tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudist Camp Weekend

Nudist Camp Weekend


Thursday night John was watching TV when Kelly walked into the room, sat down on his lap, and kissed him.

"Uh-oh...you want something. What is it this time and how much does it cost?" John asked.

"This time it's free." Kelly said.

"If it's free then why are you doing your thing where you sit on my lap and kiss me to get me to buy you something?" John asked.

"I also do this when I want you to do something." Kelly said.

"Oh...that's right...most of the time even that costs me money though." John said.

"Well this time the only money it will cost you is however much gas it takes us to get there and back." Kelly said.

"Get where and back?" John asked.

"The party that Eric and Lisa us to this weekend." Kelly said.

"Why would we drive there? They live 2 houses down the street." John said.

"The party isn't at their house." Kelly said.

"Then where is it?" John asked.

"It's up at some lake at a summer camp that they rented." Kelly said.

"They rented a summer camp for a party?" John asked.

"Well it's actually a weekend long event. Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. They rented the summer camp because it was cheaper than everybody getting hotels and to give them plenty of room for everyone to have a good time." Kelly said.

"Just how many people are going to be at this party?" John asked.

"From the sound of things probably around 100 or so." Kelly said.

"That's a pretty big party. We were only invited now? What kind of friends are they if they invite us to a party at the last minute?" John asked.

"Well...they weren't going to invite us at all, but I had lunch with Lisa today. We got to talking about our plans for the weekend. I told her that you'd probably go golfing and I'd probably do laundry. When I asked her what she and Eric were doing she was hesitant to tell me at first, but I kept on her until she told me." Kelly said.

"What exactly did she tell you?" John asked.

"She told me that every year she, Eric, and a bunch of their friends get together at that summer camp for a weekend of fun." Kelly said.

"We're they're friends...why have we never been invited...or even heard about it before?" John asked.

"I was a little hurt by that myself so I asked Lisa why we'd never been invited and she told me that she didn't think we'd have wanted to come. She said that if we did want to come we'd be more than welcome though and she officially invited us." Kelly said.

"Okay...you can tell me what the catch is now. You can tell me why they've never invited us in the past. You can tell me why you sat on my lap and kissed me like you do when you want something. What's the catch Kelly?" John asked.

Kelly looked nervous.

"Well there is one little catch." Kelly said.

"I knew it...what is it?" John asked.

"Well...it's...a nudist party." Kelly said.

John was surprised.

"Nudist...as in everyone would be naked?" John asked.

"Yes. That's why they haven't invited us in the past. They were afraid that we'd be shocked by it." Kelly said.

"You don't seem to be shocked by it Kelly...since you're sitting on my lap like this it means that you want to go." John said.

"Well...I've never been shy John...you know that. Going to a nudist party wouldn't be a big deal for me...it would be the first one I'd been to, but it wouldn't be a big deal to me." Kelly said.

"Me on the other hand..." John said.

"I know John...I know that this has all come as quite a shock to you and if you absolutely don't want to do it we just won't go. I would certainly never go to something like that alone and leave you here to rip your hair out wondering what I might be doing. I do want to go, but if you don't we'll just stay home." Kelly said.

They sat silently for a few minutes. John was deep in thought and Kelly was staring at John trying to read his eyes to see if he was going to say yes or no. Finally John shrugged.

"You said that I didn't have to lose any weight for you and I believe that you meant it, but if I'm going to be naked in front of a whole lot of strangers I'll sure be glad that I lost that 70 pounds and have these 6-pack abs." John said.

"You mean you'd be okay with us going?" Kelly asked.

"Yes...I guess I'd be okay with it...I'm not exactly excited about it like you are, but I'd be okay with it." John said.

Kelly excitedly hugged and kissed John then she ran off to call Lisa and tell her the good news as well as getting all of the directions.

"What time do we need to be there tomorrow night?" John asked.

"They expect most of the people to start showing up after 4:00." Kelly said.

"Okay...that means we'd have to leave here around 3:15. I'll leave work at 2:30 and come home to pick you up." John said.

"Isn't it great being self employed?" Kelly asked.

"It does have its benefits. I guess we'd better pack tonight huh?" John asked.

"Pack?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah...a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, my electric razor, oh and sandals. I don't plan on walking around barefoot do you?" John asked.

