No Panties


As I pulled the car onto the highway I looked over to my wife sitting in the passenger seat.

"What are you grinning about?"

It was a warm spring day. She was wearing a turquoise tank top, a flowing skirt down to her knees, and sandals. She slid down in the seat a little and spread her legs.

"You're not wearing panties?"

"Maybe. Do you want me to be not wearing panties?"

I smiled and reached over to her crotch but she slapped my hand away. "Pay attention to the road!"

She put her own hands down between her thighs and began to rub herself.

"Mmmmmm . . . feels good . . . feels smooth."

She reached down and slowly pulled up the thin fabric revealing her naked pussy. To my astonishment I could see she had shaved herself bald. Her white creamy flesh glowed in the sunlight. Her index finger slowly split her slit as it moved up and down.

"I like feeling the warmth of the sun on my pussy," she said as she put both hands down between her legs and spread her pink lips. "I'm feeling good. Are you feeling good?"

I mostly paid attention to my driving stealing glances of her masturbating in the seat to my right. There was no denying pressure of my cock straining against my pants. I reached down to readjust it as we approached the bridge toll booth.

"Toll booth honey."

"So," she said had she slid down further and opened her legs wider. She now had her fingers buried in her cunt pumping herself a little faster. Her hips squirmed in the seat as she savored the sensations of open air masturbation.

I pulled up to the booth. It was a guy in the booth already counting out change for a twenty. I struggled to pull my wallet out for the fare. It certainly wasn't made any easier by having a raging hard. As we exchanged bills he woke up to the sight before him. I doubt he could see her face from his vantage point but he sure as hell could see my wife's hand pumping her wet pussy. The car was filling with the musky scent of her sex. The attendant smiled and nodded. I wondered how many freaky things he sees in cars each day.

My wife, Diana, is 49 and I'm 51 and sex has been good over the years. It got really good 11 years ago when I got a vasectomy and we were no longer constrained by the ordeal of gels and diaphragms. Until recently our sex has been fairly conventional; in the house with the occasional fuck in the back yard on warm afternoons. I especially liked the backyard sex though it made my wife a little nervous that people on the sidewalk might hear us through the fence. But that's the point, isn't it? The possibility of exposure? The idea that somebody else might unexpectedly get turned on by our pleasure?

Lately though, for reasons I haven't figured out yet, she has been loosening up. I came home two weeks ago to Diana dressed in a black lacy bra pushing up her small tits, black boyshort panties, and red high heel slippers. She looked stunning. When she turned around and bent over to show me her pussy lips protruding through the crotchless panel that was all I needed. I dropped my pants and fucked her hard from behind as she leaned against a living room chair. Then last weekend I dropped my motorcycle off at the dealers to be worked on. Diana followed me 15 minutes later to pick me up. She was wearing a long coat but nothing else leading to another furious fuck went we got back into the house. Now here she was again pushing the edges of our sexual routine.

"Are we still going shopping?"

Diana sat up and spread her skirt back down over her thighs. She put her fingers into her mouth and tasted herself then wiped her hand on her skirt.

"Sure. Unless you have something better in mind," she said.

We were heading to the new chic upscale mall in the city. The thought of her strolling commando among throngs of shoppers was appealing. There were possibilities for the dressing rooms in the clothing stores or a little "exposure" while shopping for shoes. But I decided the best way to take advantage of her mood was to head to North Beach. There were some stores there and some outdoor cafes and another place I thought might be perfect if I can convince her to go in.

It was a spring Sunday afternoon so there were lots of people taking advantage of the good weather. Probably not the way Diana was taking advantage of the good weather though. Parking was tough but I found a spot on a leafy side street reasonably close to commercial district. As I parallel parked I could see that sidewalks were pretty empty here. As I switched off the motor Diana reached over and put her hand on my crotch.

"Still got your hard on?"

I didn't but it was coming back quickly.


"Whip it out. Quick. While I'm still game for this."

I slid the seat back as far as it would go. She undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, pulled down my zipper and yanked my hardening cock out into the open.

"Keep a lookout," she said nervously and then she went down on my dick.

I have to admit I was a little nervous myself. We had never had sex in "public" and here it was bright and sunny in the city and Diana was bobbing up and down on my cock. My shaft was glistening with her saliva. I could feel her tongue caressing the underside of the head. I saw a couple of tourists on the opposite side of the street but they were having a normal conversion. Not looking into cars to see if anyone was getting a blow job. I could feel my cock getting wetter as her tongue did its work on me. She lifted her head to look around and I could feel the cool air on my wet cock.

