tagIncest/TabooOak Street Tammy's Birthday

Oak Street Tammy's Birthday


This is the continuing saga of the families of Oak Street. To all outward appearances the families are typical conservative upper middle class households but what goes on behind closed doors would shock the rest of the neighborhood. For background on our seven lust-filled families check out "Oak Street Beginnings" and the other five prior chapters of this series which will conclude with the neighbors Christmas party in a future chapter. (Chapters in this series are in alphabetical order.)

Bill Peterson couldn't believe July was already coming to a close. His relationship with Linda Goldman was growing stronger by the day but, he was still having fun fucking all of the other neighborhood women. He also knew that Linda was having her own fun which seemed perfectly fair to him. His sister, Tammy's birthday was in just a couple of days on Friday August 4 and he had no idea what to get her.

Tammy knew what she wanted Bill to give her but when he asked she lied to him. She told him she wanted a couple of Compact Discs. From what Tammy could see she was probably the only virgin in the neighborhood. She had seen nearly everyone making out with other people in the neighborhood. She wasn't going out on dates as for some reason guys hadn't been asking her this summer.

As a result she had plenty of free time and used it to spy on folks on the block. She had peeked in the window and seen Paul Allen with Peggy Goldman and walked right by her brother's room and watched him play with Linda. One day she had gotten a book to read and decided to sit in the stands at the high school football stadium and had seen Coach Nelson making out with her own mother.

She had seen a lot of other things and wanted to be a part of them. Everyone told her to wait until she was 18. She was determined that her birthday would not pass without trying everything she could. On Tuesday night she put her plan into motion going into her room around 10:00 to get ready for her birthday.

She heard the clock strike midnight and went into action; she was now 18! She listened to see if the house were quiet. Peering out her door she could see that all of the lights were out. So swinging open her door she emerged wearing a chest hugging short nightie that revealed ample cleavage and a pair of string bikini panties.

The 5'1" 99 pound walked on tip toes down the hall running her fingers through her long blonde hair. Her nervousness almost caused her to turn back but she just had to give it a try as her 34-24-36 body was aching to feel the fulfillment of hot lusty sex she had heard everyone, including her parents and brother talk about.

Butterflies fluttered wildly in her stomach as she put her hand on the door knob. Gently she turned the knob and carefully pushed open the door. Taking a deep breath she closed the door behind her and walked the four steps to the bed. She pulled the covers aside and laid down beside her brother who was sound asleep. He looked peaceful laying there in just his underwear.

Mustering her courage she decided it was now or never and dipped her fingers inside of her bikini panties. Her twat was incredibly wet so she had no problem scooping out an ample quantity of honey on two of her fingers. Bringing the fingers to her face she inhaled deeply relishing her own smell.

She slid her other hand inside his briefs and very gently touched his cock sending a shiver up her own spine. Then she wrapped her fingers around his massive shaft and put her honey covered fingers just inside his mouth. As she began very slowly stroking his hard-on she stuck the fingers in his mouth until she felt his tongue.

The first lick she felt on her fingers was very tentative. But recognizing the taste of sweet pussy the mouth and tongue were soon licking and sucking Tammy's fingers totally clean. The blood was rushing to Bill's penis as he opened his eyes to see who was treating him so well. Jumping back he whispered in shock but did absolutely nothing to take her hand away from his cock, "Tammy, what the hell are you doing?"

Tammy smiled her best innocent baby girl smile and leaning in closer to him answered, "Trying to have sex with you silly boy, what does it look like?"

Incest was nothing new to Bill as he and his parents were fucking regularly and he had thought about making out with Tammy but hadn't made any decision as she seemed too young. It appeared she had made the choice for him. Her hand job was already getting the best of him as he responded, "That is what it looks like, but Tammy you're my little sister."

Dipping into her honey pot once again she cooed as she stuck the fingers inside his mouth again, "Billy boy don't you like the taste of my pussy?"

After once again licking the fingers clean he gasped already defeated, "Oh fuck yes Sis, you taste great."

Now taking her hand from his mouth and placing it on his back she moved nose to nose with him. Moving in for the kill she sensually sighed, "Bill fuck me, and make love to me. I want you to take my virginity. Forget the Compact Disc I want this big cock of yours for my birthday God, you are so hot, kiss me now!"

