tagErotic CouplingsNumber One Fan Ch. 04

Number One Fan Ch. 04


Some how I messed up the file names for my chapters. This is the real Chapter 3.

I leaned my back up against the door and slid down. I held my head in my hands and cried. I was so close to cheating on my Todd! I can't believe how easy it was for that maniac to seduce me! I was actually considering letting him fuck me! My body was completely betraying my mind, I was disgusted with myself. I sat on the floor crying for another several minutes. I heard the shower shut off and Lance's bathroom door clicked shut. What I heard next didn't surprise me at all. Lance and that slut were hard at it again! It didn't matter that I left him high and dry, he was going to get what he wanted no matter what! I grabbed the glass figurine and headed to Todd's bed. I fucked myself silly listening to the depraved acts happening only a few feet away from me.

The noise next door finally stopped. I had been listening to them going at for the last thirty minutes or so. The orgasms I gave myself were great, but they were nothing compared to how I felt when Lance licked me. I got out of bed to get ready for the day. I stood in the mirror looking at myself. I hardly recognized the person staring back at me. Everything felt so different now that I was in college. I was very pleased with the way my now bare pussy looked. The skin was so soft and supple. It was super sensitive to the touch, I just could not stop rubbing myself. My tight pussy lips held tight together as I stood. There was a gap between my thighs as I stood, sunlight was streaming through the space it made, giving the appropriate light to appreciate its grandeur. Nothing was hanging down loose like I had seen on a few girls in the showers after practice. My clit poked out only slightly, it was still very excited. I figured there was something in the water around here, I had never been so horny in my life! My belly started to rumble, I hadn't eaten in over 24 hours! I only grabbed a quick breakfast the day before.

I reluctantly continued getting dressed. I put on a pair of tiny running shorts and a ½ shirt. I really like the way it made my tan belly look. I skipped putting on a bra, the only one I had was the frilly thing I bought for Todd. At my all girls school it was not uncommon for me to go braless all week. Most of the girls did it too. I had to wear a very restricting sports bra when I played soccer, so it was great to let the girls hang free. I pulled my little shirt up to check out my bare breasts once more. For as large as my tits were they stood proud and perky on my chest. My light brown areolas were about the size of a silver dollar. I tweaked my nipple and winked at myself in the mirror. I dried my hair and applied a little makeup, I didn't want to scare those boys away!

I was down in the kitchen looking for something to eat. I finally settled on a bowl of Cap'n Crunch, I wasn't the biggest fan of this cereal, but I figured it would make due. I had just poured my milk as I sat on the couch cross legged watching highlights of last nights game. There were a few other guys and girls in the large living space, but none of them paid me much mind. It seemed like I might be off limits or something, everybody was so friendly yesterday! I tried to spark a conversation with one of the Brothers, but he barely replied and left the room. I was only three or four bites in when I realized the milk was sour! Disgusted I threw the bowl down on the coffee table. I sat silently watching TV.

It was more coverage of the thrilling win from last night. A reporter was in the locker room interviewing Lance after the game. Lance was very well spoken and articulate. He spoke to the stuffy reporter as if they were old school chums. I watched the man soften to Lance's charms. Toward the end of the interview the reporter replayed the celebration at the end of the game, specifically the part where he planted a big kiss on my lips.

"Lance, I assume your girlfriend was very proud of your performance this evening!"

"Doc, I gotta be honest that's not my girlfriend... yet..." Lance smiled widely staring into the camera lens pursing his lips and blowing a kiss towards me.

"What an ASSHOLE!" I screamed at the monitor. I can't believe the entirety of the ESPN nation saw me making out on television! My ears were burning with embarrassment, I hoped to God that Todd or his family never saw that interview! I knew that was highly unlikely, I had never seen sports playing on their television.

I could hear Lance and that slut coming down the stairs. I looked up and I saw him, my heart instantly leapt and my mouth went dry. The images of our encounter in the shower played over and over in my head. I watched Lance escort the girl to the door.

"Call me," I heard her say, but she barely got the words out before he slammed the door in her face. Lance looked at me giving me a knowing glance and smile. He jumped over me crashing down in the spot beside me on the couch. He put his arm around me, pulling me close to him.

