tagNon-Erotic PoetryNo One's Mistress

No One's Mistress


I am a lady of quality,
Please remember that,
Before you proposition me so blatantly,
When you already have a wife at home.
You are not free to give me yourself,
So leave me the hell alone.

Don't treat me like a strumpet,
I refuse to be "the other woman".
I may be attracted to you,
But that's human nature to have those feelings,
Yet remember, it takes more than attraction
To make a true committed relationship.
Keep your distance,
Because I am no man's mistress.
I'd rather give you my friendship.
If a man wants me for his lady,
Then I will be his one and only,
Not second place to any other woman.
If I don't honor myself, who will?
I wont apologize for having high standards,
That's the way I wish to be treated.
And I will never accept anything less
Than being number one in a man's life,
Because I am no man's mistress.

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