body, and she knew he could feel on his cheeks the steam rising from her loins.

"What do you see?"

Silence, punctuated only by the sounds of his breathing, hung heavily in the air.

"Tell me what you see, Caleb."

"Your pussy." He sounded distant, like he was lost, deep in thought.

"I know that, silly; tell me what it looks like to you."

"Beautiful," he sighed as though a single superlative would suffice to compliment all the treasures of the Louvre.

"Thanks, sweet boy," she smiled indulgently, "but tell me what you really see."


"Pubic hair," she corrected. "I had to wait a long time for that to grow and it's still not very thick."

He eyed her triangle of damp hair and replied skeptically, "It looks pretty thick to me."

"It's not, trust me. What else?"

"Uh, uh," he muttered, struggling for a descriptive noun. "Lips, I guess."

"Describe them to me."

The boy was sweating again and he rubbed his eyes with his fists. "Well, uh," he stammered, "they're wrinkled and wet."

She smiled again, and her fingers began a tantalizing journey across her belly to the object of his examination. "That's my vulva you're looking at, and the lips you're describing are the 'labia majora.'"

"Huh?" he muttered.

"'Labia majora,'" she repeated. "Now, you say it."

Her fingers had entered the field of his peripheral vision and had slowed at the fringes of her pubic hair as though she was waiting for him to respond.

"Libya majors," he responded, doing his best to please the teacher.

"Close enough," she giggled, "Muammar Kadaffi, would be thrilled, I'm sure." Then, she continued. "What color are they?"


"They're red because you've gotten me so hot and wet," she said, and her fingers lightly brushed along the sides of her labia majora as she spoke. "Usually, if some naughty boy hasn't gotten me all worked up, they're just soft pink, like my other lips."

"Oh," he said lamely, and he stared at the progress of her fingers.

"They're closed, aren't they?" she asked, but she had already confirmed that diagnosis with her fingers.

"Yeah," he said, leaning closer to be certain.

"They're closed mostly, but sometimes they just open up and you can see right inside, like when I use my vibrator or put something big in there."

"Oh," he gulped like he knew what she was talking about.

Her fingertips had met at the narrow, closed crease that separated the halves of her labia majora, and she twitched them restlessly in her wetness.

"Do you want to see the inside, Caleb?" she asked, but, already, her fingers had dipped into her crease and were spreading her lips, and he didn't answer.

She spaced her fingers along the divide, from top to bottom, and pulled her lips apart. She moved her feet to open herself further, and felt the weight of his eyes on her body.

"Have you ever seen the inside of a woman's pussy before?" she queried, knowing full well the answer as she spread her sex for his inspection.

"No, no," he whispered, but he had bent so low and close to her that she could barely hear his answer.

Her fingers slipped through her moisture, stroking her inflamed tissues, skating for his pleasure on the slippery rink of her loins like half a dozen twirling Nancy Kwans at the Winter Olympics. Her fingertips slithered toward her core, and she could feel his hot breath on the backs of her hands.

"See that?" she asked, splaying herself and pointing with all of her fingers.


"More lips; 'labia minora.'"

"Lib, lib," he stammered to repeat the unfamiliar name, but his focus was on her fingers as she teased herself.

"Never mind," she panted; her fingers and her mind were racing through the galleries, eager to point out yet another masterpiece.

Her hands slid lower; fingers following her crease toward her bottom, gathering lips like the hem of a skirt, and just above the crack of her cheeks, she pulled herself open widely.

"There, there, Caleb, do you see it?"

Her voice was edgy with excitement like she couldn't sustain the position for long, and as she spoke his name, her fingertip circled a deep, dark opening that was visible inside her folds.

"Yes," he whispered in awe, hunkering down between her thighs to gain a better view.

"What is it? Do you know?" she gasped, and her fingers began to drift purposely around the target.

"I, uh, well, your pussy?" he guessed ignorantly.

"Uh, no, baby," she gushed as she slid two fingers into the dark void. "That's my vagina; that's where your finger was when you were fingerfucking me a little while ago. That's where your dick'll go in when we fuck, and, if my diaphragm lets me down tonight, where the baby'll come out next winter."

He gulped and stared as she inserted her fingers and then, slowly withdrew them. They were shining and wet with her juices, and he wanted her so badly that his mouth was watering again.

"Now, you do it," she said, holding herself open for him after her fingers had withdrawn.

He pointed his finger toward her dark hole and touched her lightly.

"Put it in me," she groaned.

He pressed and she swallowed him instantly. He gnawed his lips and watched his finger penetrate the void between her stretched lips. He felt her closing about him and pushed into her depths.

"Give me two," she gasped when one finger proved insufficient to fill her needs.

"Diane, Diane," he said, whispering her name in awe, and he presented two digits at her portal.

"Do it," she urged, and her fingertips tugged at her lips to encourage him.

He pressed into her and she sucked him in. The walls of her vagina closed in around his fingers and he felt like they were shrink-wrapped in her tissue. She gurgled in her throat and lifted her hips to him. He remembered his lessons and withdrew till only the tips of his fingers remained within her, and then he paused for delicious seconds while she shivered in anticipation before plunging them in again to the hilt.

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