tagErotic CouplingsNobody's Beauty But Mine

Nobody's Beauty But Mine


Zack peered inside the barroom, letting his eyes adjust to the dark from the Sunday afternoon sunshine outside. Sam and Alan were just where they were usually to be found at this time on a Sunday, at the far end of the bar. Zack grinned in relief and headed for them. All was as usual: Sam with his pint, Alan with another fruity drink -- this one looked like a cosmo to Zack. Good old Alan, the only straight guy Zack knew who wasn't ashamed to drink girlie drinks in public. Such a shame that Alan was straight, really. But Zack wasn't here to pick up guys. There was work to be done.

"Gentlemen!" Zack called as he approached them. "So glad you could join me this afternoon!"

"Hey, we wouldn't miss this," Alan said. "Who knows when we'll all get to have another round together, with Sam graduating next quarter?"

"Yeah," Sam said. "Guess I'll be gone when you get back from your internship."

"My thoughts exactly, boys," Zack concurred, pulling up a third barstool. He pointed at Alan's drink and gestured at the barmaid for one of his own. She nodded and set to work on it, and Zack turned his attention back to his friends. "So, this sorority party you guys were talking about the other day. It was last night, wasn't it?"

"Aw, Zack," Sam said with his usual goofy grin. "We don't want to kick Alan while he's down. Maybe we shouldn't talk about that."

"Nah, man, it's fine," Alan said. Turning to Zack he added, "I had a great time."

"C'mon, man, you don't have to lie for me!" Sam said.

"I'm not lying!" Alan protested. "Mary Beth and I hit it off great."

"Mary Beth?" Zack asked innocently.

Sam took over the conversation as usual. "Yeah, Zack, look, maybe I ought to apologize to Alan again, seriously. Already have a couple of times but he's not giving me the satisfaction of even admitting there's anything wrong. Mary Beth was this mousy little chick he ended up with last night after I made a move for the hottest gal in the room and bagged her. I mean, she looked like a cross between a librarian and a lunch lady! Alan, I am sorry I ditched you with that nerdy little thing, but wouldn't you have done the same if you had a chance with Kasie? C'mon, man, admit it."

Alan just laughed and turned to Zack. "Hope you never get stuck on dates with guys like this," he deadpanned.

"Happens all too often, my friend," Zack said, taking his first sip of his new drink. "But this sounds like a juicy story for both of you. Sam, I know you're going to tell us all about this Kasie lady."

"Man, I'd love to," Sam said, "Lady is right. But I really don't know if I should rub Alan's nose in it all yet again."

"Go right ahead," Alan said with a smile. "You probably haven't had another mental orgasm for a whole ten minutes now."

Zack laughed so hard he had trouble swallowing his latest sip, and Sam was persuaded. "If you say so. So we got there just around nine last night, maybe a little later, and the place was full. Nice clean sorority house living room, but it was jammed. So we each got a beer and we're groovin' to the tunes, waiting for the buzz to take hold so we'll be up for dancing, and I notice this tall gal across the room who already is dancing."

Alan found his mind wandering back into the boozy haze of the previous evening. Whatever else Sam might have exaggerated about his own feats and whatever he had guessed wrong about Alan's, his telling of the beginning of the story was accurate. Though he was in his third year at the university, Alan had never been to a sorority house before last night, owing to his animosity to the Greek system going back as far as he could recall. But a mutual friend had scared up invitations for Sam and himself, and he had allowed his naughty curiosity to take over. Sam had naturally expected an erotic wonderland, while Alan had figured he was wrong but hoped he was right.

"Good looking crowd," Alan admitted as they mingled through the crowd into the common room.

"Told you they would be," Sam said. "Want a beer?" And he was off to get one before Alan could answer. This was of little consequence to Alan, who was always happy to accept a drink. While he waited for Sam, he admired the dancing girls and guys and wished he were feeling loose enough to jump in and join them. But he wasn't feeling it yet.

"Whoa, look at that!" Sam exclaimed, appearing from behind with a beer for Alan. After handing off the bottle, he pointed at the far corner of the room. As Alan's eyes had adjusted to the dark by then, he could see a tall, lithe blonde in a short red dress whooping it up to the music. Standing off to her side, admiring her friend and swaying only slightly, was another young woman with bobbed dark hair and glasses. She wore a worn long dress and a white sweater over her shoulders -- "Looking for all the world like an extra from a fifities sitcom," Sam described her the next day at the bar. "I'm thinking they're like Mutt and Jeff, you know? One of them a perfect ten, legs like a Greek goddess and looking like she poured herself into her dress, and the other one's a total frump. And as I head through the crowd I'm already thinking how can I get this clingy little mouse away from her friend?"