Squeezing his pecker as hard as she could and pulling him closer Tammy pressed her lips to his. Rational thought had left Bill's head as he opened his lips and let her tongue inside. Tongues danced passionately as their hands ran all over one another's back and then down to their asses. Tammy could feel his cock now pressed against her pelvis.

"Oh god baby sister you are so sexy, but are you sure?" Not waiting he was already kissing the nape of her neck and pushing the material of the nightie away from her large firm melons. She knew that her brother wasn't about to stop.

"Yes I'm sure so shut up and take me, I am yours." The certainty in her voice seemed to inspire Bill as he uncovered her ripe tits. Tammy found herself grinding them against his mouth as he kissed them from one to another. Tammy had never been this turned on before as she began pushing his underwear off of his skinny ass.

Passionately the sibling lovers groped and fondled one another madly. Tossing his sister's underwear aside Bill couldn't believe how furry her bush was and the aroma of her honey pot was beginning to fill his nose as he ran his fingers through her cunt hair. As much as he wanted to take her virginity he just had to taste more of that wonderful nectar between her legs.

Fingering her pussy he was impressed at the quantity of juice she had produced. Taking his mouth from her boobs he gently kissed down her stomach toward her crotch. He paused only for a minute to kiss and suck her belly button. Tammy had grabbed a hold of his erection and was yanking it feverishly.

Seeing where her brother was headed she decided that if he was going to kiss her down there that she would try and kiss his dick. She had such a tight grip on his pecker that to eat her out he had to climb on top of her which is exactly what Tammy wanted. Now wrapping his arms around her thighs Bill dove in face first into her pussy.

He licked up and down her wet slit several times before pausing at her joy button. He flicked his tongue all around her clit as Tammy moaned louder and louder. Bill's cock and balls were now hanging in the birthday girl's face. She thought she knew what to do with them from everything she had been told and wanted to give it a try.

Cupping her brother's balls with one hand she firmly grasped the base of his member with the other. At first she kissed his cock just like he was kissing her clit flicking her tongue around his soft head. But, then she took a deep breath and tried taking all of him that she could into her hungry mouth. To her disappointment she only got about half of him in her mouth.

She was happy that she heard a groan of pleasure come from her brother. So, trying again, she swallowed hard and soon was rewarded by the feel of his scraggily pubic hair against her nose. Feverishly she began sucking and licking his pecker while squeezing his balls and the base of his rod.

Bill was hot and began slowly fucking his sister's face. His attack on her twat became more intense as he sucked and nibbled all over her cunt while jabbing fingers in both of her holes. To Tammy it was now or never as she cried out to her brother, "Bill, fuck me, fuck me now. I want you're cum in my pussy the first time you shoot your wad with me. Please make me a woman. Fuck me."

Tammy knew that fucking isn't the only thing that made someone a woman but knew saying it would turn her brother on even more. She took his cock out of her mouth and gently caressed his ass and thighs. Bill was disappointed as he was ready to cum in her throat but knew her well enough that once she spit out his cock she wouldn't suck it anymore. Still very hot he reluctantly lifted his mouth from her cunt and got into position to pop her cherry.

"Are you really, really sure Tammy that you want your own brother to take your virginity?" Bill asked the question as he slid between her legs with her honey covering his chin and cheeks. His sister reached up and gently caressed his sides and smiled broadly at him with a twinkle in her eyes. She could feel the head of his big cock graze the fold of her pussy and was even more sure of her answer.

"Oh yes, I am very fucking sure. I wouldn't want anyone else to be my first. Just be gentle with me but get on with it as I want to get the most out of my birthday." She squeezed his butt and pulled him closer. The last statement confused Bill a bit as he didn't know what she meant about getting the most out of her birthday. Shoving the remark aside he grabbed his cock and flicked it against her clit causing the virgin to jump slightly at the feeling. He exhaled and aimed his member for her opening.

At first his cock entered her easily like slicing a hot knife through butter. The further he went the tighter she was. Tammy was holding on to his butt as if her life depended on it. Then his cock felt resistance. He had reached her virginal barrier. He looked her in the eyes and she just shook her head yes and gave his butt a hug of approval.

