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No Woman's Land


All of my stories include descriptions of sex scenes that could cause offence to some people. Please do not read this story if you are offended by perverse sexual material, or if you are under the legal age of consent for your own country. These stories are pure fiction and are not based on anyone living or deceased.


The place Australia, the year 1955, and me an eighteen year old English girl, just completed two years of training as a child care assistant. As I've got relatives in Australia who found me a placement, I was able to get a work Visa for a two year stay. The plan was to work for this family as a nanny, looking after their two children for the next two years, and then if I felt I liked the country, apply for permanent residence.

The family lived way out in the deserted North West outback, and they owned a vast area around Jennywren that was being mined for minerals of some kind. I had been warned the place was very remote, and I'd be one of only a very few females living out there. But I took the six week boat journey, and looked upon it as a holiday before my work placement was due to commence. Then once I landed in Australia, I stopped over-night at my aunty Sahara's, and next day I boarded a rail-train that was to take me far from the inhabited part of the country, to a drop-off point between Alice Springs and Mud Tank where anyone whose destination is west, then has to disembark, and pick-up with a land-train for the remainder of their journey.

I'm not sure if other people around the world know exactly what I mean by those descriptions; the rail-train was a big old fashioned steam locomotive, pulling lots of passenger carriages, as well as freight trucks along steel rails. But a land-train is like a massive lorry that runs along the dirt roads, pulling about three or four big trailers, which would normally be used to carry the ore from the mine. But now as the train heads back to the mine, it is the method of transport used to travel to these remote parts.

My story really starts whilst on the rail train travelling to this drop-off point. I'm sitting in this compartment with one man, and a mother with two children, a boy of around six, and a girl of about sixteen. We'd hardly got underway before the woman said as she looked across to me, "Pom eh?"

"Err yes. I'm over here to work as a children's nanny."

"Didn't they give you any advice on what to wear?"

"Wear? Why, I'm not dressed inappropriately am I?"

I was wearing a pair of slacks (the ladies version of trousers, this was before Jeans had started to be worn by girls), and a sort of tennis blouse, and I definitely didn't think that was too sexy.

"That depends where you're actually going to. But this train doesn't go anywhere, that the stuff you've got on, would be suitable for."

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean, I'm not showing any leg, or even anything else for that matter."

"Look my dear, out here, men are men, and there ain't many women, but the ones that are here fall into two groups. You're either looked on as a whore or you're treated with respect like one of the family. So I guess you looking after children will want to be thought of as a family girl, respectable that is. Well dressed in pants, unless you can shear sheep, swear, and fight as good as a man, you're gonna get one hell of a hard time. They'll reduce you to tears, and you'll be catching the next train home."

"Are you saying I should wear a dress or skirt?"

"Depends on what kind of dresses you've got?"

"I've got some in my case, but I can hardly open that now, you know, with that man sitting there."

"Don't you mind me missy, I won't take no notice of what you've got in your case."

"Aw, pay him no mind, these Ausi men are like sheep. When their on there own, you can steer them where you want them. It's only when they get together in groups, that they can become a menace. You get your case down, and let's take a look at what you've got."

I lifted my case down from off the rack above our heads, and placed it on the space on the seat next to the man.

"See, that's the first thing you'll notice. If you'd have been in a frock, the second you stood up, you'd have seen the men coming in from miles around to lift that case down for you."

"Well in that case I'm glad I'm wearing slacks."

"Yes, I guess you could be right, it can sometimes be more trouble than its worth. But never-the-less, it just shows the difference what you wear makes to how you're treated."

"But if that's all this is about, I'm used to doing my own lifting and carrying."

"No my dear, that is just the niceties, you'll find a lot of men will be very rude and even aggressive towards you."

"What's she expect? Fucking lesbian!" That was the man sitting opposite, he only mumbled it quietly, but we all heard him.

"Hey you! Watch that foul mouth of yours, I've got young'uns in here."

"Well, what's she expect? There ain't enough of it to go around out here in the outback, and when you get some silly bitch whose got all the goods, and don't know what sex she is; it's a sin against god, so help me."

