tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudist Holiday Ch. 02

Nudist Holiday Ch. 02


Montalivet is situated on the French Atlantic coast it is a great Naturist resort set in the pine forest just behind sand dunes the coast stretches for miles. We had parked our camper van in "Le Pins" a quite area right near to the sand dune and far enough away from the small village not to hear the music at night.

Every morning Julie would walk through the forest to the village to pick up breakfast and some fresh bread for lunch, I would watch her set off along the mall track she was usually completely naked unless it was very early in which case she would have on a t-shirt that stopped just above her pussy. As you get close to the small shopping centre instead of camper vans and tents there are more permanent mobile home that people live in throughout the summer. Julie would chat to one or two of the other holidaymakers who she got to know as she walked in.

After I had watched Julie set of to the shopping centre I went back to the camper and lay on the bed thinking about our conversation of last night.

The previous night we had walked the mile or so into the town of Montalivet and found a great Caribbean restaurant near the seafront, We started of with cocktails then wine to follow by the time we had finished our meal we were feeling very liberated and I started a conversation up with Julie about how I was feeling being naked, seeing so many naked people and especially seeing her with no clothes on, I admitted that I found it very arousing when men looked at her, I told her of one occasion when we were at the bar I had gone to fetch a beer and she had been stood watching the world cup on the large screen TV there were a group of guys sat at a table also watching the football I could see them nudging each other to take a look at her now shaved pussy, she was completely unaware what they were doing. I then asked how she was feeling about it all, I really wanted to know because while I knew that Julie loved sex and found being naked sexy she did not often talk about it and I sometimes felt that I was organising nudist holidays and she went along with my ideas.

At first she asked whether the guys who were looking at her pussy were good looking! She explained that over the past week she had loved being naked more so now she had trimmed her pussy, Apparently on her walk into the shops every morning she had been talking to three guys who were staying in one of the mobile homes they had even asked her to stop for a coffee and although she didn't stay for one she had thought about it, as for men looking at her she knew that around the pool or on the beach single men would always see if the could see between her legs and that she would lie in the sun and fantasise about the guys who she had been talking to fucking her. At this point she went bright red and said that she was a bit embarrassed to tell me this. I of course was eager to talk more as I had always fantasised about me watching Julie have sex with someone else. So I pushed the conversation further saying that we were on holiday where nobody new us and why not explore our sexuality a little more. Maybe if the opportunity occurred we could try something new. We started to talk about what that would mean, Julie said that it would have to be on her terms and her timing and definitely with a condom. By now I was very, very excited. We finished our meal and stated to walk home On the way back I couldn't stop talking about how things might happen, Julie came up with the idea that we could watch a few men on the beach or hang out in the dunes for a couple of afternoons and see if we met anyone suitable. We worked out a few coded phrases that we could use to check if we were happy etc.

By the time we got back to the camper I was desperate to get Julie into bed it had been a hot evening and Julie suggested that we call into the shower block to cool off on the way back. By about 10.30pm the showers were pretty quite so we undressed and stood under the cool water standing there watching the water cascade of off Julies breasts soon gave me an erection and I moved behind her pushing my cock between her cheeks slowly moving it up and down Julie reached round holding it tight to her ass she said that she had loved talking about her fantasies and that she didn't feel so guilty about them now they had been shared. Julie then bent over to rub her legs her cheeks parted showing me her pussy and anus, it was too much I licked my thumb and gently pushed against the outside of her anus and then slowly wiggled it up into her bum, This was something that always turned her on if done in the right way, Then I slipped my first finger up her pussy I carefully massaged the wall of her pussy between my thumb and finger. Julie was bent double when we heard another couple enter the shower block, I slowly pulled my fingers out, By the sound of the other couple they had been drinking as much as us, There are about ten shower heads in a row and the other couple and they stood at the far end, they said Bonsoir and then the other woman started to soap off her partner they seemed pretty carefree as she spent a lot of time on his cock, Julie asked if I would go over and see if we could borrow their shower gel as we were just using plain water. I walked over and I could see the guy had a large erection, not speaking much French I pointed to the soap and asked if we could borrow it, The guy handed it to me completely comfortable showing us his erect cock his partner put her hand out and circled her fingers around it and said "c'est bon eh" I smiled and went back over to Julie leaving her slowly moving here hand up and down his shaft. Julie was smiling and said "They obviously don't seem to care."

I put the soap onto my hands and started to soap Julie's tits pulling at her nipples. I then moved round behind her putting my cock back where it had been before and turned her to watch the other couple, reaching round I continued massaging her breasts, By now the other lady was kneeling with his cock in her mouth, Neither Julie or I had ever seen this live before only in Porn films, Julie asked if I would like her to suck my cock like that, It seemed a good idea but I knew that the minute that she put her mouth around my cock I would come, so I moved around and knelt in front of her, I eased her legs apart and started to open her pussy lips with my tongue then just flicking it over her clitoris her, taste was salty and sexy. She moved herself back against the wall arching backwards so that she could push her cunt out towards me, her hand came down to start to rub herself as I slipped my tongue in and out of her creamy cunt. "How do you want me to fuck you?" I asked "From behind" Julie stood up then bent over, I moved behind her she put her hand between her legs and guided the end of my cock into her cunt. I pushed gently in and out as Julie rubbed her clit as fast as she could, looking over I could see the other couple she was kneeling in front of his cock mouth open as he shot his sperm over her face. That was all I needed to see I came within seconds Julie was very close after that.

I slowly pulled out my cock it was covered in Julie's cream and my cum, we both stood up and turned the shower back on to rinse off. I walked back over to the French couple to give back the shower gel the woman still had streaks of cum in her hair and down her tits they smiled and said something in French that I did not understand, But we had both had a good time.

We dried off using our clothes and walked back to the camper. That had been a great session and we talked more of spending some time in the Dunes the next day.

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