tagRomanceNot Your Average Celebrity Nanny Ch. 02

Not Your Average Celebrity Nanny Ch. 02


It had been nearly three months since Rachel, a nanny for world famous celebrity couple, Ryan and Anne, had seduced Ryan in her guest house one night after work. Since then, they sought out every chance they could to be close together, even if nothing sexual could come of it. During a few trips out taking the kids shopping, some tabloid photos showed up.

Rachel panicked when Anne brought them to Ryan and Rachel, but she quickly realized that Anne thought it was a huge joke. Ever since the Emmy's, the paparazzi had been hunting Ryan and Anne for any sign of dirt. As far as celebrity couples went, they were too clean. Getting photographs of Ryan out with another woman and their kids was perfect fodder for any photographer or dirt journalist. The photos were always grainy shots of Ryan and Rachel, one or the other carrying the youngest of the four kids. One photo had Ryan's hand on Rachel's back at a street corner. Hard as they tried, no one was able to photograph anything incriminating.

The reports, however, were always filled with how the two looked like they were in love, sharing secrets, laughing together, and looked into each other's eyes with lust.

"It's garbage, but it's good garbage," said Anne. "I mean, it won't be a picnic for you, Rachel, but you've got us to back you up. We need you around the house, and I'm sorry the press is giving you such a hard time. Pretty soon they'll find something better to chase after. It won't hurt for ratings boots for either of our shows. And yes, I'm horrible for saying it. But it's true."

Aside from the few teases from Anne, life went pretty much back to normal around the house.

Soon, summer was upon them, and Anne's show took an earlier hiatus than Ryan's. He was writing an article for an entertainment magazine and had been locking himself in his office at home every second he was there. Anne summoned Rachel to the house and gave her some startling news.

"Ray, I hate to do this on such short notice, but my mother is being a complete moron and actually scheduled her wedding for my ONE week off of the season. She wants us all to fly out, but Ryan's being... well, Ryan's being Ryan, and he won't leave until he finishes the article." She seemed frantic as she flashed around from the bedroom and back, packing bags, gathering toys, all the while, Rachel followed.

"Can you do me a favor? I know it's not your usual job description, but can you keep an eye on Ryan? You should be having this week off, too, but someone has to make sure he remembers to do things like eat... breathe... those kinds of things."

Rachel was stunned. Anne was asking Rachel to stay home alone with her husband for a full week?

"Well," Rachel pretended to hesitate, "I guess I could manage. And just think, if you need to check up on us, you can turn on the Entertainment Tonight and find out about our torrid affair while you're gone."

Anne laughed. She laughed a full hearted laugh. "You're really the best. I don't know who could possible handle the pressure you are under from this insane business." She gave Rachel a long hug, one that may have lasted a moment too long by some standards.

"To be perfectly honest, I'm astonished Ryan hasn't come on to you, yet." Anne said directly into Rachel's eyes. I mean, you're young, you're beautiful... you're everything I didn't want in a nanny because I was worried some young girl would be all over him and steal him away from me."

Rachel chuckled softly, "Oh, Anne, I've got nothing on you. You're gorgeous, full of personality. Cameras love you. Clearly more than me! I look terrible in those tabloids!" She smiled. "Ryan loves you and the kids. You have nothing to worry about."

Anne dropped the pair of children's jeans she'd been holding and leaned to kiss Rachel on the lips. It was a light, tentative kiss, but a kiss on the lips nonetheless. Immediately, Anne blushed. "I'm sorry. I go on jabbering all the time justifying how Ryan is safe with you when I find myself thinking about you." She sighed, and reached down to pick up the clothes, flustered all over again. "God! When am I going to learn how to shut up? It's this whole wedding thing. My parents were so happily divorced. Why she decided to get married again seems like... She's doing this to get on my nerves!"

Rachel stopped Anne. She gently took the clothes from Anne's hands and carefully folded them into an open suitcase. "You don't have to shut up. The thought of you finding me attractive is nothing but flattering. If you think I've had only pure thoughts about both of you in all this time, then you'd assume me to be inhuman. It's natural. I've been living with you for nearly five years now. I'm sure you have thoughts about people you work with. People you watch on TV. I'm just another fixture in the household. One that happens to not be related to you. It's really okay."

