tagRomanceNot Your Average Celebrity Nanny

Not Your Average Celebrity Nanny


Ryan had only pulled his SUV into his garage just before midnight. Anyone who says being a tv star is a cake walk should just try working his hours for a week and then decide if it's all it's cracked up to be. Tired, exhausted, and horny, he let himself into the house. The family dog barely bothered to greet him. Everything but a small light in the living room was off, indicating that his wife had finished her day early, and the kids were in bed. Even now, the dog was crawling back onto her well used dog pillow and beginning to doze off. Ryan toed off his shoes and padded into the kitchen.

Knowing he was alone, he rubbed his aching cock through his jeans and turned on only the light over the sink, so as not to wake anyone. He rummaged through the refrigerator debating on whether he was hungry enough to reheat leftovers that the nanny had made for the kids, but decided against it, and closed the door. The kitchen was once again plunged into the mere dim light from above the sink and only then did he notice the light from the guest house on and the TV playing through the windows.

Rachel, their nanny, was always a source of temptation to Ryan. She was young and beautiful, yet brainy with degrees in child psychology and nutrition, which is what won her the job in the first place. She even learned how to cook so well, that Ryan and his wife often found themselves devouring the kids' leftovers.

Still, as he stood at the kitchen counter, gazing longingly at the guest house, he thought of the cliché of the start of the latest, great television series star getting caught cheating on his wife with the nanny. Not only would it ruin his marriage, he thought, but Anne, his wife, would no doubt fire Rachel on the spot, which would, in turn, devastate their four children who after four years began to see Rachel as their big sister.

So why was he still staring? Why wasn't he going to bed? Even though it was unlikely, he might be able to arouse Anne into a little late night lovemaking. He doubted it, though. She almost never wanted sex during a work week. It was bad enough that she had to wake up earlier than he did. She had a day time talk show gig, and was up long before dawn and off to work so she could get into makeup and on the air before most people were even starting their day.

Ryan was just about to concede another night's defeat to yanking one out in the shower when he noticed a figment of movement from the guest house. Rachel came from the small hall which attached the bedroom to the bathroom and the living room dressed in just a lace black bra and a matching panties. She walked into the living room of her own private quarters and bent down over the coffee table to retrieve the remote giving Ryan a clear look at her creamy, pale ass, wrapped in delicate black lace. As she stood there with the remote in her hand, Ryan assumed she was just going to turn it off and go to bed. He walked along the counter to get a better view of the television only to see what she was watching.

Late night soft core porn; never before had Ryan been so happy that he'd gotten his nanny cable as a reward for her many years of exemplary service. As he watched, Rachel reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor, all he could see was her bare back, with her long raven black hair draped half way down her spine. She bent down once again, and as he was admiring the way her ass looked in those panties. He guessed she was putting the remote back down.

Suddenly, there was a vibration in his jeans pocket, nearly giving him a heart attack. He fished out the phone to find that it was Rachel that was calling him!

He turned away quickly from the window and answered, keeping his voice calm in his professionally trained way.


Rachel, however, had known Ryan for nearly five years. She knew when he was acting and she knew when he wasn't. Her voice, usually perky, happy, and child friendly, now was soft, intimate, and somehow ulterior in nature. "Hey, Ry. I heard your car come in. I don't know if you're hungry or not, but..." as she hesitated, Ryan listened as she took in a deliciously deep breath. He could only imagine what was happening since he couldn't bring himself to look out the window, lest she be looking out after him. "...if you're hungry, I'd be happy to fix you something." Then, she spoke the words he'd been waiting to hear for four solid years. "Or... you could come over here and eat."

In all the time the they lived in the house, the guest house was always Rachel's sanctuary. She had her own room in the main house, which was only used when Ryan and Anne left out of town over night or longer, so she could be closer to the kids. The main house had cameras on a timer from the moment Anne left, until Ryan's key chain activated the timer, indicating he was home so that they could keep an eye on the kids while they were away most of the day.

There were no cameras in Rachel's guest house, however.

Ryan swallowed hard, "You know, I don't even know if I've even ever been in that guest house." He was trying to sound conversational. He critiqued himself; he was trying too hard.

Rachel indulged him, "No, I don't think you have. But you're home awfully late, and I know Anne wasn't feeling well, so everyone's been in bed for a while now. I've had most of the evening off with nothing to do." Finally, she urged. "You should come over. We so rarely get a chance to talk anymore now that you're such a big star."

