tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Mercy Ch. 02

No Mercy Ch. 02


Naïve Holly has been lured into an evening of hard fucking, as a result of communicating with her favourite on-line sex-writer and arranging a date. She has already been boned by the author, and may soon have to cope with the attentions of his two lustful friends...

Holly looked at me uncomprehendingly, blinking through the glutinous coating of spunk that adorned her face. 'Go on,' I told her. 'I've arranged some extra guests.'

The truth seemed to dawn on her and she began to splutter in astonishment. 'But...but I can't... You didn't say...'

'Come on Holly. Don't you want to know what's waiting the other side of the door?'

She was openly panicking by now. 'Jake, please! Not like this! Not with... I thought it was just going to be us! Who is it out there?'

'You remember the guys sitting just across from us at the pub?' I knew she would, she had noticed the two good-looking bastards checking her out, even when she'd been pre-occupied with me. I got to my feet and strode over to where Holly's bag lay, while continuing to speak. 'Now I know that a part of you is intrigued. A part of you wants to live out your whole fantasy. You know? The one I wrote for you?' Reaching into the bag I produced the item which I had insisted she bring - the great, synthetic cock she had inserted into herself during her web-show. '...Of course I could just send them away. There's plenty of fun you, I and your ass could have along with this. But I think you'd like more than that. Another loud knock sounded on the door. 'So this is your chance, Holly. Tell me what it's going to be. Shall I answer the door and disappoint them, or shall you go?'

She gazed at me, her pretty eyes wide with the choice that had just been presented her. I could almost hear her heart thump as fear and fascinated desire wrestled within her. Dare she give herself up to this? Shouldn't she just plead that I send the interlopers away? Somehow I had never doubted her choice she would make by this stage. I had depended on it and she didn't let me down. I looked on in new excitement as Holly rose shakily from the sofa, her wary, conflicted face still slimed with thick cum-custard. She dragged her panties up from her knees to cover her dripping cunt, for what paltry modesty that would provide her. I let her do it - once the guys entered the room those panties wouldn't stay on long anyway and it would be fun seeing them ripped off. Then she kicked herself free of her heels to keep from stumbling, so wobbly were her legs. Lustful joy welled up from my balls to the head of my cock at the sight of her going to the door - the pretty English student and part-time Librarian, now looking like the sluttiest whore in the country. And about to meet two of the filthiest fuckers on the entire planet. She opened the door in an advanced state of trepidation - one that was truly warranted - and offered herself up to her darkest fantasy. It was Holly's time to meet the Bitch-Tamers.

Grant and Martin were stunned by the sight of their hostess for the evening. I wish you could have seen the looks on their already expectant faces, Emily, as they set eyes on Holly's spunk-frosted visage and the inflated tits that thrust out from her slender body. Even these experienced, horny guys couldn't believe their luck. This hapless girl stood in hold-ups and tiny panties before their combined masculine bulk for a split second, then both men burst into raunchy, raucous laughter.

'Fuck! Now that's what I call a welcome!'

'Looks like the party started without us, sweetheart! You been helping yourself to the buffet?'

Holly stumbled backwards, as if rebuffed by the sheer force of testosterone issuing into the room. Then Grant and Martin piled in for real, slamming the door behind them and taking control of their new plaything without as much as a 'How are you?'

'Just what I like,' said Grant, with lusty enthusiasm, 'a skinny girl with big tits. Come with me, darlin'.' He seized hold of her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, like they were two cherries; then he backed across the room towards the sofa, tugging her after him by her hard little points, her firm breasts stretched out in front of her elastically. She gasped, either at the soreness to her tits or the indignity being perpetrated on her by this horny stranger - probably at both. The stranger in question had only just brought her to a stop, when Martin strode up behind her and clapped his big soccer goalkeeper's hands to the cheeks of her negligibly clad bottom, making her squeal.

