Nursing Girls


The creature inserted one tentacle in Danny's pussy and moved it around the tight space, then it pushed hard and penetrated her cervix, driving the feeble girl almost insane with pleasure. Danny felt another tentacle penetrating and stretching her wider. This brought her back from her bliss as the girl worried that her tiny body could not resist the invasion of the baby monster. The tentacles moved around the cavity for a while, touching, pushing and revolving inside until they suddenly stopped and slowly pulled out.

'It's not getting inside me!' Danny though, 'Thank god...'

Apparently, the creature had discovered that the available space inside the little girl was not big enough and she could get damaged, which was not convenient given the fact that a female body providing food was more important than providing shelter.

Danny regained her strength gradually and rose from the bed, still confused about why the creature had not moved inside of her. As she looked down and saw the baby creature below her, she noticed that it was at least two thirds bigger the size it was born, and it was virtually impossibly to fit it inside her womb or any womb at all. Danny called her friends, who were recuperating from their previous physical exertions and they got up feeling lightheaded. They looked at each other and smiled with surprise and satisfaction. This was the first time the three of them had their normal slim figures since the first attack the night before.

* * *

"Look!" Danny said, pointing at the door.

The tentacles had moved and they were not blocking the door anymore; the way out was free. Veronica walked slowly toward the hall, keeping and eye on the big monster. She opened the door and stepped out. Her friends followed right behind her and once they all were free, they ran down the stairs and outside of the house.

"Lets get the car!" Veronica yelled leading the way.

"Oh, damned! The keys are in my room!" Elizabeth said loudly.

"Can you start it without the keys?" Danny asked.

"Are you crazy? That only happens in the movies." Elizabeth replied.

"Lets walk until we find someone," Veronica said.

"But we are naked! And it's going to get dark pretty soon... it could be dangerous," Danny said.

"Danny is right. Someone has to go upstairs for the keys and some clothes," Elizabeth added.

"I am not going upstairs again," Veronica said.

"Let's go back inside. Its very cold out here." Danny told her friends.

The three teenagers entered the house and went into the living room. Elizabeth lit the fireplace and sat between her friends on the couch. The warmth that soon filled the room relaxed the girls, who comfort each other and talked about the creatures upstairs, wondering where they came from. None of the girls have seen or heard about an animal that looked like that; less an animal that mate and reproduce with human females.

The three pretty teens were also thinking about the tremendous and unbelievable orgasms they experimented but they didn't feel comfortable taking about that. The night came and the tiredness beat them. They all fell sleep together on the couch under the dim light of the fire.

* * *

A few hours later, Danny felt tickles on her neck and woke up. It was Elizabeth's hair. The blonde was leaning on her, mumbling something in her sleep and was breathing faster than normal. Danny looked around and everything was quiet. The fire had extinguished and the only light in the house was coming from the room upstairs, which light was left turned on when the girls ran out early that afternoon. One of Elizabeth's hands was on Danny's pelvis and when she moved it slightly, Danny felt a heat wave through her spine, realizing how horny and wet she was. She wished for someone to fuck her brains out as well as the creature had done earlier. She stood up, careful not to wake her friends, and walked toward the kitchen for a glass of water. As she passed by the stairs, she stooped and looked up at the room, trying to listen for any noise coming from it, but it was completely silent.

Maybe the creatures are gone... she thought.

Feeling courageous, she decided to go up and take a look just to make sure.

She reached the door and looked hesitantly inside the room. There was nothing on the bed. Then she took a step forward and looked at the corner. Both creatures were still there. The little animal was cuddling beside the big one, which detected the presence of the girl and lifted a large tentacle from the floor, waving it a few inches from Danny's face. The teen took a step back and froze, staring at the phallus. The tentacle descended slowly in front of her, snaking in the air and stopped close to her pussy. The member was dripping slime to the floor and a few drops of white fluid were sliding from the tip down the length of the limb. The teen was hypnotized, staring at the waving tentacle, inviting her to jump on top and experience the ride of her life one more time.

Danny heard a noise coming from downstairs and turned her head looking at the living room but there was no movement. Everything was still quiet. She looked back at the tentacle. Her heart was beating fast and her pussy was so mushy, she could even feel the cool breeze around her cunt lips. Then, without thinking twice, she walked inside the room toward the creatures.