"And that's where Alan comes in, is it?" asked Zack.

"That's how it worked out," Alan said. "But at first I just wanted to see how hard Sam fell on his face when he went to talk to the centerfold model."

"Sour grapes, man," Sam told Zack. Alan just smiled and took another sip.

"Good evening, ladies!" Sam really only said it to the tall blonde, never even making eye contact with her friend. They could both see that, and so could Alan as he sidled up beside his friend and repeated the greeting to them both.

"Well hello there!" said the object of Sam's lust. To the surprise of both young men, she gave him a lusty grin and presented her hand for Sam to kiss, which he did. "I'm Kasie. I haven't seen you here before. Pretty sure I would have, too." She said every word in a slinky, flirtatious tone. "So rare to have cute guys come to these parties. Isn't that right, Mary Beth?"

"Oh, I know!" gushed her friend the shorter brunette, in a loud and brash voice. "Hardly any cute guys to pick from, and finally we get two!" She followed that with a squealing laugh that made Sam flinch.

Alan remembered his manners and kept his bemusement at Mary Beth's nerdy laugh to himself. "Hi, I'm Alan," he told her, and she shook his hand. They made eye contact for the first time as she did, and Alan got his first good look at her: thick glasses that looked left over from middle school, a dress that looked straight out of "Happy Days," and a hairdo that reminded Alex of his mother's high school yearbook. But if she had no sense of style at all, she did have a delightful crooked smile and a sense of welcome in her dark eyes. Alan got the exact opposite impression from Kasie, who was dressed and coiffed to perfection in her tight red dress, but paid him no mind as she was busy flirting with Sam.

"Hi, Alan!" Mary Beth sounded giddy just to be there, just as Alan had wished he could feel a moment before. "So great to have someone to chat with in this place! Usually everybody just wants to dance and drink!"

"Well, that's why they call it a dance," Sam said as an aside, before turning his attentions back to Kasie. That brought on another honking laugh from Mary Beth. Alan joined in with the laugh; for all her oddities, he was finding her endearing.

"And that's when she grabbed my hand and pulled me out on the floor," Sam recalled to Zack the next day. "Just like that, it was 'hey speaking of which, come on, let's dance!' Couldn't have set it up any better if I'd tried."

"Is he bullshitting us?" Zack asked Alan.

"No, he's right so far," Alan admitted. "Kasie was all over him all right."

"And you're left with her nerdy friend," Zack continued.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Alan said with a grin.

"Man, I said I was sorry!" Sam interrupted.

"That's what I said to her, too," Alan recalled.

"I'm sorry Sam wasn't friendlier with you," Alan said to Mary Beth as they watched their friends dance their way off into the crowd.

"Oh, it's fine!" Mary Beth assured him with an earnest smile. "Parties like this are Kasie's thing, I mean, she's all about just having a good time. Me, I come along because it's my sorority and she's my best friend, but I can take or leave dancing."

"I know just what you mean!" Alan said. "It's great to go a little crazy now and then, but after a while it's kind of boring, isn't it? I'm like you, Sam's the party guy and I'd rather be off at the bar just chatting with friends."

"Oh, I know!" Mary Beth squealed -- by now Alan was starting to enjoy her offbeat style. Here, he thought, is someone who is who she is and doesn't care what anybody else thinks. "I mean, a party like this is better than sitting home alone, but who wants to dance when you could talk? I even remember back in high school, going to dances and I'm like, what's the appeal? And that was with no drunken frat boys!"

Alan laughed. "Yeah, I know a thing or two about drunken frat boys." He cast a glance at Sam and Kasie, who were bopping hard to the music now. Not touching for the most part from what he could tell, except their hands now and then, but Kasie was grinning suggestively at him and running her fingers through her long hair again and again. When the music slowed momentarily, she gave him a come-hither finger motion, and he did, only to be rebuffed with a wicked grin when the song picked up again. Undeterred, Sam shook his hips both ways and then reached around Kasie's back with one hand, only for her to slip out of his grasp.

"Heavens, they're perfect for each other, aren't they?!" Mary Beth shrieked, loud enough to be heard clearly over the music, though Sam and Kasie didn't appear to hear.

