Nursing Girls


With all the commotion, Danny woke up alarmed. She lifted her head trying to see what was going on. When she saw Elizabeth gasping and rocking on the pillow beside her, she asked her friend what was happening but didn't receive an answer. Then, with the corner of her eye, Danny saw something moving at the feet of the bed. She turned her head and saw the dark silhouette of the tentacle pumping in and out of Elizabeth's body. At that moment, a shadow moved across her face and threw a gust of gas over her nose and mouth.

Danny gasped and unsuccessfully tried to scream. She started to crawl away but she was just able to take a few steps before falling on the bed again in a position that, given the circumstances, resulted very inconvenient for her but not for the creature. She had her head turned to the left over the pillow, facing Elizabeth, with her arms straight down, close to each side of her body and her ass lifted up in the air with her legs slightly spread, as if she was waiting for someone to fuck her doggy style. The creature didn't need further invitation and an instant later another big tentacle was penetrating her body too, ravishing her mercilessly.

The girls couldn't fully understand what was happening to them. Elizabeth was rocking on the bed with her mind spinning around, confused and mesmerized. She wondered if this was a dream. She was forcing herself to think that it was. She wanted to convince herself that this was some sort of wild, realistic, hot dream. It was so hot that soon enough she began to enjoy the piston that pumped her pussy so hard and so full. It didn't take long to find herself panting, moving her hips up and down and her nipples began to swell, following an undeniable sign of arousal.

Danny was more conscious of what was really going on and she immediately related her actual shocking situation with her unexplainable incident in the lake, earlier that night. Trying no to dismay, she heard Elizabeth panting and moaning softly, clearly not like someone in pain but with pleasure, a lot of pleasure. She became aware that her friend was enjoying being raped, but why? This made her realize that the phallus that was plunged into her slim body was not hurting her. On the contrary, it felt good, really good. It was hot and very well lubricated. Every time the beast pushed forward, it made her breasts rub against the bed, which increased the pleasing sensation. That rod filling her so fully felt so much better than the first and only time she had sex before. Just a few minutes later Danny was panting too, excitement rising in her mind every time the creature smashed into her slender body.

The girl's exertions continued for a while until someone turned on the light on the ceiling, illuminating the whole room. It was Veronica standing at the door. She had a strange glazed look on her face, like being in trance. There was a white sticky substance leaking from her pussy, sliding down her inner tights to the floor where it was already forming a little puddle. When Veronica's eyes adjusted to the bright light, she looked at the bed just when Elizabeth was reaching her first orgasm. She could see how the green eyes of her pretty friend turn white and her body began to shake violently in spasms. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably while her vaginal walls contracted around the tentacle. One minute later, Elizabeth was resting exhausted with her eyes half open, one leg hanging on one side of the bed. The large phallus remained inside of her, refusing the leave the warm host.

Veronica looked to the other side of the bed and she could only see the rear end of Danny being pumped in and out while a lubricating substance was escaping out of her vagina and falling onto the bed. The sounds coming from Danny's mouth indicated that she was really enjoying the rape.

Veronica walked closer to the bed and sat beside Elizabeth. She looked at her friend with lovingly eyes, not the kind of love she used to have toward her but something stronger. She placed one hand on the silky white chest of Elizabeth, caressing her breasts and moving slowly down to her belly, over her scarce pubic hair and stopping on her pussy. She played a moment with her friend's clit enjoying how her friend jerked with every slight touch.

Veronica watched enthralled at the tentacle as it penetrated Elizabeth's body. Veronica squeezed it with her fingers and noticed that it had the same hardness and consistency of an erect human penis. She grabbed the limb with her whole hand, surprised that something so big could fit inside her friend and more so, how it was possible that a thing like that was able to make her feel so damn good a while ago.

For some reason, she started to pull the tentacle out of the blonde, very slowly. As it came out, Elizabeth, who was semi-conscious, complained softly. Seven inches had already come out and still some part of the tentacle was to follow. It was covered in the teen's juices and its own lubricant substance. Finally, after ten thick inches of meat, the whole thing was outside the teen's pussy. The bulbous shape of the tip was dripping a gooey white substance from a little hole in the center.