Anne closed the suitcase and sat on the side of her youngest daughter's bed. "Are you going to tell Ryan I kissed you?"

Rachel shrugged. "Do you want me to? Frankly, it could go either way. I don't want you to feel guilty for keeping a completely benign secret, and it is benign... you didn't do anything wrong."

Anne's voice was soft, "What if I did do something wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

Anne stood and kissed Rachel again, this time, she softly pressed her mouth against Rachel's and began probing her it open slightly enough for her tongue. As Anne probed around her mouth, she reached out and held Rachel's face in her hands.

Rachel wound her arms around Anne's neck and invitingly continued the kiss. Their tongues traded places several times in one another's mouth and Rachel could taste the vanilla lip gloss she was wearing which matched perfectly with the strawberry lip balm on Rachel's lips.

As they relished in the kiss, Anne's hands roamed downward and found their way over Rachel's breasts, which were small, perfect handful sized. The kiss had caused Rachel's nipples to be so erect, Anne could feel them through Rachel's bra and t-shirt.

Reluctantly, when the kiss broke, Anne's hands were still planted firmly on Rachel's chest. "I would pay a lot of money for tits like those."

Rachel couldn't help but laugh, since these words were the furthest from her imagination. "Why would you want to? You've got nice big ones." Rachel dared let her hands dwell down over the swell of Anne's breasts. "They're full and beautiful, and think about it, you've fed four beautiful kids from them," and then with a slight tinge of jealousy, "and probably Ryan more than once."

Anne giggled. "I guess I'm just suffering from aging. Hearing that my own mother is on her second marriage and I'm hauling my four children to attend isn't really making me feel very young."

"Well, that's total crap," said Rachel. "So what if your mother's getting married again? So what that you have four kids? So what if you age at all? As long as you feel beautiful, you are. I mean, look at you. You stay in shape, and you are an amazing model. I've seen a lot of pictures of in the time I've lived here. You have nothing to worry about."

With another soft kiss, Anne thanked Rachel. "Let's not tell Ryan about this. His hours are long, he doesn't get much time at home, and when he is, it's like he's always working. He doesn't need anything else to worry about."

Rachel thought she should have felt guilty, knowing she'd had sex with Ryan in the past, but she didn't. Now they both had secrets with her, and she was content to keep them. At the moment, even as she was helping Anne pack for her week in Florida, she kept thinking that she'd have a week alone with Ryan.

Anne's voice finally snapped her out of her active imagination. "Ryan's locked in his office, of course, the kids don't get out of school for another hour. I figured I'll just pack up the car and head straight to the airport from there. They won't like it but I don't have much of a choice."

Rachel nodded. Do you want me to follow you and help you at the airport?

Anne shook her head, "No, I can manage the kids way better than Ryan can." She chuckled, "But there is one thing you could help me with..." With her finger, she beckoned Rachel into the master bedroom.

Rachel had very seldom been in that room of the house. Even as Rachel's room and the guest house were her sanctuaries, the offices and the master bedroom were Anne and Ryan's.

Anne closed the door behind her. "Feel free to say no, but I want to ask if I can see you naked."

Rachel, who's brain stopped for a moment, could do very little but nod. With Anne's help, her t-shirt was pulled up over her head. While Rachel unzipped her own jeans, Anne unhooked Rachel's bra. Rachel stepped out of her jeans and shivered slightly as Anne's perfectly manicured fingers slipped under the band of Rachel's panties and pulled them all the way down to her ankles.

There Rachel stood. Completely bare from head to toe. It was a different experience from anything she ever gone through before. With Ryan, she'd tossed the dice more than once to be sure he'd come visit her in the guest house and set him up by already being naked when he came over.

This time it was Anne who was in control. She backed Rachel to the bed, and Rachel, miscounting her steps, fell backward sitting on the perfect comforter. She planted her hands at her sides, and sat with her legs spread only slightly.

"Spread them a little wider?" Anne asked, ever so politely. "I just want to peek."

Rachel was having trouble catching her breath, "I didn't peg you as the bisexual type."

Anne dropped slowly to her knees, "Gotta be careful with pegs, Ray, everyone gets curious." With those words, Anne slid her hands along Rachel's inner thighs and spread them even further. Once Rachel's shaven pussy was right in Anne's face, she exhaled softly.