* * *

Elizabeth heard a noise in the distance and woke up startled. She noticed Danny was not there and Veronica was still sleep. Elizabeth heard the noise again and realized it came from the room upstairs. She got off the sofa and walked closer to the stairs, listening carefully until she heard a soft moan and immediately thought of Danny. She ran up the stairs and looked inside the room. What she saw left her breathless.

Danny was kneeling on the floor with her arms just hanging frail, a huge fat tentacle was impaling her ass while another tentacle was pumping in and out of her pussy so hard, that it almost lifted the girl from the floor with every penetration. Loud squishy sounds filled the room. The smaller creature had introduced one long tubular tentacle into Danny's mouth. Instead of reject it, the teen was licking it with her tongue. Two other translucent tubes were fastened tightly to the girl's breasts, squeezing them and sucking her nipples, which were leaking the white liquid that flowed through the tentacles into the smaller animal. Danny was staring straight ahead moaning with undeniable pleasure, but her eyes turned white from time to time as she fought to keep consciousness.

Elizabeth entered the room and walked close to her friend, who remained immutable and overwhelmed by the amount of sensations that cluttered her brain, not caring about anything else around her. Elizabeth observed the scene for a moment and couldn't avoid feeling envy of her tanned friend, wishing it was her being ravished. Her pussy was getting soaked.

One of the big tentacles approached Elizabeth from behind and caressed her inner thighs, just above her knees. The blonde jerked and looked down as the phallus slid up, leaving a trail of sticky slime on her skin. As the tentacle got closer to her vagina, Elizabeth looked at it scared but didn't move. She knew that she should run out of there, but in the back of her mind she wanted the beast to fuck again, to fuck her like it was fucking Danny. The head of the phallus reached her pussy and Elizabeth gasped. Then it pushed up and the blonde parted her legs, just enough to allow the incoming intruder to glide inside. As the rod entered the first three inches, the blonde felt a rush of heat traveling through her spine that almost made her faint. Soon after, ten inches of lubricated hard meat got lost inside Elizabeth's humid cavity and, as it started to pump in and out, the blonde's knees bent slowly until she knelt on the floor, just like Danny.

By then, the Latin girl had her eyes completely rolled back. She was completely limp and she was able to stay in an upright position only by the support of the two phalluses that impaled her body as far as humanly possible. A few seconds after kneeling on the floor, Elizabeth felt something pressing on her anus and she knew that in a short time, she was going to feel exactly like Danny. She spread her knees wider as the tentacle penetrated her asshole. It went farther than she could believe, pushing her guts outward as it snaked its way deeper. Elizabeth had her eyes wide open and her arms to the sides, clenching her fists and she was screaming so loud that she woke Veronica downstairs.

The brunette jumped out of the sofa scared, trying to understand what was going on. She found herself alone in the dark, hearing the moaning and squishing noises coming from the room upstairs. She listened carefully and recognizing Elizabeth screams, she ran to help her friends. She tried to figure out what had happened. She imagined the monsters dragging her friends from the living room to the room and ravishing them against their will. Veronica entered the room at the moment that Elizabeth was grabbing her breasts and two little tentacles were sucking her pink nipples, draining them.

"Elizabeth! What's going on?" Veronica screamed.

Elizabeth turned her head and looked back at her friend with glazed eyes, expressing pure ecstasy. Veronica looked at Danny, who was in a deep trance, completely dominated by the creatures.

A continuous flow of white goo was leaking from the packed space between the tentacle and Danny's sphincter. The fluid was sliding down her legs to the floor, where it was already forming a small puddle. Veronica ran close to her friends and grabbed the tentacle buried in Danny's ass trying to pull it out. She had moved it out only one inch when she felt a burst of gas surrounding her head. Her strength fade away and she fell forward to the floor between Danny's legs. Her face splashed over the pool of white fluid accumulated there.

Veronica knew exactly what was going to happen next so she relaxed her body, feeling a warm wave traveling through her form as she was penetrated from behind. The tentacle entered her pussy for a brief moment, but it was enough to turn on the heat in the teen's brain. It pumped Veronica with intensity for a few minutes, before withdrawing completely from her tiny body, leaving a sensation of emptiness and the urged to receive more.

