Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02.5


I was relieved to see she had decided on the stocking and the garter belt. When she went to work she always wore pantyhose and she even wore them sometimes when we went out dancing. Only every so often she wore stockings and mostly when I asked her to. I always thought they looked much better on a woman then pantyhose though Julie tells me that pantyhose are easier.

Once Julie had on her under garments I started getting dressed. For me it was easy. Shoes, black pants, black turtleneck shirt and a sports jacket. After I got dressed I went into the kitchen for a cold drink seeing I knew that Julie was going to be while.

After thirty minutes I heard Julie asked me to come into the bedroom so I could see how she looked. When I walked in I was taken aback. I always thought Julie looked wonderful in anything she wore but tonight she looked fantastic. The dress fit her like a glove. It was tight in all the right places giving her a perfect hourglass figure. Her hair was done in a French braid that went down to the middle of her back. Her breasts were squeezed together to show off a deep cleavage. Even the black lace scarf she had tied around her neck made her look innocently sexy the way it was tied in a bow over her left shoulder. She had put on the four-inch stiletto heel sandals with the three ankle straps.

Once I had taken in her beauty I went to her and said, "Sweetheart you are so beautiful I can barely keep my hands off you. The only thing I would change is that scarf."

Julie clutched at the scarf and said, "I thought of using a red one but that drew to much attention to my neck. You know how I hate to draw attention to my neck."

I walked over to my dresser and said as I open the draw, "I thought this would look better but it may still draw attention to your neck." I pulled out the jewelry box with the pearl choker and held it out so Julie could see it.

Julie knew right off that what ever was in the box was expensive. She loved getting gifts but felt guilty taking them especially when they were expensive. She didn't come to take the box so I opened it so she could see what was in side it. When she saw the choker her hand went to her mouth and a gasp came from her throat.

Julie still didn't move closer but she said, "Ted that's too much it must have cost a fortune."

"Not a fortune and far less then you deserve. Come here my love and let me put it on you," I told her as I took the choker out of its box.

Julie came closer and turned around so I could put it on. With one hand I pulled on the bow of the scarf till it came way from her throat. I placed the choker around her throat and attached the three clasps that would hold it in place. I then took the tennis bracelet out of its box and put it on her left wrist.

Julie turned and said. "Ted this really is ..."

I stopped her by placing my finger over her lips and said, "Not another word. All I want you to do is look at yourself in the mirror so you can see how beautiful they look on you."

Julie walked over to the mirror and looked at herself. I let her look for a few minutes before saying, "We should be going or we'll be late."

Julie grabbed her clutch purse before taking my arm and saying, "This is really too much but you are the most loving man I ever met. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Julie and I walked out to my truck where I helped her get in. It was times like these I wish I got a car. The truck was beautiful on the inside and it was immaculate on the out side but it was hard for Julie to climb in when she was wearing a tight skirt.

I had memorized the directions to the Dean's house from the invitation. I was sure I was following them correctly but in the end I feared that I had taken a wrong turn till I her Julie say, "This is where Dean Mitchell lives. His house us just up ahead." I felt relief till Julie asked, "Ted what are we doing here?"

I parked the truck on the street outside the house before turning to Julie. I took her hand in mine and said, "Wednesday Lacey Mitchell came to my office and she basically told me that we had to come tonight. You see she was very upset that we hadn't come before and we didn't bother to call to say we weren't coming. I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get upset over it. We're just here for cocktails and dinner."

Julie didn't look at me before she said, "You know what's going to happen after dinner don't you?"

I kissed her hand and said, "Like I said we're just here for dinner and cocktails we don't have to stay unless we want to. Do you think you might want to stay?"

I really expected Julie to immediately say she didn't want to stay but what I heard was, "I'll stay if that's what you want."

I got out of the truck and went around to help Julie out. Once her feet were on the ground I said, "Let's see how it goes. I'm really not interested in anyone but you. But if we decide to stay and have some fun that's okay. I love you Julie and nothing that happens tonight will change it."