"You hungry? I see you tried the milk... not good. Let's go get something to eat, my treat!" He was so fucking cocky, the way he asked me was more like a statement than an invitation.

"I guess... Should I change?" I sat back letting him check me out.

"Nah, you look great, let's go." Lance stood up and reached down for my hand. I grabbed it letting him help me to my feet. I slipped on my sandals and we were on our way out. Lance had a beautiful car. It was very sporty and it looked very fast. The leather seats were soft and inviting. I wondered how many girls he seduced just by showing up in this ride! Lance unlocked my door first, I leaned over and unlocked his door as he made his way over.

Lance opened the door and took his seat. I couldn't believe he could actually fit in this thing, but it looked like he might have modified the seat to go back a little further. He looked at me and smirked.

"You passed." That was all he said, he just looked me deep in the eyes and grinned.

I looked at him bewildered "Passed what? God, I hope you're not being gross!" I figured he was talking about sex or something.

"The girlfriend test of course!" Lance put the key in the ignition and started the car, he backed out of the parking spot and we were headed off to a much needed meal.

"Ok, you got my attention, what on earth is the 'girlfriend test'?" I still didn't understand what the fuck he was talking about.

"I saw it in an old movie. This car has automatic locks, but I make it point to open the door for every girl that rides with me. If the girl reaches over to unlock my door, she passes the test. You are the one and only winner so far! It means you would make a great girlfriend!" Lance looked very serious explaining this insane theory to me. It did plant the seed, I stared out the window imagining my life as Lance's girlfriend.

"That's stupid." I don't know why I was being so bitchy, it was actually pretty cute! Something about being near Lance scared me, I guess I was just trying to be careful.

Lance was asking me a bunch of questions as we drove to the restaurant. He was actually quite charming, he would listen to my answers intently and follow up with more in depth questions. Before I knew it I blabbering on and on about anything and everything! I was becoming more at ease with him.

At the restaurant we enjoyed a nice breakfast, Lance was a perfect gentlemen. We ate brunch at a really nice steakhouse in town. We were incredibly out of place in our clothing, but nobody said a word to us. Lance was constantly signing autographs and shaking hands with anyone and everyone that approached. I did my best to smile and nod when people would compliment the good looks of his 'girlfriend'. I didn't want to embarrass the guy, plus what could it hurt? We were left alone long enough to enjoy our meal without much distraction.

The food was fabulous! At the end of the meal we learned that one of the patrons picked up our bill! I had never experienced anything like that on one of my many dates with Todd! It felt like we were celebrities!

On the ride home it was my turn to ask the questions, Lance's defenses were down. He told me bits and pieces about what sounded like a pretty traumatic childhood. He never knew who his father was, but because of his high profile his dad had recently reached out to him. I grasped his hand when he was getting specific, it looked like he was choking up. If this was all an act, this man deserved an Academy Award. He then confessed that he had never told anyone that stuff, and that I should keep quiet. I promised him and never let go of his hand, I even kept it there as he shifted gears.

We finally made it back to the Frat house. Lance got out of the car and ran around the back to open my door. He reached for my hand to help me get out. After that I just never let go, we walked inside hand in hand, without a care in the world! We were standing in the foyer of the house, I was laughing at another one of his lame jokes. I got very serious for a moment.

"Thanks, Lance that was great," I gave his hand one final squeeze before letting go.

"No problem, anytime. You were great company!"

"I can't believe all those people thought I was your girlfriend!"

"I couldn't believe it either, everyone knows I only date blondes!"

My mouth dropped open and I playfully slapped him across his bulging bicep. "God, you are such a fucking asshole!"

I let my hand linger on his arm, I stood up on my tippy toes, my lips pursed. Lance leaned down and met my kiss, we stood in the living room of his frat house kissing each other lightly. He was being so gentle! I grabbed his head forcefully letting him know that I'm not fragile! He returned the kiss with gusto!

There was a clambering at the door beside us, somebody was trying to come in. Lance and I moved out of the way never stopping our first kiss without thousands of screaming fans cheering us! It was then I saw Todd walking by carrying a bunch of grocery bags and plastic wrapped clothes straight from the dry cleaner.