Veronica heard Danny scream and as she looked up at her, she saw her friend in the wild convulsions of ecstasy. Her whole body was shaking, still in the weird position she fell before.

Returning her attention to the tentacle in front of her, Veronica caught some of the creature's 'semen' with one finger and put it in her mouth. It had a bittersweet taste; similar to the candy she loved so much when she was a child. Then, leaning over Elizabeth's body, she licked the head of the phallus to savor more of the fluid. It tasted so good that she put her lips right at the tip, sucking everything that she could. She unintentionally pressed her friend's belly and Elizabeth moaned, still with her half opened eyes staring lustily at the ceiling.

Veronica wanted to share this delicious white substance with her friend. She pulled the tentacle until it's swollen head reached Elizabeth's face and waited a moment. She watched as a sticky drop of the fluid fell in slow motion into the blonde's mouth. Thinking this was not enough, Veronica pulled the tentacle over and rubbed it on the girl's lips.

As it sensed the moist opening, the tentacle got loose from Veronica's hand and pressed against Elizabeth's mouth, stretching her lips open until it reached the back of her throat. The blonde opened her eyes wide and threw her head back. This allowed the phallus to go further in, down her esophagus.

Veronica observed with surprise as the tentacle crept its way inside Elizabeth's throat and deeper beyond. The slippery limb traveled endlessly through the girl's lips, one inch at a time. Veronica was certain that the tentacle most had pierced already all the way to her friend's stomach when finally it stopped.

Suddenly, a loud spurting sound could be heard within Elizabeth's bowels as a slight bulge formed on her abdomen. Veronica moved her ear closer to her friend's belly, hearing clearly how gobs and gobs of fluid were being sprayed inside the blonde, who even then was moving her hips up and down enjoying the thrill.

Moments later, Elizabeth's belly began to expand, accordingly to the large amount of fluid poured inside. Finally, the spurting sounds declined and Veronica saw the slimy tentacle pulling out from her friend's body until it finally came free, several strings of slime linking the bulbous head to the girl's lips. Elizabeth coughed and a great amount of white fluid spilled out of her mouth, allowing herself to catch her breath. Afterwards, she fell unconscious, leaving a pool of cum on the pillow beneath her head.

Veronica heard Danny gasping and when she looked up at her, she saw the head of another tentacle entering the teen's ass. The same one that had been ravishing her pussy was now assaulting her anus. The lubricated appendage entered Danny's rectum up to seven inches and then stopped, while the pretty tawny girl grabbed the sheets hard from the obvious pain and pushed herself forward trying to avoid further penetration. But the creature had other plans and reinitiated drilling the tight hole, entering one or two inches more with each thrust. After a few minutes, Danny relaxed her body surrendering to the beast, lingering to moan and exhale with every stroke. Five more inches sunk in and Veronica could not believe that her friend could fit all that meat in her ass. The tentacle only stopped when it was not possible to go further in. Both girl and phallus remain frozen for a few seconds. Only the heavy breathing of Danny could be heard. Then the tentacle began a slow in and out motion, rocking the girl with it. The Latin teenager started moaning again, revealing that her pain began to give in to an increasing excitement.

Veronica walked around the bed, making sure not to stumble with the animal's limbs, until she was standing beside Danny. She grabbed the tentacle with one hand, just outside Danny's sphincter and squeezed it softly. It was vibrating like an electric dildo as it moved back and forth, which made clear why the tanned teen was going crazy with pleasure. The tentacle increased the tempo of its thrusts for a few more minutes until it stooped completely. Suddenly, Veronica felt the tentacle bulge in her hand and heard Danny scream in delight as she lifted her head from the bed and arched her back. Veronica moved her head closer to Danny's back and could hear the same gushing sound of fluid spurted inside her friend's body.

Veronica dropped to her knees and looked how Danny's belly swell as the fluid traveled through her guts reaching her stomach. It was as big as if she was four months pregnant when the teen became too full to contain more inside and the beast stopped pumping, pulling the phallus out of the young woman. The bulbous head finally came out, leaving Danny's anus very distended. A gush of white semen poured out, drooling to the bed. Veronica stood up and, unable to resist the temptation, and leaned over locking her mouth to Danny's ass, sucking out and swallowing all the semen she could. Meanwhile, Danny felt her arms go feeble and she fell to her side, lying with her back to Elizabeth, who was still unconscious on the other side of the bed.