"I love you too Ted more then I ever loved anyone. I just hope I don't lose you tonight," Julie told me as she took my arm.

As we walked up to the front door Julie squeezed my arm so tight I thought it was going to go numb. When we got to the front door Lacey and the Dean were there to greet us.

Lacey took my free hand before kissing my cheek and said, "I'm so glad the two of you didn't stand us up this time." Lacey then turned to Julie kissed her on the cheek before saying, "Julie so good of you to finally come. My that dress is stunning."

I could hear a tremble in Julie's voice when she said, "Thank you Mrs. Mitchell. Ted bought it for me to wear tonight."

Lacey took Julie's hand and said, "Well Ted has exquisite taste but please call me Lacey, both of you. Sean, maybe you should take some lessons from Ted on how to buy women presents."

"Maybe I'll do that. Come Ted let me introduce you to everyone. Lacey do you want to take Julie around?" The dean told me as he took my arm.

At first I didn't think Julie was going to let my arm go but a second later she was walking away holding on to Lacey's arm. The first thing the Dean and I did was stop at the bar for a drink. He then started to introduce me to any one that was near by. I had seen Julie moving around the room with Lacey and from what I could see it looked like Julie had relaxed and was starting to enjoy herself.

We had made it about half way through the crowd when I saw Julie and Lacey again. This time Julie was giggling at something that the man she was talking to was saying. She had a drink in her hand but as far as I could see it was still full and she hadn't had a sip of it.

When the dean and I had made the circuit we met up with Julie and Lacey once more. Julie came right over to me and took my arm lightly. Lacey came over to me placed her hand on my shoulder and said, "You should know Julie has every girl in here jealous of her, especially after she told everyone that you bought her those pearls only because you wanted to. I know I'm jealous. I think dinner should be ready I'll go check."

All three of us watched Lacey walk away before Julie said, "I have to powder my nose."

The Dean told her where the rest room was and he and I watched Julie walk away. Once Julie was out of sight the Dean said, "God what a beautiful woman she is. It makes me want to thirty again. You're a lucky man Ted. I know a lot of men that would love to have her on his arm."

"Thanks Dean I know I feel lucky every morning I wake up," I told him.

"You don't have to call me Dean here Sean is my name. I feel the same way about Dean as you do about doctor. So from now on when we're not around students Sean will do."

Sean had some question about the market and I could see he was pumping me for suggestion on what stock looked good for the future. All I could give him was some of the stocks that I invested in but told him the market was too soft and he might not see a return in the near future.

Julie came back from the bathroom and we circled around the room. Julie by far knew more of the people there than I did. Just before we were called to dinner I asked Julie, "Are you doing okay?"

Julie smiled and squeezed my hand before saying, "I'm fine. If I had known these parties where more or less like any other party I would have come a long time ago. I'm really enjoying myself I hope you are."

"I'm having fun too," I told her.

Dinner was served at the formal dining table. The table was set up so couples sat across from each other and it happen to work out that there was a women on each side of me and Julie straight across. She had a man on each side of her. During the meal I felt someone's foot on my leg and I had thought it was Julie. But whose ever foot it was, wasn't wearing shoes.

At first I wondered which of the people around me belonged to the foot when a hand landed on my thigh. I knew that hand had to belong to Sandra who was sitting to my left. But when I looked in her direction she was talking to the gentleman on her right. Her hand stayed on my thigh while she talked and only once did she turn and look at me with a smile on her lips. I wasn't sure what to do so I let it sit there.

When the second course was served Sandra took her hand from my thigh so she could eat. As she was eating she engaged me in a discussion about politics and the economy. It was a lively conversation but I could see that Sandra was flirting with me as she spoke. Julie was in a discussion with Sandra's husband Bill. If I wasn't mistaken Julie was doing a little innocent flirting herself.

Dinner lasted approximately an hour after which Sean led everyone outside so those who smoked could light up with out feeling like outcasts. Sean also moved about offering cigars to those who wished them. I did notice that Lacey and Sandra both lit up a cigar and smoked it as they talked to Julie.