Veronica recovered her strength fast and as soon as she was able to move her arms, she sat on the floor behind Danny. Her face was plastered with the gooey substance that covered the floor in front of her and some of it was smeared on her lips. She remembered the delightful taste of the creature's fluids and stuck her tongue out to lick some of it. The delicious flavor soon filled her mouth and raised her excitement even more. She swept her face with her fingers and licked them clean. When there was no more to clean, she looked at the puddle that was expanding below Danny and leaned forward. She scoped and swallowed as much as she could of the substance. When she finished it all, she moved below Elizabeth and did the same. After a while, she felt so full that her belly couldn't contain more but she was too excite to reason and continued to swallow the goo as it slid down from her friends' anuses.

Veronica felt something touching her head. She stopped licking the floor and looked up to see a tubular tentacle dangling on front of her face. She understood the message and opened her mouth letting the tube enter her, non-stop, until it reached her stomach and began to pump out the food. It pumped hard and fast, and soon enough the teen felt almost empty again. This made her happy because this way, she could continue eating the tasty fluid. However, the animal had another idea. Veronica felt a huge tentacle penetrating her ass again and this made her even happier. She welcomed it eagerly splitting her legs wide. The rod impaled her deeply and started to stroke her hard and fast. It didn't take long until she felt a hot flood filling her body. And as it was pumped in from one end, it was sucked out from the other. Although the smaller tentacle was not able to keep up with the big one and soon the exceeding fluid was leaking from the corner of Veronica's lips, nose and ass. The teen was in trance, oblivious to anything else but the endless orgasm the ripple her body. The orgy continued all night until dawn.

* * *

The girls woke up the next morning almost at the same time. Veronica had Elizabeth's leg over her torso and Elizabeth's head was over Danny's abdomen. The three teens were lying in a pool of white thick gooey fluid and their bodies were smeared with it from head to toe. The first one to open her eyes was Veronica and the first thing she did was to sink her tongue in the white pool and lick some of it, savoring it, as the delicious flavor spread around her mouth causing goose bumps on her flesh.

Veronica moved Elizabeth's leg apart and got closer to her friend's face to wake her up. The first thing that Elizabeth saw, as she opened her eyes, was Veronica's beautiful blue eyes just inches from hers. They looked at each other for a second and then, Elizabeth grabbed Veronica's neck a lift her head to kiss her on the lips. Veronica kissed back, letting some of the white fluid spill inside her friend's mouth, which was received and swallowed with a sexy moan of pleasure. They kept kissing passionately until Danny woke up.

"What are you doing?" She asked surprised.

"Come on, don't tell me that this freaks you out after all we have been through" Veronica answered.

"Well, not really" Danny said with a smile.

Veronica sank her face in the gooey pond again and sucked a load of fluid into her mouth. She crawled closer to Danny and pushed her softly until she was lying on her back.

"Open your mouth honey, you are going to like this," Elizabeth said.

Danny doubted for a moment but she did what she was told. Veronica put her lips over Danny's and poured the white juice slowly in her friend's mouth. Danny gagged for a second and closed her mouth swallowing the fluid. Then she grabbed Veronica's face with both hands and opened her mouth wide. Veronica let the stream of the warm semen filled Danny's mouth overflowing it and spilling down her cheeks. Then Veronica kissed Danny and their tongues dance with true passion. The three teenagers kissed each other for a while not realizing that something was different in the room. Suddenly Elizabeth said,

"They are gone!"

"What?" Veronica asked.

"The creatures are gone!" Elizabeth confirmed.

The girls stood up and looked around the room. It was true. The creatures were not there anymore. The teens ran naked out to the terrace and distinguished two trails of mud and flattened grass from the cabin to the lake. The girls felt relief and disappointed at the same time. They seemed to have become fond with the big tentacles of the beast and their baby.

The rest of the week passed with anything out of the ordinary. The new bond of the girls grew stronger and they expended the remaining days walking naked around the house. They took every opportunity to kiss and played with each other.

Just before driving back home, the three girls walk to the lake and watched for a while.

"We have to come back next summer," Elizabeth said.

"Is that a promise?" Danny asked.

"It's a promise!" They all said at the same time.

As they drove away, several glass containers full with a white substance were visible, piled up on the back seat with a label that read: "For baby nursing only".

The end

Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story.

Best regards

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