Ryan could hear the smile in her voice. She was never impressed by celebrity which was one of the reasons why they liked her so much as a nanny. Even though he was married to a celebrity himself, Rachel, too was dating a musician, whom she saw only rarely since he lived a coast away and spent most of the year touring. Right now, he could tell she was teasing him. Knowing that she was in her living room watching porn, almost naked, inviting him over was making him feel like a moth with a Ph.D. in fire, zooming directly into a bonfire without a single care in the world.

"Hey, I'm A-list now, you know." Ryan's cock was painfully tight inside of his jeans.

Rachel's voice fell soft and sultry, "Then bring your A-list ass over here."

Ryan snapped his phone shut and without a second thought, he was out the kitchen door, and heading down the path through the back yard to the guest house.

When he arrived, Rachel was standing there, her breasts were small, perky, and her nipples were hard with the cool night air against them. She was back lit by the light in the living room to the almost pure darkness of the back yard. As he approached the front door, she backed into the house, leading him toward her. Once he was inside, he closed the door behind him, and Rachel quickly pulled all the curtains closed.

"Jesus Christ, I can't believe it's taken you four years to come over here," she said, nearly exasperated.

Ryan was a little confused, but the blood loss to the brain would be his first excuse. "I'm a happily married man! And you've got your little rocker boy."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Oh please." She pulled Ryan's t-shirt off over his head, and swiftly wasted no time unzipping his jeans. "I'm not asking you to leave Anne and the kids for me. Hell, I wouldn't let you if you wanted to. I just want fuck you. And you know damn well you can't look me in the eye and tell me you don't want to fuck me, too." She tugged down his jeans and mumbled, "You're not that good of an actor."

With his mind reeling, Ryan stepped out of his jeans and tugged off his boxer shorts. Though he was 16 years her senior, he had a very strong female fan base. It kept his ego happy, but this moment was the biggest boost to his ego he'd ever encountered. Rachel wasn't the kind of girl who looked at a person and saw what they did for a living. She saw who they were. From the day he and Anne interviewed her, they knew that Rachel was 100% bullshit free. This moment, included.

He walked to Rachel and gently cupped her breasts. The porn playing in the background only supplied very low volume moans which only made him want her more. He kissed Rachel's mouth slowly, knowing all too well this may be a single solitary moment that will never happen again. Between his fingers, Ryan toyed with her chocolate colored nipples as he felt Rachel's hand gently caressing his cock with her fingertips.

"Hard, already?" She breathed.

"Since I drove in."

Rachel smiled, "So my big show was totally for nothing?"

Ryan could hardly speak through his heavy breaths. He nodded as Rachel backed him into her bedroom, "I'd watch your show all day, every day."

They kissed again and this time, Ryan reached between Rachel's legs. As he hoped, the silk lace between her legs was already moist and getting wetter the more he touched. Rachel let out a soft moan. Ryan looked at her dimly lit bedroom, wondering how many nights she spent in here touching herself, maybe even moaning his name. To his knowledge she'd never brought another man there. When she spent time with her boyfriend, it was always during summer when she'd join him on tour or a week or two. Other than that, she lived alone in this little guest house.

Rachel, indeed, had been longing for a man's touch. Ryan's in particular. It had only been a few months ago that she started watching his television show regularly. Normally, it was a typical, fill-in-the-blank cop style show. She wasn't watching the show for the plot. She was watching it because she wanted to see more of Ryan than she was getting to around the house. Usually, it was for about 15-20 minutes in the morning while he read the paper ad she served him coffee and toast, all the while, getting the kids awake and out of bed for school. Even though she got along with with his wife, Anne, and truly adored their children, she found herself lusting over Ryan more and more. For the past few months she'd been leaving him lingering glance and spending more time parading naked in her guest house after she knew Anne was in bed, hoping maybe... just maybe... she'd get her chance to spend one night with him that she had only otherwise dreamt about.

She never knew he shared the same dream. They collapsed on the bed and Ryan crawled between her legs. He kissed her thighs and lapped at the silk between her legs. Rachel stroked Ryan's hair and shoulders, raising her hips with desire for more.

Message received: He slowly peeled her panties down and luxuriously, Rachel helped herself out of them, one long leg at a time. Now they were both bare, and her perfectly shaven pussy was glistening and puffy. He licked the baby soft, wet folds of her vagina, relishing in his dirty thoughts of how it made her seem so much younger than she really was to be hairless there. He licked lavishly and as she writhed against her sheets, Ryan suddenly had the urge to touch every inch of her body, and proceeded to do so.