"That's as maybe, but there's no need for bad language."

"I'm sorry for my tongue lady, but I bet that there young'un of yours knows what she's a sitting on!" And with that he'd nodded towards the young girl. She didn't blush or appear to be phased by this crude remark, on the contrary, I'm sure she actually wriggled her bottom on the seat, which had the effect of raising the hem of her dress just a little higher.

"My Doris has been brought-up right, and I'm sure when her time comes, she'll do her duty and make someone a good wife. But don't you go assuming this here girl is any less a woman, just cos she's wearing pants." Then turning towards me, "See what I mean? And as I told you, on their own they're like little lambs. But you get a bunch of them together, and there's no telling what they'll do to you. You have to be more careful out here see. The coppers (police) are few and far between, and when you do find one, it'll be a man, and he'll have the same attitude."

"But why would he think I'm a lesbian?"

"Look he's a man, they've only got a few brain cells, and they're concentrating on where his next drink is coming from."

"Be careful, he'll hear you."

"So what, he's no match for me while he's on his own. Anyway girl, lets see what you've got that would be suitable for you to wear while your travelling."

With that she started rummaging through the clothes in my case, the man opposite was taking an interest, and I guess trying to get a look at the underwear being lifted out onto the seat.

The lady asked me where exactly I was travelling to, and when I told her, she looked very concerned. She gave me some very stern warnings about not venturing out of the confines of the house I was working in without an escort of some kind. She explained that women were even rarer in that part of the country than they are in the sheep rearing area where she comes from. She also said there are more whores in that part of the country than respectable women.

"You see the mining companies ship them out on a rota basis to keep the miners from returning back to civilisation, in case they realise what they're missing, and don't come back to the mine. So what ever we do, although we want the men to know you're a girl, we don't want you looking cheap, or you'll have even more trouble."

Then suddenly a look of horror came to her face. "If you're going out to the Jennywren mine. That means you'll be getting off this train at Arnold's crossing to catch the land train?"

"Yes. Why is that a problem?"

"My god girl, who made your travel arrangements?"

"It was all sorted by my aunt who lives in Melbourne."

"Well either she lives with her head in the sand, or she doesn't like you very much."

"But what's wrong, I don't understand?"

"Well she should have told you about what clothes to wear, or more to the point, what not to wear. But letting you come out here on your own, especially having to make a stop at that hell hole. I'd stop over with you myself until the road train comes, but that would mean me and the young'uns having an overnight stay there, and I honestly wouldn't want to risk that with a girl of her age."

"What is it you're so worried about?"

"There are lots of stories going around about things that have happened to women who've had to make stopovers there. Oh, nothings ever gone to court or been proven, but all the same, there's no smoke with out fire."

"But my aunty showed me, it's a recognised changeover point, where the railroad crosses the land train route. It's even got a separate ladies waiting room with its own toilet facilities and everything."

"Maybe you're right, I've never even got out there all the times we've gone past. It just doesn't have a good reputation."

Then she turned to the man opposite, "Where are you headed for?"

"Same place as the little lesbian."

"So you'll be getting off with her."

"Guess so."

"Well how about you do something good for once in your no good life? Maybe then god will smile on you, and you might just make-up for being a waster."

"Who are you calling a waster?"

"Well there's only you here, so I guess I must mean you."

"So why should I want to do something to please you?"

Then she turned to me, and spoke quietly, but I guess the man could still hear her. "Look girl, I'd feel a lot happier if we could get this fella to maybe make believe you're his daughter."

"His daughter?"

"Well daughter, niece, anyone that might make the men think you've got someone to protect you."

"Well yes, I see, but what's the chance of him agreeing? Or even if he does agree, who's to say he'll keep his word?"

"She's right Mrs Bossy boots, why the hell would I agree to tuck her under my wing?"

"Well I'm thinking maybe you'd like to see her dressed in just her panties and bra?" The man about swallowed his tongue, and I was more than a bit shaken by her remark.