'Got a nice bit of meat on her ass as well,' he observed, squeezing her buttocks as if sampling watermelons at a stall. Grant gave her similar treatment from the front, mashing her ample tits in a possessive double-grip. Had she met either of these guys in different circumstances, she might have been single-minded about such an encounter. Both were robustly athletic, trained-up not for idle male vanity, but for their twin favourite pursuits of sport and sex. Grant was a good six foot tall with wavy fair hair, Martin not quite so tall, but with a hard, lean physique, his hair close-cropped and dark, showing off to good effect his angular features. Holly could conceivably have been flattered by their attentions had either approached her in a bar or at her work. But here they were, hemming in her near naked form like a pair of jackals. Not having troubled themselves with getting to know her, they groped her shamelessly and leered at her exposed body. Her face showed mortified astonishment certainly, but also the most intense arousal. I looked on with relish at the developing situation. Holly's body was getting with the program already. All her most whorish impulses were starting to take control of her.

'Oh God...oh God...Boys, what are you...?' she moaned, unable to complete the redundant question. She glanced around to me as though for some sort of reassurnace, but I was already pressing into her from behind, so that my resurrected boner slapped between her buttocks. She stared at me with a flushed sense of wonder, before I pinned her wrists behind her back with one hand.

'Sorry, I didn't make any introductions,' I said, grinning. 'Lads, this is Holly. She's one hell of a good fuck and a cock-sucking little whore into the bargain. Want to demonstrate, Holly?' I thrust her own dildo into her hand and she stared at it in momentary confusion. 'Go on, Holly, show the guys here how you're going to go down on them. And none of that lightweight shit from the web-cam. Do it properly.' She stared at me meekly, as if searching for compassion. I showed her the merest trace. (Lust and compassion don't hang out much.) 'You'll feel slutty and sore when we're done with you,' I told her, 'but it won't be in any way that you don't fucking love. Now go on - get that dildo down your throat.'

What could she do, Emily? This bright girl had known she was committed from the moment she let these guys in. She opened up and in full view of her fixated audience shoved the fake erection past her lips and to the back of her mouth. 'Further, Holly. Go on, take that cock like the hot bitch I know you are. Don't be coy for the guys here - they know a slut when they see one. Go on, swallow that fucker.' You could see her bracing herself, before pushing the big rubber dick right down her neck and then shunting it in and out, making an obscene 'glug-glug-glug' in the back of her throat. I'm sure she couldn't believe what depths she was reaching, what she was becoming before our eyes. If Grant and Martin had been hard before, they were probably ready to explode out of their shorts by now. I could see in their evil-glinting eyes how much they wanted to stuff themselves where that dildo was. 'Okay, that'll do,' I said after a protracted moment of Holly's self-inflicted oral abuse, and she dragged the synthetic fuck-rod out of her mouth with a squelch. I took it and threw it aside. 'There you are lads. Think this little honey can service you the way you need?'

'Fucking right she can.' The brief floor-show over, they both instantly started to undress, Grant speaking for both of them. 'We're going to make real use of her services.'

'Oh yeah,' Martin added. 'Brace yourself, girlie, 'cos we're going to fuck you raw.'

'By the way, Holly,' I said, having taken tight hold of her again, 'very rude of me. This is Grant and this is Martin. Their names ring any bells?'

The panting Holly could only stare on in fear and wonder, as her two strapping new acquaintances stripped in front of her, staring at her body all the while. They were tearing themselves free of shirts, shoes and trousers, eyes ablaze with animal lust. She seemed to know, from the way her body stiffened, just who she was dealing with, but if she were in any doubt I cleared it up for her. 'They're the guys I wrote about, Holly. And they fuck just like they did in the story.'

'No we don't,' said Martin, chucking his trousers aside. 'He sold us short. We fuck way harder.' I could feel Holly trembling in my grip, and she hadn't even seen these guys' tackle yet. For an instant it was all straining within their shorts, then they both tore off their final pieces of clothing and two almighty totem-poles sprang free. Totem-poles this girl would be made to worship. Both men advanced on the object of their lust, stroking their huge, ridged slabs of meat like the UK Olympic Fuck Squad. And they were about to deliver one world-class fucking.

'You don't have to read that story any more,' I said in her ear. 'You're in it.' She knew it was true and the look of appalled, scared desire on her stunned face was priceless.

The guys closed in on either side of her, fondling a breast each, their hard-ons brushing against her thighs. 'Okay, Holly,' said Grant, his tone deadly serious, 'your friend 'Jake' here tells us you're trying to get in touch with your inner whore. Well we're here to fuck the nice girl right out of you. We're going to screw you senseless and when you've had enough we're just going to give you more. You're in for a long, hard night, sweetie, and by the end of it all you'll be in this world is our bitch. Now are you fine with that plan?'