Word must have gotten around that I had worked on Wall Street seeing just about every one that talked to me talked about the state of the economy and what could be done about it. The discussions led to the theory that lower taxes would simulate the economy. I for one would like to see lower taxes especially on capital gains but to think that lower taxes would simulate a depressed economy was foolish. The short-term relief they provided only led to deeper debt.

When we went back in I noticed that several of couples were leaving. I went to look for Julie, figuring that this was our signal to leave. I spotted her talking to several of the female teachers.

When she noticed I was coming over to her she excused herself and came over to me. When Julie got close she slid her arms around my waist and kissed me on the cheek before she asked, "Are you still having fun?"

I held her tight and said, "Yes I am but I've noticed that most of the couples are leaving. This might be our cue to leave if you want to?"

I could see that Julie was sad about leaving and she said, "Can we stay for a little while longer. I mean I don't see anyone taking off their clothes yet."

"No they're not but speaking about that did you take off your shoes during dinner," I asked.

Julie smiled and said, "No did you?"

"No so I guess that wasn't your foot on my leg then?" I asked.

"No. I didn't think that was your foot I felt on mine either. I thought it was a little thin for your feet. I wonder who it was?"

I chuckled and said, "My guess it was Sandra she had her hand on my thigh through half the meal."

Julie giggled before saying, "That was my guess too. I was pretty sure it wasn't Mrs. Stevens who was to your right. I didn't think she was the type to play footsie with another woman." Julie saw that there were to many people around us so she pulled me back out side before she said, "Ted you know I love you don't you?" I nodded my head. "Well I have a confession to make. Before you came here for your interview I was seriously thinking about coming to one of these parties. I mean Lacey had me all primed to do it. Then you came along. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you in the airport. So I put my plans on hold to see if it would work out with you. Now we are a couple and in some ways I feel like we're married. I don't want that feeling to stop."

Julie stopped talking and looked up at me as if to ask if I knew what she was talking about. Finally I said, "I've never been in this kind of situation before. All I know is I want you just the way you are, a sweet sexy girl that loves me. I don't like that person you become every time one of those invitations comes in the mail. I've learned to dread those invitations. Now if you asking me if it's all right for you to have sex with some one else here tonight I would have to say yes only to get that person you become out of our lives. If you don't do anything then that's okay too but I will still love you even if you had sex with everyone here tonight."

Julie rested her head on my chest and said, "Are you sure? I don't want to lose you over this."

I held Julie tight for a minute before I said, "Of cause I'm sure sweetheart. I don't plan on losing you either. But if I have to go through another week like I did last week I may leave you just to save my ass. Come on lets go inside and see what happens." We kissed for several moments before we moved back inside.

When we got back inside I noticed that all but seven couples had left the party. In fact it was quite apparent that everyone was surprised when they saw that Julie and I were still there. Lacey and Sandra came over to us and we started talking. After a few minutes Lacey said, "Oh Julie you've never seen the rest of the house. Why don't I take you on a tour?"

Lacey took Julie's arm and led her away. I was about to follow when Sandra grabbed my arm and said, "You don't want to see Lacey's house do you?" The way Sandra said it told me that the only room that Julie was going to see was Lacey's bedroom.

As we watched Julie being led a way by Lacey Sandra said, "God she is a lovely girl. It's hard to believe she was beaten so badly a few years ago." Sandra saw the look on my face and said, "Maybe you don't know about that. Julie was beaten almost to death, by a guy she was seeing when she was a junior in college here. Apparently she wasn't putting out except for oral sex and the guy wanted more. He was a real hard nose cowboy from east Texas. One night he decided that if she weren't going to let him fuck her then he would just have to force her. When he ripped off her panties and found her secret he went crazy and beat her to a bloody pulp. Thankfully he did it on campus right in front of a security camera. No one knew the camera was there. Though by the time security got there he had already beaten her to unconsciousness. It took four guards to pull him off her. We thought she was going to die that night and I sat with her grandmother for most of the night. Lacey was there too as was Sean and several of her friends."