She turned back to me, and spoke quietly again. "You'll have to get changed into a frock before you get out of the train, so he's gonna get a look whether you want him to or not. If you make a deal, letting him see you getting changed, in exchange for him looking after you, that's a small price to pay."

I replied, whispering in her ear, "But my knickers are only little ones made of see-through material, and my bra is only a half cup."

"Well letting him get a close-up look has got to be better than what might otherwise happen to you if the men at the hell hole think you're on your own."

"Well I guess so."

She turned and addressed the next words to the man, "Right have you stopped catching flies in your mouth yet?"

"What you on about?"

"I bet you heard what she just told me?"

"No, what's that then?"

"Once she takes that blouse off, her titties will be showing over the top of her brassier. And when she takes her pants down, she's only got tiny see-through knickers on, so you'll get a real eyeful. So if she gets changed now, in front of you, will you agree to kid-on she's your kin?"

"I don't see why I should, as you've just told her, she's got to get changed before she gets out of this train. And she ain't climbing onto the roof to do it, so I guess I'll get to see her goodies without agreeing to anything."

The lady flew from her seat, across the carriage, and grabbed the man firmly between his legs. "Look you no good bastard, I'll rip your balls off and then poke your eyes out if you don't."

The man looked terrified, she taken all of us by surprise, and he also looked in more than a little discomfort. "Lighten up misses. I was only larking about. Of course I'll look after the girl."

The woman let go of him and returned to her seat. "Ok, you make sure you do. Ok girl, you might as well get it over with. Then you'll be ready for when the train stops."

She'd sorted out a dress that was as she said reasonable, she said it was a bit on the short side, but it would do. I'd thought it was far too long and really old fashioned. The only reason I'd got it was my aunty had bought it for me as a present. It was gingham material, short sleeves, with big puffed-up shoulders. It pulled in tight at the waist, and then was fully flared, and meant to be worn with layers of net underskirt, to make it flounce right out. I was going to wear it now without the big full underskirt, so it didn't look too revealing when I sat down.

So now with this man looking on intently, and her young son doing the same, I undid the buttons on my blouse, and removed it; revealing my nipples which were proudly peeping over the top of my half cut bra. Then I picked up my dress and was about to pull it over my head. "Hey! Hold-up there! I was promised a look at your knickers."

I ignored him, and as I pulled my dress down over my head, letting it fall down and covering up my breasts; the lady took me totally by surprise with her reply. "Don't get panicky, she promised you a look, so I guess once she's got her pants off, you'll get your chance."

Now I'd thought that dropping my dress over my head before I'd lowered my slacks, had allowed me to get changed without him seeing my knickers. But she was giving him the impression; I'd give him a show once my slacks were off. Anyway, regardless of what was to come, I pulled down my slacks, straightened my dress, and put on a belt around my waist. Then I put my slacks and blouse back in my case, and was about to lift it back up onto the overhead rack.

"Here, let me do that for you, you get yourself sat back down." This was the man who'd just sat there watching me struggle to lift it down without even stirring from his seat.

"See? What did I tell you, now you're in a frock, his attitude is totally different."

I sat myself back down and the man lifted my case up for me, but once he'd got it safely on the rack, instead of returning to his seat, he dropped to his knees in the middle of the compartment, directly in front of me.

Then as he looked directly up to my face. "Are you ready then girl?"

"W...What are you going to do?"

"You promised me a look. So I'm just gonna lift up your frock, and see just what you've got under there." I looked across to the woman to see if I was going to get any kind of support or help in keeping him out.

But as our eyes met, she just said, "Well you did agree, and so long as he keeps his hands to himself, it'll be worth it to get his protection while you're waiting at the cross-roads."

So it was obvious she thought this man had a right to look up my skirt. Well by now he'd lifted the hem of my dress right up to the tops of my legs, and he'd just put his hands on my knees.

"Hey, I thought you weren't going to touch me?"

"Don't get so worried, I'm just opening your legs, so I can get a look at it."

"Well if you're gonna spread her open, I'd be obliged if you'd pull her frock back down over your head. I think this young lad of mine is taking too much of an unhealthy interest in what you're a doing down there."