"I hadn't even thought of that. No I don't think I want to walk around barefoot either. Luckily we have those sandals we bought in Hawaii. We'd better go pack now so we make sure we get everything we need." Kelly said.

They both packed a little travel kit with the essentials.

"You need to pick up sunscreen tomorrow." John said.

"Good idea." Kelly said.

Friday at 4:30 John and Kelly pulled into the summer camp. They found two naked women with clipboards waiting by the road.

"Names?" Mary asked.

"John and Kelly Evans." John said.

"Evans...Evans...oh here we go...cabin 26...all the way down at the end." Mary said.

As they drove down to their cabin they saw several people coming out of the other cabins completely naked and walking towards the main building. John pulled up to their cabin; they walked inside and found a double bed with a note on it.

"Normally we double and sometimes triple people up, but since you're first timers and since John would freak out you've got your own cabin. Lisa." John read.

"That was nice of her." Kelly said.

"Yeah. Well...if we're going to do this we might as well get it done." John said.

John and Kelly took off their clothes except for their sandals. They walked out of their cabin.

"Well...shall we?" John asked.

He offered his arm. Kelly took his arm and they started walking the same way the other people were walking. They followed a group of 5 people around into the area behind the main building where several tables had been set up. There were more than 50 people already there.

"Oh look...there's Lisa and Eric." Kelly said.

They walked over to Lisa and Eric.

"Hi guys, glad you could make it." Eric said.

"We wouldn't have missed it for the world...would we sweetie?" John asked.

Kelly laughed.

"If you'd gone your whole life without coming to something like this it would have been just fine by you. I'm glad that you said we could come though, it really means a lot to me." Kelly said.

Kelly kissed John.

"It means a lot to us too. By the way John...I haven't seen you with your shirt off since you lost all that weight...that's some bod you've got on you." Lisa said.

"I haven't seen you with your shirt off since I lost the weight either...and you've got a pretty damn nice body on you too." John said.

All four of them laughed.

"Well...feel free to mingle around, meet some people. There are drinks over there." Eric said.

John left Kelly behind and practically sprinted over to the bar and poured himself some whiskey.

"He sure headed for the booze pretty quick." Lisa said.

"He just needs it to help him relax. He could be wearing coveralls right now and be uncomfortable around all these naked people...the fact that he's naked too just makes things worse. We'll get a couple of drinks in him and he'll relax." Kelly said.

"Okay...well I hope you both have fun this weekend." Eric said.

Kelly turned to walk over to John.

"Oh Kelly...by the way...you're a very lucky woman." Lisa said.

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked.

"You know what I mean." Lisa said suggestively.

"Oh...yes I am." Kelly said.

She giggled. Kelly got over to John as he was downing another shot.

"Easy there sweetheart, don't get smashed just yet, people will think you're a drunken idiot." Kelly said.

"I'm just trying to take the edge off and right now the edge is pretty big." John said.

"The edge isn't the only thing around here that's pretty and big." Kelly said.

She put her arms around John from behind and kissed his shoulder.

"Kelly, the last thing I need right now is for you to get me all worked up." John said.

"Okay sweetie. There's music and I see a dance floor set up over there. Let's go dance while we let that alcohol start to work." Kelly said.

"Okay." John said.

John and Kelly walked over to the dance floor and started dancing near the edge. They danced to a few songs and then a tango came on.

"Who plays a tango at a nudist party?" John asked.

"Apparently Lisa does." Kelly said.

John looked and saw Lisa by the stereo system.

"Damn her...she knows I can't resist a tango." John said.

As the other couples cleared the dance floor John grabbed Kelly and they started dancing. Several of the couples gathered around the dance floor and watched as John and Kelly danced. When the song ended John had Kelly tilted back dramatically and was holding one of her legs up in the air. The crowd applauded. John let Kelly up and walked over to Lisa who was smiling.

"That was a dirty trick Lisa." John said.

"I'm sorry John, I couldn't help myself. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist." Lisa said.

John was about to say something, but instead he turned and ran towards the lake.

"What the hell? Where's he going?" Lisa asked.

"Who knows?" Kelly asked.

They watched as John ran out onto the dock and dove off the end into the water.