Veronica, feeling tired too, crawled over the bed to lie down between her two friends, and fell sleep fast.

* * *

The next day, Elizabeth was the first one to wake up. The entrancing effect from the gas had wear off and as she opened her eyes, she noticed that something was wrong. Veronica was sleeping next to her, naked, and next to Veronica was Danny, sleeping on her side with her t-shirt pulled up around her neck. She looked down and saw Veronica's belly really bloated as if she was six months pregnant. This startled her and she tried to jump off the bed but failed as she felt her own body heavier than usual. She managed to sit on the edge of the bed and she became aware that her stomach was also distended although not as much as Veronica's.

She felt fluid churning inside of her. It was a strange but pleasant sensation. Her pussy was oversensitive and peculiarly moistened. It was then when she remembered the night before. It was all very confusing in her mind but she was certain that someone -or something- raped her. Even so, she remembered not giving much fight to defend herself. In fact, she remembered even cooperating with her rapist. She quickly looked around the room and there it was! A dark green creature, resting on the corner behind her. It was a big bulk of meat, three feet high and five feet wide with big long tentacles that spread all around the floor and walls. The door and windows were blocked.

Elizabeth screamed when she saw the animal and lifted her feet onto the bed. Veronica and Danny woke up scared by the noise. Veronica tried to get up but her heavy stomach didn't allow it. Danny jumped out of bed but lost her balance, falling to the floor. She stood up and saw Elizabeth petrified looking to the opposite corner of the room and when she looked on that direction, she screamed...

"Ahhhhh! What is that?"

"I don't know" Elizabeth said, "I think this creature attacked us last night."

"What is wrong with me?" Veronica screamed looking at her belly, "Why am I like this?" she asked holding her large tummy with both hands.

"Ohh no!" Danny said, "My stomach is also swollen! What is going on?"

"I don't know? What is that thing?" Elizabeth asked.

"Lets get out of here!" Danny said.

"We are trapped!" Elizabeth said as she confirmed that all the possible exits were blocked.

"Look! ... It's moving," Veronica said in low but firm voice when she saw one tentacle moving.

The teenagers stood quiet and frozen in shock, observing the tentacle move slowly toward them until it stopped.

"What are we going to do? We have to get out of here..." Danny whispered.

"Yes, but how?" Elizabeth replied.

"Oh my God! Something moved inside me!" Veronica said.

The three girls watch the teen's belly for a moment but nothing happened.

"This creature raped all of us last night," Elizabeth said looking at Veronica.

"Oh no... do you think that creature got me pregnant?" Veronica asked.

"I don't know..." Elizabeth responded. However she was almost certain that her lovely friend was carrying the animal's baby.

The three girls held each other and talked in low voice, trying to remember what happened the night before. Veronica remembered in a fussy way that something large penetrated her and extracted from her a colossal orgasm. She also remembered being close to her friends as the creature played with them. These thoughts made Veronica's clitoris puff up a little and she felt ashamed for it.

Veronica looked at Danny and when she looked back, both girls blushed on embarrassment as they recognized on each other the excitement that rose within them when thinking about last night events. Then, the girls looked at Elizabeth, which was distracted in her own thoughts. When she noticed she was been observed, the teen just smiled at her friends and look back at the monster. Without saying a word, the three teenagers knew that all of them have had the most powerful climax of their lives when handled by the beast and the notion that it could happen again soon, frightened them as much as excited them.

Veronica was lying on her back between her friends, looking at the ceiling and thinking about her precarious situation. Suddenly, she felt a heat wave that traveled across her body. Something moved again inside her belly, but this time she didn't say anything to her friends. Veronica felt something moving very slowly inside her uterus and closing in to her vagina. Her clitoris erected when little 'fingers' began to caress her vaginal walls from the inside, just barely at first and intensifying every second. In a short while, Veronica was breathing faster and her nipples were hard as a rock. She felt extremely horny but at the same time she was very worried, uncertain of what was going to happen to her.