His hands were so powerful, that he effortlessly opened my legs wide, even though I was using all my strength to try to stop him.

In a panic struck voice, I said, "But I never agreed to let you open my legs."

Although he'd taken his hands off my knees, he'd moved himself right up close in between my legs, so closing them was now impossible. The woman wasn't concerned about what he was now getting up to, but she did lean forward, and pull the hem of my dress back down over the mans head. He had now got his left elbow against my right inner thigh, his right hand on my left, and he was holding my legs spread wide open. Whilst at the same time his left hand was pulling at the seam of the gusset of my knickers.

Now these knickers were see-through, and skimpy enough, which having him this close with my legs this wide was bad enough. But he was now uncovering my pussy completely! I struggled wriggling about violently and began to protest. "Hey pack it in! Don't touch my knickers." He just lifted his head up from under my dress, the hem slid back to the tops of my legs again.

Then as his face drew level with mine he gave me a look as black as thunder. "Look here you silly English bitch, if you don't sit still and let me have what's owed to me, then you can look after yourself when we get to Arnold's shack."

Then to my surprise, the woman chipped in. "He's right my dear. I know it's a bit embarrassing, but you'll be better off letting him get a good eyeful, than getting to that place, and being gang raped."

"Gang raped? Surely it can't be that bad there?"

"I told you, it's not a place I'd like to stop off at. The stories I've heard don't bear repeating."

"Well ok, I'll let you look, but keep your hands off."

Still sitting up and looking me in the face, he said, "Don't you go trying to give orders; otherwise I'll up the anti. In fact for your bloody cheek, I think I'll have a chew on one of them titties of yours."

"Oh no please don't."

"Open the front of your dress."

"Please no."

"Don't make me tell you again; otherwise I'll make you go further."

"Just do it love; otherwise I can see him going all the way on you."

I reluctantly began to undue the buttons at my neck that went all the way down the front of my dress. Once I was just below my bust, he reached up and moved my dress to one side, uncovering one of my nipples that were peeking over the top of my half cut bra. He leaned forwards, and his mouth opened.

God! The shudder that went through my body as his rough dry lips rasped against my soft tender flesh. Once he'd made contact, he began to make himself at home, sucking from one to the other, and back again.

My body now was all aflame, somehow, this being a total stranger, made a simple nipple suck into a major turn-on. Even my pussy was beginning to throb, and as I sat there still with legs wide open, I felt myself sort of reclining back into the seat and sliding down and forwards. Then as my open crotch came into contact with him kneeling in front of me, I felt what I recognised as his hard cock trying to burst its way out of his pants. Although there was the material of his trousers and my knickers keeping his dick from my pussy, the second I'd slid into contact with him, he gave a pelvic thrust, which sent such a magnificent shudder through my body.

My reaction was so obvious, he couldn't help noticing, and he turned to face the woman and said. "Sorry misses, but you'll have to get your young'uns to look out the window or something. This here bitch is too far gone, I'm gonna have to give her a good seeing to, otherwise she'll be dropping her knickers for the first bloke that touches her."

"I can see you're right, I'd never have guessed she was so much on heat. You just get on and do what you gotta do; I guess they've seen the ram on the farm."

There was no sign of anyone getting my opinion; I was just the one he was thinking of fucking! He just turned back to me, placed his hands on the tops of my arms and turned me sideways on the seat, and lowered me back into a lying down position. As he did so the woman's daughter had to get up and sit by her mom. Then his hands went straight to my knickers, which he pulled down and off my legs. And I made no attempt to stop him. Once my knickers were gone, he lifted my legs high and wide, spreading my pussy for all to see, and the young lad was straining his neck to get a good look.

Then as I looked down to where the man was now stood in the middle of the compartment, he was stood there as unconcerned as you like, dropping his pants to the floor and handling his already hard dick. Now I guess this wasn't a monster, but as I'd only been fucked three times before, by two different boys, to me this looked pretty big. Now it was the turn of the lady's daughter to strain her neck, this time to see the man's dick, and the lady herself was keeping an eye on it as well.

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