"Uh oh. Someone's coming."

I reluctantly shoved my cock back into my pants and zipped up. I gave Diana a big kiss and we got out to go "shopping". The couple had walked by and were a little ahead of us. I took this chance to run my hand over Diana's ample ass. I could feel her smooth cheeks through the thin fabric of her skirt. She pushed her ass back against my hand playfully and smiled.

"How's it feel walking out here like this?"

"Naughty. And I can feel the cool air on my wet pussy. It's nice."

We strolled the business district among the throngs of tourists and locals. We window shopped the few trendy clothing stores in the area. Diana looked great for her age. Thin. Blonde hair cut in a bob. Since her tits were so small she never wore a bra but you could see she was excited from the sight of her stiff nipples clearly visible through her tank top. I had never seen them so hard and prominent. Her skirt flowed around her legs and in the right backlight you could see her bare legs through the shear fabric.

We sat at one of the outdoor tables of an Italian café and people watched while Diana sipped her cappuccino and I an Italian soda. She sat behind the small round table. I reached over to her lap. She put her hand on mine, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Trust me," I said.

I nonchalantly pulled her skirt up to just over her knees. My hand spread her legs a little. You would have to put your head under the metal table to see her slit but we both knew it was "out there" just the same. As we sat there we eyed the passerby's and quietly commented on who looked hot and who was dressed badly. There were plenty of young girls out and about. This early warm weather brought out the first skimpy tops and short skirts. She slipped her hand beneath the table top and I knew she was softly touching herself. We paid the tab and moved on.

We turned the corner and I steered us into an adult bookstore. This was not only the Italian district but was also the edge of the strip club district. On a Sunday afternoon the clubs are mostly closed for lack of clientele and I guess with some respect of it being a Sunday. The bookstore was open though. There were a couple of older men and a pair of women in there checking out the DVD categories, the toys, lotions, and novelties. Penis shaped ice cube tray anyone?

"There are booths in the back. What's back there?" she whispered.

"Movie booths I guess. I don't know. Never been back there"

"Let's go see."

We peeked into the dim empty corridor. We could hear the dull moans from the porn flicks playing in the booths. A loud groan of pleasure came from a man behind one of the doors. The sign said we needed to purchase tokens at the counter.

"I have a better idea."


"You'll see."

We left the store, crossed the street, walked about two blocks over to one of the adult theaters. One of the few theatres that were open. Diana hooked her arm around my arm and held me close as we walked in. She didn't need any convincing to go in. I stopped at the front desk to get change for a twenty. The old guy at the counter never even looked at us. We went in. The lobby was empty and surrounding us were the doors to the booths. There was the thud of music somewhere in the background.

"Come and play with me," we heard over a loud speaker.

We turned and looked down the hallway at a glass window where a busty blonde in a blue teddy was beckoning us to join her. We walked down to look at her in her small booth lined with red velvet curtains and pillows. Dildos were strewn about as well as the paperback she was reading when not entertaining clients.

"What do you think?" I said as I moved behind Diana and started to massage her tits through her tank top. She pushed my hands down but I put them back and pressed my cock into her ass.

"You have to come in here if you want to play," she said pointing to the adjacent door.

I heard a door open behind me and I dropped my hands. A young guy was emerging from one of the booths and adjusting his pants. He looked up, saw us, and quickly left.

Diana and I walked back down the hallway to lobby surrounded by small doors. I opened one and we looked into a very small booth with a closed glass window and a money slot. It was too small for us both to get in. The red lights over several of the doors of the other booths indicated that they were occupied. We went down to the end of the row and opened the door to a much larger booth at the corner.

"Ewwww. I'm not going in there," Diana said looking at the puddles of cum and tufts of tissues on the floor. "I'm wearing sandals." There was even a trail of cum dripping down the window from someone who must have just jacked off.

"Let's try the other end," I said.

This time we lucked out and got a clean booth. We entered and locked the door. I slipped some money into the machine and the window shutter raised noisily startling Diana. There in front us was a rectangular room with mirrors on the back wall, red carpeting, two vertical poles and, and of course, the girls. There were three of them working the room. They were close to the windows of the other booths with their tits pressed against the glass or their legs up exposing their pussy to the men behind the glass. The corner booth that we were in had a large window that came down to our knees.