So gently, Bill pushed in until he broke through. Tammy grimaced and cried out. This caused her brother to stop until Tammy moved her hips up toward him slightly signaling him to continue. Slowly his prick continued its inward journey. Once he was all of the way in he breathed out and began pulling back out.

It took a couple of minutes for Bill to establish a rhythm. But, he knew his sister was enjoying his fucking when her hips came up to me his cock. He had to ask, like most guys do, "Tammy, do you like it?"

"Oh fuck yes, fuck me. Fuck me harder big brother!" This plea surprised Bill as he thought she would want a nice gentle fuck her first time. But wanting to make a good memory for his sister's first experience he did as he was asked. His cock pounded in and out of her faster and faster sinking all of the way in up to his balls with each thrust.

Tammy couldn't believe how great this monster of a cock felt inside of her. She threw her head from side to side and began fucking him back squeezing her cunt walls against his invader as she rammed her hips back at his thrusts. Breathing heavily and sweating Bill called out, "Oh shit Tammy girl I'm fucking cumming."

"Oh fuck yes, give it to me. Give me that fucking seed, fill my twat up Bill." As she slammed her pelvis against him she was glad she had been planning this night for months and that she was on birth control. Her own orgasms washed over her in wave after wave after wave as Bill shot a huge load of spunk into her.

As Bill's cock shrunk out of his sister's twat he couldn't help but think how unbelievable this summer had been. As for Tammy she was basking in the very sweet after glow of the most unforgettable experience of her 18 years of life. She felt somehow strangely fulfilled as she laid there with her juices and Bill's cum leaking from her pussy.

"That was so nice, thank you," she purred as she gave him a sweet gentle kiss on his lips. As Tammy put back on her panties and nightie she was already thinking of the next thing she would do to celebrate her birthday. Giving her brother another, but more passionate kiss she got up and began walking out of the room.

Bill stopped her briefly to comment, "It was great little sister. I hope you want to do it again sometime."

Tammy smiled at her brother and cooed sweetly, "Bill, I don't think you have to worry about that as you can have me just about any time that you want me."

Bill looked back up to say something else and Tammy was gone. The couple hadn't realized that someone was watching their fun. Ever since Bill had seen Paul and Linda fucking across the street he had been leaving the curtains on his windows wide open. Having a corner room he had the front windows that faced the street and the Goldman's and side windows that faced the Olson's.

That night Patty Olson had her curtains open to let in the moon light. Looking out the window she had seen Bill getting ready for bed. Nothing shocking about seeing him run around in his underwear. She read for a couple of hours and getting tired she stripped off her clothes down to panties and bra and looked out the window.

Then she caught a glimpse of movement on Bill's bed and wondered if he was jerking off. Bill's bed was in perfect view from the side window so Patty looked closer and noticed that he wasn't alone. She gasped when she saw Tammy putting her fingers in her brother's mouth. The bright golden blonde hair flowing from the girl's head made Patty certain that it was Tammy letting Bill suck her fingers.

Frozen in place Patty watched as things heated up next door. As Tammy's boobs came into full view under Bill's licking and sucking Patty ran out of the room to get her brother, Rex, totally forgetting that she was clad in only bra and panties. Barging into his room she blurted out excitedly, "Rex come here, to my room there is something I need to show you out my window."

Rubbing his eyes Rex couldn't believe that his sister was standing there in just her underwear. He couldn't help that his cock sprang to life seeing her in nothing but her pastel blue panty and bra set. Bleary eyed he answered, "Patty, what the fuck are you talking about?"

Grabbing his hand she gave it a tug, "Come on you've got to see this. You won't fucking believe it unless you see it for yourself."

Not bothering to cover up any further he followed Patty to her room in only his briefs. By the time they got to the window Bill was on top of Tammy fully engaged in eating her pussy. Straining his eyes slightly Rex Put his hand on his sister's shoulder and pointing inquired, "Is that Tammy that Bill is on top of?"

Smiling at Rex Patty answered, "Yes I told you that you wouldn't believe it!"