"So they're dancing hot and heavy," Alan told Zack, "for I don't even know how long, but I don't mind because Mary Beth and I got to talking. I mean, really sweet, easy talking, like old friends do, only it's a little hard to do with the music being so loud, and I'm thinking maybe I should invite her to take a walk outside." He didn't need Zack to tell him Sam was looking skeptical over his shoulder. "It's true, man," he said to Sam, "We saw you two were having a great time and we were having a great time of our own. No big deal."

"Sam, what makes you so sure he didn't like Mary Beth for real?" Zack asked. "You keep looking like he must be making this up, but he keeps saying he isn't."

"Because I saw Mary Beth, that's why!" Sam said. "Nerd material, big time. Probably never leaves the library during the week, that kind of girl."

"Smart is sexy," Alan replied.

"If you were there dancing with Kasie, didn't you see if they were talking or not?" Zack asked.

"Yeah," Sam admitted. "I remember seeing the two of them in the corner, looking like they're trying to be wallflowers or something, and I thought maybe I ought to ask Kasie to help me out with finding another chick for him. But that might've pissed her off, you know, and I didn't want that. Besides, Alan could've made some excuse to leave."

"If I wanted to leave," Alan corrected. "In any case, we did actually dance after a while."

"That's the last thing I saw," Sam recalled. "The slow dance."

Mary Beth and Alan had been chatting comfortably for some time, without a thought of joining the mobbed dance floor, when the first slow song of the evening came on. It was a gloppy ballad Alan didn't recognize, but he didn't care. "Aww," he said with a sentimental smile. "Want to dance?" He stood up and held out both hands for Mary Beth.

"I'd love to!" She sounded like someone who hadn't been asked in a long time, Alan couldn't help thinking.

But he found her open sincerity refreshing. "That's really sweet," he said as she put her arms around him and they began to sway.

"What's really sweet?"

"The way you sounded so happy just now. So many women you run into at a party like this are all standoffish, as if they're doing you a favor but they really don't want to dance. Me, I always loved slow-dancing."

"Oh, me too!" Mary Beth ejaculated, still a bit loudly now that the room was quieter. "It always felt so good to just be held, you know?"

"I sure do," Alan said. Then he laughed. "Oh, God, look at our friends."

Mary Beth followed his glance. Kasie and Sam were still dancing separately like they had been to the fast songs, slower but still the same moves. "They really are right for each other, aren't they?" she said. Neither of them had seen it happen, but Sam had tried to hold Kasie for the dance and she had playfully wiggled away and continued swaying as before.

"Yeah, they played one slow song and Kasie wanted to dance to that," Sam lied the next afternoon. "But I'm like, nah, let's go get comfortable somewhere else, you know?"

Zack looked skeptically at Alan.

"That's when I was dancing with Mary Beth," Alan told him. "That felt really sweet, by the way, I don't think I've slow danced since high school. We saw them dancing but not slow-dancing, like he said. Then when the song was over we noticed they were gone."

"Yep, that's when she took me off to her bedroom," Sam said triumphantly. "I don't know how much longer Alan was stuck with Mary Beth after that."

Due to Sam's arrogance and Alan's gentlemanliness, neither man was to know what really happened to the other next. While Alan and Mary Beth were still enjoying their tender moment on the dance floor, Alan was waiting for the right moment to invite Kasie to "get comfortable somewhere else," as he would claim to have said the next afternoon. In reality, though, he never got that far. He was still pondering his extraordinary luck at having somehow won Kasie's attention for the evening when she suddenly began looking bored and leaned in toward him. Sam's heart leapt as he thought she was going to kiss him. Instead she whispered in his ear, "I friggin' hate slow dancing. Let's go to my room instead."

"Yeah!" It was all Sam had the presence of mind to say.

Kasie took his hand rather limply and walked out of the crowd. She let go of his hand as soon as they were in the less-crowded hallway, and led him down to her room. Sam followed obediently, his head swimming with ideas as he watched her shapely behind swish back and forth while she walked. "God, haven't had any fun in far too long," she said in an almost-sleepy tone as she stopped and opened her door. Flipping on the light, she stood aside and said "Come on in."

Sam's big ideas of a sorority house as an erotic wonderland were further diminished when he stepped into the messy room. Dirty clothes and notebooks were strewn everywhere around Kasie's unmade bed, and a couple of her dresser drawers were left carelessly open. Kasie slammed the door and kicked off her shoes. "So," she said matter-of-factly, "Wanna fuck?"

"What?" Sam asked. "I mean, yeah!"