"Julie told me she was beaten but she never told me it was that bad."

"Oh it was bad alright. She was unconscious for over a week and when she regained consciousness she didn't know how she came to be in the hospital. I'm not sure she even remembers all of it. It took her four months to recover enough to come back to school. All the teachers send her work home so she could work there and if she needed any help she could call any of us. She came back in time to take her finals and passed with straight A's. We were pretty proud of that and of her."

I could see a tear in Sandra's eye as she told me this so I said, "It sounds like she has a lot of friends here."

Sandra chuckled and said, "More then you know. When it came time for her to graduate Sean offered her a job just to keep her here. We actually looked forward to this day when we could show our love for her. This day was suppose to happen last July but you came along and spoiled it for us. You see Julie wouldn't date anyone after she was beaten. We tried to get her to come to our parties so she would know that we accepted her for what she was not what she appeared to be. We thought if we showed her there were people that loved her she would open up and allow someone in her life. Then you came along and spoiled it for us. Thought Julie has seemed to make out pretty well on her own. We all see the love you have for her and the love she has for you."

Sandra took a sip from her drink before she continued, "Julie fell in love with you from the first day you came to town. Lacey and Julie are like sisters they talk all the time. Julie told Lacey that she would really like to get to know you but she was afraid you wouldn't like her if you knew the truth. We worried for her each time you two went out. That first weekend you two went out into the desert Lacey was beside herself the whole time until she got back safe and sound. We were all sad for her when we found out she had stopped seeing you. We hoped you were the one that could love Julie for what she was. After a month we had all given up hope of you two ever getting together again so we decided to go back to our original plan, but Julie was still pining for you. I can't tell you how happy we all were when you two started living together. It was like our little girl got married. That's when Lacey and I decided that we needed to get the both of you into our circle."

Sandra looked around the room and I noticed that we were the only two, still in the room. Sandra took another sip of her drink and said, "What we need to know is what is your preference. You see if you only like males then we would respect that and none of us women would bother you. If you like both sexes then I'm sure you have a wonderful time. Now if you only like women and girls like Julie none of the men would bother you. But I have a feeling that you're not sure what your preference is. I think Julie was the first and only person you were ever with that was different. I know you were married at one time but you worked yourself too hard and she left you. So I know you at least liked girls at one time. So what is it, do I let you go into the playroom and pick out whom you want to be with, or can I take you in and initiate you myself. Or would you like my husband Bill and I to do the initiation."

"What does the initiation entail?" I asked.

Sandra smiled and said, "Oh it really isn't anything dreadful. If you chose me then I get to have sex with you first. Or if you chose another then they would have sex with you first. It also lets every one know your preference. If you chose me then every one will know you like sex with girls and girls like Julie. If you chose Bill and me then they will know you swing both ways. If you chose only a man then everyone will know you only like men and girls like Julie."

"I'm not sure about other men. I like what Julie and I do but men don't do anything for me. Then again I've never did anything with one," I told Sandra.

Sandra took my arm and started leading me down the hall way that Lacey and Julie had gone down. "Well Honey I'll tell you what. We'll go in and you and I can start, after a few minutes I'll wave Bill over and he can join in. If it doesn't feel right to you or he does something you don't like just push him away gently. He'll take the hint and either back off or stop entirely."

As we walked Sandra said, "When we first get in the room you will probably see some people already engaged with some one else. When they see us walk in they will probably stop to watch us and see what your preference is. We have only one man that doesn't like to swing both ways and all the women like it both ways, preferably at the same time. We are a bunch of sluts. Anyway I'm sure you'll feel like you're on stage I know I do but I also like it. I'll strip off your clothes first while you strip off mine. Just relax and get into it I'm sure you love it once we get started. After our clothes are off we'll just let nature take is course. Just remember we all want you to have fun. We would like you both to come back." With that said Sandra reached up with her lips and kissed me.

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