I pulled away, pushing Lance off of me. Lance never let go of my hand as I watched Todd walk past us into the kitchen. Lance pulled me back into his arms. I could feel his stiff cock on my belly. I reached out touched it over his smooth nylon shorts. Lance leaned down and kissed me. He ran his hands up under my shirt rubbing my sensitive tities. His touch felt positively electrifying!

I got a little more bold, my hand found its way under the elastic of his shorts. He was not wearing any underwear, I grabbed his throbbing cock. I was simply amazed at the weight of it. I could feel the blood coursing through it, I was getting all worked up as I began to slowly jerk him. The passionate kissing and his attention to my nipples was making me drip with excitement. I reluctantly let go of him and broke the kiss. I nibbled my way to his ear, and whispered.

"This can never happen again..."

I gave his package one final squeeze and I left him standing there fully aroused. The tent in shorts was rather comical! I felt bad leaving the poor guy high and dry, but maybe he deserved it a little.

I ran out of the room to go find Todd. He was thrilled to see me, Todd gave me a big hug. Todd had obviously been to the doctor, he had a brace on his nose. He also had a few prescription pain killers, I felt really awful! I decided to help him out with his 'chores.' I helped him put away all the new groceries. We also cleaned out the fridge, he wasn't really saying a whole lot. It felt good to be with him, Todd had a way about him that made me feel very comfortable. I knew there would never be any surprises with him.

I couldn't get my mind of Lance the whole time we worked, the thoughts were consuming me! That man definitely brought out my inner vixen! Todd and I were in Lance's room putting away his clean laundry. Todd was in his bathroom folding his clean towels leaving me to pick up his dirty clothes. I took one of Lance's discarded t-shirts and brought it up to my face. I inhaled deeply taking the scent in, the smell brought back all the memories from this morning. I decided I wanted this shirt for myself, he would never miss it. I snuck out of the room and buried it deep in my bag.

I grabbed the garbage can by the door, it was practically overflowing. I could plainly see five used condoms laying on top. They were fully distended and stretched out. I saw the distinct gold packaging of the Magnum XL brand condoms right beneath. I smiled to myself at the sight, I had finally met a man that could fill that big balloon out! I was tempted to inspect them closer, but Todd entered the room. I pulled the bag from the can and tied the top of it in a knot. I handed it to Todd and he took it outside to the garbage can.

I had a few moments to snoop around. Lance had a big stack of books on his dresser, it was no doubt his textbooks. From the looks of it Lance was an Economics major. I saw some of his graded work on the dresser as well, Lance was an A student, the professors were gushing over his talent. I also saw a bunch of books that were all his own. Lance appeared to appreciate fine literature, I flipped through one of the books and I saw that he would jot down notes and highlight his favorite passages. I always assumed that jocks took the easy path in school, but Lance was obviously here to further his mind and showcase his on court capabilities!

I didn't see Lance the rest of the day. He mentioned that he had a team meeting, then he would be working out the rest of the day. Todd was basically ignoring me, he was playing games with his roommate Derek. I was pretty bored.

"Hey Todd, I'm going to go for a run," I was hoping he would ask me to stay.

"Oh cool, Derek and I are at a very important place in this game right now. We might be at it for a while longer. Have fun! I'll take you out for dinner tonight!" Todd never even looked at me the whole time he was speaking, I was very annoyed.

I got up to put on my shoes. I realized that I was still braless, I then remembered that I had a clean sports bra in the trunk of my car. I almost always have one with me, I've been known to go for long runs on a lark.

"See ya!" I shouted across the room at my boyfriend.

"Love you babe!" I didn't say it back, I just let the door slam behind me. I made my way to my car and found the sports bra in the trunk. As I stood at my trunk I contemplated going inside to put it on, but I didn't want to see Todd again! I was so pissed at him! I decided that there was enough cover right here in the lot. I whipped off my shirt and tried to stuff my oversized tits inside the restricting garment. The air felt amazing blowing over my nipples, but I hurried anyway.