She gazed at her friends for comfort, but they were looking the other way. Elizabeth was staring at the monster and Danny was sitting on the bed with her head between her knees. Veronica reached out and grabbed Elizabeth's hand, who looked at Veronica and immediately realized that something was happening to her.

"What's going on? Are you ok?" Elizabeth asked.

At that moment, Veronica felt the creature moving faster down her body, invading her vaginal cavity completely. A little tentacle protruded between her vaginal lips and wrapped around her clitoris, making Veronica arch her back and clench Elizabeth's hand. Danny, now aware of the situation, held Veronica by her arm trying to help out. Veronica was already moaning and panting loudly. Elizabeth and Danny looked at each other with a combination of fear and confusion in their eyes. They both knew that the sounds coming from Veronica were those of absolute pleasure.

Veronica, with her eyes half closed, began to move her hips up and down as she pulled Elizabeth's hand over her left breast. Elizabeth wanted to move it away but the brunette held it firmly. Then Veronica wrapped her right arm around Danny's leg and then, with both of her friends on each side, she began jerking wildly.

Seeing at her friend in such a trance, Elizabeth and Danny couldn't avoid to feel excited themselves. Elizabeth started to squeeze and caress Veronica's breast and unconsciously she began to rub her clitoris with her other hand. Danny felt her pussy starting to get wet but she didn't move, astonished that her beautiful brunette friend was contorting in extreme bliss.

Veronica's eyes rolled back and she arched her back just before a huge orgasm exploded within her. The spasms of her whole body made her shiver on the bed as she screamed in a high tone and the baby monster dragged itself out of its comfortable host. Danny was the first one to see something moving in Veronica's pussy and, as she looked more carefully, she screamed,

"Something is coming out of her!"

Danny tried to jump away but Veronica had a firm hold on her leg. Elizabeth didn't seem surprise at all and she kept squeezing her friend's breast and rubbing her own clitoris. Slowly, a slimy octopus-like creature began crawling out of Veronica's body. It looked identical in shape to its parent but much smaller, with several small tentacles completely covered by a gooey substance dripping over the bed and splashing Veronica's legs. Danny and Elizabeth remained frozen, staring at the creature freeing itself from the milky body of her friend. Veronica was still shaking from her fading orgasm. When the animal finally got free, Veronica was exhausted, breathing heavily, her eyes still unfocused. In a matter of minutes, she had recovered her beautiful slim figure and her belly was flat again.

The creature began to crawl over Veronica's leg approaching Danny, instinctively following a special scent coming from the girl. Again the youngest friend tried to move away, this time successfully releasing her leg from Veronica's hold, but it was too late. The baby creature was close enough to extend a tiny purple tentacle and sprayed a cloud of vapor over Danny's face, which inhaled the gas involuntary. Danny felt her head spinning for a second and then she fell into a trance that emptied her mind completely. She leaned down, resting on her side as the animal moved closer to her.

Elizabeth observed with amazement the whole scene while she kept unconsciously rubbing her clitoris and vaginal lips, already dripping wet. She looked at a translucent tubular tentacle that came out from the small creature's mouth and forced its way between Danny's closed legs, moving out of Elizabeth's view. Immediately, Danny closed her eyes and moaned softly.

Curios to know what was the little creature doing to her friend, Elizabeth stood up and walked around the bed just to see the translucent tentacle penetrating deep into Danny's anus. Some sort of white substance was moving through the tube but it was not being pumped into the teen; on the contrary, it was flowing out from the girl's body into the animal's mouth. The baby was sucking the fluid, feeding from Danny. All the time Danny never stopped moaning as her belly flattened slowly, recovering its normal size... but not for long.

* * *

When there was no more fluid to drain, the little animal wrapped it's longer tentacles around Danny's thighs and waist and pulled hard, slamming against her pelvic area. Surprised with the attack, Danny slipped from the bed falling to the floor and landed on her back, just beside the spot where Elizabeth was standing. The blonde watched closely how the baby creature began to force its way inside Danny's body. The small animal appeared to be a bigger than moments before when it left Veronica's body, and it seemed impossible for it to fit inside the uterus of the slim Latin girl. The beast first inserted the thinner tentacles deep inside Danny's pussy and these tentacles started to pull the rest of the animal's body into the warm and humid cavity, while to thicker tentacles helped pushing from the outside.

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