"Oh God, she is his fucking sister" Rex exclaimed as they watched Tammy lick the head of her brother's cock. The two of them just stood there watching the sensual scene unfold in front of them like a dirty movie. Rex hadn't noticed that Patty was gently rubbing her own belly and her strokes were getting closer and closer to her breasts and mound.

Oblivious to all but the scene in front of them neither even realized that Rex's hand had worked its way around his sister covering her back. Unconsciously his hand traveled lower and lower and when it reach her panties it slid right inside. He wasn't even trying to push it inside of the garment but his sister's undies were just loose enough that it slid right inside.

As the Peterson's got well into their sixty nine Rex's cock sprung out of the slit in his briefs. Now fully excited he felt his sister's plump ass meat under his hand and began squeezing the soft rump. As the action heated up in Bill's room with Tammy now receiving her first cock Patty mindlessly grabbed her brother's cock and began stroking it. Now getting turned on by Patty's hand Rex reached up and unfastened her bra.

Never taking their eyes off of their neighbors Rex and Patty quickly removed each other's garments without saying a word. By the time Tammy got up and started putting back on her nightie the Olson's were rubbing each other's genitals furiously. The spell was broken when Tammy waltzed out of Bill's room.

But, Patty and Rex were too far gone. They turned and faced one another plunging their tongues in each other's mouths deeply and frantically fondling one another. Patty motioned to her bed and the couple collapsed on to it rolling from side to side. Rolling his sister on to her back Rex plunged his manhood deep into her waiting cunt.

Her strong athletic legs wrapped forcibly around him as he ran in and out of her. Patty dug her finger nails into his back as his strokes became longer and quicker. Looking down he saw her ample breasts jiggle with each of his thrusts. Noticing where her brother was looking Patty smiled and seductively licked her lips.

"Oh Christ, Patty I'm fucking cumming," Rex exclaimed just as his seed exploded in to her twat. Patty bounced her hips off his pelvis as a thunderous orgasm ripped through her entire body. Pulling out of her he made sure that his face landed right in between her D cups. Patty was still breathing erratically as she gently placed a hand on her little brother's back. Softly Rex began toying with her boobs and licking all over them.

He paid special attention to her large cherry sized nipples. His sister seemed to loved it when he sucked one of them into his mouth. The reality of what just happened hit Patty first but she wasn't about to stop Rex it felt too damn good. She decided to feel him out to see how he felt about things.

"Tammy and Bill were amazing weren't they?" Patty purred to Rex as she ran her hand over his ass. Rex didn't really want to talk just then.

"Fuck yes they really got me going; I'd like to fuck that little slut myself. But, right now all I want to do is move down your sexy body and eat you out." Rex started moving down when Patty reached out and stopped his progress with her hand.

"How badly do you want to eat me? And, how much do you want to ravage that little slut next door," Patty reached down and was stroking her brother's cock as she cooed.

Rex could smell her sweet cunt juices that seemed to be calling him as he answered. Hoarsely he whispered desperately, "Fuck I want that little slut to give her body to me. But right fucking now big sister I want to eat you!"

"Well, little brother it is like this if you want to eat my cunt you've got to agree to give Tammy a special birthday present whether or not she wants it."

"What is that? "Rex asked timidly knowing what his sister's mind could come up with.

"Well, what else but a birthday spanking and a threesome with us after lunch. What do you think of that," she said as she squeezed her brother's cock harder.

Rex was absolutely thrilled at the idea, especially the part of having two cunts at once. He didn't think for a second about Patty being his sister and quickly answered, "Fuck yes as long as I can keep her panties as a souvenir!"

Patty laughed at her brother collecting panties like notches in a belt and then answered, "Dig in, then."

After being released by his sister Rex quickly climbed between her legs wrapping his hands around her thighs. Starting at the base of her slit he gently tongued his way up stabbing his tongue deep into her small hole as he went. Finding it filled with their combined cum he used his tongue like a shovel and scooped her out.

Excitedly Patty clawed his hair almost tearing it out when he started flicking his tongue on her hot button of a clit. Her hips seemed to come to meet each flick of his tongue. Patty gasped when her brother started nibbling on the tender knob. Her cunt was on fire and in no time she was having rolling orgasms.

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