I stood behind Diana who looked on with curiosity. She had never seen anything like this. I reached around with both hands and cupped her small tits. I pressed my hard cock into ass. We watched the girls putting on their shows at the booths while I pinched her nipples through the fabric. We could see straight across to the other corner booth. A man stepped into the booth we rejected. One of the girls danced over to his window. She got down on her hands and knees, spread her legs and pushed her ass toward the glass. In the dim light we could see the man pull out his cock and stroke it. The girl's tits swayed as she wiggled her ass at the man.

I slid my hands under Diana's tank top and pushed it up exposing her tits. The girl closest to us saw us and moved to our booth.

"Ooooo . . . you two look hot," she yelled to us through the glass over the music. She was a gorgeous brunette, hair to her shoulders, medium height, on the thin side, wide hips, and fantastic large tits that were full and sagged just a little. She pushed them together and rubbed her nipples in imitation of my fingers on Diana's tits. Diana moaned and pushed her ass back into me.

"What are you thinking?" I asked.

She answered by grabbing my hands and shoving them toward her crotch. I rubbed her as she brought her own hands up to her tits. Then slowly I hiked her skit up eventually revealing Diana's shaved pussy. The girl smiled when she saw Diana's bald cunt. I ran my fingers up and down her slit and then opened her lips to expose her pink folds and swollen clit. My fingers were wet with her juices. She moaned and pushed her ass back into me.

"Nice pussy," yelled the girl from behind the glass. This caught the attention of the other girls who quickly joined her. One was a young thin blond, flat chested, with a shaved pussy. The other was an Asian girl with perky tits and a trimmed strip of black hair pointing to her slit. A line of wrinkly folds of skin protruded from her pussy lips. The two girls fondled the brunette as they encouraged us to go further.

I sat back on the thin wooden bench with Diana on my lap with her back against my chest. She leaned back against me and spread her legs. I reached around and spread her pussy lips wide revealing her pink wet folds. The girls were a mass of flesh and tits and pussy. They applauded as I plunged my fingers into Diana's cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb. As I pumped her fuck hole Diana squeezed her tits and stared directly at our audience. She started to moan with pleasure and soon tensed as she contracted her body in a long ecstatic orgasm. After several convulsions she relaxed and leaned back against me. My fingers were glistening with her creamy cunt juice.

I brought my hand up to her mouth, "Here honey. Lick this."

And she did to the delight of the sluts before us. Two of the girls took off to service the other windows but the brunette stayed with us.

"Show her your juicy cunt."

Diana stood up, turned around and with her skirt hiked up to waist, shoved her ass to the window. She reached between her legs with both hands and spread her pussy for the girl to see. The girl in turn was sitting with her legs spread wide and her pussy wide open. I dropped my pants and brought my hard cock up to the window next to Diana's ass. I stroked myself slowly to the beautiful cunt before me. The girl looked at my cock as I slid my hand up and down my shaft. Then she looked at me and mouthed "Fuck me."

I turned Diana's ass toward me. Her big smooth creamy white cheeks and thighs framed a perfect swollen wet set of pussy lips. I aimed my cock at her hole and slowly pushed in. Her pussy was still tight from her orgasm but I pushed a little hard and penetrated her. I pumped Diana slowly as she pushed back into me. Her hot sticky tunnel enveloped my shaft. I could feel every fold of her pussy rubbing my sensitive dick. I could feel her deliberately squeeze tighter on my cock.

"Is my cunt tight enough for you?" she asked.

I answered by thrusting harder and faster. I looked down at my dick penetrating Diana's fuck hole. Then I looked at the brunette who was fingering her own pussy to the rhythm of my thrusts. I pumped her furiously until I felt my cum explode in gushes into Diana's tunnel. It felt so good and it felt like it would never end. I could tell that I left a massive load in Diana's cunt.

I slowly pulled out my cock and turned Diana's ass toward the window. I reached over and with both hands spread her ass cheeks and pussy lips. As I expected a river of white cum began to pour out of her hole. It plopped to the floor in a puddle. White creamy strands dripped from her lips. The girl behind the glass came in a shuddering orgasm and I watched her pussy drench her hand. I scooped the remaining drips of cum onto my hand and rubbed it into Diana's ass cheeks. Just in time. The time ran out and the window shutter descended. Show over.

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