She could hardly produce a sound, but eventually she forced the breathy squeak out of her mouth. 'Yeah - yeah, it's what I want...'

'Shit,' Martin whispered in awe, 'the things we're going to do to you...' I was marvelling too, marvelling at how outstandingly things were shaping up. Even by our own standards this was going to be one twisted fucking evening. None of could have gone back if we'd tried, so crazy-hard were our cocks. But we still clear-headed enough to take our time and enjoy our lust-object's flushed, turned-on confusion.

As if on some hidden cue Grant and Martin grabbed Holly's panties at the hips and tugged hard, snapping the elastic on both sides, so that the scant piece of clothing fell away. It stuck slightly to her wet snatch before falling. Martin thrust his fingers between her legs and explored her pussy for moisture, while Grant pressed his massive spearhead up against her bum cheek and played roughly with one of her breasts, slapping it and pinching at her erect nipple. 'God, she's wetter than a weekend in Margate,' said Martin, and to prove it he shoved his cunt-soaked fingers into her shocked mouth. 'There - suck on your own juice, darling, you weren't joking - you're loving every second of this.'

'We'll make her fucking love it even more,' affirmed Grant. 'Let's see how you taste, sweetheart.' He sank to his knees, clasped both hands to Holly's buttocks and pulled her into his face, so that he could gorge himself on her cunt. She cried out and her knees buckled, so I supported her from behind by grabbing her boobs and holding on hard to those big handfuls. Martin was sucking on her neck, his mouth making its ravenous way upwards towards her face. Then he halted.

'Jake, go get something to clean her up. I don't want to suck your cream off her face.'

'I'm on it.' I let go Holly's fabulous knockers, enabling Martin to have a good feel at them, and went searching hastily in the kitchen, not wanting to miss an instant of the hot action. A bottle of sparkling water was the first thing I laid a hand to. By the time I returned, my huge erection pointing the way before me, the scene had changed. It was Holly who was on her knees now, with the boys standing before her, her hands wrapped around huge twin columns of petrified oak. I imagined that they had given her some quick training and encouragement, for she was seriously wanking the great fuck-poles from base to tip and by their facial expressions Grant and Martin were feeling the benefit. Holly's face wore the earnest look of a girl who was fast learning her place. There was intense excitement there by now, at being made to masturbate those two big cocks. I yanked her head back by the hair and doused her from my bottle, making her gasp as the mineral water fizzed all over her screwed-up features. It spilled over her chin and ran in rivulets down between her breasts.

'Give me the bottle.' It was Grant. I handed him the container and he made Holly take a huge, cheek-swelling mouthful. 'Okay, now hold that in your mouth and suck on my cock.' He fed several inches of fat pole into her face, so that liquid rolled down the shaft to soak his balls. Then he pumped in and out of her gurgling mouth, grunting his approval of the various sensations on his dick. 'Nice,' he said hoarsely, as he withdrew. 'You want to try that, boys.' We both did, Martin immediately taking his turn. He refilled Holly, first from the bottle, then with his mammoth cock, and treating himself to a sparkling, watery bout of face fucking. I took my turn enthusiastically, topping up my gorgeous receptacle and plunging my own sturdy member into her fizzing oral cavity. Her mouth was hot as before, and now I had a thousand carbon bubbles exploding all over my glans, reinforcing my cock's marble hardness inside her.

'Okay, don't hog her throat,' complained Martin, as I got carried away and started diving my way to depths that had her gagging. 'You've already got yourself off once.'

'Too right,' added Grant just as heatedly, as I reluctantly passed Holly over to my friends. 'We need the use of this bitch.'

No shit they needed her. Turn about they grabbed her head with a two-handed grip. Turn about they inserted their cock-heads, each one the size of a small, juice-crammed orange, and assaulted her throat with the full length of their colossal fuck-sticks. What a great sight to watch. That sweet face, mouth stretched till her jaw was near breaking point, swallowing all that stiff, pounding meat like a yawning tunnel taking in a high-speed train. They kept swapping her, one jerking his saliva-soaked cock, while the other skull-fucked her, gripping her head at the back and banging it furiously down on to his throat-clogging masculinity. Her eyes bulged at the amount of dick she was consuming and at how fucking hard she was being made to take it. As for the guys...they were going nuts. 'That's it, suck on this you little tart! You wanted it, now fucking take it!'