"Now what do you suppose he went and did that for?" Lisa asked.

"I think I know. He figured it was the best place to hide the erection he was getting." Eric said.

"He was getting an erection?" Lisa asked.

"The tango is a very passionate dance and his partner was very beautiful and naked...I can't say I blame him." Eric said.

"Excuse me for a minute." Kelly said.

Kelly took off running towards the lake and dove in with John.

"Well so far having them here has been fun and we haven't even had dinner yet." Lisa said.

"Maybe we should tell John that a lot of the guys get erections and nobody would hold it against him if he did." Eric said.

"They might not hold it against him, but they might want him to hold it against them. Kelly is a VERY lucky woman." Lisa said.

"Yes, I noticed that myself." Eric said.

When Kelly got into the water she swam over to John.

"Baby...are you okay?" Kelly asked.

"Just a little...hot." John said.

"Hot and bothered you mean. I don't think anybody would mind...I saw several guys that had erections." Kelly said.

"Really?" John asked.

"Yeah. They weren't as big as yours, but there was quite a bit of wood up there and I don't mean the trees." Kelly said.

"Still...I'd rather not walk around meeting people and have them reach to shake my hand and grab my cock by mistake." John said.

"Well...that is a possibility with as big as you are." Kelly said.

"You aren't helping." John said.

"I'm sorry baby. You always seem to have better...composure...after sex...how about I help you out with your problem." Kelly suggested.

"Here? In front of everybody?" John asked.

"We're in the lake...nobody will see anything. They might know what we're doing, but they won't see anything." Kelly said.

"Kelly...I don't know." John said.

"Well let me help you decide. I'll just come over here like this, take hold of you like this, position it just right like this, and slide down onto you like this." Kelly said.

She did each thing as she was saying them. When she had taken John's cock inside her she put her arms around his neck, and wrapped her legs around his body.

"There...does that help you make your decision?" Kelly asked.

"Damn you Kelly...I can't say no to something like this." John said.

They slowly started fucking in the water.

"Do you remember the first time we did it in the lake?" Eric asked.

"Yeah...that was a great day. We need to make time to do that some time this weekend." Lisa said.

"I think we'll be able to find time for that." Eric said.

John and Kelly tried not to bring any attention to themselves, but with nearly 100 people on shore and 2 people fucking in the lake that was impossible.

"Everybody's watching us Kelly." John said.

"Then we'd better make it a good show." Kelly said.

She leaned in and kissed John. Before they finished they saw people coming down towards the lake out of the corners of their eyes. John was embarrassed thinking that many people were coming closer to watch him fuck his wife, but the couples joined them in the water and started their own fun and games.

By the time John and Kelly got out of the water there were more than 30 other couples in the water including Eric and Lisa. John and Kelly walked up to the bar so John could get more booze into him.

"It seems you two started a trend. I only wish my Harold was here...I'd be out there right now too, but he died 6 months ago." Mary said.

"I'm sorry for your loss. Maybe you could find yourself a strapping young boy toy." John said.

Mary smiled.

"That would be interesting." Mary said.

"Well there are some guys by themselves over there...maybe one of them appreciates the beauty of older women." Kelly said.

"I think I'll go and find out." Mary said.

Mary walked over to 3 guys in their late 20's and started talking to them. One of them stood up, Mary took his arm, and they walked down to the lake. She waved at John and Kelly. A few of the other singles started mingling around and soon John and Kelly were the only ones on shore.

When Eric and Lisa came back onto shore they walked up to John and Kelly...they were both smiling.

"That was a hell of an idea you guys had." Lisa said.

"That wasn't our first time in the lake, but it was the first time everybody ended up in the lake at the same time. Obviously none of us are shy, but we've always been hesitant to do anything sexual in front of the others. By doing it in the lake we kept everything mostly out of sight." Eric said.

"I was amazed to see Mary come into the lake with Todd and all of the other singles paired off." Lisa said.

"Well...it's like watching porn...seeing other people fuck makes you want to fuck." Kelly said.

"When do we eat around here?" John asked.

"Well as soon as everybody comes out of the water we'll fire up the grills and start cooking." Eric said.

"Hell...I'll start them now...I'm starving." John said.

Eric and John went to light the grills.