Rachel arched her back slightly, fluttering her eyes closed as the hot breath coaxed more of her juices out that had already been forming from deep within. A few more of Anne's hot breaths and a bead of clear, silky liquid was plainly visible from the slit of Rachel's pussy.

Anne took a deep breath and as she kissed Rachel's mouth just earlier. Rachel's vaginal lips unfolded like a blooming flower, as if to kiss Anne back. Soon Anne's tongue began taking their first licks, first at the outer folds, but hunger drove it deeper, probing. Between hot breaths and Anne's probing tongue, Rachel was quickly her mind.

"Anne.... ohhh.." Her noise was that of an elongated whimper. More juices began to flood Anne's tongue, and finally, the muscles contracted. Rachel's legs stiffened as she threw back her head, letting out a loud, guttural cry in ecstasy.

As Rachel fell onto her back, her chest was heaving trying everything to bring air back into her body. Anne stayed on her knees, sitting back on her ankles smiling at Rachel once she sat back up. "That... was...simply.. wow."

"Those are big words for a college graduate." Anne smiled. "Seems like you haven't had much experience with a woman yourself."

Rachel, blushing slightly as she began gathering up her clothes and dressing herself haphazardly, "Clearly not as much as you."

Anne frowned as she stood to help Rachel get herself dressed. "Are you upset with me? I'm so sorry. Please... let's just forget..."

Rachel shushed Anne, "We all have secrets, don't we? I'm just... that felt so good, and I'm not used to being controlled like that." She glanced downward, smiling softly, "It was actually a very nice surprise."

Just as Rachel was about to ask what she could do to return the favor, Ryan burst into the room.

"What the hell? Are you okay? I thought I heard Rachel scream!"

"Rachel was helping me pack, and I accidentally slammed her finger into a suitcase like the idiot that I am." Anne took Rachel by the hand into the master bathroom and ran the water faucet for a few moments before returning with Rachel's hand wrapped in a towel.

"I'm fine, really." Rachel told Ryan. "It just startled me."

Anne checked her watch. "Shit, I have to get the kids. Ryan, help me pack the car."

Rachel looked at Anne wide eyed. Ryan went to take the first load of suitcases outside. "So... just like that, you're off?"

"Oh, I'll be back eventually." She winked at Rachel and with the last of the suit cases, the SUV with tinted windows was backing out of the driveway.

Rachel and Ryan stood in the living room together. Rachel had since discarded her towel.

"Let me see your hand." Ryan reached for what should have been Rachel's injured finger. Rachel yanked it away.

"It's fine, I swear!"

Ryan chuckled. "You're more of a baby than Mina!" Mina was their 6 year old daughter who hated any kind of medical treatment, even opting out of ban-aids because she was afraid they'd hurt too much.

"I am not!" Rachel protested. "Speaking of babies, I'm supposed to be taking care of you while Anne and the kids are gone."

Ryan raised an eyebrow. "You're not leaving? I thought you'd be outta here and fucking your little boy toy."

Rachel playfully punched Ryan in the shoulder, "His name is Jeffrey and he's a very good musician!" As an afterthought, "...not a great one, but pretty good."

"See? You don't even like him!" He shoved her back just enough to get his point across, still laughing.

Rachel rolled her eyes and shoving back, knocking Ryan to the sofa she relented, "I just moved to the city and he was the first guy who was really nice to me... one thing lead to another..."

"And now you're stuck with a boyfriend you never see?" Ryan said, looking up at Rachel who was now standing over him on the sofa.

"He calls me all the time!"

"And God only knows what he's doing while he's on tour."

Rachel climbed up into his lap, looping her arms around his shoulders, "And God only knows what I'm doing when he's on tour, too."

On that, Ryan kissed her, an action he'd been longing to do again for months. They kissed intently for some time as Rachel could feel his grown cock through his jeans between her legs.

Rachel broke the kiss, and whispered breathlessly, "I thought we weren't going to do this again?"

Ryan kissed her again and spoke between kisses on her mouth, chin, and neck, "You forgot about that little phrase, 'what if?'."

"As in.... 'What if Anne unexpectedly gets whisked off to Florida for a week with the kids and you and I are left alone with her blessing?' kind of 'what if?'"


"But I thought you had an article to write." Rachel retorted.

"Writer's block is a bitch, and one of the best ways to clear it, is with mind blowing sex."