"Cool," Kasie said. "Go ahead and get your clothes off, then, unless you're one of those guys who just like to whip it out." With that she reached back and unzipped her dress indifferently. Sam stood mesmerized as she pulled the dress down to reveal no underwear beneath it, and pranced naked to the bed. She lay down and spread her legs, opening her shaved pussy to him. "Anytime tonight, Sam," she said.

"What?" Sam snapped out of his reverie. "Oh, yeah!" And he quickly set about pulling his clothes off.

"So we get to her room, and it's super-girly!" Sam told Zack and Alan. "Lots of pink and ruffles everywhere. But I kind of expected that and, you know, who cares! She's like 'Want to help me out of my dress?' And as I do, I'm, you know, playing with her boobs on the way down and she's already moaning! Wow, man."

"And you were still out in the living room chatting with Mary Beth, were you?" Zack asked Alan.

"Me?" Alan asked, looking nervous. "Eh, we'd had enough of the dancing too. We went for a walk."

"A nice romantic walk in the moonlight for the wallflowers, you say?" Zack teased.

"Yeah, I guess," Alan said with a shy smile.

Mary Beth had, he recalled, given him a similarly shy smile after their one dance was done. As the next fast song kicked in, she backed off while still holding both his hands in hers. "Wanna...?" she looked mortified, but shut her eyes and continued. "...see my room?" Her tone was approaching a squeal, but she looked proud of herself for getting the invitation out at all.

"I'd love the peace and quiet," Alan said.

Looking eager and tremendously relieved, Mary Beth took Alan's hand in hers and led him down the same hallway their friends had vanished into minutes before. Her room was next door to Kasie's, and they were quietly content on the walk down the dark hall. "Here it is," she said, opening the door and turning on the light for Alan. Although laid out like Kasie's room, it was the exact opposite in every other way: clean and organized, with everything in its place. Mary Beth lit a scented candle on her dresser and invited Alan to have a seat on the bed.

"Nice room," Alan said. "I wish I could keep mine this clean."

"Thanks." Mary Beth stood before the dresser now and removed her glasses. "Whew, feels good to take those off," she said. "I felt so silly in them."

"They go with your dress," Alan offered.

"Oh, stop!" Mary Beth said with a laugh, and Alan noted for the first time that her loud, squeaky tone was gone now; she was instead speaking in a pleasantly mellow, even tone. "That's sweet, Alan, but I know those glasses look ridiculous. They're left over from when I was about fourteen, if you want to know the truth. My current glasses are in the shop with a chipped lens."

"I kind of guessed it was something like that," Alan admitted. "But they were kind of cute in a retro way."

"You're too kind," Mary Beth said, sitting beside him on the bed and gently taking his hand in both of hers. "But that's sweet."

"Anytime," Alan said. "So what's on your mind? I'm so glad you got us out of there so we can talk in peace now."

Mary Beth laughed again. "Stop that, Alan, you know I didn't bring you in here to talk!" She squeezed his hand tighter and leaned against his shoulder.

Alan couldn't believe his luck. "You mean...?"

"Yes," Mary Beth interrupted. "Just because I don't look like a Playboy model doesn't mean I don't like to have a good time, Alan."

"Wow!" Alan said. "This is unexpected!"

Mary Beth drew back and stood up. "I'm sorry, am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No!" Alan reassured her, also standing up and taking her in his arms. As she eagerly returned his embrace, he continued, "I'm just surprised is all, but surprised in a good way."

"That's the best way, isn't it?" She held him tightly for a minute or two, each of them exulting in the sensation without pushing the situation in any way.

Next door, Sam had his clothes off and Kasie rolled on her side to make room for him. "Want to snuggle first?" he asked her.

"What, we're just supposed to sit here?" Kasie asked, rolling her eyes.

"Nah, I never liked that either," Sam said. Lying beside her, he reached out and stroked her side. Kasie let him do it, but did not respond in kind. She exhaled a bit more heavily, but almost sounded like she was stifling a yawn.

"So you like foreplay?" she asked indifferently.

"Some, don't you?"

"Depends," Kasie said. "But mostly I just like to get on with it already." She reached down and gave Sam a squeeze on his cock. She squeezed too hard and Sam had to struggle not to wince at the pain. He succeeded, barely.

"She likes it rough, I'll tell you that," Sam told Zack and Alan. "Like I was telling Alan before you got here, fine line between pleasure and pain, you know that, right? Well, Kasie knows how to walk that line if you know what I mean. I'm telling you, she can walk it!"

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