I was all dressed and ready to get started. It was a beautiful campus, but I really didn't know where I was, I tried to stay pretty close to the main drag and sidewalks. I was getting very annoyed at all of the honking and whistles as I would pass by. One guy even rear ended another vehicle as I strode through a busy intersection! I came across a nice quiet trail, it looked like it meandered throughout the woods. I took the trail very happy in my decision, I passed a few other joggers and they were all very courteous.

I was really enjoying all of the views and my private time when I noticed a large figure on the horizon jogging ahead of me. He was probably two hundred yards away. I was fairly certain it was Lance. I stepped up my pace in an effort to catch up with him. When I got to within 50 yards of the man I was convinced it was Lance. He was running with his shirt off, his body was covered in a sheen of sweat, every muscle was glistening and flexing. He was truly a work of art!

"Lance! Oh, Lance!" I shouted in his general direction. I watched him stop running and turn around. I put myself into high gear running towards him as fast as I could. I saw him smiling widely watching me stride closer and closer.

"Hey Allie!" He said when I was a few feet short of him.

"Try and catch me," I shouted as I sped past him. I couldn't help but laugh at the dumb look on his face as I passed him by. It didn't take long for him to catch up with me, Lance was in peak physical condition. We had a great run, he really pushed me to my limits, he had me running faster and longer than I ever had before. Lance had a way of motivating me to be my best!

We ran pretty far away from the Frat, definitely too far away to run back, I was nearly dead! Lance said he would drive me back, we weren't too far from his car. We sat there talking as we cooled down. Lance told me all about his past soccer career, he told me how he actually considered taking the scholarship State offered him for soccer, but he was more passionate about basketball. He gave me a bunch of tips and tricks that I soaked up willingly! He made me think of the game in a whole new light, I couldn't wait to get back to my team and teach them the same principles!

The subject of Todd came up, I'm not sure how, I'm sure it was one of the many comparisons I was making to him. "I have a question for you, why are you so rough on my poor Todd? You have nothing to prove to him, you are obviously better than him, beating him up only brings you down!"

"I know, I do get a little carried away sometimes, I know I have definite anger issues. But in all honesty I'm trying to make Shithe... I mean Todd a better person. He is the laziest person I have ever met!"

"You gotta be kidding me! Todd goes to the ends of the earth to satisfy your every whim!"

"Well, that's just a Frat thing, we've all been there. I went through my first year in as well. I was a redshirt freshman still learning the ropes. The difference was, I made the effort to commit to the frat AND my studies. Your Todd hasn't passed one test yet! He has so much potential, but he just wastes his time away!"

"No way! He was top 5 in our class, Todd is one of the smartest guys I have ever met!"

"Well, I don't know what to tell you, college changes everything. Come on lets get in the car, I'll drive you home."

Lance walked over and opened the door for me. It felt really good to sit, my legs were burning, but it felt good! Of course I leaned over and unlocked his door. Lance sat down and started the car. The drive was pretty uneventful, we didn't hold hands and he was the perfect gentlemen. His cocky attitude came out a few times, but rather than be annoyed, I found it endearing.

I was a little sad to see him drive off after letting me out. He made me promise to call and chat about soccer or anything else for that matter, I made that promise to him.

I walked inside the house, Todd was standing at the window.

"Did Lance drive you home? I thought you said you were going for a run. He didn't try anything with you, did he?" Todd seemed a little anxious. I didn't really appreciate his questioning, considering the fact he wanted nothing to do with me all day!

"No! Of course not! I just ran into him on one of the trails, he offered me a ride home and I accepted," I angrily replied.

"ok, ok, I believe you, I just don't want him to get any ideas!" Todd laughed nervously.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. Todd took me out to a family diner type restaurant, the food was a little bland. I didn't really talk much, I just couldn't shake the thought of Lance. There were so many things I wanted to talk about, but I knew Todd would be completely ignorant on most topics.

When we got home I was ready for some action. I wanted to get things started before Lance started fucking another one of his bimbos. Todd laid on the bed while I went into Lance's bathroom to change into my sexy underwear. I was really anxious to have Todd see me in them, but deep down I wanted Lance to see it instead. I put on my game face as I looked in the mirror. I popped off a few pictures standing there in Lance's bathroom and forwarded them to him. I didn't get a response.

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