"This whole thing has never been about sex, at least not the public part of it, but damn that was fun fucking in the lake with all those people." Lisa said.

"Yeah, I'd venture a guess and say that could be the most people that have ever fucked in this lake at the same time." Kelly said.

The two of them laughed.

"Here...you'll probably want this." Eric said.

He gave John an apron.

"We make exceptions for the people working the grills...we don't need any burn injuries." Eric said.

"Good idea." John said.

John put the apron on and he and Eric started cooking. As the other couples came out of the water a few of the guys migrated over to help with the grilling.

"So John...I gather this is your first time." Mark said.

"Yeah. Eric and Lisa are really good friends of ours and they invited us to come. It's not our usual kind of thing, but we didn't have anything else to do this weekend and figured it might be fun so we figured what the hell." John said.

"What kind of work are you in John?" Rick asked.

"John has his own engineering firm and a construction company." Eric said.

The guys were impressed.

"Technically the construction company belongs to Kelly's dad, but since we got married we've been using them for most of our projects and their offices are in the same building as ours." John said.

John talked to the ever growing group of guys as Kelly met and talked to most of the women. They were grilling up steaks, chicken breasts, even salmon. When the first of the food was almost done some of the people went inside and brought out the side dishes, plates, and other essentials.

People either sat at some of the tables or sat on blankets laid out on the ground. John and Kelly sat with Lisa and Eric on their blanket.

"I never even would have thought to bring a blanket. Of course if John hadn't thought of it I wouldn't have brought my toothbrush or my contact lens solution either." Kelly said.

"This chicken sure is good...who grilled it?" Lisa asked.

"That would be John. He was working the chicken station." Eric said.

"Well it's delicious...cooked all the way through, but not dried out." Lisa said.

"So what kind of activities are there for the rest of the weekend?" Kelly asked.

"Well there are a lot of trails here that people like to hike. There's the beach volleyball pit over there. We've got badminton, horseshoes, board games, cards..." Eric said.

"I guess strip poker it out." John said.

They laughed.

"Yeah...that one would be a little difficult. Some of the others have a chess tournament every year." Lisa said.

"Chess you say? I might just have to get in on that." John said.

"When you do don't go overboard with your victory celebration sweetheart...you don't want to make the others feel bad." Kelly said.

"Assuming that he wins." Eric said.

"Oh if he plays he'll win...he's amazing...and he's a great chess player too." Kelly said.

"Kelly...if I didn't know better I'd say you were sweet on me." John said.

"Later tonight I plan on being sweet all over you." Kelly said.

"All over me...that sounds pretty good. Hey...I saw the fire pit...have you got the stuff to make smores? I haven't had a smore in forever." John said.

"Oh we do. Tomorrow night we have a hot dog roast. We decided that calling it a wiener roast would be too painful. After that some of us bust out the marshmallows and make smores." Eric said.

"Great...I'll definitely be here for that." John said.

The rest of Friday night was mostly a meet and greet and a chance to make plans with other people for the next day.

John and Kelly headed to their cabin when everyone else did. When they got inside John closed the door, turned, and was immediately met with a forceful kiss from Kelly. She held his head in her hands and forced her tongue into his mouth. For several minutes she kissed him like that.

"Oh god John, that was so amazing." Kelly said.

"That was a pretty good kiss." John said.

"Not the kiss...though that was pretty good too...the whole thing. Being here with all these people. Meeting everyone...dancing that tango while everyone watched...inspiring everyone to go fuck in the lake...god it was all so hot." Kelly said.

"You're getting off on all of this?" John asked.

"Yes...god yes." Kelly said.

"Wow...I'm doing my best to stay mellow and you're getting off on it." John said.

"Are you mad?" Kelly asked.

"No...I'm not mad. I figured you'd enjoy yourself, but I wasn't prepared for you to be this excited by it." John said.

"John you know that I would never do anything with anyone else right?" Kelly asked.

"I know that you WOULD and HAVE done things with someone else, but that someone else was a woman. I know that you wouldn't do anything with another man...and you would never do something with another woman without me there." John said.

"Right...well...being around all those naked men...seeing all those cocks...it's just...so exciting. Yours is the only one I'll touch, but seeing the others is amazing." Kelly said.

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