Rachel looked at Ryan with a smile, "Is there any scientific knowledge backing that up?"

"I'll let you know after the mind blowing sex."

In no time at all, Ryan lifted Rachel into his arms and carried her petite frame into the very bedroom where his own wife had eaten her pussy and Rachel had experienced an orgasm unlike any other.

Still, she wasn't about to say no to Ryan. Not ever. He was the dream girl of just about anyone with a television or access to fashion and television magazines.

Once he laid her down onto the bed, they began peeling out of their clothes, and both knew without words that this was going to be the first of many sessions of "Writers Unblockage" they would have this week.

She laid on the bed naked, legs to one side, bent slightly watching him as he finished undressing himself, drinking in the sight of him, knowing this time, they didn't have to rush. They had all week, end there was more than enough time to memorize each other's bodies.

When Ryan climbed onto the bed, he began kissing Rachel's body, starting with her feet, her legs, her thighs, and up over her well shaved mound, stomach and then spent time kissing around her breasts before moving up to her neck and shoulders and finally his mouth found hers.

Rachel slid her hands over Ryan's thighs, ass and ran over every inch of his back. Feeling his hard cock against her stomach made her wet all over again and she could feel the lips of her mouth swelling down below.

When Ryan raised himself up with his arms and looked down on her, her lips were swollen and dark, both pairs, and her nipples were hard and the color of cherry chocolate, a beautiful contrast to her pale golden skin.

"I can't even tell you how many times I'd wished a time like this could happen. Having you here, in my own bed." Ryan's voice was deep with a slight rattle.

Rachel's voice, too, was low and now slightly husky. "I shouldn't wish for this, but I have. I've dreamt of it. I'd wake up in my guesthouse and wish I waking up here in this bed with you."

Ryan began grinding his hips, rubbing his cock against Rachel's flat belly. Instinctively, Rachel raised her knees, very slowly, but she raised them high. Her hips tipped upward and as Ryan continued grinding against Rachel's body, the wetness of her slick and swollen pussy took place of its path, and inside he slid.

Deep and sudden, without a single hitch, both of them gasped. Rachel took firm hold of Ryan's ass and as he stroked himself into her, she pulled on him, and bucked her hips upward, forcing him deeper than he'd ever been inside of her.

With the house empty, they both moaned their pleasures aloud. They cried each other's names out and let them shamelessly linger in the air above them. She worked her hips against him exactly the way he wanted, and at her breathless request, he sucked on each of her dark brown nipples.

Her grip on his shoulders was so tight, that she had forgotten entirely not to leave any visible marks. Her fingernails dug deeply into his shoulders as with several sharp groans, he warned he was going to come.

Rachel, incapable of speech, only nodded. Her muscles contracted. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deep inside her and her fingernails raked deep and sharp down his back. Both of the cried out, deep soulful cries of simultaneous orgasm.

Gasping for air, they lay together on the bed, his cock covered in both of their juices, and Rachel's pussy, dripping all over the sheets. Covered in sweat, they turned to face one another and with fingertip traces, touched each other's spent bodies.

"Mind blowing," Ryan whispered against her mouth.

All Rachel could do was murmur wordlessly against his kiss. They touched each other lazily and lithely for several moments as the air cooled the sweat off their skin.

"It's going to be a good week." Rachel said.

Ryan closed his eyes with a smile, "God, when you raked your nails on my back, I thought I'd turn inside out with pleasure."

Rachel suddenly sat up, "Oh shit! Let me see!"

Ryan agreed, but did slowly, "Relax, I liked it. I mean... I really liked it. Besides, you're the one with an injured finger. Are you hurt?"

"Yeah, but if someone sees? Like.. if there's a scab when Anne gets back?? My finger is fine!" Rachel was touching the swollen welts down Ryan's back, some which showed traces of blood already, taking a second to discretely bite her own finger behind his back to fake a healing wound.

Ryan kissed her softly, laying her back down onto the bed. "We'll think of something." After a few more kisses, a few more touches, a few more murmurs of general nothings, Ryan finally got up.

"I guess I better get back to writing."

Rachel, too, got out of bed and dressed. "Yeah, and I'd better cook something very special for you. So, you better be ready to take a break for dinner." Her voice indicated it was not a suggestion, but a promise.

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