With a strange curiosity, Ryan ran his hands from her face, to her neck and shoulders, all the way down the front of her arms, chest, stomach, legs and feet before asking her to roll over. She obliged him and he repeated the action, making sure not to neglect the crack of her perfect ass.

When he finished touching her, Rachel maneuvered Ryan onto his back, and now it was she who crawled between his legs. She took his dark red cock into her hand and began licking it all over carefully swirling her tongue against the tip before she took the head into her mouth and with careful suction, Rachel worked his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. It took her more than one try, but even though Ryan was already grateful at her attempts, she had finally taken his full length into her throat. She went down on him over and over again, using her tongue as a cradle around the underside of his shaft.

Ryan warned her that he would come soon, and Rachel stopped. Neither of them wanted it to end yet, despite how much it hurt to prolong the inevitable.

Rachel was the one who spoke first.

"You get to fuck me now. As hard as you want. Anywhere you want. Any position. The only thing that matters to me is that when you're done, you put your finger into my pussy and you feed me your cum."

Ryan mumbled something that resembled a nearly fainted, "Oh, God...", but whatever blood that was left in his brain finally left and with a hunger for sex he hadn't felt since he was Rachel's age, he murmured for her to lay on her back and spread her legs wide.

Languid and lithely, she did so, spreading her legs in a full split from end to end of the bed. Ryan kneed between her legs and guided his cock into her and whispered, "Wrap your legs around me."

One leg at a time, she did exactly that. He felt like his entire body was covered in fine silk, and her pussy was no exception. She was a petite girl, so he delighted in tightness that he had to press through to reach her full depths. She moaned and arched her back, stroking her hands over his skin reminding herself constantly not to leave any visible marks. She bucked her hips up against each of his thrusts and soon the sounds of the mattress creaking was punctuated with soft wet sounds, heaving breaths, and Rachel's beautiful moaning voice.

Suddenly, Rachel began to shudder. She began to grasping at the sheets and pillows, anything to grip besides digging her nails into his skin, as much as she wanted to, and turned her head, biting her pillow. She came with a cry of pleasure, which Ryan wished he could have heard in full force, but knew by the rawness of her throat as she screamed, it would have been heard from the house.

Ryan, trying to hold back to watch this symphony of orgasm take place, finally gasped a deep groan and felt his cock tighten before shooting three full loads of hot semen inside of her as he rode out her orgasm. Once Rachel let go of the pillow, Ryan kissed her once more before rolling off of her body, whimpering softly as his cock slide from her.

Not forgetting the second half of the deal, Rachel laid there with her hips upturned, knees bent. Ryan, regathering his strength, crawled between her legs to view her pussy, now visibly filled and dripping with his white cum, which he carefully scooped with two fingers and as Rachel sat up, she opened her mouth wide with her eyes closed, she sucked on his fingers and swallowed as though she was eating the most delectable food ever created. She licked her lips once more and fell back onto the bed, looking up at Ryan with dark eyes.

"Thank you. For this. I didn't think it would ever happen," said Rachel in a soft satiated voice.

Ryan, drained and equally satisfied said, "I only wish I'd known sooner."

"It's not something I can really bring up over coffee."

They both chuckled softly, before Ryan checked the clock and with a slight jolt, sat up.

"Shit! Anne's going to be getting up in about about a half an hour."

Rachel shrugged. "Go inside, spill a beer on your shirt, and take a shower. If Anne asks, tell her you went out for drinks after work, someone spilled some beer on you and you needed to take a shower before bed."

Ryan laughed out loud this time. "Fuck! You think of everything!" Then he stopped, "You know, you have me at a serious disadvantage here. My entire life, my family, my career, my status... if you..."

Rachel, however, wasn't laughing. She looked at him very seriously with a caring look. "This... this thing... we can't keep doing this. We both know that." She touched his face and kissed his cheek. "I'm glad I had this night, but as far as Anne and the kids are concerned, this was never a thought in either of our minds. I don't give a fuck about the press. Or your career. I like you. I love my job. You love your family and your career. Let's try to see that we all keep them, ok?"

"I... I know." Ryan said, as he got up and moved to find his clothes. Rachel followed, helping him. Still, he had to ask.... "What if...?"

Rachel shushed him. "Let's leave the "what if's" for when the "what if's" happen, ok?"

Ryan nodded, and made his way to her front door.

"Don't forget to do everything exactly as I told you," warned Rachel quietly as he made his way back to the main house.

Ryan glanced back, but Rachel's door was already shut. The lights were off, and he'd only caught a single moment of the television flickering off.

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