'You think you're getting fucked now, Holly? You think so? Ohhhh fffuck - we're only getting started!'

They stood close in, either side of her face, and took turns thrusting their meat-swords into the sides of her mouth, distorting her cheeks with their huge volume, before they twanged free, wet and quivering from each fresh oral invasion. From there they gripped their great swaying lengths at the base and set about slapping them against Holly's cheeks and mouth. It was too much just to watch. I pulled her head back so I could join in, whacking my own hefty bratwurst repeatedly against her forehead and pretty nose. The sweet Librarian could only lie back and let it happen - let three obscenely engorged male sexes slap all over her delectable face. Let herself be submerged in a seething vat of male lust as she had so often fantasised.

And then the vat really began to boil over. The madness took Martin first. Grabbing Holly by the arm, he flung her sprawling to the sofa on all fours. Then he wrenched her legs apart, exposing her visibly wet cunt and tightly puckered asshole. Before she could react, he was behind her, his angry cock lined up against her messy entrance like a pool cue about to make its strike. He claimed her waist with both hands, then every muscle in his body seemed to tighten, just before a single, liquid motion sank his nine inches deep into Holly. Her body lurched forward and she screamed, as Martin's loins slammed her ass cheeks, his big dick filling her as completely as mine had done. 'Nice work,' he grunted at me, from his position stuffed inside her, 'you got this bitch good and ready.' Then he arched back his hips and surged back in so hard her entire body quaked at the impact.

That was how he started. Martin worked his way up through the gears like a road racer, a grimace of near-demonic lust etched on his face, until he was pounding her in a reckless fury. The smack and squelch of hard cock fucking tight, juicy cunt echoed loudly around the room, as did Holly's impassioned yells. 'Ohhh God, ohhhh fuck...'

'You like that, Holly?'

'Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, don't stop... don't stop...'

She needn't have worried. The flesh of the girl's slender body rippled at each thrust, her firm breasts swinging pendulously, as the ever-loving fuck-session of her young life continued. Martin clapped a hand to her shoulder and held her in place, so he could rule her utterly with his rod of iron.

Grant and I had been spectating avidly, urging our comrade on to greater heights of decadence: 'Go on, pound the shit out of her, she fucking loves it! Give it to her!' Then Grant could look on no longer. 'Fuck this, I see an end needs filling.' Holly's mouth was already open from her wails. Her eyes almost popped out on stalks when she saw Grant's massive manhood looming into view, but he had grabbed her hair and plugged her face before she could consider it any further. Martin had slowed momentarily so his friend could accommodate himself at the girl's other end, but now he ploughed into her pussy again, each crazed thrust driving her throat further on to Grant's great column. When she was skewered like a shish kebab between the two of them, they both began pulling halfway out and steaming back in again to the balls, fucking her like a piece of meat. I stood wanking myself hard at the mind-blowing sight, knowing that I would be back inside her tight body before long, using her just as nastily, making her take it just as fucking hard.

'Right, give her to me!' It was Grant, pulling his slick, springing thickness out of Holly's gorge, so he could work his next move. Martin obliged, such was the radar between them when using a woman's body. He knew he'd get more in due course. What happened next needed to be seen to be believed. Grant seized Holly by her trim waist and pulled her already exhausted body along with him to one of the dining area's upright chairs.

Still clinging to her, he seated himself so that his dick aimed at the ceiling like a thick exclamation mark. His fingers tightened like iron hoops around her middle and employing every ounce of his athlete's strength he heaved her bodily from the ground, hoisting her so that her sodden cunt-hole was directly above his vertically pointing prick; then he slammed her down on to himself, so that she was stuck there, impaled and screaming - firmly spiked on his great up-thrust.

'Ohhhh Goddddddd, ohhhhh fffffuckkkk, it's so big!!!'

'That's what I like to hear!' Grant yelled out, possessed with evil glee. 'Now it's going to take you for a little ride!' He began to thrust with his hips, propelling Holly's lissom, young body upwards so that she lifted a couple of inches off him, before gravity brought her crashing down again right on to his great, spearing javelin. She let out a loud, rending cry on each impact and Grant fucking loved it. 'That's it, bitch, ride my cock! It's big enough for you then?' He eased off just enough for her to respond.

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